No golden rule in Islam….just pain, cruelty and death for those who reject it…….

“I was able to identify the sheikh because we are neighbours, and my father had been questioning him about the Islamic faith not leading one to salvation with God,” she said.

“The sheikh had said to him, ‘You have no respect of our religion, and we have come for your life today.’ They started strangling my father as well as hitting him on the head with a big stick. When my father fell down, I managed to escape through the window.”

Christian woman raped and beaten after testifying against imam in Uganda

A Christian woman has been beaten and raped by Muslims in Eastern Uganda after she testified against an imam who allegedly killed her father, according to Morning Star News.


The 22-year-old woman had testified in court that Sheikh Musana Ibrahim, the imam of a mosque in Kanyumu village, Pallisa District, and two other Muslims killed her father, Samson Mukama, on January 28.

She said she was beaten and raped on April 19 and found unconscious in a pool of blood that evening in Kanginima village, having been attacked by three Muslim men.

“We shall kill you today because you are the one who made our sheikh to be imprisoned,” one of the men said to her, she told Morning Star News from her hospital bed.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, was present when her father was killed, but managed to escape.

More here.


He’s right, and I have been saying this for years.

I will also add something that underlines the point. Anyone promoting the idea of an Islamic ‘reformation’ or an ‘enlightenment’, is essentially trying to thrust a square peg into a smaller round hole. They must be forced to confront the reality of Islam totally insulated from outside influencing thoughts of moderation.

They (followers of Islam) have the benefit of the historical record, they know with hindsight, exactly where a similar ‘enlightenment’ will eventually lead them, to modernity, which they reject, and will always reject, because it runs counter to historical Islamic texts and thought. Forget about reformation, Islamic State is currently embracing it and preaching it to the entire Ummah.

“Arabs have no more creative force. Islam does not contribute to intellectual life, it suggests no discussion. It is no longer thought. It produces no thinking, no art, no science, no vision that could change the world. This repetition is the sign of its end. The Arabs will continue to exist, but they will not make the world better.”

NOTE: The Arab supremacy movement (Mohamed and the birth of Islam) could only rape, murder and plunder other societies without introducing anything of value of their own, other than their supremacism. Anything introduced as ‘Islamic advances’ are misappropriations of the vanquished society.

‘Islam Can’t Be Modernised’ Says World’s ‘Greatest Arabic Poet’

The writer regarded as the greatest Arabic language poet alive today has said Islam cannot be modernised.

Adunis Asbar, known by his pen name Adonis, is a Syrian-born writer often considered one of the greatest living poets of the Arabic language. He has come under criticism for comments he made recently about Islam before receiving the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize, named after the famous pacifist and author of the classic World War One novel ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’.

In an interview with Die Welt he talked about one of the most pressing issues in Germany since the migrant crisis began, the idea of being able to integrate migrants from predominately Muslim countries into European societies.

Being raised a Muslim himself and having one of the greatest understandings of the language of the Quran, Adonis said: “You can not reform a religion. If they are reformed, [the original meaning] is separated from it. Therefore, modern Muslims and a modern Islam is already impossible. If there is no separation between religion and state, there will be no democracy especially without equality for women. Then we will keep a theocratic system. So it will end.”

Laying down a heavy critique of the Islamic world, he added: “Arabs have no more creative force. Islam does not contribute to intellectual life, it suggests no discussion. It is no longer thought. It produces no thinking, no art, no science, no vision that could change the world. This repetition is the sign of its end. The Arabs will continue to exist, but they will not make the world better.”

The remarks are in reference to the broader questions of how he sees the Middle East, and specifically his native Syria which has been in a state of civil war for years. Adonis describes the totality of Islam in the life of people in the Islamic world saying Muslim society is “based on a totalitarian system. The religion dictates everything: How to run, how to go to the toilet, who one has to love…”

Initially seemingly reluctant to condemn the Assad regime, he did write an open letter to Bashar Assad asking him to step down. However, this also angered rebel sympathisers when he referred to Assad as the elected President of Syria. Adonis said: “But I’ve also written a second letter, which was addressed to the revolutionaries. I have asked for their vision. But they would not read it, because they are not independent.”

He went on to say the rebels were controlled by interests in America, Saudi Arabia and certain sections of Europe, and stessed:

“I have long been an opponent of Assad. The Assad regime has transformed the country into a prison. But his opponents, the so-called revolutionaries, commit mass murder, cut people’s heads off, sell women in cages as goods and trample human dignity underfoot.”

More here.


Islam is a political theory of religious supremacy and societal conquest, as much as Nazism was a doctrine of racial supremacy and expansionism.

The Blaze: Published on Jan 5, 2016
GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson was confronted by Hesham El-Meligy, the chairman of the Staten Island Libertarian Party, a Muslim, Monday night on the candidate’s opposition to a Muslim president. (Video: Josiah Ryan

“It says, ‘No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States,'” El-Meligy said, holding a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution and citing Article 6, Section 3.

Carson’s response, brought the crowd of around 2,000 to a standing ovation.


Sounds like the good people of Farmersville do not want a muslim cemetery near their city.

Texans threaten to ‘cover land with pig blood’ to block Muslim cemetery 25 miles from site of Muhammad cartoon shooting

A proposal to bring a Muslim cemetery to Farmersville – similar to the Islamic Garden at Restland Cemetery in Dallas, Texax (pictured) – has stoked fears among residents who are vehemently trying to block the project

  • Farmersville locals say cemetery is way for Muslims to get foothold in town
  • Considering 35-acre request from the Islamic Association of Collin County
  • Residents are trying to convince community leaders to block the project
  • Some of town’s 3,000 residents spoke at City Council meeting this month
  • Woman said cemetery idea was ‘appalling’ and man threatened to ‘dump pigs’ blood and put pig heads on a post’ so Muslims ‘won’t buy the land’
  • Anti-Muslim distrust brewing in parts of Texas since deadly May shooting in Garland outside a cartoon contest lampooning the Prophet Muhammad
  • Some have said project presents health risks because Muslims don’t traditionally bury their dead in caskets which burial experts call nonsense

Muslims say they’re looking for a place to bury their dead but locals in Farmersville say it’s a plot to gain a foothold in their small Texas town and are threatening to stop the plan by using pig parts.

A proposal to bring a Muslim cemetery to the rural town has stoked fears among residents who are vehemently trying to convince community leaders to block the project.

The sentiment reflects an anti-Muslim distrust that has been brewing over the last year in parts of Texas, most notably 25 miles away in Garland – the scene of a deadly May shooting outside a cartoon contest lampooning the Prophet Muhammad.

Read more:




Mohamed seen nodding in his brothel-in-the-sky.

Christian girls abducted, raped, forcibly converted to Islam and now live as sex slaves/chattle to their new masters.

Yeah, those hash tags really worked them over.


Initially, 279 girls abducted from a Christian school. Several managed to escape, but still 219 girls missing.

– Do you not know that the 200 schoolgirls from Chibok have converted to Islam? They have now learned two chapters of the Koran by heart, Shekau says in Hausa.

Boko Haram leader claims school girls are married off


The over 200 schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria in April, all converted to Islam and married off, according Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau.

In a new video which AFP has obtained, reject Shekau while the rebel group has signed a ceasefire with the Nigerian government.

Boko Haram leader claims further that the group has a German prisoner who was abducted in the state of Adamawa, also northeast of the country, in July.

Nigerian authorities announced surprisingly on 17 October that the government had signed a ceasefire agreement with Boko Haram, as well as an agreement that schoolgirls should be released.

– Converted

The over 200 girls were abducted from the remote town Chibok in northeast Borno in Nigeria in April.

Initially, 279 girls abducted from a Christian school. Several managed to escape, but still 219 girls missing.

– Do you not know that the 200 schoolgirls from Chibok have converted to Islam? They have now learned two chapters of the Koran by heart, Shekau says in Hausa.

In the new video he is dressed in military uniform, boots and a black turban, and he is flanked by 15 armed warriors. It is not known when and where the video is recorded, but it comes from the same channels as the group previously used to communicate with the outside world.

More here in Norwegian.



It would suffice just to say that ‘Islam’ is the Nazism/Communism of our day.


Åkesson: ‘Islamism is the Nazism of our time’

Åkesson: 'Islamism is the Nazism of our time'

Photo: TT

Published: 03 Aug 2014 09:42 GMT+02:00

Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson kept to familiar themes in his summer speech on Saturday, focusing on Islam, immigration and crime.

Swedish party leaders traditionally hold summer speeches on their home turf during the holiday season and Saturday was the turn of the Sweden Democrats’ Jimmie Åkesson.

A crowd of a few hundred people had gathered in Åkesson’s home town of Sölvesborg in Sweden’s far south to hear the 35-year-old launch the party’s push towards the general election in September.

Following a sweeping review of the current global conflict zones, Åkesson shifted focus to Islam.

“Islamism is the Nazism and Communism of our time,” he said, prompting the most generous applause of the afternoon.

Furthermore Åkesson said that he demanded that all aid to organizations and associations related to “Islamism” should be stopped, and directed his ire to the handful of Swedish citizens reported to be fighting in Iraq and Syria.

“You guys can stay there. Sweden is no longer your home, this country built on Christian principles.”

Åkesson made an attempt to broaden the party’s support and stretch out to female voters, but made it clear that  he most definitely is not a feminist – prompting a renewed bout of cheering from the crowd.

“I’m not a feminist! I am a Sweden Democrat, social conservative and nationalist. But I believe in equality,” he said.

More here.

But will the multi-culti socialist cult of Sweden listen before it’s too late?

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land



Doris Wise Montrose:

One of the many ways that our Western Judeo-Christian civilisation can be shown to be superior to Islamic barbarism, is that when examined closely, Islamic culture is seen to be nothing but an impoverished subset of Judeo-Christian culture, with no original features. Consequently, Islamic culture cannot add anything to ours, it can only subtract and destroy.

saudi flagPAXP-deijE



Salvatore Cipolletta, whose daughter Cristina married young Yemeni Haidar Rohay Ahmed Al-Tawil, shot dead his son-in-law after seeing him butcher a lamb on the family’s dinner table under his own grandchildren’s eyes.

Sheik yer’Mami (PBUH) has this one as well:

2013 Eid al-Adha: Fun For the Whole Family!



NOTE: Google translation but you’ll get the gist.

H/T: Gaia

man kill son-in-law for slaughtering lamb on kitchen table in front of children 21.10.2013

More in Italian.



I invite anyone to comment on why Greenfield’s statement isn’t so.


Daniel exposes for us one of the feckless, lying, mentally disturbed leaders of our day.

I’m totally in favor of Mark Levin’s suggestion for a mental evaluation for anyone seeking public office,  they have to prove that they are in complete mental control over all of their faculties before assuming office.

UPDATE: Blair back-peddles somewhat, but he’s still in the tank for Islam. The ”strain” of Islam that Blair refers to, is simply basic Islam 101, and the duality of the ideology keeps that ”strain” as relevant and legit as the non-violent portions it abrogated.

Islam is the Problem

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog

On a mild London afternoon, two Muslims rammed a car into a British soldier returning to the barracks after working at the Tower of London. They shouted Allah Akbar and hacked and slashed at his body in an attempt to behead him. By the time they were done, his body could only be identified through dental records.

Shortly afterward, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that “there is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act”. London Mayor Boris Johnson added, “It is completely wrong to blame this killing on Islam.”

Now former Prime Minister Tony Blair has thrown in his two pence writing, “There is not a problem with Islam. For those of us who have studied it, there is no doubt about its true and peaceful nature.”

Blair previously claimed to have read the Koran every day, but apparently did not get as far as Chapter 5, which contains the verses that the Muslim murderers quoted after their butchery. And that’s understandable. Between his business deals with the Qatari royal family, which is behind much of the terrorism in the Middle East, the Kuwaiti royal family and the royals of the United Arab Emirates, it stands to reason that Tony probably never got past a few verses a day.

It’s easy to picture Tony Blair after a hot muggy day of clasping the greasy hands of Emirs and Sheikhs and trading his expertise for blood money, remembering to always eat with the right hand, not the left, returning to his five star hotel room, climbing into bed with his room Koran, flipping it open to the first chapter, reading, “In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful” and deciding that sounds peaceful enough, letting his head hit the pile of plush pillows and calling it a day. If Tony had made it as far as Chapter 2, where the Koran proclaims “Fight in the cause of Allah”, then the expert on Islam might have been able to entertain some doubts about its truly peaceful nature.

More here.



Spain bows to Mecca after all these years.

Like I said earlier, this is the kind of person that should be granted residency, and every Muslim with dual citizenship who believes that he should be deported, be repatriated to their own country of origin.

Imran Firasat

Imran Firasat has been served the official documents by the Spanish government confirming that his residency status has been revoked

The authorities quickly hand-delivered the official revocation documents to Imran on Friday evening, December 22nd, giving him no chance to consult his lawyer or plea his case.  Through these actions, Spain has proven to the world that it holds Islamic law in high regard, even above its own laws.

Firasat is an ex-Muslim from Pakistan who has taken a radical stand against Islam since his conversion to Christianity.  He has received many death threats from Muslim individuals and groups in various Islamic countries for seven years because of his criticism of Islam.

Spain, a free western nation, had given Imran welcome asylum to protect him from these violent and radical Islamic groups.

Imran has been involved in the co-production of the Youtube, The Innocent Prophet, with Terry Jones and Stand Up America Now.  The Innocent Prophet was released to the public on Youtube on December 15, 2012.

Imran officially backed out of the project when the Spanish government threatened to revoke his protected residency status and have him deported to Pakistan where the death penalty is waiting for him because of his criticism of Islam.  Firasat did his best to cooperate with Spanish authorities by presenting documented proof to them that he had backed out of the project.   Despite this, Spain quickly revoked Imran’s protected asylum status during a period of approximately ten days.  This would normally take the government about six months to process.

Imran has not committed any crime according to Spanish law.   He has only exercised his right of free expression concerning his views on Islam.  Nevertheless, his residency status has been revoked and he faces imminent deportation to a Muslim nation where the penalty for blasphemy against Islam or Muhammad is death.

More here.

The Innocent Prophet – English Version



To be filed under ‘bullcrap’.

Hmmmmm, incitement of ‘racial’ hatred over the publication of cartoons of a historical religious figure. If they manage to win with that obvious fallaciously devious claim, then what is to stop the communists from doing the same as well?

NOTE: After the case is won or even thrown out of court, the accusers who filed the claim should be forced to bear the brunt of all the costs incurred, as well as forced not to be able to bring other charges for no less than a period of ten years.

French Muslim groups sue magazine over cartoons

Two Muslim organisations launched legal proceedings on Friday against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, accusing it of inciting racial hatred after it published provocative cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Two organisations – the Algerian Democratic Union for Peace and Progress (RDAP) and the Organisation of Arab Union – are claiming a total of €780,000 in costs and damages, according to AFP.

More here.



Shhhhhhh, the stamping out of free speech is done in the name of ‘social cohesion’.

But guess what? The council knows that these Christians won’t be throwing firebombs and following council members to their homes to intimidate them, so they act against them in the most egregious way, banning their right to free assembly, just because they disagree with their views.

Imagine if a group of atheists were handing out  leaflets showing their views of Christianity, and then the state moves in and bans their free speech rights, in the name of safeguarding ‘social cohesion’. How many civil liberties groups would be rushing to their defense, as they should?

NOTE: Wake up people, or you will loose your hard won liberties for the sake of pacifying an intolerant group who refuse your mores and civil liberties.

 “Pastor Alan Clifford said the church were now working with the Christian Institute on the matter and would appeal in the hope “the council will see sense and see how they are violating our freedom of speech”.

Our first response was one of surprise. We felt this a violation of freedom of speech and I was accused of hate motivation in producing this leaflet. It’s an intolerance from the city council acting  in a high and mighty manner as we’ve had it confirmed by Norfolk Police – who’ve inspected the document – there is no crime involved,” he said.

More here. H/T: Vlad



File this one under “Islam Sucks”.

To really know Islam, is to truly laugh at it and be disgusted all at the same time.

It all boils down to, milk and otherwise, to what Mohamed, the founder of Islam said and expected from his followers to abide by. Simple really.

Atiya based his fatwa on a hadith—a documented saying or doing of Islam’s prophet Muhammad and subsequently one of Sharia law’s sources of jurisprudence.  Many Egyptians naturally protested this decree—hadith or no hadith—though no one could really demonstrate how it was un-Islamic; for the fatwa conformed to the strictures of Islamic jurisprudence.  Still, due to the protests—not many Egyptian women were eager to “breastfeed” their male coworkers—the fatwa receded, and that was that.

However, because it was never truly rebutted, it kept making comebacks.

More here.


Remember folks, this is the highly touted “moderate” Muslim majority state of Malaysia. No matter how you dice it, Islam keeps coming up fundamustard. KGS

NOTE: If I were an ethnic Chinese or Christian living in Malaysia, I would begin packing my bags and looking elsewhere.

H/T Weasel Zippers

“Our offer must be based on religious practices. If we look at the prophet’s agreement in the Madinah constitution, civil rights were given to the Jews but the rights must be paid back with responsibility. They must have the responsibility and agree to defend our country and not insult the agreement,” he said during a forum on “Membina Negara Sejahtera” organised by the Persatuan Ulama Malaysia here.

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad declared Malaysia an Islamic state a decade ago in a move to counter PAS’ growing influence among the country’s key Malay Muslim population.

The issue cropped up this month when several groups asked for amendments to the Federal Constitution to stipulate only Muslims can be the prime minister after Utusan Malaysia carried an unsubstantiated report of a Christian plot to usurp Islam’s position as religion of the federation.

Nakhaie stressed that non-Muslims that have broken the social contract must be expelled from the country and asked the government to adopt a tough approach in safeguarding Muslim interest.

“If the agreement is broken then actions must be taken against them. If they break our agreement then they are our enemy and must be expelled from the country. We must not compromise with them. We must be stern with them when it comes to the social contract agreed,” he said.

Nakhaie added it is important that high level government positions not be awarded to non-Muslims for national security.

More here.


Folk, there’s a whole lot of stuff in the hadiths that is so embarrassing for Islam that no Muslim wants that stuff getting out, but thankfully the Coptic priest with a gazillion fartwas on his head, Father Zakaria Botros, is there to pull up the skirt on Islam for us. KGS

VIA: Blazing Cat Fur and the Honoroable Sheik Yer’Mami

Fatwa: Necrophilia Now Halal Says Sheikh Abdelbari Zamzami

Yes, of course. For Winds of Jihad readers nothing new here. Because Muhammad, profit of Islam, “Noblest of all humanity and the greatest of prophets”, practised it also,  and he was the perfect  man, al insan al kamil, as you can see here:

“This stuff is in your own books!”

Sheikh Abdelbari Zamzami (via Blazing Catfur)

Don’t you wish you lived under sharia law?

More here: Zemzami justifies his ruling by means of analogy: Since a good Muslim couple will meet again in Heaven, and since death does not alter the marital contract (in his opinion) it is not a hindrance to the husband’s desire to have sexual intercourse with the corpse of his (freshly) deceased wife