Bitter and unapologetic to the end.

Maybe he shouldn’t have tried so hard at being an anti-Semite. So long anti-Semitic chef, you spoiled one too many pots in your day, blaming others for your deep seated views is pathetic.

Reepalu the anti-Semitic chef

NOTE: Unfortunately, there are however, many more SDP politicians who are just as bad ready and willing to take up where Reepalu left off. From the comments:

The mayor turned his city into a globally recognised icon of anti-semitism; boycotted by Jewish tourists and boy scouts. The sort of place tourists to Sweden might pass right through for fear of being blown up by a bomb, attacked by a robber, shot by a gangster, or mistaken for a Jew and spat on by a Malmö citizen. The sort of place President Obama has to send his special anti-semitism representative to explain to the mayor how to behave. Let’s hope his long-overdue resignation will help detoxify this sad city’s rotten reputation.

Ilya Meyer adds

Ilmar Reepalu claims that “badly chosen phrases on my part were misinterpreted and twisted into deeply insulting statements about my beliefs”.
Really? Where is the “misinterpretation”, how were his words “twisted” when he voluntarily chose to make the following statement to several newspapers both in Swedish (eg Skånskan) and English (eg The Sunday Telegraph). They are his words, nothing altered, removed or added: “There haven’t been any attacks on Jewish people, and if Jews from the city want to move to Israel that is not a matter for Malmo.”
“There haven’t been any attacks on Jewish people”? And it is of no concern to the mayor of a city if people of a given ethnicity or religion from his city are hounded into leaving? And this man is the elected mayor?
The big question is not how Sweden is going to celebrate Ilmar Reeaplu’s departure from the position of Mayor in July, but whether in fact the country can afford to have him remain in his position that long.

Malmö mayor of two decades to step down

Malmö mayor of two decades to step down

Published: 4 Feb 13 09:33 CET |

The Social Democrat mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu, has announced he is leaving the job on July 1st, saying he wants to spend more time with his grandchild.

Reepalu became mayor (kommunstyrelsens ordförande) of Sweden’s third largest city, situated in the south across the Öresund sound from Copenhagen, in 1994.

He announced his planned resignation in the debate pages of the regional newspaper Sydsvenskan on Monday.

In his letter to the paper, Reepalu brought up the anti-Semitism accusations levelled against him in recent years, which brought on a visit from US President Barack Obama’s special anti-Semitism representative Hannah Rosenthal.

“Badly chosen phrases on my part were misinterpreted and twisted into deeply insulting statements about my beliefs,” he wrote on Monday. His chief of staff at the time said that Rosenthal had planned to visit the city before the statements were made.

Reepalu also took the opportunity to look back at the entire tenure as head of Malmö municipality and the woes facing the city.

“The death of industry and the flight of business meant the municipality had reached a gigantic 22-percent unemployment rate,” he wrote about the early 1990s when the labour party took power in Malmö.

Listing the challenges he faced, Reepalu also wrote that the previous administration at city hall had left him with the biggest budget deficit in the history of Swedish municipal politics – 1.3 billion kronor ($200 million).

He decided to focus on Chalmers professor Åke E. Andersson’s vision of a K-Society – knowledge, creative resources, communications, cultural capital (kunskaper, kreativa resurser, kommunikationssystem, kulturellt kapital).

“Instead of Malmö desperately trying to attract big mature industry for the workers city, a rather pointless hunt tinged with the values of the past, I wanted us to focus on welfare-creating K:s.”

More here.



Let me say it. This guy is a jerk, a real bonafide, class-A jerk, who can’t help himself ramming his own size 47 shoe into his own mouth time and again. And guess what? There are many more such like minded political hacks waiting in the wings to replace him, and the Sweden Democrats are the bad guys? You’ve got to be joking.

Reepalu 'pleased' with Obama envoy talks

Reepalu ‘pleased’ with Obama envoy talks

Published: 25 Apr 12 16:32 CET |

Controversial Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu said he was ”pleased” with the meeting with US president Barack Obama’s expert on anti-Semitism, Hanna Rosenthal which took place during her visit to the city on Wednesday.“I think that we had a good conversation,” he said to local paper Sydsvenskan.

According to Reepalu, Rosenthal is very concerned about the increase in hate crimes that is happening not only in Sweden, but in the rest of Europe.

“She was very clear and said that anti-Semitism isn’t worse than any other racism,” Reepalu told the paper.

According to Reepalu, Rosenthal stressed the difference between anti-Semitism and a warranted criticism of the state of Israel.

“On the other hand it is important not to put the blame on Jews in Malmö or any other place for injustices committed by Israel, “ he told the paper.

Mayor Reepalu has been likened by some observers to British ex-mayor Ken Livingstone for his habit to put his foot in his mouth.

More here.




Actually, the response of the Malmö Jewish community to the hack politician, Ilmar Reepalu’s claim that SD MP Kent Ekeroth was a member of that community´, should have been,… what?

NOTE: I’m however glad to see that the days of the SDP’s most prominent Judeophobe, Ilmar Reepalu, as mayor, are soon coming to an end.

Malmö: Reepalu’s Future ‘Hangs in the Balance’

Social Democrats in Malmö say Ilmar Reepalu is an “embarrassment” to the party and that his future as the city’s mayor may be in jeopardy following recent comments labelled as “anti-Semitic” by Sweden’s Jewish community, The Local’s Patrick Reilly discovers. Reepalu sparked a scandal last week in an interview with liberal-leaning magazine NEO in which he discussed the “strong ties” between the Jewish community and the Sweden Democrats, a political party with a clear anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim line which has its roots in Sweden’s neo-Nazi movement.

More here.



My response would be, so what if Kent was there, and even a part of the congregation?

Just a pinch of this anti-Semite is enough to churn the waters of Jew-hatred

If not for the media continuously lying about the Swedish Democrats, carrying the water for the main pathetic parties, Kent Ekeroth’s participation in any congregation would not be an issue. Not making any comparisons here whatsoever, but when was the last time you heard this creep of a mayor, (that’s right a creep) Ilamr Reepalu being worried about real problematic figures (read= sharia loving whack-jobs) within the Muslim community speaking at one of their public functions?

Lets be very clear here, you don’t have to be someone who agrees with 100% of what Kent Ekeroth says, to recognize that both the man, and the party he represents, is as mainstream of a party as any of the other parties in Sweden. Their emphasis on preserving their country’s national culture and heritage is nothing to be ashamed about, and while I disagree with their statist party platform, it’s in keeping with the current politics of Sweden (as is the case here in Finland).

Being against open borders, a mass type of free-for-all immigration within a welfare state is a sane thought, and I dare say a necessity, if a country is going to maintain it’s national identity and culture. The SD is mainly against cultural suicide, and the importation of illiberal minded immigrants who refuse to adapt to Swedish society, and through direct intent or otherwise, subvert it, with the national government, its bureaucracy, the media and the academy all cheering it on.


Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu retracts his statement, in which he claimed that Malmö Jewish congregation was infiltrated by Swedish Democrats. He claimed that Kent Ekeroth was nephew of one congregation member. This turned out to be a lie, so Reepalu was forced to recant his statement.

NOTE: Here’s a word of warning to the Jews of Sweden, especially you big SDP types in leadership roles. The political elite do not have your best interests at heart, and they show it every day with their importation in mass numbers of real Jew hating Muslims. Just thought I would remind you of that inconvenient truth.

Reepalu backtracks on SD infiltration

DN.Se: The Sweden Democrats have infiltrated the Jewish community in Malmö to drive hatred against Muslims. Argues Malmö’s Social Democratic mayor Ilmar Reepalu in an interview in the magazine Neo.

A seven-page interview with Ilmar Reepalu has been made by Paulina Neuding, herself a Jew, the Editor in Chief of the liberal magazine Neo.

The interview is among other things, about the Jews’ situation in Malmo, 10-15 Jewish families left the city because of harassment and threats. Paulina Neuding shows pictures of her grandmother who was mistreated in Rosengard by a youth gang and another relative were quelled when he acted in a Jewish owned shop in the city.

When Ilmar Reepalu describes the situation in Malmö for Muslims and Jews, he argues that the Jewish community in Malmö has been infiltrated by the Sweden Democrats.

– SD: ers have infiltrated the Jewish community to thereby drive its muslim hate says Reepalu in the interview published today.

He claims to have seen SD MP Kent Ekeroth, who is a Jew by birth, at the Jewish Community meetings.

– Then I’m told that he is the nephew of one of the leaders in the congregation. And the SD hard-drives his anti-Muslim campaign by saying that it is the Jewish group. It bothered me a lot, says Reepalu.

Jewish Community argues that Reepalu based his statements on errors.

SD MP Kent Ekeroth is not a member of the congregation and has never been there, according to Fred Kahn, chairman of the Jewish community in Malmö, with 650 members. He is not related to any member of the Assembly leadership.

– I do not know where he got it. He may have seen him at an open meeting with the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Malmö. But it was not the congregation who organized this, but a completely different organization, said Fred Kahn told DN.

He is disappointed by Reepalu claims.

– It is extremely sad that he, without evidence, to speak in that way, said Fred Kahn.

Kent Ekeroth told DN that he was last in contact with the Jewish community six years ago, before he became a member of the Sweden Democrats.

When the DN reaches Ilmar Reepalu he regrets that he used the word infiltration.

– This is the wrong expression. I have no evidence. I should not have said it that way.

What do you mean?

– I mean that they were given space on a meeting that I thought was the Assembly. I was very surprised that active Sweden Democrats got to express their views on what is happening in Sweden. What I thought was uncomfortable was that you gave a lot of room for Sweden Democrats, said Reepalu.


The mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu, is an anti-Semite, though he might not think himself as one, (he is a SDP socialist you know, and he has his card to prove it) but that’s what ,he is. The mayor no doubt was seething as the associate dean of the Simon Wissenthal Center, Rabbi Cooper, sat across from him enquiring as to why Jews in Malmö feel that they’re under persecution in his city.

The mayor has a lot to answer for. Rabbi Cooper got the chance to celebrate Shabbas in Malmö with local Jews and no doubt received an ear full on what passes for normal in the most southern city of Sweden. Jews there have been feeling the pinch for some time now, all the while SDP leaders (and the rest of the political self anointed elite) have been busy sheltering Muslims from any hint of “Islamophobia”.

The Islamophobia ruse is a joke, and the self anointed elites know it. What they’re more inclined to be worried about is their precious multiculturalism project, which has for the most part, focused upon Muslim immigration. Since most Muslims hold anti-Semitic views, it must be the Jews fault for being so disagreeable, and since support for Israel is a decisive red flag for these folks, Jews are to blame for their own persecution.

It would have been great to have been a fly on the wall, listening in. The Tundra Tabloids knew about the trip beforehand, but it was privileged information and so the TT couldn’t announce it prior to Rabbi Cooper’s arrival. KGS

H/T: Fjordman

US Jewish centre meets Malmö mayor

Published: 14 Mar 11 12:15 CET

A US-based Jewish group was in Malmö in southern Sweden on Monday to meet with the mayor Ilmar Reepalu, who has previously been the target of criticism for allegedly failing to protect Jews in the city.

Representatives for the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles met with Reepalu to discuss initiatives for improving the safety and security of the city’s Jewish population.

“It was a very serious meeting where the key issue was security for minorities. But we have a lot of work in front of us,” Abraham Cooper, one of the Wiesenthal centre representatives, said on leaving the meeting shortly after 11am.

In December the centre issued a travel warning urging Jews to exercise “extreme caution” when travelling in southern Sweden.

The statement followed reports of a series of incidents of apparent attacks against the Jewish community and cited “the outrageous remarks of Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu, who blames the Jewish community for failing to denounce Israel.”

While there have been no convictions for hate crimes against Jews in Malmö, local leaders have been scathing in their criticism of the mayor for his apparent nonchalance to their plight amid claims of widespread harassment.

Speaking to the The Sunday Telegraph in February, Reepalu seemed to deny that Jews in Malmö were suffering from harassment despite police reports showing a doubling in the number of crimes against the town’s Jewish residents between 2008 and 2009.

“There haven’t been any attacks on Jewish people and if Jews from the city want to move to Israel, that is not a matter for Malmö,” he told the newspaper.

Reepalu has also been criticised by Malmö-based Jews for allowing anti-Semitism to fester.

“He’s demonstrated extreme ignorance when it comes to our problems,” Fredrik Sieradzki of the Jewish Community of Malmö (Judiska Församlingen i Malmö) told The Local in January.

Jewish leaders have blamed activists on the far-left for being behind the harassment, complaining that they have no right to “use the Jews (in Malmö) as a punching bag for their disdain toward the policies of Israel.”

More here.

The Anti-Semitic Chef of Malmö Sweden

Ilmar Reepalu: Just a little pinch of me will do just fine



This particular comment to an earlier TT post is rather pathetic as it is galling. A resident of Malmö Sweden thinks his beloved city, (once a bastion of Nazi support during WWII btw) is getting a bad rap from the mean old Tundra Tabloids. He thinks that the mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reeplau is such a great guy. The TT responds to his comment.

Sorry, but not often I have come about so much rubbish as is to be found in this article.

I have lived in Malmö since 1973. Yes, big changes have taken place – from rundown industrial city to a modern city with many options. Don’t missunderstand me, it is not alright to harress the rabbi of the local synagoge. Of course, it was not alright to shoot at immigrants. Luckily the sniper has been caught – a Swedish man – and will be brought to trial. There are problems in Malmö, yes, but I think the positive traces are stronger. Even Herrgården is under repair. The landlords are forced to do it.

At January 27 this year the synagoge was filled almost to the last seat to commemorate the Holocaust. I was there as well as many people and politicians from Malmö, not only members of the Jewish parish. One of the talks given by the former Swedish prime minister made it absolutely clear what is to be done in Malmö in order to solve the problems with different groups of immigrants.

Regarding conflicts between religious groups there are now three comittees trying to spread information: Nätverket för Tro och Tolerans, FIRSIM (Forum för intereligiös samarbete i Malmö) and a regional comittee founded by the mayor, who was elected again last september.

Most native Swedish people in Malmö are not leaving the city or plan to do so. This so called information of yours must only be called desinformation.

Regards, Detlef Schultze

Eh…. Dear Mr. Schultze, from your response it’s clear that you didn’t follow the link to the original article, The Local, a Swedish leftist English daily which published the article. Other wise you would already know that the TT didn’t spin the story out of whole cloth. I have Swedish friends, some are Jews some are not, who verify that Malmö is a swamp pit of anti-Semitism and that Jews are fleeing it.

By your response, I take you to be one of the “true believers” in Swedish multiculturalism, that if enough money is spent, the Muslim immigrants will somehow learn to love you and your culture better, all the while they reject your culture and insist on replacing it with their own.

But I digress.

You say that the local rabbi shouldn’t be molested, and that’s commendable, but what about the fear local Jews have about being caught walking around Malmö with the Star of David necklace around their necks, or wearing a Jewish yarmulka? What about that Mr.Schultze?

You appear to be either living in a bubble, or just plain refuse to see or acknowledge that the highly detrimental policies your beloved SDP have set into place over the past 50 some years have worked against your socialist utopia of heaven on earth. For the record, the person caught shooting immigrants in Malmö was a highly mixed up individual from an immigrant background, one of his parents came from Finland.

So Mr.Schultze, you think that Malmö is on the mends, what gives you reason for such optimism? Surely it can’t be from the nightly mayhem that starts almost on schedule every night. I have visited the area, (my photo on the left) talked with the police who have had it up to their eyeballs with all of the violence, and they most certainly do not share your optimism. Are you sure you’re from Malmö?

It matters little how full the local Malmö synagogue was on Holocaust Remembrance Day, there are around 700 Jews left in Malmö, besides, it’s the Left’s “moment to shine” in proving their philosemitic credentials, all teary eyed and worked up by the thought of all the dead Jews druing WWII. However, when support for the Jews really count, you and your buddies are nowhere to be found.

Where were you when the local Malmö city council chose to make the Davis Cup tennis match not open to the public due to the anti-Semites running around in the streets, who use their anti-Israel hatred as a thin veneer to hide their Jew hatred? Where were you Mr.Schultze?

Your socialist mayor, Ilmar Reepalu is a disgrace, a real disgrace of a mayor, who blamed the local Jews for the anti-Semitism levied against them due to their support for the Jewish state of Israel. He also lied when questioned as to whether he had been informed about the rise of anti-Semitism in his city. Looks to me like the only “good Jews” that are to be protected, are the self loathing types, the ones who prove themselves worthy of the socialist mantle by openly condemning Israel at every possible moment. They’re the only ones who get the special treatment from the SDP and from the other Commy bastards.

I could care less what commissions or groups Reepalu sets up, he deserves to have been kicked from his post long ago, but hacks like him deserve a special place in the hearts of folks like yourself, you see nothing wrong with this jerk, and that’s right I called him a jerk, and an anti-Semite as well. He’s responsible for the situation as it stands, Jews fleeing the city while he welcomes yet more Jew hating Muslims into the city. Nice collaboration of hate mongers you got going there Detlef, a groupd carries out anti-Semitic attacks while the mayor turns a blind eye, then blames the victims for their supposed foreign policy views. Great.

Also, Sydsvenskan, a pretty big paper in the south of Sweden, has repeatedly reported that Swedish families are fleeing the city as well.

The truth is, you can’t handle the truth Mr.Schultze, it’s too difficult for you to swallow, so you conjur up a fairyland tale of “it’s never been that bad, and how wonderful it’s soon to be, all because of the wonderful Mayor of Malmö”. It’s a lie, just like socialism is with its promise of “utopia being just around the corner”, it’s all a lie, and you and your mayor that promote it, are daft, dangerous and detrimental to the health of society in general and Jews in particular.

I hope that this answers your questions Mr.Schultze

Ilmar Reepalu, the anti-semitic chef, where only a pinch of himself is enough to keep them coming back for more.


Shimon Samuels: If you can’t tell the truth about your comparison
of Zionism with anti-Semitism, you should be disqualified

Ilmar Reepalu is a scuzz-ball, a liar, and an anti-Semite. Reepalu, as mayor of a city that has an increasing Muslim demographic, has watched over the bizarre situation in which Jews, who have lived in that city long before the first wave of Muslims reached Sweden’s shores, have been victimized, discriminated against, and sadly forced to leave for safer areas elsewhere. 
This has all happened under the watch of Ilmar Reepalu, who then linked Zionism and anti-Semitism together, while denying that he had done so, as well as lying about how no one has broached the subject in city hall meetings about the rise of aggression against Jews in his city, (he claims he wasn’t informed about it) though the public minutes to these meetings say otherwise. 
The man is a real jerk and should be drummed out of office. It shows the arrogance of the man to allow his name and city to be mentioned in the “election of World Mayors” with his kind of track record, the word ‘chutzpah’ doesn’t even come close in describing it. KGS

H/T Reinhard

The anti-Semitic chef-mayor of Malmö Sweden: to get the right flavor 
of anti-Semitism brewing, just a pinch of me is all that is needed

SWC: In a letter to City Mayors and World Mayor coordinator, Tann vom Hove, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, praised the organization’s annual election of ‘World Mayors’ who “excel in…leadership and vision, management abilities and integrity,social and economic awareness, ABILITY TO PROVIDE SECURITY…to FOSTER GOOD RELATIONS BETWEEN COMMUNITIES from different cultural,racial and social backgrounds”.
Nevertheless, Samuels expressed concern that “one of the 25 mayors shortlisted for the 2010 award, has reportedly contradicted the very qualities highlighted above. Mr.Ilmar Reepalu, is Mayor of Malmo, a Swedish city of some 300,000 of which over 60,000 are Muslim and 756 are Jews.”
The letter continued “on 27 January 2010, international Holocaust Commemoration Day, the daily Skanska Dagbladet began a series of articles on Malmo’s Jews, many of whom were helped by Danish fishermen to flee the Nazis to neutral Sweden. Others sought refuge from Communist Poland’s anti-Jewish incitement in 1968. The articles described their current harassment by neighbouring Muslim youth incited by Jihadist satellite television and websites – facts substantiated by the local police.”
Samuels stressed that “when interviewed, Mayor Reepalu blamed the situation on the Jews themselves as the community did not ‘distance itself from Israel’, thereby extraterritorialing his Jewish citizens and questioning their very loyalty to Sweden. He strangely told the Judisk Kronika (Jewish Chronicle),’the community showed no sympathy for me when I was threatened by the extreme right’.”
The Centre noted that,”as several of the children and grandchildren of those who sought refuge in Sweden, began to flee Malmo, Reepalu denied that Jews were ever attacked, adding for the British Sunday Telegraph,’…if they choose to leave, there is nothing [he] could do about it, ‘then presenting himself as the victim of an ‘Israeli’ lobby smear campaign out to silence him.”
The letter added that “Reepalu claimed his comments to the press had been distorted, until the correspondent publicized the recorded interviews, proving that the Mayor had not been misquoted. Thereupon, he briefly launched a cosmetic ‘Dialogue Forum for Jews and Muslims’, at the same time repeating his call for the former to denounce Israeli policy and equating ‘Zionism’ (the right of the Jewish people to sovereign self-determination) with ‘antisemitism'(the racism that resulted in the Holocaust).”
The Centre argued that “a Mayor who fails to stand up for all his citizens cannot be a role model and what Reepalu has said and done against Sweden’s Jews, especially in Malmo, should disqualify his candidacy for World Mayor 2010.”


Sweden’s anti-Semitic chef,
Ilmar Reepalu

Just a little pinch of me should do it

The man is a complete ignoramus as well as a lying anti-Israel hate-monger. He lies to the leaders of the Jewish community in Malmö that he hadn’t any knowledge of the rise of anti-Semitism in his city, as well taking every opportunity to bash Israel that has given rise to the anti-Semitism that he says he’s now trying to combat.
The Sweden Democrat’s press officer, Mattias Karlsson proved him to be a lying rat that he is, when he stated that he “had hitherto been insufficiently informed about the vulnerable situation faced by Jews in Malmö”. Now the mayor marches through town on the high holy day of international socialist communism to sling yet more arrows at Israel, using the most ridiculous claims and outright lies.

Malmö’s Hate Mongering Mayor Marches against Israel

May Day – the first of May – is Labour Day in many countries, on which demonstrations by the workers take place in order to get better working conditions. In Sweden this is traditionally done under the auspices of the Social Democrats. This year in Malmö the city’s mayor Ilmar Reepalu decided to demonstrate on May 1 against “the occupation of Palestine”. Under a large text which read: “Stop the occupation of Palestine” one can see a smiling Reepalu who commented in an interview with daily newspaper Expressen:
-”No land should occupy another land. The Soviet Union occupied the Baltic states during several decades. Israel has occupied land for 43 years now. I think its wrong, so does Barack Obama and many other people in the world as well.” In this way Reepalu is making yet another contribution to the already tense situation in Malmö.
Reepalu’s statement is also another problematic one for many reasons. The Palestinian territories on the West Bank of the Jordan river are ”disputed” and not ”occupied” land. Israel conquered it in 1967 after it had been attacked by the Jordanians. These ruled on the West Bank without international recognition.

Read the rest at Sweden, Israel and the Jews blog.

Marching under banners of hate:
 A smiling Swedish mayor Reepalu
A smiling Norwegian Finance Minister Kirstin Halvorsen
These Nordic “philosemitic” anti-Semite politicians can’t get enough of their Israel bashing. KGS


SDP Mayor of Malmö Ilmar Reepalu:
I’ve lied so many times it’s hard to cover all my tracks

The Left-wing in Sweden is really taking an incredible series of big hits these days, through the disingenous actions of  the mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu (SDP). The mayor is a chief example of Israel hating Leftists who’s party is largely responsible for promoting and allowing a political climate in Sweden to grow that gives legitimacy to Jew hatred. He’s also a lousy liar.
Thanks to Reinhard for forwarding this blog post by Mattias Karlsson, the Sweden Democrats’ press officer who also works as a political secretary to the party council group in Malmö. Karlsson, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu, was lying through his teeth when he stated that he “had hitherto been insufficiently informed about the vulnerable situation faced by Jews in Malmö”

Karlsson proves that the city council of Malmö that Reepalu heads, had been informed about the rise of antisemitism on repeated occasions, beginning with a motion submitted by Karlsson in January of 2008, November of 2009 and as recently as this January of 2010. Reepalu was seated in a meeting where the SD representative brought the matter up. This exposes Reepalu not only as a liar, but also as a totally unreliable politician that cannot be trusted to seriously address the growing problem of antisemitism in his cityKGS

Mattias Karlsson:
After having endured legitimate criticism from the nationwide media for his ignorant and deeply unpleasant statements about the growing hatred of Jews in Malmo, so llmar Reepalu’s apology is only half-way. According to Dagbladet, Swedish Reepalu argued that he has not known enough about the Jewish population’s vulnerability in Malmö, but after today have been informed that he is now prepared to take action.
That Reepalu now finally seems ready to make at least a minor reversal in the gallows is certainly positive. The claim that he has so far lacked information about the Jewish minority’s vulnerability in Malmö is a pure lie.
Although now in the unlikely event that Reepalu had not read any of the Malmöi British local media repeatedly reported on the growing anti-Semitism within the municipality, he has nevertheless been informed of the situation on several occasions.
Sweden Democrats in Malmö in fact, repeatedly raised the issue in both the municipal and city councils. I have personally seen that Reepalu been present when the SD raised these issues and he has himself participated in the debate on the subject.
To refresh your memory Illmar Reepalu, I publish below the letters SD Malmo submitted to the City Council on this subject in recent years:
Exercise on anti-Semitism among schoolchildren in Malmö

Motion filed in January 2008:

After a long period of having maintained a relatively secluded life, it seems that anti-Semitism in Sweden again be on the march, which, inter alia manifested itself in attacks on synagogues, harassment and violence against individual Jews and a growing threat against Jewish institutions.
The polarization and ethnic divisions, which followed in the wake of mass immigration, have created new, young recruits to the neo-Nazi organizations and in the extreme left organizations, seems that criticism of Israeli policy increasingly turns into anti-Semitism.
Several reports, including the Forum for Living History and Crime Prevention Council, shows however that the new anti-Semitism has its stronghold among Arab and Muslim immigrant communities and that the anti-Semitic tendencies show themselves at a young age.
The report “The denied hatred”, developed by the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism, teachers testify, inter alia, from Malmö, the recurring problems in schools, which mainly Arab and Muslim students refuse to attend lectures on Judaism and the Holocaust, points out that Adolf Hitler a model or completely deny that the Holocaust of European Jews took place.
 The report also shows that, for the anti-Semitic incidents which could involve the offender to a particular group, so is the Muslim group is almost twice as many as the right and left extremist groups together. Nearly all teachers who were confronted with anti-Semitic manifestations also testifies to the lack of knowledge about the issue and that the behavior from the management of the schools left much to be desired.
If it is true that anti-Semitism is more widespread among Muslim immigrant communities, it is imperative to precisely Malmö, a city with a very high proportion of residents from these groups, as soon as possible attention and acknowledge the problem.
Regardless of the origin of the hatred, Malmö municipality must improve their knowledge and then take steps to prevent anti-Semitism may be increasing foothold in our city.
In light of the above, the Sweden Democrats City Council to decide:
to instruct the municipal council to come back with proposals for an inquiry to be filled in order to identify the nature and extent of anti-Semitism among Malmö’s schoolchildren and to propose appropriate measures to combat these heinous ideas.
 Simple question for school alderman Agneta Eriksson on new measures to combat anti-Semitism
Simple question raised 2009-02-11:
At the council meeting in August 2008 dealt with a motion from the Sweden Democrats about to conduct a survey of anti-Semitism scale and nature of Malmö’s schools. The purpose of the survey would be to find more effective strategies to combat anti-Semitism. As the basis for the motion was a report from the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism, where school personnel including Malmo testified on a major anti-Semitism among certain groups of students.
Other reports include Crime Prevention Council and the Living History Forum told to Malmo, by its demographic composition, could be at high risk of suffering substantial anti-Semitism. 
The response from left-wing majority and Agneta Eriksson was then no further measures were needed and that there are already existing, public values the work was quite enough.
During the recent period, the Jewish minority in Malmo suffered a series of attacks by anti-Semitic overtones. The situation has now gone so far as Jewish youth consciously begin to hide all links with their origin in order not to suffer assault.
In view of these recent events, I would like to ask the school alderman Agneta Eriksson:
-Do you Maintain your previous view that no further action need be taken to curb anti-Semitism among the young in Malmö? 

Simple question to the Mayor Illmar Reepalu on the left majority strategy to meet the growing anti-Semitism

Simple question raised 2010-01-26:

At the council meeting in August 2008 dealt with a motion from the Sweden Democrats about to conduct a survey of anti-Semitism scale and nature of Malmö’s schools. The purpose of the survey would be to find more effective strategies to combat anti-Semitism.As the basis for the motion was a report from the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism, where school personnel including Malmo testified on a major anti-Semitism among certain groups of students. Other reports include Crime Prevention Council and the Living History Forum told to Malmo, by its demographic composition, could be at high risk of suffering substantial anti-Semitism.
The response from left-wing majority was then, and later, when we asked a simple question in response to a series of attacks on Jewish buildings and meetings, that no new measures were needed and that there are already existing, public values the work was quite enough.
Since the last issue was discussed in City Council, several media reported that the situation deteriorated further and has now become so serious that Malmö’s Jews, particularly families with children, are increasingly choosing to flee the city. According to Skanska Dagbladet 2010-01-25 Police say that hate crimes against Jews in Malmoe has doubled in the past year.
In view of the above, I would like to ask the Mayor Illmar Reepalu:
– Are you satisfied with the majority left strategy so far to meet the rise in anti-Semitism?


Mona Sahlin’s verdict on Ilmar Reepalu – “He’s a good person.”

This creep of a mayor has dug himself in so deep that no amount of apologies and promises will be enough to overhaul his discredited image. The Tundra Tabloids’ advice: Just resign you fool, and that goes for the current head of the Swedish SDP, Monica Sahlin, the Hamas loving, Israel hating Leftist idiot who’s party is largely responsible for promoting a political climate in Sweden that gives legitimacy to Jew hatred. KGS

Representatives for the Jewish Community in Malmö have slammed the city’s mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, for his use of the term “Israeli lobby” in a Danish television interview.
“I encounter a great many people from what one could call the Israeli lobby, who are not interested in what I say and what I think, but who do want to attribute lots of opinions to me,” Reepalu said in an interview with Danish TV2.
Reepalu and the Jewish Community (Judiska församlingen) have been at cross purposes of late after the mayor drew parallels in newspaper interviews between anti-Semitism and Zionism.
He has also denied that there had been any attacks on Jews in the city despite police figures showing that violent incidents against Jews have doubled over the last year.
Reepalu responded to a call from Social Democrat party leader Mona Sahlin last week to engage in a dialogue with Malmö Jews, meeting with representatives last week. His latest comments on the Danish TV2 show Lorry have been met with consternation by the Jewish Community.
In a letter to Reepalu and Mona Sahlin, the Jewish Community representatives have expressed their disappointment with the mayor’s televised comments.
“This is the kind of wording used by anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic forces, who claim that it is the Jews who control the media,” wrote Fred Kahn and Fredrik Sieradzki.

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This is a quote taken from a Wall Street Journal op-ed by Daniel Schwammenthal, that captures in its entirety, the modus operandi of the Swedish Social Democrats concerning “it’s own Jews”, as well as Jewry throughout the EU vis-a-vis the Jewish state of Israel.
[Mr. Reepalu’s suggested solution for Europe’s Jews is a sort of post-Christian baptism. If conversion to Christianity was the ticket out of the ghetto in earlier times, conversion to Israel-bashing may do the trick today.]
There you have it, the only “good Jews” accepted by these European anti-Israel antisemites, are the ones that turn their backs on the Jewish state and accept the Israel haters’ distorted, twisted version of reality. Then, and only then will these Jews have redeemed themselves in the eyes of their non-Jewish masters.
Ilmar Reeplau, Monica Sahlin and the majority of the SDP in Sweden, are a bunch of meely mouthed antisemites who clothe their racism towards Jews under the guise of humanitarianism towards the Arabs called Palestinians. The SDP party, while passing itself off as a humanitarian anti-racist party, is teeming with politicians and supporters who exhibit classic symptoms of antisemitism and humanitarian racism.
Please be reminded that this is the party that stands in judgement of the Swedish Democrats, a philo-semitic, pro-Israel party that has stood time and again -even though it costs them precious votes- on the side of Israel, and the Jews. The SDP, and the other parties currently in government corrupted by their influence, are locked in a downward spiral of denial, and only in instances such as these, do their true colors come out for all to see, and it isn’t pretty.
The Tundra Tabloids takes the rare step in republishing the entire WSJ op-ed in full, it’s just too damn important to remain as a subscriber only article, the TT is more than willing to risk the WSJ’s wrath under these circumstances, the stakes in this issue are just too high. KGS
Eurabia Is a Place in Sweden
Malmö, Sweden
In this city—just across a narrow stretch of water that separates Sweden from Denmark—what has been called “Eurabia” is slowly becoming reality. Roughly 20% of Malmö’s 290,000 residents are of Muslim, mostly Arab, origin. Their widespread hatred of Israel together with traditional Swedish anti-Zionism—the result of the left’s ideological supremacy here—form an explosive cocktail.
Screaming “Sieg Heil” and “Hitler, Hitler,” a mostly Muslim mob threw bottles and stones at a small group of Jews peacefully demonstrating for Israel at this town’s central square last year. Worshipers on their way to synagogue and Jewish kids in schools are routinely accosted as “Dirty Jews.” Last year’s Davis Cup tennis match against Israel, which pro-Palestinian activists had sought to cancel, was held behind closed doors. The official reason was to avoid disruption by anti-Israeli protesters. But roughly 6,000 of them clashed with the police during the event anyway. Notwithstanding the official explanation, the closed-door match left the impression that Israel is a pariah state that needs to be quarantined. Not surprisingly, Malmö’s small Jewish community of roughly 700 is getting smaller as families leave town.
Faced with these attacks on the city’s Jewish population, Malmö’s mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, seems curiously unperturbed by, if not sympathetic to, the attackers. Asked to condemn anti-Semitism in his city, the Social Democrat suggested in a January interview to Skånska Dagbladet—published on International Holocaust Memorial Day, no less—that it’s partly the Jews’ own fault. Their crime? They didn’t “distance” themselves from Israel and the Gaza war. “The community chose to hold a pro-Israel demonstration,” Mr. Reepalu said, a move that “may convey the wrong message.” Besides, Zionism is just as bad as anti-Semitism, the mayor added. Both are “extremists who want to set themselves over other groups.”
In an interview last week, the mayor tells me that Skånska Dagbladet didn’t quote him in his entirety. Mr. Reepalu didn’t mean to criticize Zionism as such, he says, but what he called “revisionist” Zionism, which has led to the “occupation of territory.”
But even if this were true, I asked, why did he find it necessary to attack Israel when he had simply been urged to oppose anti-Semitism? In lieu of an answer, the mayor recited the familiar laundry list of alleged Israeli crimes, such as “disproportionate attacks” and “destroying” peace. “I fear a Third World War,” the mayor muttered darkly.
Steering the interview back to Malmö, I asked whether he was worried that his denunciations of Israel might fuel and legitimize anti-Semitic violence in his city, leaving his Jewish constituents to feel abandoned by him? He conceded that “I understand now that this is how they feel and that I have to be more cautious.”
But Mr. Reepalu has been slow to reach out to the city’s Jewish minority, meeting with its representatives recently only after the national head of his own party, Mona Sahlin, had talked to Malmö’s Jewish community. Even more worrisome is that while the party leadership may have been embarrassed by Mr. Reepalu’s comments about local Jews, his comments about those in Israel are pretty mainstream in Sweden.
Many leading Social Democrats attended last year’s anti-Israel rallies—where the Jewish state’s flag was burned while those of Hamas and Hezbollah were waved. Among the demonstrators was Ms. Sahlin, likely to become Sweden’s next prime minister after September’s general elections. “I think Gaza is comparable to the Warsaw Ghetto,” said Ingalill Bjartén, the vice chair for the Social Democratic Women’s organization in southern Sweden. And according to the Left Party’s Hans Linde, Israel is a “racist apartheid state.”
This sort of demonization of Israel and Israelis—which meets the European Union’s own definition of anti-Semitism—is increasingly common across the Continent. Wherever Israel is delegitimized as a pariah state, local Jews are inevitably condemned to pariah status as well. In the streets of Malmö, one can hear “Kill the Jews,” while at “peace” rallies in Amsterdam and Berlin, the chanted instructions are somewhat more specific: “Hamas, Hamas, Jews into the Gas.”
These are not idle words. Anti-Semitic attacks in Malmö doubled last year to 79, while in London they hit a record of 924. And as some Swedish Jews are contemplating emigration, thousands of their French co-religionists have already moved to Israel to escape harassment.
Mr. Reepalu’s suggested solution for Europe’s Jews is a sort of post-Christian baptism. If conversion to Christianity was the ticket out of the ghetto in earlier times, conversion to Israel-bashing may do the trick today. If Jews “distance” themselves from the Jewish state, they will be safe, maybe even accepted in polite company. This would truly be a Eurabian night falling on the Continent.

Mr. Schwammenthal is an editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal Europe.

NOTE: Read Manfred Gerstenfeld’s Behind the Humanitarian Mask, The Nordic Countries, Israel and the Jews.


He’s An antisemite
Ilmar Reepalu:
Arab self determination is fine,
it’s Jewish self determination that I object to.
Another antisemitic Swedish/Scandinavian politician denies the Jews their obvious right to determine their own lives. In an interview, ironically about stamping out antisemtism in Malmö, Sweden,  Mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu, blames the collective Jew, Israel, for recent attacks against Jews in Malmö, “due to the conflict in Gaza last year spilled over to Malmo.”
But Reepalu goes further to elucidate his true views on Israel, which basically follows the thinking in the Islamic world, that Jews are not allowed a national movement of their own. For him, Zionism equals racism. But he wouldn’t ever dream labeling the Palestinian movement as racist, for not wanting a single Jew to remain on “Arab land”, as well as the Arab/Muslim states that support their position. From the interview:
Skå You considered to say in public, that Malmö does not accept antisemitism. Or is it controversial?
Ilmar Reepalu: We don´t accept Zionism or antisemitism. They are extremists, which want to set themselves over other groups and believe they are worth less.”

*NOTE: A sloppy google trans of the Swedish interview in English is available here.

And we all thought such sentiment in Europe at least, ended with the infamous, Zionism = racism resolution being revoked in 1991. Think again, the antisemites are out in full force, this time around, they take up the banner of not being antisemitic all the while they expose themselves as being just that.

Just last year the TT went head to head with Finnish world record holder, pianist, Richard Järnefelt, who believed that his prior good deeds in helping Jews exonerated him from ever being considered an antisemite concerning his views about Israel.
These ignoramus types can’t figure out the gross contradiction in saying that they’re truly “philosemitic”, all the while they equate the Jewish state with the Nazis, and reject Jewish self determination. KGS
NOTE: Malmö was the scene for last year’s antisemitic/anti-Israel demonstration by Israel/Jew haters, who insisted that a Jewish/Israeli tennis player be exluded from the Davis Cup tournament.

H/T: Ted Ekeroth

NOTE: Malmö Sweden has the highest cencentration of Muslim immigrant/refugees in Sweden, and was a former strong hold of support for the Nazis during WWII. This is a clear example of the danger Leftist politicians pose to democracy, when they import mass volumes of people who hold antisemtic views, then court them for their vote.