Sounds like to me many of the anti-Israel so called humanitarian/peace activist groups that dot the political landscape, aligned with some of the most nefarious groups who care little for peace or humanitarianism.

The charity with no shame: Founded to promote peace, a wealthy Rowntree trust now funds Muslim fanatics, former Irish terrorists and anti-Semitics. How CAN it justify its charitable status?

  • Northern Irish organisation Teach na Failte is run by former INLA prisoner 
  • Teach na Failte has cosy links to recently active criminals and terrorists
  • Able to pursue its agenda thanks to one of Britain’s wealthiest charities 
  • Recently had grant of £149,915 from Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
  • Trust is also the principal financial backer of Cage, a Muslim ‘human rights’ group which are apologists for the ISIS executioner known as Jihadi John
  • Gave £60,000 in ‘core funding’ to the Islamic Human Rights Commission 
  • IHRC campaigns for the ‘rights’ of terrorists including Omar Abdel Rahman and Abu Hamza
Terrorist beneficiaries of the Trust's backing include ISIS executioner Mohammed Emwazi

Terrorist beneficiaries of the Trust’s backing include ISIS executioner Mohammed Emwazi

Even by the standards of the Irish Troubles, the grotesque murder of pub landlord Cecil Black was in a class of its own.

The 73-year-old grandfather was battered to death with a metal gas cylinder shortly after teatime one Friday afternoon in 1990.

Cecil’s ‘crime’, so to speak, had been to refuse to serve three drunken youths who claimed to be entitled to free drinks because they were ‘connected’ to the Republican terrorist movement.

After smashing up Cecil’s Bar in broad daylight, and helping themselves to the contents of the till, the thuggish trio took their victim upstairs, tied him to a sofa, and beat him around the head until his skull caved in.

Cecil, from Dundalk, just south of the Ulster Border, was later found face-down, in a pool of blood. His wrists and ankles were bound, and there were deep cuts to his hands, face and ears.

The Gardai (the Irish police) described the old man’s murder as ‘one of the most brutal crimes that we have ever encountered’.

The ringleader of the youths who carried out this vile attack was later identified as Eugene Kelly.

 An enthusiastic member of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA), a terrorist group which has murdered at least 120 people, including the Conservative MP Airey Neave, he was arrested and then convicted of Cecil Black’s murder in April 1992.

In court, Kelly and his two fellow defendants ‘did nothing but laugh’.

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Humanitarian racists, heal thyself.

Please do be reminded that faux humanitarian Sweden spends an enormous amount of its time holding a magnifying lens to Israel, in how it deals with Arab/Muslim teens engaged in the jihad against the Jewish state.

UN criticises Sweden’s ‘prison’ children

UN criticises Sweden's 'prison' children

The UN says Sweden’s young offenders should spend less time alone. Photo: TT

Published: 28 Nov 2014 17:05 GMT+01:00

The UN report called on Sweden to abolish the policy of keeping some child suspects and young offenders in isolation in police cells and juvenile detention centres.

A panel of ten independent experts cited concerns about depression, suicides and problems with reintegrating into society for those who spent many hours alone.

It said that Sweden had repeatedly breached the UN Torture Convention, which states that under 18s should not sit in isolation for more than 22 hours in any 24 hour period.

In an interview with Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden’s Children’s Ombundsman Fredrik Malmberg said:

“This is extremely sharp criticism, especially when it comes to the isolation of detained children. The UN also uses unusually strong language in the report. The criticism is clear and the signal to the government is clear: now the isolation of children cease”.



Norway: Anti-Racism Activists Boycott Holocaust Ceremony as ‘Jews were Invited’

Kristallnacht holocaust

Kristallnacht, or the night of broken glass, commemorates the Jews persecuted in Germany between the nights of 9th and 10th November 1938.Getty Images

Anti-racism activists in Norway have refused to participate in a Holocaust commemoration after members of the Jewish community were put on the guest list, a Norwegian blog has claimed.

According to Norway, Israel and the Jews, Norwegian activist organisation New SOS Racisme — which claims to reduce racism in society — asked for the “Zionist Jews of Bergen” to be banned from attending the Kristallnacht, or the night of broken glass, an event aimed at remembering the escalation of the persecution of Jews in Germany, between the nights of 9th and 10th November 1938.

They “refused to participate in the Kristallnacht commemoration since a representative from theMosaic Congregation [a conservative Jewish Congregation ] was invited. Yes, they balked at a Jew participating,” the blog added.

The incident occurred a few days after Denmark’s ceremony in Norrebro district marking the Holocaust was used to raise money for Gaza, following the 2014 Israel-Gaza war which killed thousands of Palestinian civilians.

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I’ve had it up to here with so called ”humanitarian” do gooders lecturing Israel on how to treat people, especially in a middle of a war being waged against them from all quarters. What they are actually doing is demanding Israel to be more Christian than the supposed Christians themselves, or at least the Christian ethic that they supposedly represent or the values stemming from that belief system.

Enough is enough.

Here we have yet another example of so called humanitarians who make loud claims against Israel, though they’re tied up to the neck with nefarious groups who embody the antithesis of their humanitarian goals. Just last year we were witness to an acting Norwegian MP who admitted that the government was indirectly funding Palestinian terrorists:

  • Norwegian MP says government indirectly” funds terrorism

MP calls on Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs to investigate if former Foreign Minister “wrongly” informed Parliament about PA salary payments to terrorist prisoners

After NRK TV publicized PMW’s findings, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry agreed to again check into the question

Now here’s Adina Kutnicki’s commentary on the recent piece by the Washington Free Beacon reporting on the Israeli Law Center’s demands that Oxfam drop its sordid ties with the terror group PFLP.

NEVERTHELESS, their connection to Islamic jihad has been known for quite some time, but they finally ! received a full public tarnishing. So, yes, Hollyweird stars can often reveal much more than they even intended, whether for the positive or the negative. Yippee.

Now, before we seep into the jihadi nest, it is imperative to unmask the penchant for far too many self-proclaimed “human rights/aids” groups to align themselves with terror groups. Not only that, it is inordinately clear, Jews are the only group – although the tiniest minority among minority populations – who are non-deserving of any “human rights”, at least according to so many of these scummy self righteous organizations. Israel/Jews are constantly targeted for having the gall to survive, despite all odds. What the hell.

Specifically, the following is a run down on just some of their jacked-up Islamic“aid partners”….you decide what their end game is.

Oxfam Partners

I. East London Mosque – an extremist institution whose speakers have included 
Saad Al Beraik, a hate preacher who calls for the enslavement of Jewish 

II. Islamic Relief – a charity which the Israeli government has designated a 
“terrorist front”. Ayaz Ali, the head of the charity’s Gaza operations, was 
deported after being accused of funnelling money to Hamas. Neo-Nazi images 
were found stored on his computer.

III. MADE in Europe – a charity whose staff are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood 
and other radical Islamist groups, and whose offices are based at the extremist 
London Muslim Centre.

More here at Adina’s

Washington Free Beacon:

Oxfam Accused of Ties to Terror Group

Israel Law Center Demands Oxfam Drop Ties to Affiliates of Palestinian Terror Org

Palestinians dance at a rally marking the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Palestinians dance at a rally marking the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine / AP


The aid group Oxfam International is said to be partnering with two Palestinian organizations tied to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), according to an Israeli advocacy group that defends victims of terrorism.

Several of Oxfam’s global affiliates are said to be providing financial aid and “additional forms of material support” to two Palestinian workers groups that are deeply tied to the PFLP, a U.S. designated terror organization, according to the Israel Law Center.

The Israel Law Center demanded in a letter sent Thursday that Oxfam end its relationships with these two groups—the Union of Health Workers Committees (UHWC) and the Union of Agricultural Workers Committees (UAWC)—or face possible legal action.

More here.

Here’s the former PM of Norway at their island Camp of Hate at Utoya

Stoltenburg at atoya island norway camp of hate

More humanitarians: Swedish ISM a-holes with Paleostinian terrorists and Kalashnikovs.



Everyone is seeing through their fake humanitarianism.


nordic foreign ministers

US think tank: Not everyone cares for the Nordic “know-it-all” attitude

A US think tank has found that not everyone cares for Nordic self-righteousness. The finding emerged in a report on why Finland lost out in its campaign to gain a revolving seat on the United Nations Security Council.

The authors of a report on Finland’s failed Security Council membership campaign said that the issue of the Nordic “know-it-all” attitude reared its head in many of the interviews conducted for the study. In short, respondents described the Nordic people as “unpleasant”.

The report was produced by the US think tank the International Peace Institute, and examined Finland’s failed campaign to gain a revolving set on the UN Security Council.

“The core values which the Nordics stand for … like human rights, the rule of law, the responsibility to protect, etcetera, is (sic) not necessarily that popular amongst the majority of the membership in the United Nations. And this is paired with a perception that the Nordics consider themselves to be morally superior, that there is a “besserwisser”, condescending attitude towards others based on the values and ideological issues,” Röd-Larsen explained.

“Not everyone likes this moralistic Nordic finger pointing. This is the problem with the Nordics. However Finland is one those countries that’s least guilty of this,”  he added.

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Way too little, way too late.

The Norwegians are well known for investigating Israel in great detail and nitpicking on it to the point of obsession, but after seventy years they have not yet investigated their own wartime past. It was the  Norwegians who arrested the Jews and not the Germans. The Norwegians handed the arrested Jews over to the German occupiers.

The main article is behind a pay wall, but the summary of it (directly below, followed by an article referring to it) talks only of the heroic role of the Norwegian resistance. (And much less of the Norwegian SS members of the Viking division which may have participated in the murders of Jews in Eastern Europe).

NOTE: This is one more major chink in the fallacious myth of Norwegian humanitarianism.



Dagsavisen 2013 02 26 p 39   (SUMMARY)
Jonas Brække
The Chief of Communications within state railroad carrier NSB, Åge Christoffer Lundeby, expresses apology, or at least a sort of, over NSB contributions to deportations of Norwegian Jews in WW2.
“Very regrettable.
The Chief of Communications within the NSB admits little has been done to discover the truth about the fateful train journey.
‘Obviously, the persecution and deportation of the Jews is a dark chapter in Norwegian history, which the PM, Jens Stoltenberg apologized over in last year. The participation of NSB in this story is also very regrettable.
Can this be regarded a formal apology by the NSB?
‘At least as an apology might be given. Like so much material written on WW2; the role of historians has been over the role in the resistance against the occupiers. And to a very small degree about the darker sides of the history of NSB during the war.
Will the NSB make an effort to correct this?
‘I shall pass this idea on; however as of today this is not something that has been discussed through the twelve years I have been employed by the NSB. The present day leadership is very preoccupied with the trains running; there has been little time to evaluate whether historical works should also be published.
70 years is plenty of time?
‘Yes, but the main contribution of NSB to the community is to run the transportation of people and goods”.

NSB trainstation

NSB sorry for deportation of Norwegian Jews

– NSB has done little to clarify what happened when the Norwegian Jews were sent to death with NSB help.

Apologies come after writers Einar O. Risa and Jan Erik Vold calls for a larger settlement with the NSB and the police for their role in the deportations.

NSB had asked for available cars that transported Jewish detainees from the labor camp Berg at Tønsberg, to the pier in Oslo where the cargo ship Donau transported Jews to German concentration camps.

The authors Einar O. Risa and Jan Erik Vold have been involved in the case and called for a larger settlement with both NSB and the police for their role in the deportations, writes Dagsavisen .

Risa believes NSB has done little to clarify what happened when Norwegian Jews were sent to death with NSB help. NSB responds to criticism with regret for its role in the deportations.

– It is clear that the persecution and deportation of Jews is a dark chapter in Norwegian history which Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg apologized for last year. NSB’s participation in this story is regrettable, says NSB communications manager Åge-Christoffer Lundeby.

He says this is as far as one can get for an apology from the side of the NSB.

Risa is critical of what he calls the “regret industry.”

– These regrets are not what we need most. We need knowledge of what happened when the Norwegian Jews were deported. It is sad that this story to a larger extent has not been written down. I call for a greater willingness among historians to go into this material. And it would be becoming of NSB to show interest, for example, by hiring historians or sponsoring projects on this story. But NSB has not been interested in this story. It is probably due to ignorance, says Risa.




Norwegian serial Holocaust abuser.

Yesterday in Norway, on the 70th anniversary (26.11.1942) of the first deportations of Norwegian Jews to the death camps of the German National Socialists during WWII, the Norwegian police officially apologized for its role in these deportations.

Audun Lysbakken is a Norwegian Leftist politician domestically known, among Israel supporters, for his anti-Israel hate mongering. The Tundra Tabloids has been informed that Lysbakken spoke at the memorial for these Jews in Bergen yesterday.

According to a TT source who forwarded the story, Lysbakken tries to whitewash his Israelhatred over the bodies of the Jews sent to their death by his fellow Norwegians during the war.

NOTE: Lysbakken and the crocodile tears he sheds over the dead Jews of the Holocaust, are simply not believable, in fact, they’re highly disingenuous. This is due to his consistent being at war with the world’s biggest memorial to the holocaust, the Jewish state of Israel.

If Lysbakken would spend more of his energy protecting the Jews that are living, than the memory of those who are dead (that he and others like him use to beef up their fake humanitarian credentials every year), then the world would be indeed a better place. That would be a more fitting way to honor the memory of those murdered in the Holocaust.

The following is from a Norwegian Friends of Israel website, MIFF. Also, The person mentioned by Lysbakken, Kåre Willoch, is another notorious anti-Israel hater as well.

Lysbakken and white washing

November 27, 2012

Leader of SV, Audun Lysbakken’s opinion piece and commentary on the Holocaust memorial November 26, 2012:

“I think therefor that we who are critical of the Israeli occupation and treatment of the Palestinians have a particular responsibility to clearly speak up when someone is stepping over the line between legitimate critique of the state of Israel and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, or making attacks against Jews as a group”1

«If the commemoration of the Holocaust is reserved for those who agree with the policies of the current Israeli government, then we are heading onto a dangerous path. That will make the front against anti-Semitism narrow, and in a time where on the contrary we need to unite despite political differences in order to fight hatred towards Jews”2

Lysbakken answering on the general critique from MIFF concerning his and Willoch’s participation in the memorial and it being “tasteless”:

“My perspective is the opposite. When we are going to commemorate Holocaust, and prevent that it may ever happen again, it must be a strength that people that normally have different views on most things in society can stand together behind the same posters/placards and torches. At that time Willoch and I can for once walk together, and I hope that MIFF could also”

Why SV in their program for 2009-2013 supports only the right of return for the Palestinian refugees?” 4



2.) Ibid


4.) Ibid



As the editorial asks, where are these Norwegians who voiced such ‘great concern’ over the ‘victims’ in Gaza (actually victims of Hamas) where Syria is concerned. Any chance of the Sea Hitler trying to break into Syria to offer supplies to the rebel factions? The situation in Gaza in 2008-9 however, was one of self infliction, with one side (Israel) doing all it could to minimize the impact of an operation forced upon it by repeated barrages of war-crime missiles being fired from Gaza upon Israeli civilian centers.

That operation to stop the missile attacks led to the legal anti-weapons blockade of Gaza currently being enforced by Israel, the very same blockade that these fake humanitarians insist on skirting and ending once and for all. They are on the side of tyranny and evil, partners with the promoters of genocide of the Jews.

NOTEI received the following editorial published in the Norwegian Dagbladet, and already translated into English. The original artical in Norwegian appears below the fold. 

I rename the Finnish ship SV Estelle, The Sea Hitler.

Dagbladet, Sunday 12.08.2012, Editorial

Last week a (TT placed link) Finnish ship was in Oslo in order to raise support to the now annual campaign «Ship to Gaza» in the attempt of revoking the Israeli blockade of the small, poor Palestinian enclave at the Mediterranean coast. Norwegian sympathisers are playing an important role in this campaign. Just some days before the Norwegian department of Medicines Sans Frontiers was strongly criticizing the domestic media for not covering a number of humanitarian crises and wars, particularly in Africa, resulting in aid organizations having problems in raising funds for the suffering people in the areas concerned.

These two examples show that a number of Norwegians are preoccupied with international solidarity, but that this solidarity is limited only to some of the innumerable suffering in the world. It is also showing double standards.

Today two million people in a Syria struck with civil war are in need of humanitarian aid. TV images from temporary hospitals inside Syria are closely resembling the situation of the hospitals in Gaza during the Israeli invasion end 2008-beginning 2009. Back then Norwegian Palestine activists were the first in line to aid the victims, and the sympathy among the Norwegian public was great. The Norwegian media’s coverage of the human suffering was also comprehensive.

Where are the Norwegian activists now? Why do no Norwegian health workers want to do an effort in parts of Syria controlled by the insurgents? And even if MFA, in cooperation with the Red Cross, has allocated 120 million NOK to Syrian refugees and Norwegian aid organizations are canalizing some humanitarian aid, it seems to be an obvious lack of real involvement. Where are the big fund raising events? Where is the «Ship to Syria» campaign?

Medicines Sans Frontiers can not blame the media for not writing about the Syria conflict, but media is in fact more preoccupied with war than with the victims. This should be something that us here in Dagbladet also should be concerned about. But largely we can probably just conclude that this is an internal Arab conflict, where one can not bash Israel. Thus Israeli authorities has a point when they criticize the world for neglecting the Syrian population. And we will rather ignore then, that there are political and not humanitarian reasons for the Israeli criticism.

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Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International should hang their (sock puppet) heads in shame.

The following article by Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld was first published at YNET, and reprinted here with permission of the author, with footnotes that weren’t included in the original publication. KGS

Raoul Wallenberg as a Role Model

By Manfred Gerstenfeld

In 2012, the 100th birthday of the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg will be memorialized. His rescue activities in occupied Budapest at the end of the Second World War saved many Jews. Publicity after the war has generally focused on Wallenberg’s arrest and imprisonment by the Soviets in January 1945. Details of what has happened to him since, including where and when he died, are still unclear.

Beyond his historical merits, Wallenberg’s story could become increasingly important nowadays for several reasons. One is the contrast between him and many of today’s human rights activists. Wallenberg was not a promoter of tolerance, but a savior of many lives. Wallenberg risked his life by his own volition under the Nazi regime – the most brutal government Europe has known in modern times.

In our day, many prejudiced activists have pervaded the human rights movement. As one example: the major organization Human Rights Watch has become tainted by various acts of whitewashing of Libya’s regime while Gaddafi was in power. This type of behavior increases the potential importance of Wallenberg as a shining example of what true humanitarianism means. Contemporary society is in great need of courageous people as role models. Educators need examples of people who did the right thing at a time when there were many others who committed extreme crimes, collaborated with criminals, or just closed their eyes and stood by passively.

In some countries Wallenberg’s memory is honored, in others much less so. He has posthumously become an honorary citizen of the United States, Canada, Hungary and Israel. Streets have been named after him. There are Wallenberg memorials in many towns including Tel Aviv. Yet memorializing the activities of a person is not as meaningful as presenting him as a role model in contemporary self-centered societies.

A second issue of importance is to publicize the Soviet Union’s crimes against Wallenberg as well as to illustrate the dubious role of the Swedish government after the Second World War. Sweden did not give Wallenberg the honor he merited. The country also barely inquired into what became of its courageous national. The Swedish government was even offered help by the Americans to find out more, but refused the offer.

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The Tundra Tabloids was sent this article by Reinhard which happens to be one of the better examples of what the international media should be doing: investigating the people on board the Mavi Marmara and their connections to the Turkish government.
Yes the Israelis botched the boarding of the ship -most likely believing the Turkish government’s assurances that there would not be any serious armed resistance to the enforcing of the blockade- but a botched boarding does not make it an illegal effort.
The left-wing media is doing its best to hide all of this from the average citizen, and even here in Finland, on YLE news, they ran a report that categorically rejected the Israelis’ record of the events, in spite of all the evidence known already.
All the videos showing jihadis arming themselves, all the evidence showing maritime law allows for the boarding of a vessel trying to run a blockade, is not good enough for these idiots. No, these morons choose instead to run with the Islamonazi line and demand an investigation of Israel.
The Tundra Tabloids views all of these morons with contempt. KGS
Other Swedish ‘humanitarians’ posing
with jihadis and theirKalashnikovs

The Ship to Gaza sullies the rainbow

Jew hatred is prevalent in much of the Muslim world. Not infrequently, anti-Semitism that most closely resembles the state ideology. It is sometimes the result of what the surface looks like aid to Palestine is in fact disguised campaigning against the Jews. Those who really want to support the Palestinians should therefore carefully choose his company.
Swedes on the Ship to Gaza are trying to downplay the purely anti-Semitic elements of the convoy which recently running into Gaza. It is emphasized that the Ship to Gaza is politically independent and is part of a “Rainbow Coalition”, as they call it.
But it has sullied the rainbow.
Daily News has published an opinion piece by student Patrik Öhberg, where the main funders of the flotilla are interviewed.
You look further east is another organization with a major financial role. It is called the Perdana Global Peace Organization, it’s based in Malaysia and has financed the days of the current boat “Rachel Corrie”. Perdana led by Malaysia’s controversial EX Mahathir Mohamed, who never hesitated to speak his mind, especially about Jews. When Mohammed began the OIC meeting in Malaysia in October 2003, he made a notorious statement about the Jewish conspiracy:
“The Europeans killed six million Jews out of twelve, but today the Jews control the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them. They invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy so that it would not go to persecute them and to enjoy equality. “(Asia Times 23 / 10 -03)
The statement brought an outcry, of course, but that has not stopped Mahathir Mohamed from repeating his view of Jewish conspiracies. As recently as January of this year came a new statement in which Mohammed expresses that the Holocaust was a failure because the Jews are still a major problem (Malyasia Today 21 / 1).
Ship to Gaza’s Stellan Vint Hagen, however, waving away this one in response .
Of course, we take the Liberty Flotilla away from anti-Semitism, but we operate under the same rules as other humanitarian organizations and are not in the habit of checking individual donors’ political views.
But the financiers’ political views now are not playing the role, so participants should at least do that. With the boat on Rachel Corrie was Matthias Chang Wen Chieh, who In Gaza highlights that:
“Lawyer for 32 years served as political secretary for the fourth Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He is the author of three bestselling books,” Future Fast Forward “,” Brainwashed for War, Programmed to Kill “and” The Shadow Money Lenders & the Global Financial Tsunami “, published in the U.S. and in Malaysia.”
 What In Gaza do not tell is that Matthias Chang Wen Chieh titles have been speaking in headlines as “The Zionist Agenda Global War” or “The Zionist Anglo-American Empire Meltdown” …
In 2006, Matthias Chang Wen Chieh meeting in Iran “Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision Conference”, that is, in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s conference of Holocaust deniers. Chang gave a speech, which is available at Chang’s own website , where he said it was the Jews who attacked Hitler’s Germany.
“23. There is an arguable legal case for the proposition That Germany, faced with a Zionist Declaration of War in the early 1930s, begged the Right to Defend Itself Against the Zionists’ agenda to Annihilate Germany and her Citizens!
24. Critics may well counter-argue that the above proposition is ridiculous – how could Zionists, not constituting a nation state declare war on Germany? My reply is simple. If Al Qaeda [and the “Jihadists”] can be accused of declaring war on America and which gave rise to the present Global War on Terror, the World Jewish Congress and allied organisations can likewise be accused for their crimes against Germany!”
Chang concluded his speech by presenting measures for the future, where one of the items was to tear up the judges from Nurnberg.

“2. We must set up an International Commission of Jurists to review the findings of the Nuremberg Military Tribunal.”

It is understandable that the Ship to Gaza does not want to talk about the close ties to the hatred of Jews. They are of course afraid that their noble purpose will seem dubious.
But not with the best intention in the world can you call this a Rainbow Coalition. It is as close to pure Nazism as one can get.
The flotilla was finansed by Jew-haters. The fact that Ship to Gaza is running their errands – without even showing any signs of shame – is disgusting.


Manfred Gerstenfeld:What is behind this obsession with Israel and the Jews by a Norwegian elite which falsely calls itself progressive? Why are so many pioneering anti-Israeli, and also anti-Semitic, acts coming out of this country?
That was focus of the speech delivered yesterday by, Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld, (Chairman of the Board of Fellows of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) to an audience gathered at the JCPA in Israel, that included among others, one of the first secretaries of the Norwegian embassy in Tel Aviv, as well as a correspondent from the Aftenposten, Juergen Lohne.

The Tundra Tabloids received word (upon getting the entire speech delivered by Dr.Gerstenfeld yesterday) that the Aftenposten will be publishing a report on the seminar this Saturday.

Also of interest is that the Tundra Tabloids was accredited in the power point presentation played during the speech for a picture it found and published of the Norwegian Finance Minister, Kristin Halvorsen, particpating in an anti-Israel demonstration where “death to the Jews were being shouted.

The TT tips its hat to Dr.Gerstenfeld for the honorable mention. The Tundra Tabloids had been following the story of Norwegian Finance Minister’s involvement in the anti-Israel demo, which has become an extreme embarrassment to the Norwegian government. So it’s no wonder that the First Secretary of the Norwegian Embassy chose to be silent when asked to comment about the seminar. KGS

Norway, Israel and the Jews
JCPA seminar 19 November 2009
Manfred Gerstenfeld

I asked myself what would have happened if I had to give a lecture on Norway, Switzerland and the Swiss in Norway. I looked in Google and I did not see any way to fill half an hour.

When speaking about Norway, Israel and the Jews, however, there is so much material that one wonders where to start. Israel is far away from Norway. It has as many inhabitants as Switzerland, on which you find very little in the Norwegian papers. On the other hand part of the Norwegian elite, which falsely calls itself progressive, is obsessed with another small country, Israel. This includes the leftwing government, many media, NGOs and part of the academic world. There are at most 1 300 Jews in Norway, of which 700 are organized in two communities, Oslo and Trondheim. They also are subject to the obsessive attention of the Norwegian elite.

A Short Quiz

The subject if today is complex and difficult to handle in a short time span. So, let’s try to get into the mood quickly with a little quiz.

First question: What is the name of the only country in Europe where, during the restitution negotiations at the end of the previous century, government officials threatened a Jewish member of the Government commission of inquiry and tapped her phone. Who was the person threatened? (Norway, Berit Reisel)

Second question: What is the name of the king who granted the St. Olav Order to an artist who had drawn Israeli Prime Minister Olmert as a Nazi and who was the artist? (King Harald V of Norway to Finn Graf slide 1) This is not the only act of strange behavior by the royal family. Crown Prince Haakon was present at a discussion where the Muslim anti-Semite Mohammed Ali Chisthi explained why he dislikes Jews. (slide 2)

Third question: Who was the member of the Nobel Peace Prize committee who, in 2002, wanted to take back the Nobel Prize for Peace, if possible, from Shimon Peres, and what was her background? (Hanna Kvanmo of the Socialist Left Party – she was condemned to a jail sentence after the Second World War as a collaborator of Nazi Germany because she had served as a nurse with the German troops on the Eastern front.)

Fourth question: Who was the only minister of a European government who marched in an anti-Israeli demonstration in January this year? (Kristen Halvorsen, leader of the Socialist Left Party. At the time she was minister of finance. During that demonstration there were shouts of “Death to the Jews.”) (Slide 3 shows Halvorsen next to a sign which states “USA and Israel, the greatest axis of evil”)

Fifth and last question: What is the name of the first rector of a European state university to use university money to finance a series of anti-Israeli propaganda lectures and what is the name of that university? (Torbjorn Digernes of NTNU Trondheim)

Trade Union and Media

I could have spent the entire time on this presentation with similar questions. The Norwegian trade union LO was among the first trade unions to call for a boycott of Israel in 2002. The then leader Gerd-Liv Valla later had to resign because of her misbehavior on other matters. In 2009 the current leader of that trade union Roar Flathens attacked only one country in his 1 May speech this year – of course it was Israel.

Some data show that the Norwegian media give more attention to Israel than to the neighboring Russia, a country which may cause Norway somewhat more problems than Israel. Furthermore it also seems that the Norwegian media give more attention to the Israeli army than to their own troops in Afghanistan.

Former Israeli minister Michael Melchior who still is officially Norway’s chief rabbi is always very careful in not attacking Norway. In 2002 in an interview for my book Europe’s Crumbling Myths he however said to me “In most Norwegian media, there is no true reflection of the problems and dilemmas of the nations in the Middle East. They have lost every sense of proportion, of democracy and of basic moral values.”

A little background story: The publisher of my forthcoming book in NorwegianAnti-Semitism in Norway: Behind the Humanitarian Mask – came here for the recent Feast of Tabernacles. I had finished writing the book some time in June, as it was unlikely that anything would happen during the summer holidays, and it was ready to be published. At the beginning of October the publisher said to me: “I want to delay the book by a few weeks, because there were so many anti-Israeli issues in September that I want you to update the book.” I did what he wanted; it took over 2 500 words to cover anti-Israeli acts in Norway over a period of perhaps five weeks. With what has happened in the past few weeks the book is now again already not fully up to date.

What is behind this obsession with Israel and the Jews by a Norwegian elite which falsely calls itself progressive? Why are so many pioneering anti-Israeli, and also anti-Semitic, acts coming out of this country? I have tried to do a similar exercise for a country which I know much better than Norway – the Netherlands, where I grew up. With great difficulty I found two examples there of pioneering anti-Israeli acts in the last decade.

Before I answer this question I want to make it clear that all the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic incitement comes from two small groups. One occupies strategic positions in Norwegian society. This left wing elite, obsessed with Israel, controls the government, is enormously over-represented in the media and has a strong representation in the trade union and in the NGOs as well as in academia. The other group consists of some Muslim immigrants.

Not all is black. There is even a small group of very devoted friends of Israel. Earlier this year 3,500 Christians from all over Norway marched in Stavanger in favor of freeing Gilad Schalit. Another example: Trondheim and Petach Tikva are twinned cities and the Petach Pikva football team was very cordially received in Trondheim earlier this year, with the trip being subsidized by the municipality of Trondheim.

Arab Crimes

Most ordinary Norwegians of course have problems other than those of the Middle East. But they are influenced by the anti-Israeli inciters in the media. However, it is only if the media remain largely silent about the enormous criminality in the Muslim world that you can present Israel in an evil way. Imagine that the Norwegian state television would say regularly, dear viewers just stop eating your meatballs for a few minutes, we are going to show you a beating of a woman, the cutting off of the hand of a thief in Saudi Arabia, or a nice beheading in Yemen.

On other evenings they would tell them to stop eating the meatballs while they are shown the victims of a suicide bombing or mass killing in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan committed by Muslims against other Muslims. And finally they should stop eating for a moment because a new chapter of genocide by Muslims of other Muslims in Sudan is being shown. If this truth were shown in Norway hell would break out.

Why is there no Challenge?

The anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli acts have now been going on for many years. Why have they gone largely unnoticed and unchallenged? One major reason is that very little is written by foreigners about Norway. It is a country which is of little interest to the world. It is mentioned mainly in tourist papers or in business news because of its major oil and gas production. It also gets some attention once a year when the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded, in particular when the Nobel committee makes such an absurd decision as it did this year by awarding the prize to Barack Obama.

To put it in some perspective, I would say that there are today more foreign journalists in Israel than there have been in Norway during the thousand years which have elapsed since the Vikings terrorized Europe. The absence of foreign interest combined with a language which few people speak allows for a situation where the anti-Israel hate promotion of the elite is largely unchallenged. It also allows to leave the vague Norwegian myth of the country having a humanitarian policy intact.

Another reason for this situation is that Communism crumbled by itself. It didn’t have to be defeated in a bloody war. This meant that left wing ideas were not disqualified in the same way as those of the Nazis and the fascists. Hard core left wing ideologists and people influenced by their ideas remained in important positions in many European countries.

The Norwegian government is also deadly afraid to offend Muslims. It behaved as real cowards during the Danish cartoon crisis. It tries to please Muslim countries with its criticism of Israel.

Biased Journalists

All these aspects together provide part of the explanation for the obsession of Norway’s arrogant progressive elite with Israel. The Soviet Union was a master of anti-Israeli hate propaganda, and those influenced by it today continue it. Those who write in the Norwegian media are far more left wing than the general Norwegian population.

For instance, a recent study showed that among youngsters studying journalism, 10% support the extreme left Red Electoral Alliance, which didn’t get enough votes in the September 2009 parliamentary elections to obtain even one seat in Parliament. Another study showed that the great majority of journalists vote for the government parties or even more to the left.

As Professor Frank Aarebrot pointed out,a poll in 2005 showed that the close to 70 percent of the journalists supported the three left wing parties: Labor, the left Socialists and the Red Electoral Alliance. The largest opposition party, the Progress Party on the right, had the support of 26% of the population in the elections and only of 2% of the Norwegian journalists.

For the rest of the speech click here

Behind the Humanitarian Mask Reviewed in Israel Affairs Journal…….

It has come to the Tundra Tabloids’ attention that the book ‘Behind the Humanitarian Mask: The Nordic Countries, Israel and the Jews’, (edited by Manfred Gerstenfeld) has been reviewed by Dr. Moshe Yegar, the former Israeli ambassador to Sweden, and published in the esteemed scholarly publication ‘Israeli Affairs Journal’.
Here is a portion of the review which I believe is a fair description of the book, which by the way, almost sold out before it went online to a free pdf download in order to maximize its impact around the world. KGS
A review of the ‘Behind the Humanitarian Mask’:
The Nordic Countries, Israel and the Jews
by Moshe Yegar

The Scandinavian countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark – as well as Finland enjoy a very positive image in the world. Many people are convinced that these democratic countries aim for peace, that their policies are based on justice, concern for human rights and moral humanitarian considerations, and that they help the underprivileged of the world as well as those suffering in regimes of oppression.

Apparently the first person to question this, at least in regard to Sweden, was the British researcher, Professor Roland Huntford, of Cambridge University. In 1972 he published a profound study of the Swedish regime under the Social-Democratic Party, which has ruled the country since the early 1930s till now, with short interruptions. The title of his book, The New Totalitarians, as well as it contents, is very informative.

The name of the book before us now, Behind the Humanitarian Mask, and its content as well, are equally instructive. Its editor Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld is one of the most outstanding experts on Western anti-Semitism today. This is the fourteenth book he has written or edited, either alone or with partners. This time he has concentrated on the three Scandinavian countries and Finland, with an interesting chapter on Iceland.
It is no surprise that this book reveals that Sweden is the Scandinavian country where anti-Semitism is thriving, where there is a scathing and poisonous anti-Israelism and demonization of Israel.

This trend, which has its beginning at the end of the 1960s in the days of the radical Prime Minister Olof Palme, continued into the days of those who followed him and, at times it even intensified. Sweden, a seemingly secular country, has a very active partner in these negative trends – the Lutheran Church. How strange that this church runs the “Swedish Theological Center” in “Beit Tavor” on The Street of the Prophets in Jerusalem, where the study plan, the atmosphere and its leaders are so anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.

Besides the government itself, there are many important groups within the ruling Social-Democratic party, as well as other active Leftists and journalists who are responsible for the anti-Semitic activity and the anti-Israeli demonization propaganda in Sweden. They all hide behind a self-righteous appearance, hypocritical declarations about concern for human rights and anti-Semitic hypocrisy expressed as moral superiority. These trends, sometimes inconsistent, go hand in hand in Sweden as well as in the neighboring countries.

Since outward anti-Semitism is not very fashionable in the world today, since the Nazi regime in Europe, these poisonous ideas are masked as anti-Zionist or anti-Israel, and are much more acceptable today in Leftist circles, as well as in the Right, among the Lutheran clergy, academics and media personalities. All of these have been active in the last generation, together with fundamentalist Muslim clergy within the ever growing Muslim communities, which are strongly involved in promoting Islamic anti-Semitism.

One prominent example of typical hypocritical Swedish policy is its attitude toward the fate of Raoul Wallenberg, the greatest of the righteous Gentiles. As is well known, he was active in Budapest at the end of the Second World War and succeeded in saving many thousands of Jews. With him was a young Swedish diplomat named Per Anger. After the war Anger returned to Stockholm and continued to work in the foreign service until his retirement. He devoted many years to researching the fate of Wallenberg and to attempt to free him from the Soviets.

After he retired, he published a book – a sharp and serious accusation of his government – in which he brought out details and proof that Wallenberg had been knowingly abandoned by the governments of Sweden throughout the years, due to their fear of the Soviets. For many years Sweden did nothing to bring about Wallenberg’s release or to find out what had happened to him. A major role in this was played by the well-known Swedish ambassador Gunnar Jarring, (who is best known in Israel because of his UN peace mission to the Middle East) during his term as Sweden’s ambassador to Moscow. Only around 1990, at the time of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, did Sweden begin to think of Wallenberg as an asset, to memorialize him, to turn him into a national hero and to recognize his work, as if that had been an official Swedish undertaking.

The successive governments of Sweden have contributed their share to the anti-Israel atmosphere by expressing anti-Israeli ideas in various spheres, and by giving money to Palestinian groups, through under-cover organizations and also up-front organizations. Part of this financial aid has been used for anti-Israeli propaganda, and perhaps even worse than that.

Included in the book is a very interesting interview with Zvi Mazel, who was Israel’s ambassador in Stockholm between December 2002 and April 2004. Mazel tells how he found a country whose hate for Israel is nurtured by ruling groups, which has an extremely hostile press, and which tends to preach morality in a superior righteous and boastful tone. He paints a picture which is not known to many. Dr. Mikael Tossavainen, a Swedish historian, publishes a study of Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism in Sweden, including acts of violence against Jews, which have occurred as a result of the large Muslim immigration.

In his article, Professor Gerald Steinberg of Bar-Ilan University tells of the plots of the Swedish Agency for Foreign Aid, a branch of the Swedish Foreign Office, which distributes general financial support to Palestinian organizations which, under the mask of humanitarian aid, is used for anti-Israeli activities. These are official Swedish actions. It is hard to understand how the Government of Israel seems to be totally indifferent to these activities and does not find a way to react. In view of what has been said till now, it is not difficult to understand how Sweden refused to bring Nazi criminals to trial, and even offered them immunity. Among them are Swedes who had volunteered for the SS, just as in Norway and Denmark, and there were many thousands of such volunteers.

The situation is not much different in Norway, another country which enjoys a very positive image in the world, but which also stands out in the level of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism in the country, among the same types of groups as in Sweden, including government ministers, heads of the Lutheran church, trade unions, academics, etc. A particular Norwegian “specialty” is publishing anti-Semitic cartoons in the manner of the Nazi Stürmer. One article in the book deals with this issue.

The radicalization of the extreme anti-Israelism stood out especially during the First Lebanon War (1982-1984), and has continued till now. There was no other country in the West where Israel was attacked – in an anti-Semitic way – so strongly as in Norway and its media. Here too there is a strong connection between extreme Leftist groups and Muslim groups in the distribution of anti-Semitic propaganda material. And to these we can also add neo-Nazi groups and Lutheran clergy.

In Denmark as well there are waves of the “new” anti-Semitism and hatred of Zionism and Israel amongst the same groups, although there it seems to be a bit less malicious. Everyone remembers to compliment the Danes for good work during the Second World War and for their saving 7,000 Jews who were transferred in small boats to the Swedish coast in October 1943.

It is only in the last decade that some very problematic and unpleasant facts hitherto unknown regarding the behaviour of Denmark during that period have come to light, including the degree of its cooperation with the Nazis. Facts about handing Jews over to the Nazis, as well as other unpleasant information about the treatment of Jewish refugees, have been uncovered. This subject is covered in this book in a special article written by two Danish researchers.

Another fact unknown until now is that about 6,000 Danish volunteers fought in SS units and even participated in the murder of Jews in eastern Galicia, together with Norwegian and Swedish volunteers. Since the War the governments of Denmark have done their best to keep this information secret, as well as the story of the cooperation between Danish food industries with contractor companies which worked for the German army, using slave labour and of course benefitting financially.

In another article negative information about the “white buses” affair is brought to light, as the Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte was connected to this. The first to expose this issue was the British historian Hugh Trevor-Roper, who was criticized for publishing his findings, yet he was revealing the truth. The great wonder was how Yad VaShem fell into this Swedish propaganda trap and erected a “white bus” on its premises. The management of Yad VaShem should have known that there are many question marks surrounding this issue.

Little is known about Finland’s behaviour during the Second World War. Finland has won great sympathy in the world, including from Jews, due to the “White War” she fought so valiantly against the Red Army, and because her leader, Marshall Gustaf Emil Mannerheim did not allow the Jewish-Finnish soldiers to be harmed. There were those in his government who wanted to hand them over to the Nazis. But Finland did also give up Jews to the Gestapo, especially Jewish soldiers in the Red Army who were taken prisoner.

In a short essay, Professor Steinberg gives illustrative details of significant current Finnish financial help to Palestinian organizations, supposedly for humanitarian purposes, but actually it goes to less honourable use, especially anti-Israeli propaganda, much like the financial support from Sweden, Norway and Denmark (according to various rumors there are some organizations in Israel generally referred to as the “Peace Camp” which are also benefitting from these funds – a subject worthy of examination).

Norwegian Labor Union LO and It’s Anti-Israel Platform…….

:Humanitarian racism in the raw

Norwegian Labour Union President Roar Flaathen:
I deem Arabs as being unable to be treated as equals

After reading the Norwegian Labour Union’s press statements in the Haaretz article, one could safely conclude that Roar Flaathen truly believes that the Arabs are in fact…children, and therefore unable to be held accountable for their adult actions. It’s a truly bigoted view of the Arab world that is held by these doughy-headed socialists, who most certainly deem the Arabs as inferior to that of people from Westernized developed nations.

I can’t see a clearer example of a Leftist harboring racist views of Arabs, and the punch line is, that he (Flaathen) and other like minded individuals that hail from the Left, will get away with it, because on the surface, such thinking appears to be sympathetic, but in practice, it’s the very same thinking Whites had about Blacks in a segregated South in the US.

Leftists get to practice open racism on a daily basis without ever being taken to task for it, whether it be labour union leaders, politicians, the media or in the academic community. what they are effectively saying is that one shouldn’t hold certain ethnic, racial or religious groups to the very same high moral standards that the West itself adheres to, because they are unable to meet those high standards.

Some would say that such thinking would be akin to treating a human being more like an animal, than as a child, seeing that a child can be to some extent reasoned with. No, these Leftists and others who buy into their racism, would have you believe that ”others” are simply not up to the task in comprehending in the same way, so they have to be treated differently.

The Norwegian LO union is heavily pro-Palestinian, but the Palestinians are not considered their equals, but as just one more group of childish Arabs to patronize under the banner of ”Western aid”, doling out to them assistance like a parent would hand out lunch money or a weekly allowance to a child. KGS

Norway trade union: Boycott Israel if peace process fails

By Haaretz ServiceNorway’s largest labor union urged the Scandinavian country on Saturday to lead an international boycott of Israel if it did not reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, whose members constitute more than a third of the country’s employees, said in a statement that both Israel and the Palestinians deserve to live in peace and security, and as long as this was not achieved, the Israeli government was to be held accountable.

The organization urged Israel to put an end to the “illegal occupation,” respect the 1967 borders, halt the expansion of the settlements and remove the security barrier.

The UN should play a proactive role to this end, and if these efforts fail, the Norwegian government should lead an international campaign against the occupation of the Palestinian territories, the statement further said.

Note: Ironically Israel is one of the few states that actually treats the Arabs as equals, by demanding from them to live up the agreements that they have signed, as well as to answer for the crimes that they commit, instead of like the West that looks between its fingers and then blames others for the actions of their pet cause.

Note: Perhaps the Lefts’ familiar labeling of the Gaza Strip as an open prison or zoo, actually reveals their true feelings and understandings of the Palestinians, who are not actually people, but animals.

H/T: Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld’s Book ‘Humanitarian Mask’ Now Available Free Online…….

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld recently contacted the Tundra Tabloids and asked whether the TT would link to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, where his book is now available to be read for free online. Dr.Gerstenfeld, please consider it done! KGS

Book can be viewed here for free.

NOTE: The TT’s side bar has promoted Dr.Manfred Gerstenfled’s seminal work “Humanitarian Mask” for some time now, it will now be updated with the same link, so feel free to use it at anytime. KGS