The Poles were neck deep in the Holocaust murder industry of the Jews with the German Nazis, saying otherwise is a bastardization of the historical record.

Ironically, Holocaust denial laws and subsequent ”hate speech laws, have led to where we are. Flemming Rose touched on this subject when he addressed the Finnish audience in Helsinki of 2015,

And these laws criminalizing Holocaust denial, they are now being copied and have inspired other kinds of laws in other parts of the world where they do not have the same good intentions.

If you take Eastern Europe, in Eastern Europe the crimes of Communism seem far more present than the Holocaust, so Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and other Eastern European countries, they have passed laws criminalizing denial of the crimes of communism.

If you take the Ukraine, this Spring, passed four new laws, two of them criminalizing insult to the freedom fighters of Ukraine during the 20th century, which in fact also implies two groups that took part in the Holocaust. So when Western historians write critically about these two groups they may risk being arrested when they travel to Kiev.

The most far-reaching law in this respect was passed in Russia last year, and it is interesting that it was passed with the same reference to the Nuremberg trial after the Second World War as all the other anti-Holocaust denial laws in Europe. The Russian law basically says that it is a criminal offense to criticize the actions of the Soviet Union during the Second World War.

The danger in Poland’s frontal attack on its Holocaust history

New legislation threatening prison time for anyone who talks about Poland’s complicity with the Nazi’s is just the latest dark turn in the country

Jan Grabowski

A man walks on the railway tracks in the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau in May 2016. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

A man walks on the railway tracks in the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau in May 2016. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

Last year’s presidential and parliamentary elections in Poland gave power to a right-wing, nationalistic and populist party, called Law and Justice. The ensuing changes on the political scene were nothing short of dramatic—and deeply troubling. Those who thought that the constitution was the supreme law of the land, were in for a nasty surprise: the new Polish government, with the help of the president, immediately started to dismantle and muzzle the Constitutional Court (an equivalent to the Canadian Supreme Court), the only remaining obstacle to its complete control of the state. The court is now paralyzed, and its most important verdicts are simply ignored by the authorities.

Elsewhere, the journalists of the state radio and television have been purged and those less sympathetic to the new regime were fired. Not surprisingly, the European Parliament took a dim view of the dismantling of democracy in one of its member states and repeatedly expressed its deep and growing concern over the situation in Poland.

However, the departure from democratic practices also goes hand in hand with a frontal attack on Polish history. “Who controls the present, controls the past,” wrote George Orwell, and the Polish authorities seem to have taken Orwell’s words to heart.

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Fraud humanitarians….

The de-Judaization of the Holocaust by Trudeau is not unlike the Paleostinians de-Judification (erasing any historical Jewish presence there from time immemorial) of areas under their control.

Here is Dr.Gerstenfeld’s article on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s omission of Jews in his statement on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This first appeared in Algemeiner and republished here with the author’s consent.

NOTE: Think about it, Canada went from one of the most staunch PM supporters of Israel, to this guy being held by the murderous bearded marxist el presidente:

justin trudeau and fidel


Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldThe absence of any mention of Jews in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day has drawn much criticism.1 The omission of Jews in any commemorative statement on the Holocaust and its victims, even if unintended,2 serves as a typical example of a much wider phenomenon – the de-Judaization of the Holocaust.

The Anne Frank story perhaps offers the best-known example of such de-Judaization. When the diary was first published in 1947, several of the initial reviews in Dutch papers did not mention that Anne was Jewish.3 A German edition was published three years later. The foreword, written by the German author Albrecht Goes, also made no mention of Jews, refering to the Jewish People as ‘Israel’ instead.4

Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of the wartime U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wrote the foreword for the first American edition of Anne Frank’s Diary, published in 1952.5 Here too, no mention was made of the terms ‘Jew’ or ‘persecution of Jews.’ American scriptwriters Francis Goodrich and Albert Hackett wrote the first play based on the diary, which was produced in 1955. They pushed the facts to the background that there were Hitler, National Socialism and anti-Semitism as well as that Anne Frank was persecuted as a Jewish girl.6 This play had an important impact on how Anne Frank was perceived, particularly in the United States.

De-Judaization often appears hand-in-hand with universalization of the Holocaust, and Trudeau’s text illustrates this. He stated: “The Holocaust is a stark reminder of the dangers and risks of allowing hate, prejudice, and discrimination to spread unchallenged. It also reminds us that silence must never be an option when humanity is threatened.”7

Louise Arbour, a former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, went even further in her de-judaization of the Holocaust. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day 27 January 2010, she gave a lecture to the Dutch Auschwitz Committee entitled “Auschwitz Never Again.” There she mentioned the words Shoah and Holocaust a number of times yet managed to avoid saying the word ‘Jew.’ Anyone who knew little about the subject would not have learned from her that the Holocaust had involved the mass murder of Jews. Her four year tenure at UNHRC led the UN Watch to conclude that “She failed…to address President Ahmadinejad’s anti-Semitic campaign of Holocaust denial and incitement to genocide.”8

Trudeau’s recent statement was not his first Holocaust-related distortion. Last year, before becoming Prime Minister, he accused then Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper of deliberately spreading fears and prejudice about Muslims. Trudeau drew a parallel between current Canadian attitudes toward Muslims and Canada’s refusal to admit Jewish refugees before the Second World War.

In response to Trudeau’s remarks, Simon Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, called this comparison “inaccurate and inappropriate,” as Canadian restrictions on Jewish immigration in the 1930’s reflected the wide-ranging social and institutional discrimination against Jews in Canada at that time. He stated that in the 1930’s “Jewish Canadians were subject to quotas restricting admission to university programs, as well as outright bans from numerous social clubs and corporations. Signs in public parks went so far as to declare: ‘No dogs or Jews allowed’.” Fogel concluded that although such prejudice still exists in Canada, there is little to compare between the racism and bigotry of 1939 and that of 2015. Trudeau’s spokesman declined to comment on Fogel’s statement.9

In cases of de-Judaization, universalisation and similar Holocaust distortion, individual incidents must be condemned. However, it is also important to identify them as part of a much broader, insidious framework of Holocaust distortion.10

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Chief Rabbi: Prime Minister should Apologize for Dutch Holocaust Complicity

Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, Chief Rabbi of the Dutch provincial rabbinate has called on Prime Minister Mark Rutte to apologize officially for the Netherland’s collaboration with Germany in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust. He added that the country’s neighbors have offered such apologies. About seventy five percent of the 140 000 Jews who lived in the Netherland at the outbreak of the war were murdered in German camps, mainly in Poland.



Fifth column alert.

As Holocaust Siren Blared, Arab Bus Driver Refused to Stop

Passengers complain against the driver, who played Arabic music during Holocaust Remembrance Day siren. 

By Gil Ronen

First Publish: 4/16/2015, 9:06 PM

Jerusalem Egged bus (file)

Passengers who took the Egged Line 101 bus in Jerusalem Thursday morning were treated contemptuously by their driver, an Arab from eastern Jerusalem, who refused to stop the bus in honor of the Holocaust Remembrance Day memorial siren – and insisted on leaving the radio on, as he listened to Arabic music.

The bus was taking the passengers from Har Nof to the Shapirim Parking Lot when the 10 a.m. siren was about to sound, as it does every year on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Instead of stopping the bus and allowing passengers to stand in honor of the millions who were murdered by the Nazis, he drove on.

“When it was 10 and the siren was sounded throughout the land, the driver kept on talking as if nothing had happened,” Aviad – one of the passengers – told Channel 2 Online news. “The passengers asked the driver to stop at the side of the road, but the driver refused. Instead, he played Arabic songs.”

The passengers asked him to at least turn off the music or switch to aradio station that sounded the siren.

“He refused and answered that he would not stop and would not turn off the radio,” Aviad continued. “He said that he wanted to listen to music right now.”

The driver refused to give passengers his personal details. “I am a soldier and this felt very demeaning,” Aviad said. “Even if he is an Arab, he needs to behave differently and be considerate of the passengers. Certainly not to play loud songs and keep driving and say he doesn’t care.”

More here. H/T: Brian of London




By Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldThe widespread anti-Semitism in Europe is coming increasingly in the open. The more it develops, the more Israel is accused by hatemongers or by using double standards against it. For many, Europeans this is a necessity in order to whitewash both the continent’s past and present. For some it serves to specifically cover their ancestors’ crimes.

The classic core theme of anti-Semitism is that Jews embody absolute evil. This extremely false accusation has been propagated intensely for many centuries and has lead to major discrimination, murders, pogroms, and the Holocaust. The notion of what absolute evil is has mutated over the centuries as cultures evolved. In contemporary Western societies, the main perception of absolute evil is behaving like the Nazis, or committing genocide.

The massive presence of anti-Semites in the world leads regularly to accusations that Israel acts toward the Palestinians like the German Nazis and their allies behaved toward the Jews. I have coined for this severely dangerous hate motif the expression Holocaust inversion.1 Far-reaching anti-Israel hate mongering is strongest in many parts of the Arab and Muslim world. However surprising, Holocaust inversion there is often combined with Holocaust denial.2

A number of studies concerning several European countries show that Holocaust inversion is a mainstream phenomenon in the European Union. This has been the case already for many years. Germany is the country where there are most studies available concerning this topic. All these studies demonstrate the presence of large numbers of Holocaust inverters.

A study by the German Social Democratic Friedrich Ebert Foundation published in 2015 found that in September 2014, 27% of Germans agreed with the statement that “What Israel does today toward the Palestinians is no different than what the Nazis did toward the Jews.” A second similar question was also asked – “Do you agree with the statement that Israel conducts a war of extermination against the Palestinians?” About 40% of Germans polled agreed with this statement.3

This year the Bertelsmann foundation published a study which showed that 41% of the Germans polled agreed with the statement that “How the state of Israel behaves today toward the Palestinians is in principle not different from what the Nazis in the Third Reich did with the Jews.” The underlying poll was carried out by TNS in 2013.4

Other earlier studies show that there may be a declining trend of Holocaust inversion, yet the figures remain extremely high. A study published in 2011 by the University of Bielefeld was carried out as well on behalf of the Ebert Foundation. It was undertaken in seven European countries. Researchers polled one thousand people per country over the age of sixteen in fall 2008.

One of the questions asked was whether they agreed with the assertion that Israel is carrying out a war of extermination against the Palestinians. The lowest percentages of those who agreed were in Italy and the Netherlands, with 38% and 39% respectively. Other percentages were: Hungary 41%, United Kingdom 42%, Germany 48%, and Portugal 49%. In Poland the figure was 63%.5

If one extrapolates these figures to the entire European Union one can conclude that out of its 400 million citizens of sixteen years and older 150 million embrace a demonic view of Israel. Those who answered in the affirmative expressed deeply anti-Semitic views.

In the first years of this century the University of Bielefeld undertook a similar study, this one relating to Germany only. More than 2,500 people there were asked whether they agreed with the statement: “What the state of Israel does today to the Palestinians is in principle no different from what the Nazis did to the Jews in the Third Reich.” Fifty-one percent answered in the affirmative. Sixty-eight percent agreed that: “Israel undertakes a war of destruction against the Palestinians.6

A few leading European politicians have compared Israelis to Nazis. One finds senior social democratic politicians among them, such as French President Francois Mitterrand,7 Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme8 and Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou.9

There are many other extreme cases of demonization of Israel in Germany. For example the German Holocaust foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility, Future” (EVZ) is meant to educate about the Holocaust. It has however also used public funds to finance extreme hatred of Israel. It provided more than 20,000 euros for a 2010-2011 student-exchange program. Participants included an East German high school and an Israeli Arab school. Project organizers published a brochure that demonized Israel and compared it to the former communist East German state.

The same agency financed a program for the Anne Frank School in Gutersloh that hosted a Dutch Jewish Holocaust survivor and known anti-Israel hatemonger, Hajo Meyer. There, Meyer equated the suffering of the Palestinians with the persecution and mass murder of Jews in the Holocaust. He also termed Israel a “criminal state.”10 Leon de Winter, a best-selling Jewish Dutch novelist, said that Meyer suffers from extreme “survival guilt.” He added that all Israel-bashing groups love Meyer because of the combination of his being a Jew and a Holocaust survivor.11

There is an additional vile dimension to the European Holocaust inversion, because behavior and ideology similar to that of the Nazis is widespread nowadays. Important movements with ideological genocidal programs similar to those of the Nazis can be found in the Muslim world. They are based on their interpretations of the Koran. Among these Islamo-Nazi movements are Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab as well as others. The word Islamo-Nazism is however rarely used by European politicians and media.

There remains a final question. The Israeli government almost entirely ignores the Holocaust inversion in Europe. I have pointed this it out over the past few years to various high ranking officials. They listen politely but these conversation are never followed up by actions.

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This video taken a couple of years ago, subtitled by Vlad, validates the recent article (below) which reports on Muslim students dissing the Holocaust as a hoax.

Many Muslim pupils resist Holocaust education, Dutch lawmakers hear

March 6, 2015 6:54am

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (JTA) — A number of Dutch schools refrain from teaching about the Holocaust because of resistance from Muslim pupils, teachers told lawmakers.

The centrist Christian Union party held a roundtable discussion about Holocaust education with teachers and other professionals Wednesday in parliament in The Hague, The Algemeen Dagblad daily reported.

“Holocaust survivor Bloeme Evers does not dare give guest lessons in some schools,” Arie Slob, the party’s parliamentary leader and a former history teacher, told the daily , describing the discussion. “I am horrified by this. It is unacceptable that 70 years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism in the Netherlands is growing.”

Among the teachers in attendance was Wissam Feriani, a social studies teacher who works at a vocational high school in Amsterdam where approximately half of the students are Muslim.

“The teacher says Jews, the pupils say Gaza,” said Feriani, who is Muslim. “The teacher says Holocaust, the pupils say it’s all bullshit.” In class, he adds, “It’s always the Jews’ fault. Some pupils say they [Jews] don’t belong. It’s difficult.” There are no available figures on the difficulties examined, the report said.

Separately, Dutch police in the North Holland district are investigating a collector of World War II-era memorabilia who advertised on a Dutch website bars of soap that the seller said were made of human fat that Nazis had extracted from Jews murdered in the Holocaust.
Forensic scientists sent the soap to be tested for human remains, the De Telegraaf daily reported on Wednesday.

More here.


We can’t have a student confronted by a teacher now can we? This is Sweden.

Look at the idiotic statement by the principal, who’s obviously incapable of understanding the fallacy in claiming that the statements of Holocaust denial, and that ”Jews lie”, made in front of the student’s classmates, should have been handled outside the classroom, when in fact it has/needs to be addressed in front of the very students the claims were made.

School principal Lena Stenbäck:“I can’t say that the teacher has done anything wrong – I’m sure he tried his best. But a direct conflict in front of all the other students can so easily get out of hand and our opinion is that it is better to deal with that outside of class.”

“The class was about Auschwitz, so they were supposed to discuss it. If a student denies the Holocaust you should challenge that – it’s part of our mission as a school – but this is a matter of how you challenge it.”

Swedish language class teacher in Holocaust row

Swedish language class teacher in Holocaust row

The former Nazi death camp Auschwitz. Photo: AP Photo/Alik Keplicz

Published: 26 Feb 2015 13:04 GMT+01:00

The teacher claimed one of the students questioned the Holocaust after watching a news segment about the persecution of Jews in an SFI class at adult education centre Kärnan in Helsingborg, newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad has reported.

But the student said he was misunderstood and claims the teacher yelled at him.

The school co-ordinator later criticized the teacher over the incident – which prompted the student to leave the classroom – according to a recorded meeting about the incident quoted by Helsingborgs Dagblad.

“The student talked to me and he said he felt misunderstood and insulted and painted as a Holocaust denier and Nazi,” the co-ordinator is quoted as saying on the recording.

“What he said was to deny the Holocaust,” replied the teacher.

“Yes, but he felt unfairly treated after he had been accused of that.”

“He wasn’t accused. I only told him it is not okay to say that the Jews just lie.”

The co-ordinator went on to later add: “You should remember that what we think of as history is the history we’ve been taught. When we have students who have read other history books there’s no point setting facts against each other.”

School principal Lena Stenbäck told The Local on Thursday morning that she was to meet with the teacher on Tuesday to discuss the incident, which she said had left the student “very upset”.


 Why we must never forget, who remembers the Armenians?

”In Budapest, a man asked Ben Kingsley what they were filming. Kingsley responded “ the Simon Wiesenthal story”. The man said: “Ah, you Jews! It never happened. And if you don’t shut up it will happen again”

Ben Kingsley has a lot to say about Europe and the Holocaust



This is Erdogan’s post-Ataturk Turkish society.


h/t: Ege Berk Korkuk:

Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council fined a Kurdish TV channel for showing the historical Holocaust film “Pianist” today.

Turkish Government’s Radio and Television Supreme Council(RTÜK) considers Pianist as brutal.

RTÜK severe Pianist found

Turkish Government’s Radio and Television Supreme Council(RTÜK) considers Pianist as brutal. The Supreme Council fined Gün TV(a Kurdish TV Channel) for showing the drama film that is telling the story of a Jewish pianist who survived concentration camps. CHP Deputy (from Main Opposition Party) condemned the decision and said this is ridiculous.

More here in Turkish



Of course!

What else would you expect from a bunch of Islamonazis?

Hamas-Fatah nazis


by  16 Apr 2014, 3:09 AM PDT 3POST A COMMENT

A professor who took a group of Palestinian students to Auschwitz has been disowned by his university and branded a ‘traitor’ by those in his community, reports the Daily Mail.

Professor Mohammed Dajani took 27 Palestinian college students to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland in March as part of a project designed to teach empathy and tolerance. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were imprisoned and murdered at the Auschwitz complex during the Holocaust.

Upon his return, his university disowned the trip, his fellow Palestinians branded him a traitor and friends advised an extended vacation abroad until the controversy died down.

Dajani said he expected criticism, though not the level that the trip has received. “I believe a trip like this, for an organized group of Palestinian youth going to visit Auschwitz, is not only rare, but a first,” he said. “I thought there would be some complaints, then it would be forgotten.”

But the trip was explosive news to some, heightened by rumors — untrue — that the trip was paid for by Jewish organizations. It was in fact paid for by the German government, and organized by one of the oldest faculties of Protestant theology in Europe, at the Center for Reconciliation Studies at Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany.

Palestinian critics of the trip included newspaper columnists, TV analysts and fellow researchers in the West Bank, some who labeled the trip “treason.”

It is the semi-official position of the Palestinians, and much of the rest of the Arab world, to deny or downplay the Holocaust and the fate of Jews during World War II. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas even authored a doctoral dissertation denying most Holocaust history, and the subject is largely ignored in Palestinian textbooks.

More here. H/T: EDL Buck



Pure evil.


NOTE: Please keep in mind that the organization, MEMRI, offers valuable information on a regular basis, and that without its services, we wouldn’t know what’s being said throughout the Middle East. If you have a few spare bucks or euros, drop it in their laps to help keep them going.

Also read: Inveterate Shiite Iranian Jew-Hatred (Andy Bostom)

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Denied Holocaust – MEMRI Disproves Iranian FM Zarif’s Claim To ABC That Khamenei’s Statements About Holocaust ‘Myth’ Were ‘A Bad Translation’; Khamenei Also Praised French Holocaust Denier Roger Garaudy

In a September 29, 2013 interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, in which Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was questioned about Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s statements that the Holocaust is a “myth,” Zarif claimed that Khamenei is not a Holocaust denier and that the statements – which can be found in English on his official English-language website – were a “bad translation” and “out of context.” Khamenei had made the statements in a February 2006 speech to Iranian Air Force officers.[1] 

However, a MEMRI investigation reveals that FM Zarif’s claim is false; in Khamenei’s original statements, which can be accessed on Khamenei’s official Persian-language website, Khamenei did indeed call the Holocaust a “myth.”

Furthermore, in mid-December 2013, Khamenei’s office re-released Khamenei’s 1998 statements of praise for the work of the late convicted French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy, on the occasion of the anniversary of Garaudy’s 1998 trial in France.

Zarif: Khamenei’s Persian Statements Were Mistranslated Into English

Asked by Stephanopoulos about Khamenei’s February 7, 2006 statement that the Holocaust is a myth, which appears on Khamenei’s English-language website, Zarif said that in discussions of the Holocaust in Iran, no one refers to it as a myth, and that the statements attributed to Khamenei on the website were an English mistranslation of his statements in Persian. Zarif told Stephanopoulos: “The Holocaust is not a myth. Nobody’s talking about [it as] a myth… “If it’s there [in Khamenei’s website]… it’s a bad translation, and it’s translated out of context… This is the problem when you translate something from Persian to English, you may lose something, as the film goes, ‘Lost in Translation,’ you may lose some of the meaning.”[2]

Khamenei Refers To “The Myth Of The Jewish Slaughter Known As The Holocaust”

Despite Zarif’s claim that Khamenei’s statements had been mistranslated from the Persian, MEMRI found that not only does Khamenei’s original Persian statement appear on his Persian-language website, but that the English version on his English-language website is indeed an accurate translation – he did indeed refer to the “myth of the Jewish slaughter known as the Holocaust” (see Appendix for photo of the Persian statement).

The following is MEMRI’s translation of Khamenei’s statements on February 7, 2006 to Iranian air force officers:

“A more important topic is one that shames Western culture in terms of freedom of speech… This same freedom of speech – which they [i.e. the West] constantly champion – does not permit anyone to question the topic of the myth of the Jewish slaughter known as the Holocaust. On this topic there is no freedom of speech!”

Khamenei Supports Holocaust Denier Roger Garaudy On Facebook, Twitter

On December 16, 2013, Khamenei’s office posted, on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, Khamenei’s Persian-language statements of praise for the late Roger Garaudy, the convicted French Holocaust denier, which Khamenei had made when the two met in 1998. The occasion for the republication of the statements was the anniversary of Garaudy’s 1998 trial; in its release, the office referred to Garaudy as “the Muslim French warrior.”

The post on Khamenei’s Facebook and Twitter. Source: Khamenei.ir Twitter feed.

During his 1998 meeting with Garaudy, Khamenei said: “The struggle with the Zionists and their supporters is a great spiritual and divine duty. Your courage and tirelessness in this struggle are praiseworthy. Iran’s hostility towards the U.S. and Zionism are based on logical principles and Islamic foundations. There is no racial or religious fanaticism here, because if the U.S. was not arrogant and the Zionists had not committed such shameful crimes, we would not have taken such positions against them. We have no prejudices or negative view of the Jews. Jews live peacefully in Islamic Iran. The issue of the Zionists is separate from the issue of the Jews. The Zionists are just like the Nazis, and act in the same racist fashion.”[3]

More here



Gee, I wonder where the boys got that from?

dutch muslims praise hitler and holocaust

Dutch Columnist Exposes Silence after anti-Semitic Muslims Youths Praise the Holocaust and Hitler on TV

Dutch columnist Elma Drayer exposed the fact that there were few reactions to the Turkish youths who praised the murder of Jews in the Holocaust as well as Hitler, on television. She wrote that if some youngster had said on television, “It would be good if all Muslims had been slaughtered, including babies,” that would have raised tremendous protest and even demonstrations in which leading leftists would have participated.

Via: BadNewsFromTheNetherlands 

UPDATE: Vlad now has the video subtitled

NOTE: The video from Dutch TV is here…….:

Dutch teens’ praise of Hitler requires research, Jewish group says

A Dutch Jewish group has called on Holland’s government to probe antisemitism in the country’s high schools following the airing of interviews with immigrant pupils who praised the Holocaust and Jew hatred.

“Antisemitic biases seem much more widespread than earlier presumed among children of immigrant families as well as native Dutch pupils,” the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel, CIDI, wrote to Jet Bussemaker, the country’s minister of education, culture and science. “A national survey is required to study the figures and numbers,” CIDI, a local watchdog on antisemitism, wrote on Feb. 25.

The letter was in reaction to a television program aired last week on the Nederland 2 television channel. In it, Mehmet Sahin, a researcher of Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit, interviews several high school students of Turkish descent.

“The interviewees appear to be partly aware of the Holocaust but approve of the mass murder of Jews,” the Hague-based CIDI wrote.

One of the interviewees said on camera: “I am more than pleased with what Hitler did to the Jews.” Another said: “I hate Jews, period. Nothing you will do will make me change my mind.”



The Jerusalem Center has published Dr.Gerstenfeld’s latest major new essay on the Abuse of Holocaust Memory in 2011-2012. JCPA url link here.

abuse of holocaust memory

The Abuse of Holocaust Memory in 2011-2012

Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, January 27, 2013

No. 117 – On the occasion of International Holocaust Memorial Day

  • The Holocaust has become a symbol of absolute evil in Western society. This has happened gradually over the past decades. Many people increasingly mention and discuss the Holocaust. At the same time, “Holocaust fatigue” is widespread. Many other people do not want to hear anything more about the subject.
  • One can suggest a variety of reasons for the increased interest in the Holocaust, without knowing their relative weight. Memorial meetings, inaugurations of new monuments, and memorial centers play a role. So does additional research and the discovery of new documents. The secularization of European societies creates a greater demand for standards on which people largely agree; the Holocaust fulfills that function in part. It also continues to be seen as a defining moment in European history.
  • Simultaneously with the increasing interest in the Holocaust, the distortion of its history and memory is growing as well. In 2011 and 2012, Holocaust distortion continued. The eight categories of this phenomenon are: Holocaust Promotion and Justification; Denial; Deflection and Whitewashing; De-Judaization; Holocaust Equivalence; Inversion; Trivialization; and Obliterating Holocaust Memory.
  • An important step in fighting the promotion of a new Holocaust would be for the nations of the world to live up to their commitments under the UN Genocide Convention and bring Iranian leaders Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad before an international court. The same should be done with the Hamas organization and its genocide promoters. This could become the beginning of a much wider struggle against Holocaust distortion.

The Holocaust has become a symbol of absolute evil in Western society. This has happened gradually over the past decades. One might have expected that more than sixty-five years after the end of the Second World War, the mention and memory of it would fade away. Indeed, “Holocaust fatigue” is widespread; many people do not want to hear anything more about the subject.

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Dr.Gerstenfeld held this lecture on the 8th of November in Helsinki Finland. The summary of the lecture is republished here with the author’s consent.


Summary of Lecture in Helsinki 8 November 2012 

By Manfred Gerstenfeld

The Holocaust has become a symbol of absolute evil in Western society. This happened gradually over the past decades. It was not the case in say, 1960. Yet one might have expected that with the Second World War more than 65 years behind us, the mention and memory of it would fade away. Indeed, there is in many circles what is termed “Holocaust fatigue.” These people do not want to hear anything anymore about the Holocaust.

At the same time, many others increasingly mention and discuss the Holocaust. It took 60 years until in 2005 the United Nations General Assembly named 27 January as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day, every member state of the UN has an official obligation to honor the victims of the Nazi era and develop educational material about the Holocaust. This year the remembrance of the Holocaust is devoted to children.1

Why this Interest in the Holocaust?

What are the main reasons for this increasing interest in the Holocaust? We can identify some but do not know their relative weight. Memorial celebrations take place every year in many places. There are also new monuments still going up and new memorial centers are being inaugurated. One was at Drancy the major transit camp in France. There 63,000 of the 76,000 deported Jews transited before almost all of them were sent to their deaths. Yet both memorial days pass and monuments disappear from the public eye most of the time.

New historical research is being published about the Holocaust. Additional documents are also discovered. One example among many was that in October 2012, pictures taken by Hitler’s personal photographer Hugo Jaeger, of Polish Jews in the ghetto of Kutno between 1939 and 1940 were released. This was done to mark the official establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto in October 1940.2 Such research and discoveries are mentioned in the media. Thus they also play a role in the increased interest.

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The letter included this piece of Goebbels-like crap:

“it added that they “prove that the Jews were well treated in Germany, fed and lodged with summer camp for the children.”

Historical facts speak otherwise.

Lyon Rabbi sent Holocaust photo threat

Published: 22 Aug 2012 02:39 GMT+1
Updated: 22 Aug 2012 02:39 GMT+1

French anti-terrorist authorities have been alerted after the Chief Rabbi of Lyon was sent a threatening letter accompanied by images of Jewish children being marched to World War II concentration camps.

The Rabbi, Richard Wertenschlag, told AFP on Wednesday he had brought the missive to the attention of the authorities because of its particularly offensive and menacing content.

“One could brush it off as the work of one rogue individual but we have to envisage the worst scenario — prevention is better than a cure,” he said.

In the letter, which was sent to Lyon’s main synagogue on August 10, the author complained: “More and more frequently we are having ideas imposed on us
that have as their goal to apologise for the Jew, the so-called Shoah (holocaust), the evil Palestinians.

“From now on we will punish a Jew … each time that you go on television to complain.”

More here.



No word yet on how Holocaust trivializer Mahmoud Abbas has taken to the news.

Hamas-Affiliated Columnist ‘Issam Shaur: “Who Among Us Believes That Hitler Burned Six Million Jews?”

PA Official’s Auschwitz Visit Evokes Enraged Responses from Hamas

On July 27, 2012, Ziad Al-Bandak, an advisor to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud ‘Abbas on Christian affairs, visited the Auschwitz concentration camp, laying a wreath at the Death Wall and lighting a candle in memory of the Holocaust victims.[1] The visit was at the invitation of a private Polish foundation promoting tolerance. Several days prior to the visit, he met with Polish Undersecretary of State Boguslaw Winid.

Al-Bandak’s act sparked furious responses from Hamas and Hamas supporters. The movement’s spokesman, as well as columnists on websites affiliated with it, stated that the visit served the interests of Israel, which presents itself as a victim by spreading the “lie” of the Holocaust.

The following are excerpts from some of the responses:

Hamas Spokesman Fawzi Barhoum: “The Visit Helped Israel To Spread The Lie Of The Holocaust”

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said: “The visit helped Israel to spread the lie of the Holocaust, and does not serve the Palestinian cause. It has been clearly proven that the Israeli narrative [of the Holocaust] is fraudulent. [The Israelis] exaggerate what happened in order to garner international sympathy, which for years has come at the expense of the Palestinians.”

Barhoum added that the PA was financially bankrupt and was therefore taking small steps of this kind in hopes of extracting itself from the crisis by winning international sympathy. He assessed, however, that the visit would not achieve this, but would only provoke the Palestinian people and thus create a new crisis for the PA.[2]

Ziad Al-Bandak in Auschwitz[3]

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This was published last Friday on Israel National News.

After complaints filed by the Dutch Cyber hate Bureau MDI, the Center for Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI) and the Dutch Jewish Broadcasting Corporation, the Public Prosecutor decided to take De Kreek to court. For the MDI, it is the largest complaint they ever filed since they started operations in 1997. Their dossier on De Kreek contains hundreds of instances of Holocaust denial and antisemitism, of which ‘only’ 87 were filed. Additionally, liberal MP Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert and Arab Culture expert Hans Jansen filed separate complaints for insult and threats, which the prosecutor attached to the case.

De Kreek, convicted only a few months ago because of previous complaints about online antisemitism by MDI and CIDI, seems to be a slow learner.

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