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hamas speedy trials

Western journos are not really journos, but leftist propaganda spewing hacks…….


Terror tunnels were of more importance to the islamonazis than securing fresh water for their people.


Many years ago when I engaged in intellectual discussions with Finnish (supposedly) experts on terrorism concerning Hamas, I soon realized that they were clueless boobs, pursuing policies based upon an ideology instead of sound facts. They were (still are) utterly utopia centred, rejecting human experience (upon which enlightenment philosophy is based).

I remember discussing with an Israeli from the embassy in Helsinki his experiences with Hamas, and trying to relate those experiences with Finnish academics, who simply refused to believe that Islamonazis do in fact believe what they say they believe. There’s a serious disconnect with reality that induces them to believe in fantasies of their own making.

NOTE: The only response I could get from them (Finnish “experts”) concerning the following question:

”How can one expect the Hamas, an organization the owes its existence (and continued credibility) to destroying the Jewish state of Israel, be expected to recognize Israel when in doing so delegitimizes it’s own reason for existing?”

The responses where basically, “we just have to hope that’s not the case.” It was then I realized that these people cannot, nor ever, be taken seriously again.

hamas society


Helping to spread the phoney meme of Islamofauxbia……

Finnish Lutheran church apes islamophobia meme

The relationship between the Finnish Church’s ”Finn Church Aid (KUA)” appears to be extensive, they (Antti Pentikäinen Exec-Direct) arranged a fact finding trip with KUA’s leadership, along with Anas Hajjar (Syrian MB imam spear heading grand mosque drive) and the leading Shiite imam, Abbas Bahmanpour, to CAIR’s facilities earlier this year.

finland muslims travel to Hamas linked cair 2016

Meeting with chief Islamonazi dissembler Nihad Awad….

finland muslims travel to cair 2016 nihad awad

KUA has been courting sharia driven Islamic voices for some time now, as well as sticking it to the pro-Israel Christians within the Lutheran Church, Antti Pentikäinen spear headed a move a few years ago to keep church spaces free from pro-Israel advocates, and going so far as to smear these Christians as having threatened him, though failed to produce one scintilla of evidence.

The Finnish Lutheran Church is up to its neck in Hamas linked Muslim Brotherhood types pushing ”anti-Islamophobia’ memes in political, media and social networks. They have been fully infiltrated by Islamic hardliners using Western norms of tolerance and coexistence in pushing their Islamic/anti-Western sharia driven agendas.

Church publication of islamofobia picture confuses

Picture meme gave birth to angry feedback because it included the CAIR organization logo. According to the FBI CAIR is directly linked to Islamist Hamas.

Juhani Huttunen

The church published on Facebook Wednesday, 101 Reasons to belong to a church -series, a new picture under the title “The medicine for fear.”

The playful picture offers against Islamophobia, an Islamophobia named medicine which, among others, helps “thoughtless bigotry” and “blind intolerance”. Each pack contains a “Warning:. May lead to peaceful co-existence”

– The picture is bubblegum package, which is derived from Finn Church Aid Shoulder to Shoulder division, which aims to promote cooperation and understanding between religious communities, in particular to prevent radicalism, says the Church Council social media team leader Lari Lohikoski .

Islamophobia-gum package is part of the  Council, on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) organization’s (established in 1994) anti-Islamophobia campaign launched last May. The package is clearly labeled with the CAIR logo.

– Finn Church Aid has been involved in the project with the CAIR organization, which is obviously a major player in role of peace outreach. The church and its organizations are already the most important factors in inter-religious dialogue in Finland, says Lohikoski.

White House guest

CAIR on its website declares that “the leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding”, which is responsible for, among other things, to improve information on Islam and encourage dialogue.

Since the September 2001 WTC attack, CAIR was an important cooperation partner with the White House. US Federal Bureau of Investigation also had a long cooperation with CAIR.

The cooperation between CAIR and the FBI, ended however, in 2008, when CAIR in its start-up phase financially assisted the Holy Land Foundation, whose members were sentenced up to 65 years in prison for multiple connections to terrorism, including the financing of the Islamist Hamas.

 CAIR was not  charged in the trial in question, and has not been convicted of a crime. Its work continues as normal.

Hamas cover the organization?

In the autumn of 2015  the FBI’s evidence in the report made public, however, says that CAIR will switch directly to the sponsoring of organizations and Islamist Hamas.

The report shows that CAIR’s founders Nihad Awad , Omar Ahmad and Nabil Sadoun are former Palestine Committee (PALCOM) organization members. PALCOM is according to the FBI, a cover organization for Hamas. According to this report PALCOM held a meeting, stating the need to set up a new support for Hamas organization in 1993. The aim of the meeting was to gain support for Hamas, enabling it to terrorize the Oslo peace talks going on between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation PLO.

The message in the photo relates only to irrational fears, to which the Church and Christianity are the medicine. – Church board’s social media team leader Lari Lohikoski

In 2010, the United States expelled from the country Sadoun who sat on the board of CAIR, because he was considered to be a member of Hamas. The United States does not classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but President Bill Clinton’s administration classified Hamas as part of terrorism in 1995.

– Read more (in Finnish)


Toss away the key……

IDF arrests key Hamas elections official in the West Bank

Palestinian students who support the Hamas movement take part in an election campaign rally for the student council at Birzeit University, near the West Bank city of Ramallah on April 26, 2016 (AFP/Abbas Momani)

Palestinian students who support the Hamas movement take part in an election campaign rally for the student council at Birzeit University, near the West Bank city of Ramallah on April 26, 2016 (AFP/Abbas Momani)

Group accuses Israel of meddling in Palestinian politics; move comes a day after top Gaza official said vote could be postponed

August 17, 2016, 10:26 am
Security forces arrested a top West Bank Hamas official overnight Tuesday, drawing accusations from the Gaza-based terror group that Israel is meddling in the upcoming Palestinian municipal elections.

Abu Kweik is Hamas’s main West Bank campaigner in the elections, which are slated for October 8. Last week, he was appointed Hamas’s only representative to the PA’s central elections commission, which is overseeing the elections.

He was arrested in a joint operation by the IDF and Shin Bet “for his involvement in security-related activities that presented a threat to security in the area,” the Shin Bet said.

Specifically, Abu Kweik is suspected of “incitement,” the security service said. However, additional allegations may be brought against the senior Hamas official following his interrogation, it added.

In recent days Abu Kweik has boasted that his group is the “spearhead of the resistance” against Israel, Israel Radio reported.


Stop filling up their overseas bank accounts…..

hananiyeh wheelbarrow of cash

UN Special Envoy Calls for Gaza Aid Cutoff as Long as Hamas Is in Power

AUGUST 16, 2016 5:23 AM 0 COMMENTS

A special envoy to the United Nations (UN) wants international humanitarian organizations to cease aid transfers to Gaza, “as long as Hamas is in control.”

Recent reports have detailed how Hamas is diverting millions of dollars intended for Gaza’s civilians in order to rebuild the organization’s terrorist capabilities.

“The enemy of the people of Gaza is Hamas, not Israel. Hamas has hijacked the coastal strip and rules over its people with an iron fist,” UN Special Envoy Laurie Cardoza-Moore said last Thursday. “For decades, the leadership of Hamas has robbed its people of aid money…The time has come to halt all aid money into the Gaza Strip as long as Hamas is in control.”

Cardoza-Moore’s strong message came shortly after a Gaza-based UN employee was indicted for laundering charitable donations to improve Hamas’ naval capabilities. Earlier this month, Israel’s Shin Bet domestic security service reported that Hamas funnelled tens of millions of dollars from World Vision, a US-based international charity.

The terrorist group reportedly siphoned 60 percent of the charity’s resources in Gaza to reconstruct Hamas’ tunnel network and military installations, in addition to purchasing weapons intended to kill Israelis. This translated to roughly $7.2 million each year.

More here.


The UN and other aid groups should pull out of Gaza or shamed for staying there.

Israel Arrests Second Gaza Aid Official Moonlighting for Hamas

By: JNi.Media

Wahid Abdullah Borsch / Source: Shabak
Wahid Abdullah Borsch / Source: Shabak

Wahid Abdullah Borsch, 38, from Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip, was arrested in July on suspicion of using his employment by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to carry out missions for Hamas. UNDP carries out housing and development projects for the Gaza population, including renovating homes damaged in the military conflicts with Israel.

The Southern District Prosecutor has indicted Wahid Borsch in Beer Sheva District Court for assisting the Hamas organization.

According to Shabak, Borsch has worked for UNDP since 2003, and his responsibility included demolishing damaged homes and removing rubbish from the area. In his interrogation Borsch revealed that in 2014 he had been directed by a senior Hamas official to focus on his work at UNDP in ways that benefit Hamas. These benefits included diverting UNDP resources to building a clandestine marina in the northern Gaza Strip in 2015, to be used by the Hamas military arm.

Borsch also confessed to influencing his superiors at UNDP to prioritize the rehabilitation in areas where Hamas seniors lived — following instructions he had received from Hamas.

Borsch told his interrogators about several cases in which Hamas openly and brutally usurped the UNDP activities to its needs. For instance, whenever a UNDP rehabilitation project exposed military equipment or tunnel openings in the homes being renovated, Hamas would take over the site and collect the loot — in violation of the clear protocol requiring a report to the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), which is in charge of removing and destroying illegal military equipment.

Borsch revealed the names of several Hamas agents who have penetrated humanitarian aid organizations in Gaza, as well as information regarding storage facilities, bunkers and tunnels appropriated by Hamas.

More here.


The stench reeks to high heaven……

world vision

World Vision NGO, accused of losing millions to Hamas, is Clinton Foundation partner

World Vision NGO, accused of losing millions to Hamas, is Clinton Foundation partner

Hot-racking with all the best bedfellows.

The news broke last week: an investigation by Israel’s Shin Bet found that the Gaza organization of World Vision, the globe’s largest Christian NGO, had been thoroughly infiltrated by Hamas for a number of years.  Since 2005, Muhammad El-Halabi, the operations manager of World Vision in Gaza, had funneled more than $7 million per year from the charity to the terrorist group – and not to the nominally political government of Gaza, but to Hamas’s so-called “militant wing,” which conducts the terrorist operations.

El-Halabi, a Hamas operative from before his employment with World Vision, was detained by Israel in June 2016.  World Vision protested his detention, and expressed unreserved support for him at the time.

An entrenched systemic vulnerability

Shin Bet has stressed that World Vision was unaware of what was going on.  But its dossier makes clear that El-Halabi’s purpose with World Vision was to infiltrate and take advantage of the aid organization.

During subsequent interrogation, Shin Bet learned that he had been recruited by Hamas’s armed wing in 2004, and received a “very focused mission, to penetrate an international aid organization and exploit its resources.”

Money stolen from World Vision was also used to build a military base in Gaza, and to pay the salaries of Izzadin Kassam Brigade “military” wing members.

Hamas used the millions to purchase what items needed to build and maintain its military facilities and tunnels, such as metal, fences, covers for greenhouses, and pipes, according to the investigation.

Jewish Press has a more comprehensive summary of the breadth and scope of El-Halabi’s misuse of World Vision resources – which included exploiting their aid transportation network to move military supplies for Hamas.

[T]he humanitarian aid donated for the residents of the Gaza Strip was in actual fact given almost exclusively to Hamas terrorists and their families. Non-Hamas members almost never received any benefit from the aid,

More here.


Eh, yeah, riiiiight…..

There can be no surprise when they’re dealing with an authoritarian /Islamonazi regime, were everyone serves the status quo or else.

UPDATE: Israellycool has a run in with World Vision over logo use. Brian of London’s initial post is here.

The part blotted out is this.

World Vision contacted my web host with a DMCA takedown notice on the basis of this violating their intellectual property rights, specifically the text and logo. I would argue the use of the logo and motto falls under “fair use”.

Be that as it may, it just goes to show you that World Vision can show they mean business when they want to – like against blogs highlighting the very serious allegations against their Gaza employee.

World Vision ‘shocked’ by allegations its Gaza operative funneled money to Hamas

Palestinian Mohammad El Halabi, front, a manager of operations in the Gaza Strip for U.S.-based Christian charity World Vision, is seen before a hearing at the Beersheba district court in southern Israel on Aug. 4, 2016. Halabi is accused by Israel of funneling millions of dollars in aid money to Hamas in Gaza, a charge denied by the Islamist militant group. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Dudu Grunshpan *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-WORLDVISION-HAMAS, originally transmitted on Aug. 4, 2016.

Palestinian Mohammad El Halabi, front, a manager of operations in the Gaza Strip for U.S.-based Christian charity World Vision, is seen before a hearing at the Beersheba district court in southern Israel on Aug. 4, 2016. Halabi is accused by Israel of funneling millions of dollars in aid money to Hamas in Gaza, a charge denied by the Islamist militant group. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Dudu Grunshpan *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-WORLDVISION-HAMAS, originally transmitted on Aug. 4, 2016.

JERUSALEM (RNS) World Vision, one of the world’s largest Christian humanitarian aid organizations, said it has “no reason … at this time” to believe that its operations manager in Gaza funneled tens of millions of dollars in donations to Hamas’ military wing, as Israeli security officials claimed.

The organization said in a statement Thursday (Aug. 4) it was “shocked” to learn that the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security service, had charged Mohammad El Halabi with providing support to Hamas.

The Shin Bet said in a statement that during interrogations over the past six weeks Halabi admitted to being a Hamas activist and using his position “to divert the humanitarian organization’s funds and resources from the needy to benefit of Hamas’s terrorist and military activities.”

More here.


Wilful stooges or in the tank with Islamonazis…..

UPDATE: I called the Finnish branch of World Vision, speaking with one of their staff, she thanked me for the info and admitted that she hadn’t any knowledge of the arrest and the charges. Finland’s branch of World Vision doesn’t send any aid money to Gaza.

hananiyeh wheelbarrow of cash

Gee…..what would Jesus say?

NOTE: The war against the Jews could not exist without the help of the West.

Hamas took over international aid group to funnel millions to military wing, Shin Bet says

Top official in Christian aid group World Vision charged with funneling funds to Hamas’ military wing.

Gili Cohen

The Hamas Islamist organization, which controls the Gaza Strip, has allegedly infiltrated the international Christian-sponsored aid group World Vision, which provides services in the strip, and has used it to funnel tens of millions of dollars to Hamas’ military wing, Israel’s Shin Bet security service has reported.

Following the lifting of a gag order, it can be reported that in June, the Shin Bet arrested the director of World Vision’s Gaza branch at the Erez crossing point while he was en route from Israel to Gaza. The director, Mohammad el- Halabi, is suspected of carrying out a number of security offenses, with the Shin Bet contending that he directed World Vision funds to Hamas’ military wing for use in part to dig military-related tunnels and to purchase weapons.

Aid groups urge world to push for end of Gaza blockade.

Hamas: Quartet demands acceptance of two-state solution
A sum of $80,000 from British donors that had been contributed to assist needy families, the unemployed and in support of various projects in the Gaza Strip were used to build a Hamas position in the Gaza town of Beit Hanun, to pay Hamas activists’ salaries as bonus payments to Hamas members who had fought Israel during the 2014 war, the Shin Bet said.

Halabi’s actions were allegedly taken with the knowledge of other World Vision employees and sometimes with their involvement, the Shin Bet asserts, but were hidden from World Vision’s top officials. About a month ago, after an order was issued extending Halabi’s detention, World Vision issued a statement saying that the group was were seeking his release. The group said Halabi was a reliable colleague for a period of a decade who had always worked hard and professionally.

For its part, the Shin Bet contends that about 60 percent of the funds from World Vision’s Gaza operations were diverted to Hamas. Under Shin Bet interrogation, Halabi is said to have provided considerable information about the methods used to transfer the funds. He would allegedly invite a fictitious public bidding process in which the funds would actually be sent directly to Hamas. The Islamic group’s members would purportedly be recorded as farmers entitled to assistance and their children would allegedly be recorded as having disabilities so that they would also qualify for assistance.

Some of World Vision’s own funds were said to have been transferred to Hamas to building military positions and to finance tunnel digging, through the purchase of excavation equipment, iron, piping and building materials.

More here. H/T: Dr.Brian of London


And the progs who say that they care for the Arabs in Gaza couldn’t care less……

Islamonazi Hamas tunnel

Israel: Hamas stealing 95% of civilian cement transferred into Gaza

Hamas is syphoning off 95 percent of the cement transferred into the Gaza Strip intended to rebuild homes, so that it can use it for military purposes, Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold said on Tuesday.

“From our own investigations we found that out of every 100 sacks of cement that come into the Gaza strip [from Israel], only five or six are transferred to civilians,” Gold said as he addressed the UN World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

“A hundred sacks is what is necessary to rebuild a home, the rest are confiscated by Hamas and used for military purposes,” he added.

He spoke about Israel’s extensive role in providing humanitarian aid, noting that the task is made complicated when those on the receiving end are also at war with his country, as is the case with Hamas.

Cement, along with commercial goods and humanitarian assistance, enter Gaza through two Israeli controlled crossings.

Hamas is “cynically exploiting” Israel’s help, so that it can “rebuild its military capacity,” Gold told summit attendees.

More here. H/T: Chanah


If this took place during the earlier half of the last century, the Islamonazis of Gaza and elsewhere, would be decimated.

IAF thumbs up

IAF strikes Hamas targets after rockets launched into Israel

gaza rockets

Rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, July 13, 2014. (photo credit:JACK GUEZ / AFP)

In response to rocket fire launched towards Israel late Wednesday night, the Israeli Air Force attacked two locations that were part of Hamas’ terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF spokesperson released a statement in which they promised to continue to work in order to maintain quiet in the Gaza border communities in Israel.

The rockets launched from the Gaza Slanded inside Israeli territory on Wednesday night.

The rockets landed in open territory and no red alert siren was sounded.

There were no reports of injuries or damage in the incident.

Wednesday night’s rocket fire came after a flare up of violence on the Gaza border earlier this month which saw Hamas operatives target Israeli soldiers in several mortar attacks, followed by Israeli reprisals with tank fire and air strikes.

More here.


Oh, the Left will feign mental discomfort but then rally around the Islamonazis nonetheless…..

hamas speedy trials

hamas speedy trials 2

NOTE: A.I. has long known about how the Paleostinians treat themselves, they are forced to recognize it every now and then, but use a moral equivalence with Israel while doing so.

Hamas executed Palestinian ‘collaborators’ with AK-47s in front of hundreds of spectators including children for ‘assisting Israel’ during last Gaza conflict, reveals Amnesty International 

Unlawful: Relatives were confronted with the bodies of loved ones riddled with bullets

Torture: There were also a number of reports of torture, including this man, named only as M.S., who was burned with acid and violently beaten in order to illicit a confession

Unlawful: Relatives were confronted with the bodies of loved ones riddled with bullets (left), while others returned home after being tortured like this man, right, who was burned with acid and violently beaten

  • Shocking 44-page report reveals torture, unlawful killings and abductions
  • Men awaiting sentencing and appeals were ‘executed’ during 2014 conflict
  • Families were not told of executions until after their loved ones had died
  • Survivors describe torture with acid and beatings to get them to confess

Islamist terror group Hamas publicly executed six men using AK-47s outside a mosque in front of hundreds of spectators including children, a report will reveal today.

Hamas, the largest of several Palestinian military Islamist groups, announced the men were ‘collaborators’ who had been sentenced to death in ‘revolutionary courts’.

The hooded men were dragged along the floor to kneel by a wall facing the crowd, then each man was shot in the head individually before being sprayed with bullets fired from an AK-47.

Shocking: The conflict between Israel and Gaza lasted for just over six weeks last summer, during which time a number of 'collaborators' were executed unlawfully, according to Amnesty International

Shocking: The conflict between Israel and Gaza lasted for just over six weeks last summer, during which time a number of ‘collaborators’ were executed unlawfully, according to Amnesty International

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Director Philip Luther said: ‘These spine-chilling actions, some of which amount to war crimes, were designed to exact revenge and spread fear across the Gaza strip.’

Hamas abducted, tortured and unlawfully killed dozens of Palestinians accused of ‘collaborating’ with Israel during last year’s Gaza conflict, the report claims.

Read more: 


Hamas attack tunnel discovered in Israel

Less than 2 years after Operation Protective Edge, the IDF, using advanced technology, discovered the tunnel in the Eshkol regional council area; it was meant for an attack by Hamas’s elite ‘nokhba’ unit.

Yoav Zitun
Published:  04.18.16, 10:29 / Israel News

 Nearly two years since the end of Operation Protective Edge, IDF forces, with the aid of advanced technology, managed to locate a Hamas attack tunnel crossing the border fence into Israel and dug by most estimates after the last round of fighting, it was cleared for publication

The shaft was discovered in Israeli territory, a few dozen meters from the fence bordering the central Gaza Strip, in the Eshkol regional council, but not very close to nearby communities. According to the security establishment’s estimates, the tunnel is designated for a strategic attack by dozens of Hamas fighters of their elite unit – “Nukhba”.



All that aid money going towards all the traditional areas of Islamonazi importance.

empty pockets Hananiyeh

Report: Hamas taps over 1,000 terror operatives to dig Gaza tunnels

Hamas tunnelsHamas terror operatives in Gaza tunnel. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Hamas employs over 1,000 operatives to excavate underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio reported Thursday.

According to the report, the terrorist organization invests hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in the digging activities, paying each operative engaged in the process some 300 to 400 dollars a month.

Hamas also heavily invests in smuggling building materials, including raw materials and excavation machinery from Egypt and Israel.

To prepare for a possible future incursion with Israel, the Palestinian terrorist organization’s elite ‘Nukhbah’ unit carries out drills practicing different scenarios simulating offenses in the tunnels near the border fence with Israel. Several of the members of the unit have been killed in recent months in tunnel collapses in the coastal Palestinian enclave, according to the Israel Radio report.

The report cited Israeli officials as saying that the funds Hamas uses to invest in rebuilding its network of underground passageways could instead be used to construct full neighborhoods in the Strip.

More here.

Fatah and Hamas and their wheelbarrows of cash


You simply can’t square that circle.

Being reminded, that his own islamonazi’s charter calls for the complete destruction and eradication of the Jewish ”entity” commonly referred to as Israel.

hamas society

NOTE: They (Hamas) are not for war, anymore than German National Socialism in the 30’s was not for war. All that is needed is to succumb to every single one of their demands.

Hamas chief: Palestinians don’t seek war, but will fight to end occupation

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal speaks during a news conference in Doha, Qatar

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal speaks during a news conference in Doha, Qatar. (photo credit:REUTERS)

A top Hamas leader told French television on Tuesday that while the Palestinian Islamist group “is not aiming for war,” it will continue to “fight for freedom out of a desire to rid [our nation] of the occupation.”

Khaled Mashaal, the political bureau chief of the organization ruling the Gaza Strip, was quoted as saying that the current wave of Palestinian violence against Israel – which he termed “an intifada” – comprised “defensive resistance” in light of “Israeli aggression.”

“The situation in Gaza has become tense at times,” Mashaal said. “We are not aiming for war, but we are a nation that is fighting for its freedom and wants to be rid of the occupation.”

The Hamas leader spoke shortly before a Gazan rocket exploded in an uninhabited area of the Sha’ar Hanegev regional council on Monday night. The rocket did not trigger warning sirens as its trajectory took it to an open area, security sources said.

More here.