How much do you want to bet they won’t be ripping out theirs?

This glo-bull warming crap brings out the looniest verbiage from all the  usual suspects, who can be counted on not to lead by example. Then again, the Swedes are on the other side of crazy and he very well could lead by example. Lunatics.

NOTE: I’m just waiting to hear the Finnish government to talk smack about Finland’s sauna culture, the need to roll it back in order to help save the polar bears (that are in no need of saving).

Swedish king calls for ban on bathtubs

Swedish king calls for ban on bathtubs

Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden believes that baths are “not wise”. Photo: Swedish Royal Court/Erika Nicol

Published: 21 Nov 2015 15:22 GMT+01:00

“All bathtubs should be banned. Just imagine it!”, he exclaimed in an interview published in the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper on Saturday.
Carl XVI Gustaf said that the idea had come to him the day before the interview, as he was going through his morning routine and was forced to run a bath, because the room in which he was staying lacked a shower.
“It took a lot of fresh water and energy,” he said. “It struck me so clearly: it’s not wise that I have to do this. I really felt ashamed then, I really did.”
Later in the interview, he cautioned that the suggestion was a little “lighthearted”.
“But there is a truth there,” he maintained. “Those small details have an enormous effect.”


 But first, Henrik Svensmark’s documentary on climate change and cosmic rays. (IMPORTANT)

But that’s not the only cooling effect of a solar minimum. A dim sun doesn’t deflect cosmic rays away from Earth as efficiently as a bright sun. So, when these rays enter our atmosphere, they seed clouds, which in turn cool our planet even more and increase precipitation in the form of rain, snow and hail.

Cold sun rising

New studies flip climate-change notions upside down

The sun will go into “hibernation” mode around 2030, and it has already started to get sleepy. At the Royal Astronomical Society’s annual meeting in July, Professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University in the UK confirmed it – the sun will begin its Maunder Minimum (Grand Solar Minimum) in 15 years. Other scientists had suggested years ago that this change was imminent, but Zharkova’s model is said to have near-perfect accuracy.

So what is a “solar minimum”?

Our sun doesn’t maintain a constant intensity. Instead, it cycles in spans of approximately 11 years. When it’s at its maximum, it has the highest number of sunspots on its surface in that particular cycle. When it’s at its minimum, it has almost none. When there are more sunspots, the sun is brighter. When there are fewer, the sun radiates less heat toward Earth.

But that’s not the only cooling effect of a solar minimum. A dim sun doesn’t deflect cosmic rays away from Earth as efficiently as a bright sun. So, when these rays enter our atmosphere, they seed clouds, which in turn cool our planet even more and increase precipitation in the form of rain, snow and hail.

But that’s not the only cooling effect of a solar minimum. A dim sun doesn’t deflect cosmic rays away from Earth as efficiently as a bright sun. So, when these rays enter our atmosphere, they seed clouds, which in turn cool our planet even more and increase precipitation in the form of rain, snow and hail.


Scientists at the Climate and Environmental Physics and Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Berne in Switzerland have recently backed up theories that support the sun’s importance in determining the climate on Earth. A paper published last year by the American Meteorological Society contradicts claims by IPCC scientists that the sun couldn’t be responsible for major shifts in climate. Judith Curry, chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, rejected IPCC assertions that solar variations don’t matter. Among the many studies and authorities she cited was the National Research Council’s recent report “The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth’s Climate”.

Other researchers and organisations are also predicting global cooling – the Russian Academy of Science, the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Scientists, the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism Russia, Victor Manuel Velesco Herrera at the National University of Mexico, the Bulgarian Institute of Astronomy, Dr Tim Patterson at Carleton University in Canada, Drs Lin Zhen at Nanjing University in China, just to name a few.


The fraud of pseudo science based climate change laid naked to the bare eye.

Wealth distribution scheming socialists, and crony big business in bed with big statist government are the big money behind this fraud “science”, and people need to wake up to that fact, and reject their rhetoric and demagoguery.

Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet greater than losses, NASA study reports

October 31, 2015 by Maria-José Viñas
NASA study: Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet greater than losses
A new NASA study says that Antarctica is overall accumulating ice. Still, areas of the continent, like the Antarctic Peninsula photographed above, have increased their mass loss in the last decades. Credit: NASA’s Operation IceBridge

A new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is currently adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers.

The research challenges the conclusions of other studies, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 2013 report, which says that Antarctica is overall losing land ice.

According to the new analysis of satellite data, the Antarctic ice sheet showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001. That net gain slowed to 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.

“We’re essentially in agreement with other studies that show an increase in ice discharge in the Antarctic Peninsula and the Thwaites and Pine Island region of West Antarctica,” said Jay Zwally, a glaciologist with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and lead author of the study, which was published on Oct. 30 in the Journal of Glaciology. “Our main disagreement is for East Antarctica and the interior of West Antarctica – there, we see an ice gain that exceeds the losses in the other areas.” Zwally added that his team “measured small height changes over large areas, as well as the large changes observed over smaller areas.”

Scientists calculate how much the ice sheet is growing or shrinking from the changes in surface height that are measured by the satellite altimeters. In locations where the amount of new snowfall accumulating on an ice sheet is not equal to the ice flow downward and outward to the ocean, the surface height changes and the ice-sheet mass grows or shrinks.

But it might only take a few decades for Antarctica’s growth to reverse, according to Zwally. “If the losses of the Antarctic Peninsula and parts of West Antarctica continue to increase at the same rate they’ve been increasing for the last two decades, the losses will catch up with the long-term gain in East Antarctica in 20 or 30 years—I don’t think there will be enough snowfall increase to offset these losses.”

Read more at:

And there’s more!

Arctic snow not darkening due to soot, dust, study finds

October 31, 2015
Arctic snow not darkening due to soot, dust, Dartmouth-led study finds
Dartmouth Adjunct Assistant Professor Chris Polashenski and his colleagues found that degrading satellite sensors, not soot or dust, are responsible for the apparent decline in reflectivity of Arctic snow. Credit: Chris Polashenski

For millennia, Greenland’s ice sheet reflected sunlight back into space, but satellite measurements in recent years suggest the bright surface is darkening, causing solar heat to be absorbed and surface melting to accelerate. Some studies suggest this “dirty ice” or “dark snow” is caused by fallout from fossil fuel pollution and forest fires.

But a new Dartmouth-led study shows that degrading satellite sensors, not soot or dust, are responsible for the apparent decline in of inland across northern Greenland. The study’s results suggest the ice sheet hasn’t lost as much reflectivity as previously thought, and that black carbon and dust concentrations haven’t increased significantly and are thus not responsible for darkening on the upper ice sheet.

The findings, which contradict anecdotal observations and earlier scientific studies, appear in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. A PDF of the study is available on request.

Observations suggest the Greenland Ice Sheet’s albedo – or its ability to reflect the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere—has declined considerably since 2001 due to black carbon and dust from increased industrialization and across the northern hemisphere. The apparent decline is greatest around the ice sheet’s edges, but it also is occurring in the high elevation interior known as the dry snow zone, where the reflectivity is effectively reset each winter by new snowfall.

Two properties dominate reflectivity in dry snow – the size of snow grains, which become larger and more absorbent as they melt, and the presence of dark impurities that absorb the sun’s energy, predominantly black carbon and mineral dust, which also cause the snow to melt faster. Snow high on the Greenland Ice Sheet typically has black carbon concentrations too low to significantly affect its reflectivity, but in 2012 large wildfires in Canada and Siberia and favorable winds may have combined to trigger record surface melting of the ice sheet that year.

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How about they start first and stop exhaling CO2?

No mention by these red hats about the imorality of stealing wealth and illegally distributing it to those who did nothing to earn it, the cronyism such a mandate creates in which welfare business types get sweet deals to pad their books from public taxpayer money and the total fraud of the entire glo-bull warming cottage industry.

NOTE: Antarctic ice increasing from year to year

Image of antarctic sea ice

Global bishops call for ‘complete decarbonisation’ by 2050

Bishops launched a global appeal Monday for a break-through at upcoming Paris climate talks, including a “complete decarbonisation” of the world’s economy and more help for poor countries battling the effects of climate change.

The bishops said any agreement “should limit global temperature increases to avoid catastrophic climatic impacts, especially on the most vulnerable communities”.

From across five continents they called “not only for ‘drastic reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic gasses’, but also for ending the fossil fuel era”.

The goal should be “complete decarbonisation by mid-century, in order to protect frontline communities suffering from the impacts of climate change, such as those in the Pacific Islands and in coastal regions”.

The November 30-December 11 conference in Paris will be the culmination of six years of work since the ill-fated 2009 Copenhagen climate summit, which failed to lock down significant agreements.

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Lord Monckton Dissects the Great Wind Power Fraud



Lord Christopher Monckton has been giving the global warming catastrophe-cult grief for years, with a mix of our good friends ‘logic’ and ‘reason’; and a side helping of facts and numbers.

Now, his Lordship turns fire on the wind industry’s claims about ‘saving’ the planet in this fact-packed video dissection of the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time (click on the image below, and click again on the video play button, after that).


Leftards and Mustards unite.


If there were any fence sitters out there on the merits of so called “climate change”, this ought to push them into being against the fraud glo-bull warming nut-jobs. Nothing brings clarity than a bunch of tards trying to convert you to both islam and moonbat environmentalism in the same event.


LONDON, United Kingdom – Hundreds of Muslims flocked to Parliament Square today under the guise of acting against climate change. The demonstration saw a speech by an Imam, about how Muslims have a duty to try to “make Britain a better place”. 

Breitbart London was on the scene to witness Friday afternoon prayers in what was a clearly male-female segregated meeting in a public space.

One woman told Breitbart London how she was told by one of the male attendees that despite being a Christian that she was in fact a Muslim, but “hadn’t realised it yet”. He said “we are all born Muslims” and repeatedly referred to her as “sister”.

Muslim Climate Action describes itself as “a group of UK Muslim organisations concerned about climate change.”

More here



Something of which you’ll never find happening in the halls of Finnish government, because the fraudulent “science” has been accepted by these feckless wonders because they have a penchant for following political consensus no matter where it leads.

NOTE: The much ballyhooed “97% of world’s scientists support glo-bull warming findings” mantra has been debunked on countless of occasions. Too bad cruz didn’t knock this doofus of his perch in attacking that meme as well.

H/T: Bonnie Miller Barber


Groan inducing.

Obama uses normal retreating of glaciers as proof of global warming, though far more glacier melt occurred in the 19th century. To be fair, Soini is behaving as all FM’s do in the presence of the reps of a major superpower, and as Finland’s acting FM, he has to tow the government line, but it’s grating to see him really buy into the nonsense nonetheless.glacierbaymap_thumb

”I have been asked to check the rate of retreat in the 1940’s, compared to since. USGS give these figures: 1941-50 = 3km, 1950-2004 = 4km”

Soini met with Foreign Minister Kerry – climate conference ended with hopeful spirit of Alaska

Minister for Foreign Affairs Timo Soini thanked the US commitment to fight against climate change in the Arctic region. “Good conference the comradery was strong,” Soini assessed the meeting. Soini met with Secretary of State John Kerry and was greeted by President Barack Obama.

Timo Soini and John Kerry
Finland will continue after the US with the Arctic Council Presidency. The topic was also addressed in the meeting by Foreign Ministers of Soini and Kerry. Photo: Sanna Kangasharju / UM


Now is the time to invest!

Foreign Minister Soini thanked US commitment. According to him, in the early stages of the climate meetings of about twenty years ago, investment was at  a much lower level.

– But now, yes it’s time for investment, and everything reflects that major investment during the US presidency, Soini said. -Here Secretary of State Kerry has heralded in a big conference, and then President Obama came here to talk about it.

– And in that we have a great opportunity to continue, Soini estimates about Finland’s upcoming chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

More here.



And the rich get richer (crony politicians and welfare big business).


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” Upton Sinclair.

The global climate change industry is worth an annual $1.5 trillion, according to Climate Change Business Journal. That’s the equivalent of $4 billion a day spent on vital stuff like carbon trading, biofuels, and wind turbines. Or — as Jo Nova notes — it’s the same amount the world spends every year on online shopping.

But there’s a subtle difference between these two industries — the global warming one and the online shopping one. Can you guess what it is?

Well, it’s like this. When you go to, say, Charles Tyrwhitt to buy a nice, smart shirt, or Amazon to buy the box set of Game of Thrones, or Krazykrazysextoy.com to replace your girlfriend’s worn out rabbit, no one is holding a gun to your head. You are buying these things of your own free volition either for yourself or for someone you love. You have paid for them, out of your own money, because you have made the calculation that they will make your life that little bit better. Better than it would, say, if you’d kept the money in your bank account or spent it on something less desirable — a novelty dog poo ornament, say, or a handknitted sweater with Jimmy Savile’s face on it and “I HEART paedos” picked out in gold lamé lettering.

When, on the other hand, you buy stuff from the climate change industry, you have no choice in the matter whatsoever. It’s already priced into your taxes, your electricity bills, the cost of your petrol, the cost of your airfare, the cost of every product you buy and every service you use. It is utterly inescapable, this expenditure. Yet unlike your online shopping — which, remember, costs roughly the same as you spend each year on the climate change industry — you get precisely nothing in return.

No, it’s worse than that. You get less than nothing. You get stuff forced on you that you really don’t want: bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes looming on your horizon, keeping you awake, trashing  your property values; fields of solar panels where they used to grow wheat or you used to walk your dog; prissy missives from your local council expecting you to be grateful for the fact that now you’ve got to separate your trash into seven different recycling bags rather than the previous five, and that they’re only going to collect your rubbish once a fortnight instead of once a week; teachers filling your kids’ heads with junk science propaganda; free parking slots for electric cars you don’t own but which you subsidise for richer friends who do; feel-bad nature documentaries about how it’s all your fault that this stuff “may” soon disappear; energy-saving lightbulbs that take your nocturnal home back to the kind of sepulchral gloom Western civilisation thought it had bade farewell to in the 1890s; the Prius, the car which recalls the style and comfort of the cars the fall of the Berlin Wall was supposed to have ended; yawning gaps where used to grow the woods which have been chopped down and chipped to create biomass for burning in power stations which used to run more cheaply and efficiently on coal…

More here.


And the global warming alarmists who are busy with stamping out carbon footprints, are clearly not interested.

Is a mini ICE AGE on the way? Scientists warn the sun will ‘go to sleep’ in 2030 and could cause temperatures to plummet

A silent sun: In 2011 this image was captured showing an almost clear sun - which experts say could happen for almost a decade from 2030.

A silent sun: In 2011 this image was captured showing an almost clear sun – which experts say could happen for almost a decade from 2030.

  • New study claims to have cracked predicting solar cycles 
  • Says that between 2030 and 2040 solar cycles will cancel each other out
  • Could lead to ‘Maunder minimum’ effect that saw River Thames freeze over 

The Earth could be headed for a ‘mini ice age’ researchers have warned.

A new study claims to have cracked predicting solar cycles – and says that between 2020 and 2030 solar cycles will cancel each other out.

This, they say, will lead to a phenomenon known as the ‘Maunder minimum’ – which has previously been known as a mini ice age when it hit between 1646 and 1715, even causing London’s River Thames to freeze over.

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Coldest start to summer in Finland in half a century and yet the state (public funded) news agency/broadcaster plows ahead with the following story on the very same front page in today’s news:

Finns warned: Expect to pay more for potatoes this summer

The coldest start to the summer in half a century has delayed the onset of the new potato harvest, meaning that the beloved home-grown staple will prove costlier for shoppers, and less profitable for farmers.

uusi peruna
Running one or two weeks late this year Image: Klaudia Käkelä / Yle

As if the chilly midsummer conditions weren’t enough to contend with, Finns are now also facing higher prices for their beloved home-grown new potatoes this summer, thanks to a bad growing season.

Growers say the cold, damp start to the summer, which has been the coolest in half a century, has delayed the potato harvest this year. Both too much rain or too little can cause problems for the crop.

“We’re a week or two late with the new potatoes. By midsummer we’d only harvested a small amount so the cost of Finnish-grown potatoes will stay high,” says Eino Heinola from the Finnish agricultural organisation ProAgria.

“We can now expect the harvest to reach its peak by the end of July or start of April,” he adds.

More here at YLE


A real lefty loon.


From The Guardian:

Pope Francis will this week call for changes in lifestyles and energy consumption to avert the “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem” before the end of this century, according to a leaked draft of a papal encyclical. In a document released by an Italian magazine on Monday, the pontiff will warn that failure to act would have “grave consequences for all of us”.

Francis also called for a new global political authority tasked with “tackling … the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions”. His appeal echoed that of his predecessor, pope Benedict XVI, who in a 2009 encyclical proposed a kind of super-UN to deal with the world’s economic problems and injustices.

More here.


Eh, the MSM’s memory hole is a deep one.


The degenerate left-wing liars in the mainstream media, specifically ABC News here, predicted in 2008 that by 2015 New York City would be underwater.

Gas over $9 a gallon? A carton of milk costs almost $13? Welcome to June 12,  2015. Or at least that was the wildly-inaccurate version of 2015 predicted by ABC News exactly seven years ago. … As one expert warns that in 2015 the sea level will rise quickly, a visual shows New York City being engulfed by water.

NewsBusters helpfully points out that none of these painfully-obvious media lies proved correct. As I write this in the middle of June during the Year of Our Lord 2015, milk is $3.39 a gallon, and just down the road a piece, gas is $2.69 a gallon.

After flashing a “Welcome to 2015″ graphic, Good Morning America (video here) also predicted “flames cover hundreds of square miles” and “more intense hurricanes.”

In case you haven’t noticed, Manhattan is not underwater, flames are not covering anything, and there are actually fewer intense hurricanes.

More here.



The debunking process is always slower than the blow-hards.

al gore-fire

I happen to have a brilliant friend and colleague who has a Ph.D in computer data base modelling, who says that ALL global warming computer generated models are skewed science, the complexities involved are so vast, and the systems currently being used so lacking, that they should never be trusted in any findings that they come up with. That is the fact of the matter.

Did exaggerated records make global warming look worse? Scientists to investigate whether ‘adjusted’ temperatures skewed data 

  • Climate sceptic group Global Warming Policy Foundation launch inquiry
  • Panel drawn from leading universities includes experts with differing views
  • Will look at whether ‘adjustments’ made to records cancel each other out 
  • Says it hopes people from all areas of climate change will help the panel 

An international panel of scientists will today launch a major inquiry to discover whether official world temperature records have exaggerated the extent of global warming.

The panel, convened by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), the ‘climate sceptic’ think-tank led by the former Tory Chancellor Lord Lawson, will focus on thousands of ‘adjustments’ that have been made to temperature records kept at individual weather stations around the world.

Sceptics have argued that the effect of such adjustments – made when instruments are replaced or recalibrated, or heat-producing buildings are erected close to weather station sites – has skewed the records.

Sceptics: The panel will look at whether 'adjustments' made to temperature records around the world have made climate change appear worse - or whether they actually manage to cancel each other out

Sceptics: The panel will look at whether ‘adjustments’ made to temperature records around the world have made climate change appear worse – or whether they actually manage to cancel each other out

The panel will also examine ‘extrapolations’ – when the records include virtual figures from places where there is no actual measuring station, instead basing them on the figures of other stations in the same region. In some areas, such as the Arctic, these may be hundreds of miles away. Sceptics claim that the effect of the adjustments is usually to revise temperatures from decades ago downwards, and to increase recent readings, so that the warming trend of the past 150 years looks larger than it really is.

The panel has been drawn from leading universities around the world, and includes scientists with widely differing views on climate change.

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Busy pushing as much crap as he can before his term ends.

Obama dark-clouds white house

Obama delivers remarks on climate change at Everglades National Park, Florida


Obama delivers remarks on climate change at Everglades National Park, Florida

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on climate change at Everglades National Park, Florida April 22, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst


Alternative headline: Finnish iron triangle* successfully indoctrinates the nation on Glo-Bull warming.

But here’s a classic example of disconnect, 80% of Finns believe that ‘climate change’ is real and man made, but:

The Climate Barometer 2015 survey shows that Finns are aware of the causes and effects of climate change and that they believe the primary cause of climate change is greenhouse gases arising from human activities. However, approximately half of the respondents felt that the scientific community does not fully agree on the cause of global warming.

So at least 30% of those Finns responding who are certain that glo-bull warming is a real man made phenomenon, admit that scientific community itself is still uncertain about the cause(s) of the so called phenomenon. Most importantly of all, the overwhelming majority are unwilling to change their own lifestyles to compliment their (non-factual) deep seated views.

Climate change a worry, but has hardly changed lifestyles

Most Finns see climate change as a major threat, but not many have changed their own lifestyles to help combat it.

Savua sekä höyryä nousee kivihiilivoimalan jäähdytyslaitteista Neurathissa, lähellä Saksan Kölniä.A new survey of attitudes on climate change shows that the majority of Finns agree that Finland should reduce its emissions regardless of what other countries are doing. Image: Henning Kaiser / EPA

Most Finns consider it important for Finland to be a pioneer in the adoption of emission reduction technologies. They also wish decision-makers would adopt more active climate policies and companies would develop new solutions for mitigating climate change.

According to the newly-released Climate Barometer 2015 survey, carried out by TNS Gallup and commissioned by the state administration’s Steering Group for Climate Communications, almost a third of respondents said that they plan to vote for a candidate in this week’s elections who has pledged to actively work to mitigate climate change. The survey was conducted to examine public views on climate change and climate policy before the general election.

The vast majority also considers it important for Finland to be a pioneer in the adoption of emission reduction technologies and believe that developing new expertise and technical solutions can improve Finland’s competitiveness and create new jobs.

Most respondents would also like Finland to increase the use of renewable energy, such as solar power, wind power and biofuels, even at the cost of making energy more expensive.

Backing for new global agreement

Over 80% of the respondents agreed that international negotiations should swiftly lead to a new global agreement on climate change for reducing global emissions.

According to Finns, the most important decisions affecting climate change are made by large developing countries, such as China and India, and by the United States, while the importance of the measures and policies of the EU and Finland itself are considered to be significantly lower. The actions of major international businesses are also considered important by most Finns.

Just under half of the respondents are of the opinion that richer countries, such as Finland, should support developing countries and the poorest ones in adapting to climate change. Approximately half of the respondents supported the notion of focusing Finland’s development aid increasingly towards climate change mitigation and adaption.

Few personal lifestyle changes

The Climate Barometer 2015 survey shows that Finns are aware of the causes and effects of climate change and that they believe the primary cause of climate change is greenhouse gases arising from human activities. However, approximately half of the respondents felt that the scientific community does not fully agree on the cause of global warming.

A clear majority is of the opinion that climate change is one of the largest global threats and that its effects can already be seen in different parts of the world. However, few Finns have changed their own behaviour in order to mitigate climate change.

This survey found that two-thirds of the respondents felt that the statement “I have changed my modes of transport, eating habits or housing solutions in order to mitigate climate change” described them poorly or rather poorly. Only just over one-third consider climate impacts when deciding on purchases.

On the other hand, the respondents felt that there is a great need for new low-emission services. Over 80% considered them to be very or rather important in solving the problem of climate change.

A total of 1,005 people aged 15–74 from different parts of Finland, excluding the Åland Islands, participated in the survey. TNS Gallup collected the survey material during a forum respondent panel held on 5–14 March 2015. Yle

NOTE: *Iron triangle refers to the Political ruling elite, the media and the academy.


More waste of public taxpayers money by these post-enlightenment, faux-science buffoons.


Dutch government taken to court over climate change

  • 18:11 14 April 2015 by Catherine Brahic

If governments won’t do it on their own, can courts force their hand? That’s the hope of a Dutch environmental group called Urgenda, which this week presented a class action suit over climate change.

Urgenda is suing the Dutch government on behalf of some 900 citizens, including children. The suit claims that the government’s action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is insufficient, and is therefore “knowingly exposing its own citizens to dangerous situations”.

The group is asking that the courts “declare that global warming of more than 2 °C will lead to a violation of fundamental human rights worldwide”. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, governments must cut emissions to between 25 and 40 per cent below 1990 levels by 2020 to have a 50 per cent chance of avoiding 2 °C. Yet European Union states have signed up for 40 per cent cuts by 2030.

More here.


Alternative headline: ”Majority of Finnish politicians more interested in chasing rainbows than improving the standard of living”.

The Regressives: No-growth, post-enlightenment throwbacks.

This is the product of intense indoctrination, crony capitalism and consensus driven politics. We’ve never had a real debate here in Finland on ”Glo-bull Shwarming, the iron triangle (political status quo, media and academia) has been hand feeding the public this bull crap over the past few decades. Hey, hardly anyone I bump into these days realizes that the climate hasn’t warmed in the past 18 years, and ruling (self anointed) elite couldn’t be happier.

Majority of parliamentary candidates rate climate change above competitiveness

Over 58 percent of parliamentary candidates running in the general election say that mitigating climate change should take priority over improving Finland’s competitiveness. The Greens Party and the Left Alliance are most willing for the environment to play a larger role in policymaking, while National Coalition Party and Finns Party candidates would give prevalence to improving Finland’s industrial might on the global market.

Aurinko paistaa kirkkaalta taivaalta.
Candidates were asked which is more important – climate change or competition? Image: Kalevi Rytkölä / Yle

Economic woes are less of an immediate concern than climate change for the majority of parliamentary candidates running in the upcoming election, according to their reponses to Yle’s election engine. This may come as a surprise to some, given the difficult economic climate in which this year’s vote is taking place.

Yle’s election engine asked candidates to respond to the statement: Climate change mitigation should be prioritised over competitiveness of industry.

A total of 1,859 candidates answered the question, with more than 58 percent completely or somewhat agreeing with the statement. A little over 38 per cent of candidates completely or somewhat disagreed while three percent chose not to answer.

In line with expectations, Greens candidates were the most ardently behind the cause of climate change mitigation. Some 96 percent of them were in favor of placing climate change ahead of increasing competitiveness in terms of policy priorities. Only five from 200 ranked competitiveness of industry as more important than climate protection.

The Left Alliance candidates proved the second most likely to stress the importance of combating climate change, with 84 percent answering in line with the majority of their Green counterparts. However, some stressed that the two issues go hand-in-hand, stating that competitive labour laws that keep industry in Finland also prevent it from moving to less environmentally conscientious locations.

Finns Party prioritises competitiveness, Centre Party split down the middle

The Left Alliance’s view was almost exactly opposite that of the Finns Party, some 85% of whose candidates were fully or partially in disagreement with the statement. However, some 14 percent bucked the trend, saying that, of the two issues, they would in fact be prepared to put climate change foremost on the agenda.

This means that the Finns Party contains some 30 members who could be inclined to take a more active stance on climate change mitigation.

One of them is Lohja-based lawyer Piritta Poikonen, who takes a similar view to some Left Alliance representatives.

“I think that climate change is a serious threat to the future of the world,” says Poikonen. “If you do not take it seriously now, competitiveness may be shattered in the long run anyway.”

However, overall the Finns Party were ultimately more likely to stress competitiveness over environmental concerns than rivals from the National Coalition and Centre Party.

The Centre Party candidates were the most divided on the issue – 46 percent would place emphasis on climate change while 49 percent would stress competitiveness, with 5 percent abstaining.


Future generations will look back at this one and scratch their heads.


Thomas Kuhn, in his classic book on the structure of scientific revolutions, points out how difficult scientific paradigms are to shift. He suggests they become even more so when there is a moral element involved.

I will suggest that projected catastrophic man-made climate change is less a scientific theory with a moral element than a moral crusade that has recruited a scientific theory.

The great global warming fandango is – at root — the latest example of politically expedient demonization of the capitalist system. First let me provide some background on how I came to this issue, and pay tribute to a very important academic advisor to the GWPF: David Henderson.

Two of David’s works — his Reith lectures, Innocence and Design, and his book, The Role of Business in the Modern World – were both inspirational for my own recent book: Why We Bite the Invisible Hand.

More here.