Here’s the full report on Muslim sex grooming/rape gangs in the UK (h/t GOV) , “Easy Meat”: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery , below is an article by Gavin Boby highlighting it.

Comprehensive Report on the Grooming Gangs

By  • on March 4, 2014

Please click the image below for a link to the comprehensive report on the grooming gangs: ‘“Easy Meat” – Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery


The report examines in detail:

  • What these gangs  do
  • The chronology of the problem
  • Institutional failure and the abuse of the narrative of racism
  • The Islamic cultural background
  • The scale of the problem

It establishes that 20 years ago child-care professionals dealing with the victims made recommendations which could have protected the schoolgirl victims, but these steps have never been implemented.

The report is definitive – there is no analysis of this problem of this quality anywhere.

It goes into substantial detail, but anyone interested in the subject will find their time is well invested.

We are very grateful to Peter McLoughlin for the hundreds of hours he has devoted to this work. His selfless dedication is reflected in the quality of the research and writing.

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H/T: Gates of Vienna

Baron Bodissey: Mr. Boby has launched an initiative called “Never Shall Be Slaves” that aims to help victims of Muslim sex-slavery gangs to sue the authorities for negligence:

The aim is to force Councils and Police Authorities to pay. This will lead negligent Council Officers and Police chiefs to get demoted and sidelined, and investigation of these crimes to be taken seriously. And force them to move from turning a blind eye, to actively investigating for such crimes.

This in turn should lead them to detect more of them, which will put further pressure on them to pursue such cases harder, and so on.



This is what happens when government’s control free speech.

pamela geller ontario JDl event

Over at Blazing Cat Fur:

“In an unprecedented move clamping down on free speech, Toronto police have threatened a rabbi that if he allows a speech to be given in his synagogue by a well-known anti-Islamist activist, he will lose his job as a chaplain with the force.

Inspector Ricky Veerappan, who is (ironically) from the police force’s “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau” confirmed that he and other officers from the hate crime division met with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan of the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue in the Toronto suburb of Thornhill. Kaplan had rented out space in his synagogue as a venue for a speech to be given by Pamela Geller.”

Oh but the story gets more interesting, Salim Mansur (to his credit) gets involved. Here’s a video of Mansur’s letter to York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe telling of his opposition to the pressure exerted on the Rabbi to cancel the event.

But this is the very same Muslim who was emphatically opposed to Gavin Boby being given a venue to speak in Canada, stating:

Salim Mansur2

Another person in this anti-Islamist struggle is Gavin Boby, a British lawyer, and his Law and Freedom Foundation. Boby’s organization is linked to the EDL and it goes about encouraging communities stop mosque construction by using existing zoning laws in municipalities across Britain. He will be in Canada for a speaking tour in early February.

On the surface, the efforts of these anti-Islamist organizations appear courageous, even noble. But they end up ironically supporting the Islamist view there is no Islam other than what Islamists insist it is.

When anti-Islamist Muslims are denied the space and legitimacy to oppose Islamism then the inescapable paradox is that non-Muslim opponents of Islamists have conceded the Islamist propaganda that Islamists are Islam’s only legitimate representatives. It then becomes easier for mainstream politicians and their allies in the West to appease and accommodate Islamists as once their predecessors sought to placate Communists.

This misrepresentation of Gavin Boby’s views and services, as well as the true nature of the problem facing us, Islam 101 (and the real purposes behind a mosque), is all the more reason why people such as Gavin Boby and Pamela Geller be given platforms to express their views, and let the tough questions by the media and vigorous debate within the public square of society be enough to settle people’s minds on these issues, one way or the other. Sam Solomon, once a well respected authority in the Muslim world on sharia:

All mosques are modeled on the model of Mohamed’s first mosque.



One neighborhood at a time.

Gavin publicity shot 1 Ottawa

Saving the Neighborhood

February 15, 2013 By David Solway Comments (3)

Recently, British lawyer and “mosque-buster” Gavin Boby visited Canada to deliver a series of lectures on the problem of Muslim infiltration and occupation of municipal neighborhoods. The strategy of de facto Muslim annexation of city districts has worked brilliantly on the European continent and in England, a harbinger of what may well be in store for cities and towns in Canada and the U.S.—see for example Dearborn, Michigan and now Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where the Koran and the Sunnah form the basis of religious education being offered at the new mosque there. The process generally begins, Boby says, with the construction of a mosque or community center, followed by the gradual transformation of the area into an Islamic enclave in which the original inhabitants find themselves increasingly harassed and intimidated, unable to live their everyday lives and, in many cases, ultimately forced to leave their homes.

In London (and other English cities), these districts will often morph into no-go zones, mini Islamic republics governed by Sharia law, where even the police enter only at their peril. The streets are patrolled by gangs of vigilantes, burning posters they find offensive, threatening passers-by for being inappropriately dressed, attacking gay men, and abusing, raping and “grooming” young non-Muslim girls. On the mainland the problem is far worse, with entire self-ghettoized neighborhoods, like the quasi-arrondissements ringing Paris, that resemble military garrisons and that frequently erupt into frenzies of uncontrolled violence.

Boby’s message is simple and straightforward. As a lawyer who works in the field of zoning by-laws, he believes neighborhoods have the right to maintain existing zoning legislation and to resist city-council changes to the law which would facilitate the building of mosques. Boby does not believe in banning all mosques wholesale, but in looking at proposals to build mosques on a case by case basis. There are just too many violent, Sharia-ruled, Muslim palatinates spreading throughout Europe, from Malmo to Paris and Marseilles to Amsterdam to Luton and Manchester and so on and on.

More here.


H/T of course: The Vladmeister:

This is the first part of Gavin’s speech. The file sizes are large and it takes a long time to export the video due to the plug-ins I used to try and compensate for the attrocious lighting at the Ottawa Public Library. I would like to thank my friend very much who filmed it however, and his crew and I will try and edit the rest and have it uploaded within the next 48 hours.



Because it is!


CAIR-CAN’s opposition to ‘mosquebuster’ speech still smacks of indirect intimidation

February 4, 2013. 2:35 pm • Section: Opinion

I’m sure everyone knows the old saying, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Well, the sentiment might make a worthy motto for the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) in its attempts to stymie those who question extremist Islam.

CAIR-CAN, it appears, would like Canadians to believe it has discovered the virtues of tolerance, inclusiveness, diversity and, most marvelous of all, freedom of thought and speech. Nonetheless, the organization wanted the Ottawa Public Library to cancel a Monday night speech by British “mosquebuster” Gavin Boby, the founder of group devoted to “resisting the tide of Islam” in the United Kingdom. Boby uses legal processes and municipal bylaws to help Britons who don’t want mosques built in their neighbourhoods. He’s apparently been quite successful.

Naturally, CAIR-CAN objects to such ideas. What’s interesting, though, is how the organization presents its opposition. To be sure, it still tosses around words and phrases meant to shut down debate or intimidate those who challenge it; you know, words such as “Islamophobic” and “anti-Muslim hate-monger.” But in this particular case it is also casting itself in a politically correct mode.

CAIR-CAN says it recognizes Boby’s right to speak his mind, but is only opposed to his using a public, taxpayer-supported venue to give his speech.

“What we take issue with is the fact that he’s being afforded a subsidized venue as a soapbox for his message,” said CAIR-CAN executive director Ihsaan Gardee. “Canadian Muslims shouldn’t be asked to help foot the bill for somebody who is sending a message that basically denigrates them.

“We would be taking this exact same position if it was somebody coming to speak about preventing synagogues or gurdwaras being built.”

That’s rich. Such obfuscation. Such hypocrisy. Non-Muslim pay taxes, too. What if they want to hear the mosquebuster speech? CAIR-CAN doesn’t seem to recognize that free speech applies to all regardless of their taxing demographic.

More here. H/T: Henrik R.Clausen




First the news report from the CBC.

NOTE: Blogwrath has a complete rundown on the speaking events. I met Gavin Boby in Brussels last year, and found him to be very much up to the task at hand. He loves a challenge, and the more they push against him, the more he enjoys the legal fight.

Here is the interview from Sun News



The Law and Freedom Foundation has an amazing success record in stopping mosques, planned for construction, that upsets the natural order of the area designated for their construction, from ever being built. Gavin Boby himself, is an amazing man as well, and the people of Britain are extremely fortunate to have him as one of their own. From a recent info email:

How We Win

by Gavin Boby

Gavin_BobyWe’ve won 16 out of 17 mosque cases that we’ve fought — a 94.11% success rate. That could be beginner’s luck, right? Maybe we just keep stumbling on four-leafed clovers. So I thought I’d drill down into one of our recent wins where the evidence is online. Please see the Brent case, here, our last win but one. Our brief write up is here.

We hit the ground with this application on 20th October 2012. Please see the Council’s comments page, here: 298 comments in total, and all but 10 of them were objections. Pretty strongly worded, too.

You’ll see that this application was registered on 14th September, and had only got 2 comments by 20th October, when we got involved. But the reaction was immediate. See the objections from 20th October onwards. This is how we won.

When the refusal notice came through, the refusal reasons (see here) were very similar to the objections we suggested local people might like to use in their letters (see here).

The reason I’m going on about this is to show that:

  • You have to get ordinary local people to register their objections with the Council;
  • Ordinary people don’t want a mosque near them, and are keen to register their objections if they know (a) how and where, (b) that it isn’t a stitch-up, and (c) the they can win;
  • If you help people in this way, Councils have to take notice, and you will win.
  • Other than that, let Councils know that they’re on the hook for their decisions. Be relentless. Push.