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All we have to do now is to ensure another Democrat loser doesn’t get into the White House to muck things up.

US armoured fighting vehicles to join Finnish war games

The United States plans to send armoured vehicles as well as fighter jets to take part in joint manoeuvres with the Finnish Defence Forces in May.

Yhdysvaltalainen panssarivaunuosasto ajaa tietä pitkin.
US Stryker armoured fighting vehicles in Poland in February 2015 Image: Maecin Bielecki / EPA

The dust had hardly settled from last week’s surprise announcement that American fighter jets will take part in military exercises in Finland this spring when Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö said on Thursday that the US will also be sending armoured fighting vehicles to take part in the manoeuvres.

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, minister Niinistö of the Finns Party said that “just under 20” US Stryker armoured fighting vehicles will participate in Arrow exercises in May.

“$1bn to spend”

He said he did not know if there had ever been such an extensive US participation in a military exercise in Finland, which is not a member of NATO although it takes part in its Partnership for Peace. The Finnish Defence Forces have bought a number of US Hornet fighter jets since 1992.

“This US activity comes about because the US [military] has received about a billion dollars to spend on exercises in Europe. So the US is seeking exercise opportunities on a broad front,” Jussi Niinistö said on Thursday.

“Finland has now been able to take advantage of this increased US activity in a way that will develop Finland’s defence capabilities,” he added.

A week earlier, defence officials announced that the Oregon Air National Guard will bring six to eight F-15C fighters with 70 to 100 personnel to Karelia Air Command in Siilinjärvi, near Kuopio. There are also plans for a landing exercise on the southernmost Hanko Peninsula, which holds a strategic position in the Baltic Sea.

Kanerva: MPs should be told ASAP

Both the news of the arrival of the US jets and the armoured vehicles came as surprises to most of the members of the parliamentary Defence Committee, although they had been approved by the government and president in November.

Its chair, Ilkka Kanerva, called on Thursday for a reconsideration of the rules of the game on such announcements. He told Yle the committee should be informed as soon as the Council of State makes such decisions – rather than nearly three months later as in these latest cases.

Kanerva is a former foreign minister from the conservative National Coalition Party, one of the three government partners.

Sources Yle



You can’t hope to hold back the Russian bear with the limp wristed.

Growing number of Finnish reservists request civilian service

More reservists have asked to be transferred to civilian service already this year than in all of last year in Finland. The military’s Civilian Service Centre is worried about being able to train and pay the accelerating number of new civilian service reservists on its current budget.

Kadetti ampuu rynnäkkökiväärillä Taipalsaaren ampuma-alueella.
Conscripts fire assault rifles at the Taipalsaari firing range. Image: Yle

Finland’s defence is based on a policy of universal male conscription, under which all men above 18 years of age serve for 165, 255 or 347 days in the military. After they have served their compulsory service, conscripts continue their military service obligation in the reserves, and refresher courses are held to maintain and supplement training. By law, every male Finnish citizen is liable for military service starting from the beginning of the year in which he turns 18 years old until the end of the year in which he turns 60.

Alternative civilian service is a form of national service performed in lieu of conscription for various reasons, such as conscientious objection, inadequate health, or political reasons. Civilian service is usually performed in the service of non-profit governmental bodies or other institutions, for example, in healthcare facilities, retirement homes or pre-schools.

From January to May 2015, 300 men who have completed their compulsory service in the military have requested to be transferred to civilian services as a reservist. This number corresponds to the total amount of conscripts who made this choice in 2014. In 2013, 200 men made a similar decision.

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Now you know how it feels for Israel to defend itself from the craziest pseudo journalism pieces, and on a regular basis.

That said, here’s a major facepalm for you. Newsweek relied on as a source for the story, Jon Hellevig, a Russiophile and pal of Finnish nut-job, Johan Bäckman.

Johan Bäckman: ”My good friend Jon Hellevig and Vladimir Zhirinovski strengthen Finnish and Russian relations today in Moscow.”

bäckman hellvig

Great going Newsweek!

Defence Forces respond to Newsweek: “Reservist letter not connected to prevailing security situation”

US news magazine Newsweek published an article Friday afternoon featuring the headline “Finnish military preparing 900,000 reservists for ‘crisis situation’”. The communications staff of the Finnish Defence Forces rushed set the record straight on Saturday, saying that the campaign to send a letter out to all of Finland’s reservists was two years in the making, and therefore has nothing to do with the security situation in the country at present.

Kuvakaappaus -sivustolta.
The source of consternation. Image: Newsweek

The Finnish Defence Forces have responded to an article appearing in the US news magazine Newsweek Friday May 1 about the wide-ranging campaign currently being enacted to contact thousands of Finland’s reservists. The Newsweek report claimed that the Finnish military is preparing its almost one million reservists for a crisis, linking the move to, among other things, last week’s underwater sighting of an unidentified vessel off the Finnish coast.


Several factual errors”

Kalliomaa says the Newsweek article also contained several factual errors, such as the number of professional soldiers working in the Finnish military. The magazine declares there are 16,000 people serving in the Finnish army as full-time professionals, when the actual number of peacetime military personnel is closer to 12,300, with half of the positions held by soldiers and the other comprised of civilian positions.

“Our system is based on a conscription army. In other words, a peacetime configuration maintains our readiness, and should the situation require, a field army would then acquire more operatives, as well as personnel with key competencies,” Kalliomaa explains.

Newsweek notes that in the event of mobilisation, Finland could call on its former conscripts to fight; bringing its military might during wartime up to 230,000.

Newsweek also put the cart before the horse in its reporting of the Finnish parliamentary elections, saying that the Centre Party and the Finns Party had both already been elected to government, when in fact coalition negotiations are underway and the parties to be included in the Centre Party-led cabinet will not be announced until May 6 or 7.

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That’s the way to do it.

Finland fires warning shots at ‘foreign submarine’ near Helsinki

Incident comes amid growing military tensions with neighbouring Russia, months after Sweden mounts unsuccessful hunt for suspected Russian submarine in its waters

HelsinkiThe navy said it noticed an underwater target on Monday and again on Tuesday morning and fired some warning charges - the size of grenades

Helsinki: the navy said it noticed an underwater target on Monday and again on Tuesday morning and fired some warning charges – the size of grenades Photo: Alamy

Finland has fired warning shots at a suspected foreign submarine off the coast of Helsinki in the early hours of Tuesday morning, amid growing military tensions with neighbouring Russia.

Carl Haglund, Finland’s defence minister, did not say whether Russia was involved, but the incident was reminiscent of in its waters last October that many thought to be Russian.

Mr Haglund told Finnish media that the target has likely left the area, adding that Finland has rarely used such warning charges.

“We strongly suspect that there has been underwater activity that does not belong there. Of course it is always serious if our territorial waters have been violated,” Mr Haglund told Finnish news agency STT.

“The bombs are not intended to damage the target, the purpose is to let the target know that it has been noticed,” Commodore Olavi Jantunen told Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

The navy said it noticed an underwater target on Monday and again on Tuesday morning and dropped depth charges the size of grenades.

“During surveillance of [Finland’s] territorial integrity, the navy detected a possible underwater object at midday (0900 GMT) on April 27, 2015, within Finland’s territorial waters close to the border outside Helsinki,” the defence ministry said in a statement.

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They’re such liars.

eu commission lap dog stubb

The state of Finland belongs lock stock and barrel to the EU, and Finnish PM Alexander Stubb wants it that way.

Stubb and Tuomioja rush to reassure after Russian statement: “Nothing to worry about”

Finland’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister were quick to assure residents of Finland Sunday night after a web post from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying it is “concerned” about Finland and Sweden’s closer cooperation with NATO. PM Alexander Stubb said Finns should not let the “sabre-rattling” of the Russian Foreign Ministry startle them, while FM Erkki Tuomioja said he would not call Russia a threat. Both emphasise that Finland makes its own sovereign foreign and security policy decisions.

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NOTE: If you cannot control your own borders and currency, you’re not a sovereign nation. That goes for the US as well, which seems intent on destroying itself by flooding its borders with illegal aliens from Mexico and beyond.



The hacks at YLE  use the adjective of ”populist” once again, in describing the Finns party, but my guess is that they would never do that to other parties’ use of populist messaging, let alone the EU, which spends massively taxpayer money in shameless populist self promotion.

Finns’ Party demands higher defence spending

The populist party claims Finland’s credible defence capability is too weak, and promises to increase the armed forces’ budget if they gain power after the next election.

Varusmies tähtää rynnäkkökiväärillä maastossa.
A student at Finland’s Reserve Officer School in Hamina aims an assault rifle during an exerciseImage: Yle Kymenlaakso

Finland needs to bolster its defence resources, the Finns’ Party claimed on Saturday, calling current government cuts to the defence budget “irresponsible”.

The Finns’ Party say they want the budget increased at least to levels recommended in the defence administration’s annual defence and security policy report.

The report estimates that the defence budget should be increased by about 50 million euros in 2016, and then gradually by a further 150 million euros above inflation by the year 2020.

The Finns’ Party pledged to increase defence spending as soon as the next parliamentary term begins. Finns’ Party leader and chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee Timo Soini also called for each party to make their position on this issue clear. His call was echoed by the chair of the Defence Committee and fellow Finns’ Party MP, Jussi Niinistö.

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This is what happens when the social welfare industry swallows yet more of the national budget.

Defence forces ’need more money’ to defend whole country

Miinalaiva Uusimaa.

The Finnish Defence Forces say they need extra resources in order to carry out their current duties—or they might not be able to defend the whole country. That’s the view of one researcher, who cites the need to procure a new class of naval vessel as one important project for the coming decade.

The ‘Uusimaa’ minelayer will soon need replacing. Image: Yle

The Uusimaa minelayer is one of three ships the military will need to replace in the next decade. Along with three missile cutters also due to be decommissioned, the bill for new boats could top a billion euros, but will be hundreds of millions in any case.

Extensive redundancies and garrison closures have cut the military budget, but the annual budget still contains 450 million euros for procurement in 2014 and 2015. The army says this isn’t enough: it claims it will need at least 550 million euros each year by 2020 to ensure it has the tools to defend Finland.

The air force is currently in the midst of a renewal of its Hornet jets that is expected to come in at around one billion euros, and by 2020 it will be looking to replace current generation of fighter jets.

‘Stuck in the analogue age’

Ground forces are also looking to spend big, with 100 tanks set for use by elite forces just ordered by the army. A new communications system is also on the army’s shopping list, as that currently in use is stuck in the analogue age.

“It’s almost like comparing old, NMT mobiles to modern smartphones,” says the army’s operations director Petri Hulkko. “We are still in the NMT-era, and in the modern world that won’t do.”




UN troops are ineffectual and easy pickings.

The Finns were of course unarmed, but curiously enough however, made it clear that ”they didn’t feel their lives threatened by the gun brandishing Arabs”. Of course if they refused to hand over the UN vehicle, I doubt that they would have made the same statement. Sounds more like putting on a smiling face to a serious situation out of political considerations.

NOTE: Just yesterday I posted a piece sent to me by Arnold Roth about UNIFIL forces in S.Lebanon having their property stolen by Hezbollah operatives in the area. This is why they have such a ”friendly attitude” with the Arabs in these regions, they have to keep watching their backs from the people they supposedly are trying to build relations with. What a ruse.

H/T: Matti Nevalainen

finn un observers threatened with gun 12.2.2013

Two military observers were the victims of a robbery in southern Golan Heights, said the armed forces.

Finnish UNTSO military observers were paired to take care of a routine mission when armed men stopped their vehicle. An Arabic-speaking duo forced the observers out at gunpoint. The observers didn’t understand the language, but quickly figured out the plot.

– The intention was clear: out of the car, they wanted it, Lieutenant Colonel Jukka Honkanen says.

Honkanen has talked to the threatened Finnish observers. According to Honkanen, the observers after the first moments feel it to be a life threatening situation. It was clear that these men didn’t want to do violence, but to take the car. The thieves ended up with not only UN property but the observers property as well.

It was not the first time that the Finnish observer was in a threatening situation and oes not feel the need for crisis help.

– Yes, last night he had a feeling that he will continue.

– All is well now and things will continue as normal, Lieutenant Colonel Honkanen says. The incident took place in the southern Golan Heights village of Al Shibrin yesterday at 12:40. The village is located on the Syrian side, a few kilometers from the Israeli occupied territories. Military observers are unarmed and they were doing regular inspections of the  stations.

More here in Finnish at Iltalehti


70 years ago today, a war between Finland and the USSR erupted that would become to be known as the Continuation War. The Finns held their own against the Marxists regardless of the deep challenges involved in defending the homeland, and in spite of losing portions Karalia and Lappland, they managed to keep their sovereignty, only to hand it over to a foreign power in Brussels almost 60 years later. KGS

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Because everyone knows that having a woman in command of a group of men that she’s physically unable to keep up with, is such a great idea. Here we have Lefty political correctness trying to make hash of the military guidelines in picking potential candidates for officer training.

This is about being able to lead, being expected to fulfill the requirements necessary to complete any mission or objective. Lowering the bar is not equality, it’s the expectation and demand of any candidate, male or female, to fulfill the requirements and be judged according to their ability which gives them equality.

Of course the Finnish army rejects the Equality Ombudsman’s opinion, for all the obvious reasons:

”On the battlefield, bullets don’t distinguish between men and women,” said Mika Penttinen of the National Defence University.

Enough said. KGS

Equality Ombudsman: Defence Forces’ Fitness Tests Favour Men

published yesterday 07:07 PM, updated yesterday 08:28 PM

Military cadets from the Nordic countries compete at the Nordic Cadet Meeting in Helsinki on May 26.

To become an officer in the Finnish Defence Forces, candidates must prove they can run 2,600 metres in under 12 minutes. In Equality Ombudsman Pirkko Mäkinen’s opinion, this requirement favours men. Mäkinen would like women to have their own requirements under the Cooper test that the army uses to judge the fitness of officer candidates.

Running 2,600 metres in under 12 minutes during a Cooper test has proven difficult for women. In the Equality Ombudsman’s opinion the differences in the physical capabilities of men and women should be reflected in the army’s entry requirements.

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The Tundra Tabloids was contacted by Vasarahammer about a radio report he heard the other day, concerning a period in Finnish history known as the, “Isoviha”, or  the “Greater Wrath“. According to Wikipedia:

The Greater Wrath (Finnish: Isoviha Swedish: Stora ofreden) is a term used in Finnish history for the Russian invasion and subsequent military occupation of Eastern Sweden, now Finland, from 1714 until the treaty of Nystad 1721, which ended the Great Northern War, although sometimes the term is used to denote all of the Great Northern War.

After the victory at Isokyrö, Mikhail Golitsyn became governor of Finland. Finns began waging partisan warfare against the Russians. As retaliation, the Finnish peasants were forced to pay large contributions to the occupying Russians (as was the custom in that time). Plundering was widespread, especially in Ostrobothnia and in communities near the major roads. Churches were looted, Isokyrö was burned to the ground.

A scorched earth zone several hundred kilometers wide was burned to hinder Swedish counteroffensives. About 5,000 Finns were killed and some 10,000 taken away as slaves, of whom only a few thousand would ever return.[1] Thousands, especially officials, also fled to the (relative) safety of Sweden. The poorer peasants hid in the woods to avoid the ravages of the occupiers and their press-gangs.[2] Atrocities were at their worst between 1714-17 when the infamous Swedish Count Gustaf Otto Douglas, who had defected to the Russian side during the war, was in charge of the occupation.

Vasarahammer: “I heard about this in the radio and of the fact that during the 17th century Russian occupation tens of thousands of Finns were sold as slaves. There is an old Helsingin Sanomat Kuukausiliite piece about Finnish 18th century history concerning the period called the Isoviha. When Sweden collapsed as a major power, the Russians invaded and occupied Finland.

The Russians cossacks raped and looted especially in Pohjanmaa (Ostrobothnia) and took about 20 000 – 30 000 Finns as slaves to work in Russia. Some Finns were sold to the muslim tatars and there were Finnish slaves as far as Isfahan in Persia (Iran).

This part of history was never told at school. The period of Russian occupation between 1713 and 1721 was described but details of the brutality were not.”

The TT appreciates Vasarahammer’s informing us about this sad, dark period in Finnish history. Here’s something else that backs up Vasarahammer’s report. KGS

PeaceCountry: Burning, killing and looting, the armies under Moscow raped the land clean all the way to northern Savo province. So many Finnish slaves were rounded up that you could get one at the Moscow slave market for 10 – 15 kopeks.

NOTE: Perhaps this explains the Finnish tenacity shown during the Winter War with Stalin’s Soviet Union, having once been held in slavery by the Russians, the Finns knew exactly what lie ahead if their country fell.


First of all the Tundra Tabloids has to say that it must come to the defense of the Finnish president, she’s not, as far as I know, a communist, but the TT does know that she is in fact a socialist and a statist. Second of all, the relation between the military and civilian rule dictates that members of the military to refrain from stepping into politics while still being on active duty. Professionalism is paramount. If in fact the First Lieutenant chastised the president, he needs to be reprimanded.

That said, the Tundra Tabloids is very free to comment on how much of disgrace this president has been, as she galavants around the globe trying to save it, than actively trying to ween her fellow countrymen from the tit of the state. She’s a supporter of big government, or in other words, another temporary politician who believes that it’s their life’s mission and right to torment the individual as much as possible. KGS

YLE: An officer serving in the Karelia Brigade training conscripts criticized Tarja Halonen as being a communist. The Karelia Brigade told YLE news, that this investigation will be examined by the Defence Department. Armed Forces Commander Gen. Ari Puheloinen refused to comment on the case. Puheloinen commented that it is sufficient enough at this stage, that the issue is being investigated.

The Uutispäivä Demari (Leftist rag) reported it first. According to a conscript, the lieutenant spoke of his opinions a couple of weeks ago. According to the conscript the officer said that a woman is not fit to be the commander of the armed forces. The Lieutenant said  at the same time that Halonen was a Communist. Also, formerly acting as the chairman of the Seta organization (lesbian rights group)  according to the first lieutenant, made Halonen improper for being a commander-in-chief.


The Tundra Tabloids reported the other day on the Shiia mosque being built from a former restaurant on the east side of Helsinki, that has caused a lot of people to become upset. And for good reason, they were never asked if they would like a Shiia mosque in their neighborhood. That’s to be expected in a country where the statist mentality pretty much rules the day.

What’s interesting this time around (and thanks to Vasarahammer for the HT) is that a former officer in the Finnish military and Doctor of Military sciences, Jarno Limnéll, is throwing his support behind the building of not only the mega mosque in Finland, but also of the Ground Zero mosque in NYC. He draws the comparison between the two initiatives, and applauds them both.

Eastern Helsinki Mellunmäki and New York have at least one thing. Both are building mosques and Islamic cultural centers. In both places the matter has vigorously stirred up people’s feelings.


Finland seems to take the U.S. model. Anyway, if you followed yesterday’s online discussion generated by the news reporting on the Mellunmäki construction project, a majority are opposed to it. Petition for annulment of the projects have been collected in the United States as in Finland.

I think both projects are worthwhile. They show that in Western countries it is able to practice tolerance and respect for other religions. The projects are to be supported, not condemned.

You see the arrogance folks? The self anointed elite couldn’t care less that a majority of people are against the project, when a political agenda is the objective, the peoples’ voice matters little to them, they’re an annoyance to be circumvented without too much notice…if possible.

Islamist terrorist movements have often dominated our images of Islam. They represent, however, a vanishingly small number of the world’s 1.57 billion Muslims. Radical Islamist terrorism is not due to Islam, but due to the fact that certain groups and individuals view religion as a justification for their political ends. The majority of Islam is a religion of peace. We Westerners have to learn to live together with moderate Muslims – it is a winning situation for both. Construction projects will contribute to the moderate message of Islam, and is a drop of extreme Islamic movements, who want the escalation of conflicts.

Thankfully the comment section to Limnéll’s blog post is adequately debunking his statements. As it has been often said before, “the problem with fundamentalist Islam, are Islam’s fundamentals.” That there are ‘peace loving’ Muslims is irrelevant, what matters most is that the overwhelming majority of Islamic texts are highly violent, intolerant, anti-Semitic and hateful “of the other”, and fully approved by all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. In short, Jarno Limnéll doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s just repeating bromides he heard at the lecture halls where the “Islam is the religion of peace” mantra has been preached.

He continues:

The European Police Office and the U.S. security authorities are predicting “individual terrorism” will gather strength. These are mostly within the Western society of ordinary people making a living and, at worst, widespread destruction, generating a terrorist attack. The main reason for the phenomenon is a society of exclusion and the feeling of exclusion. Such a man is an excellent recruitment of extremists, and extremely difficult to combat the threat. Intolerance contribute most to the threat of intensification.

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Finnish Military ‘Expert’ Mika Kerttunen Claims Israel Strikes on Civilian Targets a Tactic…….

This is the same guy who stated repeatedly before Operation Cast Lead began, that Israel wouldn’t invade Gaza. Kerttunen states that:
Israel’s strike on the Finn Church Aid clinic shows that in the Gaza War, civilian areas mean little. According to Kerttunen, hitting civilian targets are both Israel and Hamas’ tactics. Israel wants to send a message that Hamas’ fighters are not safe anywhere.
There is no such thing that all civilian buildings during a time of war are off limits from a strike, especially if the target is full of the enemy. But in the case of a hospital, Israel has shown restraint, because the civilian casualties that would result, outweigh the importance of the military targets in question. In this case, yes, even Hamas leaders.
Hamas is using Gaza’s Shifa Hospital as a meeting place and even distributed salaries to its operatives there over the weekend, Public Security Minister and former Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) head Avi Dichter said Monday morning.
Speaking on Army Radio, Dichter noted that “on Saturday, January 10, which is the day salaries are distributed in Gaza, several Hamas commanders who cannot come out of their hiding places were given their salaries at their hiding places. But commanders who can move around Gaza made their way to Shifa Hospital to receive their salaries.”
Regarding Israeli intelligence reports that the Hamas leadership had taken refuge in the hospital, Dichter said that the “Shifa Hospital has long ago ceased to be just a hospital, just as the UNRWA humanitarian and health services in Gaza long ago ceased to be just humanitarian services providing food and medical services.”
UN schools in Gaza long ago stopped being just schools,” the minister said. “All these services and places are refuge for Hamas terrorists and commanders.”
The former Shin Bet chief said that it was common knowledge in Gaza that Hamas holds meetings in the hospital. “Shifa Hospital, which is situated in the more wealthy western part of Gaza City, is a very big hospital, but you can hear from the Palestinians who visit there, it is somewhat of an open secret, that Hamas commanders walk around the hospital, in some instances wearing doctors’ robes,” he said. “In some cases, the Hamas commanders kick medical teams out of rooms so that they can hold meetings.”
Asked why Israel was not acting against Shifa Hospital, Dichter answered that an attack on a hospital could not be carried out “for obvious reasons.”
Shifa is in the middle of a very crowded area in Gaza and you would have to get through half-a-million Gazans to get to the hospital and arrest Hamas people there. So that’s not doable. Striking the hospital is out of the question for obvious reasons. So in this case we have to just bite our tongues,” he said
Now since YLE is known for delivering half of the facts, which means filtering out the information that might reflect favorably on Israel, Kerttunen won’t be the recipient of the Tundra Tabloids Turd award, but that’s only because the full transcript of the interview is not available.
Any building that is being used to shelter the enemy, is automatically deemed a high value target unless there are extenuating circumstances, Kerttunen knows this, and I lay odds, unless he’s a total empty military suit, that he mentioned this as well in the interview. It would be good to hear him speak face to face about the subject.
If any of the TT’s Finnish readers have anything to say about Mika Kerttunen, please get into contact. KGS
UPDATE: The Israeli MFA informs the Tundra Tabloids that:
An initial non-formal inquiry came out with the finding as follows: “The building was evacuated by the Finns when the fighting came close by. When it was empty, the terrorist took cover in it and shot at the Israeli forces. This is the reason it was bombed.”