Finnish journalist Pertti Rönkkö:

”The US presidency is such an important role, that it should be chosen by the UN General Assembly”



A TT colleague observes:

“A search on YLE’s website on the words Israel, Palestiina , Israel, Palestina (Swedish) gives the following headlines. Israel is always the aggressor the Palestinians are never the aggressor. (Two first pages) It was even worse than I expected.”

yle propaganda

All this in light of the current Arab Islamonazi knife-jihad presently being waged against the Jewish state of Israel. This finding mirrors exactly the research I did with the Central Finland newspaper (Keskisuomalainen) over a 3 mos. period some 8-10 years ago. Exactly nothing has changed.

finnish media cycle_of_violence1

YLE’s headlines on Israel:

Netanyahu: Israel to be surrounded by the wall – protective against “wild beasts”…
Israel closed traffic to Ramallah
Truce over, Israel to expand in Palestinian territories …
The Palestinian family living in fear – boy stabbed Jews …
Israel killed suspect in Tel Aviv bar murder
Israel gave the police permission to isolate Arab areas of East Jerusalem …
Israel closed the Old City of Jerusalem to those less than 50 years old …
Syria: Israel made an air attack in Damascus, and slew …
Israel agrees to tougher measure against the Palestinians
Israel condemned two Jewish youths as guilty …
Israel is looking for shooters of Jewish couple
Syria: Israel made an air attack in Damascus, and slew…
Israel prohibits Palestinians in the West Bank from using the same …

YLE’s headlines on the Arabs of the PA

Israeli security forces killed three Palestinians …
Israeli troops shot dead five Palestinians in the West Bank and …
Marjut Helminen writes about the plight of the Palestinians
Israeli soldiers shot dead four attempting stabbings …
Israeli soldiers have killed four Palestinians …
Israelis defend against Palestinian knife attacks by shooting …
Palestine: Little baby died by Israeli tear gas
Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinians in the West Bank …
UN emergency session on the Israeli-Palestinian violence
The Palestinians defy death – “knife attacks justified against Israel’s occupation”
Two Palestinian teenage boys killed in Israeli gunfire …

YLE Swedish

YLE’s headlines on Israel

Israel expands settlements
Israel shelled Lebanese village after bombings
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
New attack in Israel – man mistaken for a terrorist was killed …
Three Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers
Continued violence in Israel
Israelis prosecuted for fatal fire attack against Palestinians
New attacks during the “Day of Wrath” in Israel
Israeli police shot dead suspected pubmördare
Tough-level security in Israel
New knife attack in Israel

YLE’s headlines on Palestine

13-year-old Palestinian girl shot dead in knife attack
Palestinian man with knife shot dead in the Old City of Jerusalem …
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Three Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers
Palestinian authority
New Palestinian uprising in the bud?


So they’re the only ones who have access to these people (Muslim settlers), until they unleash them upon the general population.

Journalists barred from asylum seeker facility

An Yle journalist and a camera operator were asked by officials to leave a Tornio facility for unregistered asylum seekers on Sunday, despite being allowed inside a day earlier. Officials said that the rules regarding media access to reception centres and similar facilities have not changed, saying they want to protect the privacy of the clients and the people working there.

Putaan liikuntahallilla olevaan hätämajoitukseen ei enää päästetä toimittajia.
A Finnish Border Guard representative said they were instructed by police to keep journalists from entering a temporary facility for unregistered asylum seekers at the Putaan sports hall in Tornio on Sunday, even though journalists were allowed into the centre the day before. Image: Anna Leppävuori / Yle

A Finnish Border Guard representative said they were instructed by police to keep journalists from entering a temporary facility for unregistered asylum seekers at the Putaan sports hall in Tornio on Sunday, even though journalists were allowed into the centre the day before.

Officials say that members of the media are not allowed into at such facilities in order to protect the privacy of both clients and staff.

Police communications chief Markku Paksuniemi says that media access is denied at all indoor asylum seeker facilities.

“When the [asylum seekers] are not registered, we do not allow them to be exposed to publicity, whether they want to be or not,” Paksuniemi said, adding that the rule has been in place since the centres were established.

The head of the Finnish Journalists Union Hanne Aho says that the media should be granted open access in general, unless there is a good reason not to.

“I understand [the motivation] to protect them,” Aho said.



Published on Aug 25, 2015
At the recent ”War and Peace” philosophy seminar at Vanha Paukku cultural center in Lapua Finland (22.8.2015) Finnish journalist Juhani Huttunen used the Elder of Ziyon’s blog in his presentation showing international media’s malfeasance in reporting on the conflict.

YT upload and translation: Tundra Tabloids


Timo Juhani Vihavainen is a Finnish historian and a professor of Russian Studies at the University of Helsinki. He has written extensively on Russian and Finnish history. Wikipedia

NOTE: Translated from Mr.Vihavainen’s blogpost (in Finnish) by the Tundra Tabloids.

When democracy no longer suits

Democracy trying to be discredited again 

In a democracy, the people empower decision-makers to fight for their preferred political agenda. There, the people’s elected representatives have to find out what will be achieved from the joint reconciliation of the citizens’ conflicting ambitions, when issues are resolved together.

Democracy is considered as a good system, that there are no single pre-decided opinions on matters, rather the sovereign people get the opportunity to genuinely seek their desired objectives. Democracy is a very functional system is, however, a difficult thing, and easily degenerates into demagogy, especially if the nation is very politically stirred and / or unenlightened.

Therefor, in the name of democracy a stupid people have always been easily hustled. In particular, the matter concerns the educated part of the population. We remember the so-called, People’s democracy, where only the so-called advanced opinions had been authorized. That’s different from a normal democracy, like a straitjacket differs from a normal shirt. But supporters are numerous.

The people’s sovereignty under which all power is basically delegated to representatives of the people, which are free to make decisions without being censored. So-called party discipline is an ugly stain on this principle, but because of people’s weaknesses, it is probably the lesser evil than a genuine free democracy, in which the result would still be voted over again and not a result from a variety of horse-trading in advance. That could be very unpredictable system.

But something sacred at the core of democracy is, after all, and it is a legal representative’s right to his political opinion. It is precisely on that basis the people have given him a voice. In practice, the greatest danger to representative government may be the fact that the People’s authorized representative does not dare to fight for the things that have been promised to the voters. The reason may be, say, ambient pressure or some advantages that could remain unachieved, if he doesn’t remain in line.

Such a situation can not be healthy. If the presentation of a political opinion by the People’s authorized representative is attempted to be prohibited or punished, we are already on really slippery road. That road leads to totalitarianism, in which only the outer shell of democracy is kept and in which the concept of freedom means only the freedom to agree.

Although an MP may express opposition to the principle of democracy, not even that would be a valid reason for not allowing his opinion. At one time we too had communists who openly sought the reversal of the social system. During the 1930s, their activities were banned, but it only led to the fact that a certain part of the population pushed aside from the whole system, which represented it only half-heartedly. Only the integration into the system made the whole political field functioning since the 1960s. It was the way to the nation’s recuperation and integration process. Solidarity is not born by building fences, but by gaining cooperation.

Perhaps the nation’s most divisive and key issue for the future, at this time, is probably the immigration policy. It would be unnatural, if in this case there wouldn’t be sharply differing opinions facing each other. In terms of the principles of democracy it would be a crime if they weren’t allowed, and in this context concerned, particularly the minority opinions. A majority is always in the power to suppress different voices. If it’s not a mentally mature democracy, it aims to use this power, in a honest, as well as in a dishonest means.

What’s disgusting, is if a democracy is cheapened by attacking the part of any nation’s political position dishonestly. Most will recall the so-called sleeve badge brouhaha, which swelled into a huge scandal of international proportions,reached by completely false pretenses.

The same thing with Olli Immonen’s posting is being tried again. If the People’s authorized representative tries in a bit pathetic tone to repeat the political dreams of victory in the struggle against multiculturalism, he has according to all reason, the unquestionable democratic right to do so. Anyone who claims otherwise, is attacking the core principles of democracy.

Because few people would shamefully say that they haven’t respect for the whole of democracy, if it guarantees the same rights to political opponents, the issue of “the right of the opposition” is masked.

Thusly they try to explain, that in the presentation of normal political opinion it’s suitable to demonize in some cases individuals and dishonestly lump them with one with another crazier machinations “preparation of treason”, ” dishonouring Marshal’s Testament”, “Breivik’s rhetoric” and other awful things. Fabula Rasa really has nothing to do with this story, as is easy to see.

This time, it would be difficult to imagine that the operation will succeed. The full text is short enough that anyone can immediately check what has actually been said. It is even written in English, that fantastic twistings of it, in principle, is not possible. But in practically, yes, it appears on this issue anything is possible.

In any case, the situation has now arisen in which journalists once again like a flock of crows, with no rational arguments to raise attack one person and drag (?) along with them leading politicians who are afraid or unwilling to defend the basic values ​​of democracy, but go along with the nonsense, some out of happiness, some out of cowardice. Few do this out of sheer stupidity, because everyone can quickly check what the issue really is.

The story itself is banal. Multiculturalism is something of which its harmfulness has emphatically been stated by the British Prime Minister to the German Chancellor. To fight against it is topical and important political task for the whole of Europe. The labeling of the issue as a thought crime that requires sanctions because of it being presented, is simply a struggle against the basic principles of democracy.

In the social media it’s easy to see that such a campaign is very easy to pull along the dumb that normally have no need of thinking abut the forming of their opinions, rather they just follow the wretched crowd. Thus, the responsibility is for those who really are able to understand what this is all about. Do they dare to defend democracy, even if they don’t get points by their party? This will now be the measure of the man.


yle propaganda

This story angers me for a couple of different reasons. One is the ease in which the media can bend and twist words and meanings totally out of shape, and then reconstruct them to fit their agenda/narrative, leading the untrained reader to the designed conclusion. It’s pure manipulation.

Take for example the borrowing of the nonsensical jargon imported from the U.S. leftist activist community and their media lackeys, ”she was an undocumented immigrant in Finland.” What is an ”undocumented immigrant”? An illegal alien, someone who illegally crosses the border of another country not their own, or overstays their visa. Full stop.

Then there’s the description of the detention center:

Before she was deported Viktoria lived with her mother for about five months in prison-like conditions at Helsinki’s Metsälä aliens’ detention centre.

The inclusion of ”prison-like conditions” into the article by the journalist is pure opinion, meant to draw on the reader’s heart strings. If it’s ”prison-like” then it must be truly unfair to both the mother and the child right? this is nothing more than activist journalism. Then there is this line, from the Chief Inspector for the office of the Minority Ombudsman, Robin Harms:

”[…] called the decision to deport a child to no fixed abode inhuman and illegal. Harms pointed out that deportation decisions should primarily take the child’s welfare into account.”

So by default, what Robin Harms is actually saying, any homeless child that manages to make its way into Finland, must be allowed to stay, including the parents. That is what remains unsaid, and of course the journalist and his/her gatekeeper knows that the average Finn would reject such a notion straight away.

NOTE: Only utopians believe that you can end the suffering of the world by imposing their will upon the good taxpayers who fund the state. The best remedy for any societal ills, is the unleashing of free market capitalism coupled with the bridling of government intrusion of the individual.

Authorities defend deportation of Finland-born 3 year-old; say it was done “by the book”

One year ago Finnish authorities decided to deport a mother and her three-year old Finnish child to Russia, although they had no home there. A reporter with Yle’s Eyewitness (Silminnäkijä) programme found the pair living on the streets of St. Petersburg. Finnish immigration officials said that the entire affair was conducted according to standard operating procedure.

Naylia ja Viktoria
Naylia Sattarova and her Finland-born daughter Viktoria now live on the streets of St. Petersburg after being deported by immigration authorities. Image: Yle

Viktoria Sattarova is now four years old. One year ago when she was just three, she and her mother Naylia ended up living on the streets of St. Petersburg after a decision by Finnish immigration authorities to deport them. Viktoria and her mother have been homeless ever since.

Little Viktoria fit the profile of a child in need of protection by the authorities even when she lived in Finland. She was deported with her mother in spite of the concerns raised by individuals who felt that her mother Naylia wasn’t capable of looking after the infant.

Before she was deported Viktoria lived with her mother for about five months in prison-like conditions at Helsinki’s Metsälä aliens’ detention centre. The mother was housed there because she was an undocumented immigrant in Finland. During that time four separate reports had been filed with child protection officials about Viktoria, however northern Helsinki officials did not see the need for intervention on the grounds of child safety.

The head of the Asylum Unit of the Finnish Immigration Service, Esko Repo, says the decision to deport mother and child was the right one. He says it was made on the basis of information available at a specific point in time.

Deportees shouldn’t be sent to the streets

The Chief Inspector for the office of the Minority Ombudsman, Robin Harms, called the decision to deport a child to no fixed abode inhuman and illegal. Harms pointed out that deportation decisions should primarily take the child’s welfare into account.

The inspector said that officials dealing with deportation cases should determine the conditions to which deportees will be subjected on a case by case basis. He added that there should be bilateral cooperation to ensure that someone will receive deported children and care for them.

Deporting children into inhumane conditions runs counter to the Finnish constitution and also violates the Aliens Act, he added. The Child Protection Act also protects minors who are involved in asylum cases.

According to information obtained by Yle’s in-depth journalism programme Eyewitness (Silminnäkijä), no such investigations were undertaken in Viktoria’s case, and no one was on hand to receive her in Russia. Professionals in the field say that it’s not unusual for Finland to deport minors without making any attempt to contact officials in the receiving country.

Now four years old, Viktoria has lived in a number of temporary abodes during her short life. Her current home is a crisis centre; however her sojourn there will end in just three days. Her mother Naylia said she doesn’t know where next she and Viktoria will find shelter.

Yle’s Eyewitness programme will address the issue of child deportees in its programme segment “Banished Children” Thursday evening at 8.00 pm.



Trying to whittle away on the 24% of Finns who still support Israel.

Ilta-Sanomat misinforms:

IS bullcrap 25.8.2014

TT translation:

Two Palestinians died in Israeli air strikes

Published: 25/8/2014 7:51

Two Palestinians have died in Israeli air strikes on Gaza last night, Palestinian sources say.

According to them, seven weeks in duration, the conflict has killed more than 2 100 Palestinians.

Israeli army spokesman said the military jets attacked from the air 16 times.

Gaza has not fired rockets into Israel after Sunday evening.

Over 120 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza Strip

Damage caused to car from rocket shrapnel in Sderot.
Damage caused to car from rocket shrapnel in Sderot.

Iron Dome intercepts rocket over Jerusalem mountains; rocket shrapnel causes damage to property in Ashkelon, Hof Ashkelon, Sderot, Eshkol.

Ilana Curiel, Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun0

8.24.14, 23:57 / Israel

After three Israeli Arabs were wounded at the Erez border crossing in a rocket attack, Palestinian terrorists continued pounding southern Israel with rockets well into Sunday night.

Some 126 rockets were fired on Sunday since midnight from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory.

In a heavy barrage around midnight, four rockets were intercepted over Kiryat Malachi. Earlier Sunday night, the rocket alert siren was sounded in the area surrounding Jerusalem. One rocket was intercepted over the Jerusalem mountains. Two other rockets were intercepted over Ashkelon, while three hit open areas.

In the evening hours, rocket shrapnel hit two houses in Ashkelon and in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council on Sunday evening, while two rockets were intercepted over Ashkelon. No one was hurt, but damage was caused to property. 11 rockets were fired at the Eshkol Regional Council, one of them hitting near the border fence, one inside one of the communities and the rest in open areas. Three rockets exploded in open areas in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, while one hit an open area in the Ramat Negev Regional Council. Two more rockets hit open areas in Sdot Negev.

Rocket shrapnel hits house in Ashkelon (Photo: Aviel Magnezi)
Rocket shrapnel hits house in Ashkelon (Photo: Aviel Magnezi)

One rocket was intercepted over Sderot on Sunday afternoon, with shrapnel hitting a road in between houses, causing damage to vehicles and structures. One woman suffered from shock. Three rockets were shot down over Sha’ar HaNegev, while two others fell outside communities in the regional council. Seven rockets hit the Eshkol Regional Council, two of which hit a cowshed, killing several cows. Five rockets hit Sdot Negev, while 1 hit an open area in Hof Ashkelon.

More here. H/T: Simon Elo


‘Rocket Girl’ is conflicted and biased, so she’s useless as a journalist

AISHI ZIDANThis is the Arab journalist working for the Finnish Newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, Aishi Zidan, who admitted in a recent broadcast that rockets were being fired from the grounds at Shifa hospital in Gaza City into Israel, then lamented that her words (first reported by the Tundra Tabloids) were being factually quoted by the pro-Israel blogosphere for ‘propaganda purposes‘.

She has now revealed in a FB post that she has in fact fled in fear from these very same rockets, to bomb shelters while in Israel, as well as telling of her cousin being arrested by the IDF.

My 21-year-old cousin Zidan (yes, my cousin’s name is Zidan Zidan) was arrested during the night at three in the morning. Israeli soldiers had gone to pick him up from his home.


After this week, I went to the South of Israel, I understood very well why the rocket attacks scare the locals. I myself ran scared for cover.

From Legal Insurrection:

The anger may reflect that one of her cousins, according to her, was arrested by Israeli authorities (Facebook translation):

Finnish reporter al-Shifa hospital rocket fire Facebook entry cousin arrested

Legal Insurrection: This is what we are up against when it comes to media reporting. All we want are the facts to come out about what Hamas has done, how it has used human shields, and how you cannot understand the situation without those facts.

Even the few reporters who report these facts end up deleting tweets, pulling down columns, and now, complaining that facts are used for propaganda.

Here is the full Facebook entry by Aishi Zidan, with my fisking of it.

Today I cried in the bathroom at work. Actually I wanted to scream. My father called soon after the morning meeting and told the summer vacation news in the West Bank. My 21-year-old cousin Zidan (yes, my cousin’s name is Zidan Zidan) was arrested during the night at three in the morning. Israeli soldiers had gone to pick him up from his home. They had commanded my uncle, his wife and my cousin into one room, confiscating phones from them. Then they took Zidan. His 10-year-old little sister, Leka, the world’s sunniest child, was terrified. “Do not worry about me,” Zidan was quoted as saying.

[TT: So the Helsingin Sanomat has hired this news correspondent to report on the conflict, who has had a family member arrested by the IDF. Rose colored glasses anyone?]

It’s hard. I wondered what condition Zidan is in. Is he ill-treated? Is he frightened? We do not know where he has been or why he was arrested. According to my father, he has spent every evening  setting up a coffee shop to be run by my cousins. My family is not Hamas supporters, in their home on the roof of their house flies a Fatah flag that has denounced violence. I am afraid how my cousin will return. He has always been a quiet and reflective man, a little quiet. Zidan has always been a favorite among all the young children. His latest fan is my 7-year-old little brother, who announced earlier this week he wanted to smoke a hookah in cafes and roam around as Zidan.

[TT: She already assumes that it’s possible that Zidan will be mistreated by the IDF, and that Fatah has actually renounced violence. We already see by the second paragraph her real views, they’re anti-Israel.]

I am in spirit and in blood a pacifist. I may be naive, but my dream is that Palestinians and Israelis can learn to live in peace together. To establish, perhaps even a common, equal state. Would go to marry each other, begin businesses. I use a tremendous amount of energy in my work that I would understand both perspectives. After this week, I went to the South of Israel, I understood very well why the rocket attacks scare the locals. I myself ran scared for cover.

[TT: Here is another startling admittance by Aishi, she too has ran for cover from rockets fired from Gaza into Israel. But also interesting, while Aishi says she understands Israeli fears, at the same time however, she denounces the Jewish state, (she really does reject Jewish self determination) the very state meant to be a refuge for Jews that has been fighting for its existence since its birth against rejectionist genocidal Arab/Muslims.]

But I do not understand how innocent people in detention and the killing of hundreds of civilians brings Israel’s security. Hamas is weakened perhaps momentarily in Gaza, but at the same time, there will be again created a huge amount angry people who have lost hope lost. The desperate situation gives rise to desperate measures. And the Palestinians are in a desperate situation. The matters with my cousin Zidan can very likely be well compared to the Gazans.

[TT: Here she reveals an all too prevalent mindset found in many foreign ministries of Europe, ”if only Israel would stop defending itself, and do whatever the Europeans tell it, then the situation would be normalized.” Facts are stubborn things, and Israel has had to learn the hard way, and that means learning from past mistakes, hence the rejection of returning to past failed ‘peace’ formulas.

Hamas, is what Hamas is, (and Fatah as well), they cannot reject the Islamic dictates that by default, nullify non-Islamic political entities, a Jewish state of Israel, and a Christian state of Lebanon. The anger of these people is directed more towards the existence of the former (the latter is now dead and gone) than in any major setback handed to them by the IDF.]

The only thing that will bring security to both the Palestinians and the Israelis is confidence and peace. That cannot be achieved by grinding the other side into the ground, so that it will no longer see any hope.

[TT: The big difference Ashi is, Israel has already tried, repeatedly, to seek peace, through many different (failed) proposals and agreements by many different government, but as long as your people refuse to exist next to a Jewish state (yourself included) peace will never be achieved.]

Here is the video of ‘Rocket Girl’ admitting about rockets being fired from hospital grounds



Easy to see why more and more Finns loathe their public/state news broadcaster YLE. Non-stop propaganda from beginning to end, and on your euro.

h/t: Harri, translation TTyle propaganda

YLE fake journalist Eero Mäntymaa lays blame on the recent outburst of violence on, you guessed it, Da Jooooos.

Point of view: the Middle East, never-ending spiral of revenge and other errors in judgement

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: Does the Palestinians and Israelis constant spat again frustrate you? Does the subject coverage hurt the ears? This is exactly why you’ll want to read this text, writes Eero Mäntymaa.

[TT: Actually, the only thing that frustrates is the highly uninformed, grossly inept and biased reporting by the fake media that YLE so carefully represents.]

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: A large number of journalists have flown to Israel this week. This happens whenever crises around the world comes to a head, in other words, when the bombs begin to fall. A journalist’s work is not easy. Reports are compiled quickly collected from crumbs of infomation. It’s not any easier for those who attempt the same from Finland.

That’s why I do not waste the next 2243 characters in trying to explain what is happening. Instead, I present a few opinions as to what in the region does not occur.

[TT: Note that he admits that journalists (using the term lightly here) fly into Israel, not Egypt, not Lebanon, nor Egypt or Libya or even Jordan, but to Israel. The fact is, most ”news” organizations covering the Middle East on a regular basis, already have their employees based in Israel, not in the countries that they cover.

Truth be told, a journalist’s work should never be easy, because it demands ”fact finding”, an inquisitive/curious nature, tempered by honesty and at least a modicum of impartiality. YLE hack (faux) journalist, Eero Mäntymaa, obviously contains none of these needed ingredients.]

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: The “Conflict” did not begin with  three Israeli teenage boy’s abduction and murder. It is easy to see Hamas rockets and Israeli bomb attacks in June,  as just a response to capture the kidnap drama and massive search operations in the West Bank. The conclusion is false.

A starting point for a series of events  can  be timed by several historical moments, I will draw it now to 1967. At that time, a young Israel and the surrounding Arab countries fought against each other for six days, Israel occupied the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip.

In a way, we are following the ripples generated by that war. Israel has never dismantled its occupation in the West Bank, it continues to blockade Gaza and, in addition, it has conquered little by little the West Bank with the help of the settlements. Palestinians not given an opportunity to forget their predicament, because they live on with it.

[TT: No, the ”conflict did not start with  the Islamonazi capture and subsequent murder of three yeshiva students, it started with the birth of Islam. More recently it started with the rise of antisemitic machinations by the al-Husseini tribe led by the Nazi war criminal Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the former mufti of Jerusalem. His anti-Jew animus (inculcated from koranic, hadith and sunna sources) pre-dated that of the Nazis, and was the prime motivating factor in the war against the Jews, culminating in prior pogroms and eventual military invasions by Arab armies in 1948, after Israel accepted the notion of partition of the Palestine Mandate which the Arabs rejected.

It’s easy to see why the fake journalist, Eero Mäntymaa, chose the 67′ war, for the Left and other Arab supporters, it’s the mother of all conflicts in the world, all history starts with that war. Taking the usual non-factual approach favoured by the Left, he fails to mention the Arabs’ intent which led to the breakout of hostilities, we read that they just ”fought each other for six days ” and that Israel ”occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip”.

In reality, Israel was fighting the Soviet Union by proxy of six Arab armies, and would have been defeated if not for pre-empting their attack by taking out Egypt’s air force after they had sealed Israeli access to the Red Sea a few weeks earlier. As for the settlements, they are entirely legal under international law and the San Remo accords, something that YLE ”ace journalist” Eero Mäntymaa is completely oblivious about.]

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: Thus, it is not a never-ending spiral of revenge, without a beginning or end.

Think about Western Europe after World War II. Fear and anger were brewing between the peoples, but they are suppressed by strengthening cooperation between the countries, increasing in trade, and by reducing borders. The occupation of a defeated German was torn down and the people were allowed to rise to their feet. What Europe would look like if that had not been done? We can look at the Middle East for some indicators, the situation in which the exception was never dismantled.

This exceptional situation is the engine that keeps the cycle of revenge alive and ensures that we can keep track of bad news now, and in the future.

[TT: How moronic can you get? Nazi Germany was totally defeated, and in many cases, their cities were not left with one brick was left upon the other, and their leaders brought before justice, ending up being either jailed or executed for war crimes against humanity. In the case of the Arabs, war criminal Hajj Amin al-Husseini was allowed to escape to Egypt, become head of a major international Arab state organization, the Arabs in Palestine funded by Europe and turned into perennial victims, being poster children for antisemitic international organizations.

Germans (and Japanese) were allowed to rise to their feet by the allied occupational powers, but only with the understanding that they were a defeated people, not victims of ”Allied aggression” who will one day rise up and defeat their ”oppressors”. Besides, Israel is not occupying Hamas, any more than Egypt is, who also shares a border with Hamas, and both guards it and monitors it, and refuses their (Muslim Brotherhood) free movement within Egyptian territory.

The only people ensuring that the Arabs’ conflict with Israel continues, is morons like Eero Mäntymaa, and other like minded fools within the halls of government of European states and within the EU and its fake parliament. Their support is seen by these Islamonazis as further proof that their dirty terrorist war will eventually pay off.

Mäntymaa+Eero+Yle+Etelä-KarjalaYLE: This is not a sudden or unexpected. Keeping these things in mind, we should not be any more amazed that the Palestinians and the Israelis do not like each other. The Palestinian daily life is limited in movement, arrests, demolishing houses and bombings. Israel is the world’s most militarized state whose people afraid of the Palestinians and hostile neighboring countries. Fearful and militarily superior response to violence is not only violent, but often disproportional.

These errors in judgement are largely to blame of us journalists. With the continued occupation of 47 years, it ceases to be news. Even death loses its news value when it becomes commonplace. No news is good news, it is said. No news can also mean just the old, bad news.

Processes and quiet development are not newsworthy – only large military operations and other bursts of violence. They have frequent updates to update, a little bit of the same as a boiling kettle from time to time gushes of water onto the stove.

Should we keep more track of what maintains the heat?

[TT: Understanding the antisemitic nature of Islam that has permeated the Arabs’ conflict with the Jews, is the key to understanding the conflict in its entirety. Israel is a highly militarized state very much like Europe was during the Cold War, only a fool like Eero Mäntymaa would mistake the effect for the cause.

In one respect he gets it right, journalists, in fact, fake journalists like himself, are indeed to blame for the muddying of the waters of the conflict, by turning genocidal murderers (who hold many within their own society as captives and fodder) into folk heroes and victims, as they heap scorn and hatred upon the Jewish state.

People like Mäntymaa are not only fake journalists, but humanitarian racists as well, who are all too wiling to turn a blind eye to their abusive, violent nature, because ”that is what Arabs do”, ”it’s in their nature to behave in such a way”, as thy blame the easy target of the democratic state of Israel.

Besides, Jews don’t issue fatwas, and they know it.]



Yet another boot-heel into the face of freedom

A real outrageous decision. If even a journalist is restricted from filming on the streets, how so for the rest of us? Yep, only the state has top exclusive privilege to film on the streets (monitor us) day and night.

1984 was not to be a training manual.

ECHR: Photographer’s arrest did not breach right to free expression

A photographer who gained a conviction after defying a police order to stop filming the 2006 ASEM protests in Helsinki has failed to win a judgment against the state of Finland. Photojournalist Markus Pentikäinen took his case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) after the Finnish Supreme Court denied him leave to appeal, claiming that police actions violated his freedom of expression.

Poliiseja ja mielenosoittajia Smash Asem -mielenosoituksen aikana Kiasman edustalla Helsingissä.
The Smash-ASEM demonstrations degenerated into clashes with police in 2006. Image: Marja Airio / Lehtikuva

Pentikäinen was arrested as he was working as a press photographer, covering the 2006 Smash-ASEM demonstrations for Finnish magazine Suomen Kuvalehti. Demonstrations became heated and police formed a blockade in front of the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in the city’s centre. The journalist claimed he made it clear to police that his intent was merely to document the events of the protest as a registered member of the press, however he was taken into custody alongside scores of protesters.

In December of 2007 he was convicted for disobeying police orders, with the Supreme Court denying the right to appeal in 2009. However, no entry of the conviction was made on his criminal record as no penalty was imposed, since the Court recognised his actions as excusable in light of his occupational responsibilities.

Nonetheless, Pentikäinen took the case to the ECHR, claiming that both the arrest and subsequent judgment were a breach of Article 10 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights.

The Court admitted the journalist’s right to appeal, but concluded in a 5-2 ruling that there was not adequate violation of the right to freedom of expression to warrant a judgment against the state. It was noted in the judgment that Pentikäinen had been presented with alternatives, such as moving to the established press area, but that he chose to remain within the blockaded zone.

Ultimately, it was the ECHR’s opinion that Finnish courts had struck a fair balance between the conflicting duties of Pentikäinen as a photographer and as a law-abiding citizen. YLE



Lenin shocked to find his paper still comes on time!


The mainstream media, or ‘legacy media’, is an abject failure. Though still necessary (if they properly do their jobs) they are no longer seen as fulfilling the role that they claim for themselves. They’ve become cheerleaders of certain politically correct policies, highly uncritical of the EU, which means missing one mega story after the other concerning its corruption and malfeasance, and that’s just for starters.

NOTE: Not very many people find the MSM, in Finland or otherwise, relevant and trustworthy. I offer YLE as the prime, shining example of mediocrity, and a the tax payers expense. If they spent more time chasing down the truth, instead of politicized pablum, they might, at least some would, be able to win back their readership. what will happen is that the bigger papers will whine and get bailed out by the taxpayer.

High distribution costs hit legacy print media

Traditionally Finnish newspapers have been delivered to subscribers in time for them to enjoy with their breakfast. That is becoming more difficult to sustain as subscriptions and revenues fall.

Newspaper sales.
Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

The trend towards digital communication has revolutionised two industries: the postal service and the newspaper business. Customers are increasingly moving from written letters to email, while many readers now prefer to get their news online. Publishers have also been hit by the imposition of VAT on newspaper sales, which were previously zero-rated for sales tax.

Distribution is one of the major costs facing the newspaper industry as it struggles to adjust to a new media landscape. Declining subscriber numbers are making it more expensive to deliver newspapers, particularly in sparsely populated, rural areas.

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The National Coalition is a disgrace of a party, and state tv YLE is a joke.

The Spanish Marxist mental midget professor of sociology:

manuel castells

What’s even more annoying than the blather from the world renowned professor of sociology, is the state news agency YLE using it’s tax payer funded ‘reporting’ as a thin veil to inflict political damage against the Finns party. Now I have certain issues with the Finns Party, but that said, they are not the racist-fascist ogres they’re made out to be by the mainstream media here.

The following interview by YLE of the visiting, Manuel Castells, was full of mind numbing softball questions by a nameless journalist (that’s how they do things at YLE), who pretty much got what she wanted. That being, an ‘interview’ with a famous personality, and a chance to trash Timo Soini’s Finns party.

The first 50 seconds is about Finnish competitiveness in the global market, it’s not able to sustain the welfare state during the present downswing in its domestic anemic expansion of the economy. True. But he’s not against the welfare state itself which is a major drag on economic expansion and creativity.

Q: What should Finland do?

Castells: Well the more important thing is to continue to invest in education, quality research and innovation systems.

That’s fine and dandy, but education alone is not the single most requirement for growing an economy, you need economic freedom, meaning the reduction in taxes, scaling back of economic stifling regulations, making it easier to start up business, and reward success (protection of private property rights). Castells is clueless or ideologically opposed to it, as is the neo-statist National Coalition and its PM, Jyrkki Katainen.

He continues:

Castells: You missed in the global innovations systems, look what happened to Nokia, you missed the smartphones market?

Bad descision making in the board rooms of Nokia, true. But as in all business, evaluating trends and market shares is hit and miss, but Nokia did indeed blow it, but that’s a problem of CEO management, not the country itself, if they had chosen to plunge into the smartphone technology, the Finland’s innovation systems would still be unchanged today. I fail to see the connection of what one business does, and the country as a whole.

Castells: What Finland is missing is entrepreneurship

Again, that goes back to the massive funding of the welfare state, and the regulations imposed upon businesses to foot bills for the individual worker as well as the mandatory minimum wage. All business burners, especially the high corporate and personal taxes. This guy is only offering platitudes in addressing real problems.

Castells: The government needs to supply more ‘investment into the arts”

(Read= redistribute more private wealth to those whom the geniuses in government deem worthy of support, instead of the free market deciding for the consumer instead). Statism 101, they know best.

He goes on to say that

”Finns fear a global economy, and that they have a strong national identity, and that’s good and no one is going to take that away from you”. But then: at the same time you have to be open to the world, you can’t fear jumping into the global economy will destroy your culture.”

This is totally a strawman argument, no one that I know of is fearing a loss of their culture because of mixing it up with the global economy, but the influx of mass number of low-to-no skill level labor into a welfare state centered economy. This is something that the crackpot professor openly advocates, massive immigration, like it’s supposedly responsible for success of silicon valley. Duh.

Q: What about the rise of the True Finns

Castells: This has been a very bad factor for the reputation of Finland in the world. I think to have  a very xenophobic party with that level of support in the country is a very serious indicator as in other countries in Scandinavia. As in Norway and to a lesser extent in Sweden and in Denmark, is a very worrisome in Scandinavia in general and in Finland in particular to be a civilized country, to be tolerant and to be open.

This jerk is an elitist EU statist hack professor, long on intolerant verbiage towards those who reject the top-down centralized power structure of the EU, and those who control it. That’s what he is hot and bothered about. He wants democratic despotism, no accountability in government, and representational democracy in name only. An EU cheerleader who knows nothing about nor cares for individual sovereignty, a rejectionist of the enlightenment itself.

Castells goes on to say that it’s worrisome for these kinds of parties to be represented in parliament, and for Finland and the world at large. But big top-down soviet style centralized government with a legion of bureuacrats and svengalis behind the scenes pulling the levers of power according to the machinations of those ”who know better” the philosopher-kings and their court jesters, well that’s the way things should be apparently.

He also believes that ‘The South’ are not to blame for their financial problems, and that Finns and others in ‘The North’ should just open up the purse strings and continuously feed the bureaucracies of the south until they say its enough, which they never will. And to think that a supposedly conservative party, let alone its acting Prime Minister brought this guy to Finland, and paid 700 000 euros for a BUNCH OF STATIST CRAPOLA, is just too much to bear. What a disgrace.

Video viewable here.

collapsing EU



School books are faulty, check. Misogynist clothing, check. Indoctrination with a destructive monoculture ideology in a language they don’t understand, check again. Islam good, Christianity bad, check. Dirt poor but happy , check.

NOTE: And the very same dunces writing and publishing this tripe will tell you that the prime motivation of Islamic terrorism is, you guessed it, …..poverty.

H/T: Vasarahammer

talking point stupidity finland koran important book 14.5.2013

The author is a freelance journalist.

Aamulehti: Muslim school students learn the basics of Islam at the age of six. Prayers are arranged daily.

Lempäälä’s English lecturer Marja-Leena Tavi went on to retire in the fall of 2012 upon becoming a volunteer teacher in Indonesia for three months at a Muslim school on the island of Java. The long-term dream came true through the International Voluntary Service Association.

SD Muhammadiyah School is located in the small village  in the middle of rice, chilli and walnut crops, surrounded by volcanoes. The endless road there goes through the village. The traffic is chaotic, more motorcycles than cars, and no one follows the rules.

Of the thousand of inhabitants in the village the school has 130 primary school pupils. It is maintained by Indonesia’s second largest Islamic group, Muhammadiyah, the organization, which maintains schools, hospitals, and universities.

– There was a reception committee, when I came to visit the school. Everyone was very friendly.

In a Muslim school one dresses modestly – long skirts, long sleeves, is open at the neck, no sandals. Female Teachers wear a head scarf, girls as well.


The school studied, among other things, religion, Arabic, mathematics, science, Indonesian and Javan language and English.

– I taught English for five days a week. Sometimes it was a bit frustrating when the text books contained a lot of mistakes. I would like to use a computer, but the internet connection was missing.

Religion has a very important role. Each lesson to begin and end in prayer, in Arabic and the Koran verses. The little one recited them from memory and from big page of the Qur’an. At noon is the most important prayer. Then all will go to their own schools at the mosque, also girls, whose place is at the back of the mosque. Girls put on long robes, in addition to scarves .

Islam is the only religion to them.

– “Islam good, Kristen not good,” enlightened one class of girls to me.

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It’s called rewarding failure.

Unfair competition results from the collusion of the state (with taxpayer money) with select businesses favored to receive subsidies from the public trough. Considered too big to fail, miserable business practices are bailed out at the consumers’ expense. This is how the free market is compromised on a regular basis.

It matters little who’s in power, all sides know how to play the game and enrich themselves in the process. It’s why we see career politicians worth millions of dollars/euros, only to end up in cozy business arrangements once they leave public office. It’s sick.

NOTE: These same journalists begging for public money, are the exact same ones who make fun of independent blogger/journalists asking for donations from their readers. With our practices being the moral of the two.

H/T: Vasarahammer


Savon Sanoma editor-in-chief: The state should support newspaper distribution

Saturday 11/05/2013 at 04:46

Savon Sanomat’s editor in chief, Jari Tourunen suggests that the state should support the paper’s distribution.

Tourunen presented a proposal in a column in Saturday’s Savon Sanomat.

Tourunen said that the government needs to look at the situation of the media, including newspapers, the VAT increase and YLE’s new financing have changed the position of the papers.

– Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen’s government has made some unfortunate decisions that arguably undermine the comprehensive exchange of information in Finland.

Keskisuomalainen EIC, Pekka Mervola, suggested on Thursday that in order for there to be versatility in the media, a portion of the subsidy in Yle’s fee should be collected for the news agency STT’s activities.

Central Finnish Corporation, the publisher of the Keskisuomalainen and Savon Sanomat is one of the owners of the STT-Lehtikuva.

Source: Savon Sanomat




Pathetic and stupid media.

The Finnish tabloids Iltalehti and Iltasanomt failed miserably to definitively state the driving motivation of the two Chechen brothers, in spite of all the evidence available. The Iltasanomat chose to laughably label the younger brother ‘‘An all American Kid”, while the Iltalehti openly wonders what drove him to commit heinous acts of murder and mayhem.

What do you need, a photo of Tsarnaev in full jihadi regalia?

boston bomber truly reprents

NOTE: It’s why I call them the fake media, they’re more interested in narrative than in the facts to the story.

H/T & links: Vasarahammer.

finnish media on boston bombers 21.4.2013



Finnish media brick walls the statement as usual.


Within a normal representative democracy, with all the checks and balances in working order, political bureaucratic hacks like Ollie Rehn would have lost their jobs ages ago. With a professional media doing its job, instead of being a cheerleader for these big government institutions, Rehn’s actions would have been thoroughly investigated from all the different angles, and action taken.

Yet year after year, Ollie Rehn sits in his commission without any serious challenges or investigative questions from the media, nor from the domestic political establishment. Here in Finland, what’s more important is that it’s a Finn who has been given a high profile commission, not what he’s been doing with it.

It infuriates me to no end that moments such as this one captured in the video below that took place in the EU parliament, gets absolutely no mention whatsoever in the Finnish media. It’s as if it never occurred if the Finnish fake media doesn’t report it. That speaks greatly of their disgusting cowardly self censorship.



Real sh*t journalism on display in Finland.

It’s interesting to learn that the near assassination of a fellow journalist in nearby Denmark doesn’t raise much of a stir in the Finnish headlines, but a couple of miscreants parading as journalists who (by the way are the same ones who assaulted a gentlemen’s club in Helsinki, for their campaign to highlight women’s rights in lieu of the Helsinki University student paper’s 100 year anniversary) crap their pants and write about it…does.

finnish journalist shit pants 6.2.2013

Fecal heads: Vappu Kaarenoja and Rämö Aurora

H/T: Vasarahammer

fecal headed Finnish journalists defecate on bus 6.2.2013

Women journalists deliberately crap their pants on bus – company furious over damages

Ylioppilaslehti newspaper editor in chief, Vappu Kaarenoja (left), 25, succeeded after a long effort to poo in her pants. Ylioppilaslehti newspaper subeditor Rämö Aurora (right) managed to be the first to defecate in her pants on the bus.

The bus company is considering action against the two female Ylioppilaslehti journalists for intentionally defecating in their pants.

The newspaper report by the student magazine’s editor in chief on pants defecation while on the bus greatly iratated the bus company.

– It was obscene once and for all. Really tasteless trick and really tasteless writing, said Vainio’s (bus company) traffic CEO, Matti Vainio.

The Student newspaper editor and journalist Vappu Kaarenoja Aurora Rämö described in detail in the magazine’s 100th anniversary issue, what it feels like to defecate in your pants on a bus traveling from Helsinki to Turku .

The concrete tone of the writing, there is no reason to doubt that the act had taken place. The bus company, the damage is already done.

– This is extra work for us. And this certainly isn’t a cure for bus passenger comfort, the idea that someone has shit his pants on the seat.

More here at the Iltasanomat

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Finnish journalism 101

No one has the right to break the privacy of a private club or someone’s home for that matter, and violate the rights of another. Doing so is thuggery. (Leftist utopians in action usually involves the violation of other’s rights in one form or another) Besides, freedom to organize and associate is a fundamental right, if women want an all ”female club” go for it, private societies are free to pick and choose its own members for whatever their own reasons.

NOTE: This is what modern day journalism school develops: feeble minded totalitarian nut-jobs who will in fact, be counted on to use their pens to advance their own ideologies and causes. They haven’t a clue that they violated their own profession’s ethics code, as well as fundamental civil liberties. Here’s the article translated by myself, and the vid.

ylioppilainen staff violate private male only club 5.2.2012

Here’s the video they took of their invasion of private property and violation of individual civil liberties. And they wonder why they don’t allow women in.

End of the staircase is a sturdy, wooden door. It’s locked. Will we now fail?

Nope: footsteps are heard, the door opens.

“Hey,” said a female staff member looking at us stunned.

“Hey,” we say as we don our balaclavas over our faces.

Then we press the play button, and the mahogany-colored furniture in the apartment filled with silence is broken with loud punk music. Almost immediately we hear a sharp cry – the Pörssi (Exchange) Club boss is right behind us.

The direction is clear, and now are in a hurry: towards the club’s Library room.

Bourse Club is a gentlemen’s club. Men can have lunch at the club and exchange news. There they are speaking about important things. In fact, the most important of them: money and power.

Club director Michael Nyman has praised in the Tulva-Journal that the membership are representatives from all Finland’s success stories, from Stora Enso to Nokia.

“There are presidents, ministers, and a lot of foreign and domestic leading characters,” Nyman said five years ago.

Member’s list is a secret, but for example, the club’s board chairman Juhani Mäkinen has eight on the board of, such as Fazer and Lemminkäinen. Iltalehti last spring informed that membership is about 1 500, and the number is growing all the time.

The club was founded in 1910 – three years before Yliopistolehti magazine. These are the times.

In fact,  initially Ylioppilaslehti magazine was a kind of gentlemen’s club. The magazine had a long history of mostly angry young men. Gradually, more and more women began to be paid for articles and receive monthly wages.

Until the 1980s, then it started getting interested in feminism and women published on real women’s  issues. Throughout the 2000s, the situation has been that the majority of the magazine are women.

Bourse Club has not seen similar changes, although the club’s web page says that “tradition will remain but the activities are adapted continuously to the demands of today and future challenges.”

In Finland, a woman can be a minister or the Governor of the Bank Finland, but the women being accepted by the Bourse Club is still considered to be too great “by today’s standards.”

“The current view is an accordance with the will of the membership,” Chairman of the Board Mäkinen says on the phone.

In spite of the Bourse Club members only allows access to men, the club’s premises are visited by women. The club has a restaurant, where a member can bring followers to lunch, regardless of gender. Women can admire the dignity of breaths in the atmosphere of the club, and a clump of red carpet – but not one woman must set foot in. The library space is dedicated only to gentlemen.

Last spring, YLE asked the club manager Michael Nyman, whether it would be time to move on to include women members. Nyman, dodging, said that women are indeed welcome as guests.

“As club leader I must say that it is always very nice when a few women come here to the club as a guest, so I have something to delight the eye,” he said.

Ylioppilaslehti  (Student Paper) decided to delight with a visit.

We are in the Library!

“Silence!” Is written on  plaque hanging on the wall in the room. The music roars.

The self-crafted balaclava has spun on the subeditor’s head, but from the second eye can detect the Pörssi Club director’s angry look. Director adheres firmly to the left arm of the hooligan and covers with the right hand the video camera.

The journalist sits in the leather chair in the middle of the room, which has been part of the rumor. Mannerheim had at sometime sat there, maybe. The journalist waves her legs. Crying intermittently with slogans. There are three of us and I have a feeling that director can not decide what he should do next.

We start to creep around. The editor is running from the club leader escaping around the white-covered tables, table cloths with a deer in snow field.


The director pushs toward the outer door and grabs another en route by the arm. Out of the grip, toward the staircase!

“Go home children and grow up,” he shouted after us when we leave by the stairway.

Less than a minute-long women’s uninvited visit to the Bourse Club is over.

Yes we are going to grow up at some point in adulthood. But how long before the Bourse Club grows up?

Ayn Rand on citizen disobedience:

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UPDATE: And they were right

I won’t bother with any of the details of the interview, seeing that the Finnish state broadcaster on its morning show couldn’t come up with at least one Romney supporter to supply an opposing view. They all trashed the US and pimped for Obama, and in the closing moments of the segment were asked who they thought would win, and all joyously exclaimed…Obama!

The Three Dopes:

 Marko Steinberg, Nely Keinänen and Pamela Kaskinen