I have my issues with MP Alexander Stubb, everyone who reads this blog regularly knows that’s the case. What happened to him the other day however, at the hands of malcontent and miscreant students at the Great Banquet Hall at the University of Helsinki, was beyond the pale.

No one has the right to impede or shout down the speech of someone with whom you disagree. Here’s an excerpt from philosopher, Ayn Rand, on the subject:

….there is no justification, in a civilized society, for the kind of mass civil disobedience that involves the violation of the rights of others—regardless of whether the demonstrators’ goal is good or evil. The end does not justify the means. No one’s rights can be secured by the violation of the rights of others. Mass disobedience is an assault on the concept of rights: it is a mob’s defiance of legality as such.

They’ve a long tradition in taking over public spaces, even have a plaque honoring it at the university itself.

helsinki university take over

What yesterday’s brouhaha was all about:

“The Ministry of Finance has specifically proposed huge cuts in education, science at the University of Helsinki. Of course it is in drastic conflict, even with common sense, understandably, that the Finance Minister Stubb would hold an anniversary seminar in the closing speech. He is not welcome in the University of Helsinki. “


Protesters tried to shout down Stubb into silence at college – police removed protesters from banquet hall

The demonstration at the University of Helsinki to try to stop Alex Stubb's speech.

Demonstrators at the University of Helsinki tried to stop Alex Stubb from speaking. Jaakko Lyytinen

Protesters loudly opposed the education cuts by the Minister of Finance, Alexander Stubb, (National Coalition Party) today at a conference in the University of Helsinki. The police removed some of the protesters from the hall. The Minister made his speech, although the uproar caused a disturbance.

The situation today, in the early evening at the University of Helsinki:

A group of protesters – students, post-graduate students and staff – to shout and sing in the lobby.

The aim is to “prevent” Finance Minister Alexander Stubb (National Coalition Party) voice in the adjoining held in the University Hall ceremony. Science world’s best seminar decides University of Helsinki, 375-year anniversary.

The noise the demonstration has been taken because of the Government’s education cuts threaten demonstrators believes that the University’s activities and adult education.

The noise is loud all the time.

The lobby is full of people:

Protesters thronged the main building of the University in the lobby outside the hall speech.
Protesters thronged the main building of the University in the lobby outside the hall.

From time to time the University assembly hall door opens, with someone entering and exiting. Then the cry and beating gets even harder, says journalist Jutta Sarhimaa who was there.

More here (in Finnish).


Stop lecturing us, you have absolutely no moral nor rational leg to stand on.

Before opening your mouth, it pays to find out exactly who these people are before you let them into your country. The re-engineering of the civil society is not up to a handful of masterminds and geniuses, it’s up to the people themselves. The prime duty of any Western government is the protection of their civil societies, not the treating of it as a grab bag for socialist utopian experimentation.

How dare you lecture us on the importation of legends of people who have nothing in common with our values and way of life. It’s also well worth mulling over the strength of your logic, are we to be pressured by you and your ilk into accepting an undetermined mass number of Muslims, and what if they just keep coming? What about the tens of millions that will come if you keep the doors open?

What about Christianity in Finland in general, what if allowing a steady stream of Muslims into the country comes at the expense of Christian belief and values of every day Finns (and it will)? This is the problem with Church leaders who are far removed from logic and reason and human history. They’re as radical and detached from reality as the average Leftist radical shouting and banging their drums in the streets.

Archbishop’s powerful statement: “What happened to the Finland, which we are accustomed to?”Image

  • – Integration does not only apply to those coming here. It concerns us all. It is the integration of a new reality, says the Archbishop.

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen has said to the council in his speech that it is misleading to talk of Europe or the Finnish refugee crisis.

– The crisis is there, where people are forced to flee from. Gone is the fear, hopelessness, and stories that are sad and unbelievable. In light of that there’s no crisis. It is unreasonable to talk about a crisis here, and in such a way to make seeking protection as the cause of the crisis, Mäkinen said in his speech.

In the Archbishop’s view, Finland or Europe should not close its borders to safeguard applicants for, as it will only increase the emergence of illegal and inhuman abuses.

 [TT: Apparently he doesn’t know that the vast amount of people coming into the country are men of fighting age, and are not real refugees/asylum seekers, he has access to the internet as much as I do. These are benefit seekers the moment they left the port of entry for elsewhere.]

– It is more important now to create safe and legal routes to Europe, says Mäkinen.

[TT: The Hijra-Jihad is to be given the green light  according to this genius. Nothing it seems will be enough to persuade him otherwise.]

According to the Archbishop,  the arrival of asylum seekers understandably arouse the fears and uncertainty in Finland and in Europe.

– Many understand that there is not a state of emergency here, but a new European and Finnish normal situation. I am not be surprised if it raises threats and uncertainty and fears. What happened to the Finland, which we are accustomed? I recognize the uncertainty in oneself, too. But I am sure that the uncertainty and fear in the reception centers and on European roads, is many times more, Mäkinen said.

[TT: The fact is, our fears are justifiable fears, the ones grounded on personal experience, actual facts, upon verifiable stories even reported in the main stream media. No, it’s the Archbishop’s passive naiviety and tomfoolery, the playing around with people’s lives and their civil society that should be in question here, not us.]

He stressed the importance of hope and encouragement.

– Integration does not only apply to those coming here. It concerns us all. It is the integration of a new reality, in which those seeking security and a place to live, are in many ways the wounded, but also people with a wide range of skills and experience, are part of our everyday life, and a part of us, Mäkinen said.

The archbishop recalled that “there is no separate Finnish and foreigners”.

– It is only the people God created and a redeemed people, he said.

NOTE: He’s totally detached from reality. All this guy has to do is to look at Sweden and see the immense social and economic dislocation these type of utopian re-engineering of society has caused, but no, like all statist minded dopes, he rejects human experience and clings to the vision of how he wants things to be, not what they actually are.

Source UusiSuomi (TT translated) H/T: Kumitonttu


Most likely the reason why the Russians let her go, “leave Russia alone or face long term sentence, screw around with the West only”.

Sini Saarela kalterikopissa

These are the no-growthers, throwbacks to the middle ages who want to dictate to us how we are to live. Being emboldened by current political crackpot, pseudoscience glo-bull warming momentum, they actually board vessels to draw attention to that ”dirty” fossil fuel people badly need for their electricity.

Greenpeace activists divert Helsinki-bound coal ship

Early Sunday morning the environmental activist group Greenpeace managed to board and get a coal-carrying freighter on its way from St. Petersburg to change its course before arriving to Helsinki harbour.


After several hours, the m/s Alppila was able to reach Helsinki at around 2 pm on Sunday. As the massive freighter approached the harbour, Greenpeace activists in kayaks blocked the vessel. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

Early Sunday morning Greenpeace activists approached the Finnish-flagged m/s Alppila freighter in an inflatable boat. One of Greenpeace’s better-known activists, Sini Saarela, managed to climb her way aboard the vessel.

After several hours, the Alppila was able to reach Helsinki at around 2 pm on Sunday. As the massive freighter approached the harbour, Greenpeace activists in kayaks blocked the vessel.

Police detained nine activists who were taken to the Pasila police station for questioning.

After a similar ship-boarding demonstration in Russian waters two years ago, Saarela was charged with hooliganism and sat in a Russian jail cell for months.

Group wants city to stop using coal

Greenpeace said it carried out the action because it wants the city of Helsinki to make a clear decision about how and when the city plans to phase out the use of coal and to shift to renewable energy.

The environmental organisation says it would like to see the city shut down all of its coal plants in order to pave the way for new forms of energy.

Currently coal power provides roughly half of the city’s energy requirments.

Citing a TNS Gallup poll, Greenpeace says that 77 percent of Helsinki residents support a transition to renewable energy.

“The opinion of Helsinki residents is so clear that there is no reason to hesistate,” Greenpeace’s Laura Meller stated in a press release.

“Coal power is not something that belongs in modern cities,” she stated.



How about the bad image that Muslim settlers on the hijra jihad in and around Europe have created all by themselves?

tard battalion

In Finland, the term used to describe people at the forefront of the open borders movement who fling themselves (and by default  the rest of society) into the asylum seeker tar-baby, are called “suvaki” (suvaitsevaisuus/tolerance), Finnish slang for those who sanctimoniously beat their chests in showing their “tolerance”.

In a civil society toleration is a good thing, but when done by radicals as a knee-jerk response to anything and everything that they (the Left) wants to shove at society, then it becomes a detrimental ideology and a de facto threat to the civil society. Here is a case in point.

NOTE: Normally I would take time to debunk this nonsense, but it’s so plain to all, and I trust my readers to read between the lines, and laugh out loud.

We tolerate! – Suvakit regret the unilateral obtained asylum seekers images

The refugee crisis causes unfortunate row between Suvakkis and opponents. Opponents told their thoughts in the last paper, now it’s the Suvakis turn.

 Pekka Häyhä and Leena Nicolaou are professing tolerant people.

I’ve always advocated multiculturalism as a resource. Now is a situation where people are in particular need of assistance, because they are in distress, says Häyhä.

Häyhä has done relief work in Helsinki, Africa and in neighboring countries. He does not admit to being an extremist suvaki. Nicolaou admits with a laugh that had not even heard of before the whole suvakki designation. Flower Hatted Aunties or Daisy Maids are words, which are also used to describe Suvakis.

BOTH recognize Finland’s tight financial situation. The Finns are concerned about the wellbeing of the elderly, the unemployed and education. Why shouldn’t these problems be dealt with first?

– Finland’s problems have been known for a long time, Nicolaou exclaims and adds:

– Why didn’t they take care of them prior to this refugee crisis? Our problems shouldn’t be the refugees’ fault.

Häyhä agrees. He believes that Finns need to help refugees in the best way that they can, at the same time taking care of the vulnerable in society. The man is particularly concerned about youth unemployment, which affects both immigrants and the host society as well.

– We must invest in the training of young immigrants, which would benefit the entire society.

Nicolaou who for over twenty years has done relief work  is convinced of the refugees readiness.

– Doing nothing will be costly. By working they are useful to themselves and to society.

Both say that the refugee crisis has come as a surprise to Finns. Finland did not have any time to prepare for the arrival of refugees, because society is wrestling with internal problems. Both stress that information and assistance should be initiated as early as possible.

– Only now are they looking for a route in solving the refugee crisis, says Nicolaou.

-Yes, aid workers and those needing assistance have been confused by the situation, says Nicolaou who helped the Kivilahti asylum seekers.

Häyhä believes that refugees should be informed about the Finnish society, customs and laws as early as possible. Here’s how to avoid conflicts, to which many people refer to in the refugee debate.

– Foreigners can be foreigners, while Finnish culture is nurtured. We need to respect each other’s cultures.

PART OF FINNS are afraid for their safety, once a a reception center is set up in a small community, and foreigners can be seen more on the town’s streets. They fear that the influx of refugees bring with them crime and other unpleasant side effects. Häyhä says that he understands people’s concerns, the asylum seeker men come from cultures where women dress and movement is limited. Nicolaou believes that worry is unnecessary:

– My three sons have grown up in Greek culture with immense respect for a woman.The mother is not dared to be talked back to. A woman is not touched without her permission.

Foreigners have not harassed them either, even though both have spent long periods abroad, and have done volunteer work with foreigners in Finland.

– The problems may be exacerbated in more rural areas, which are not used to foreign people, says Häyhä.

– In larger cities, foreigners do not stand out so much in the street scene.

Nicolaou believes that extreme negative cases are reported in the news.

– Each basket has a rotten apple. Both foreigners and Finns.

Häyhä is unimpressed when told the news of sad cases in which people create a one-sided picture of foreigners. Positive things should be told more.

– Fortunately, it has been observed that immigrants would correct the sustainability gap resulting from the aging of our population, says Häyhä.

THE SUVAKIS both agree that Finns are a tolerant people.

– There is nobody out there walking around on the street, carrying an “I’m a suvakki” -sign, says Nicolaou.

– Most are tolerant deep down, Häyhä believes..

Volunteers for crisis relief is needed more. Now, the work rests on the shoulders of certain groups. Nicolaou says that the Finns did not dare to ask for and provide assistance, but helpers are found, when they are asked – also people of Äänekoski.

XENOPHOBIA should be gotten rid of according to Nicolaou.

– Oh, you can question, to be concerned about and reflect upon the situation, but you shouldn’t be crude. No one should be allowed to call someone a monkey or to spit on people.

Häyhä and Nicolaou would like to see more everyday meeting places where Finns and foreigners could meet with each other. Prejudice is lessened in this way, where interaction  of Finns and foreigners increase.

– I’ve always believed in the goodness of people. If you treat others well, so they too will treat us well, says Häyhä.





Imbecillus Maximus


NOTE: If only that his claims were the case, but they’re not. Remember also that, anything to do with Islam and “interfaith”, has everything to do with pushing the muslim ideology, using every known gripe and complaint, and Western sense of fair play against the non-Muslims themselves. I’ve run into these dumbbells in one too many an occasion.

H/T: Vasara Hammer: This “information” comes from Heikki Huttunen who is very active in interfaith dialogue. He’s an Orthodox priest known for his interfaith activities. He is also a maroon.”

“Two-thirds of asylum applicants Christians”

Statistically, the religious affiliations of asylum seekers is difficult to determine, because the Finnish Immigration Service does not compile statistics. Information received by Huttunen, as many as two-thirds of the visitors to Finland so far, have been asylum seekers with Christian religious beliefs.



This took place in Kamppi Square on the Western side of Helsinki.

finnish leftist fascist

Is this one of Leftist radical, Jani Leinonen’s students from his “School of Disobedience“?

“Leftist indoctrination of the youth continues, with state funded anti-American propaganda clap trap.”

finnish leftist indoctrination-center

Via: Eero Tillanen

“This is what a “Well Wishers” think are ” LEGITIMATE ” actions against us, “violent racists, fascists and nazis”! We Patriotic Finns condemn any such provocations and political violence.”


A hard core feminist lesbian (now living in Sweden) who spends her time vilifying the male world but wants to dress up like them.

No nation could survive, as a nation, with tens of thousands of migrants from all corners of the Muslim world, let alone a million of them, without balkanizing and and eventually fragmenting into different parts. This woman is clearly an ultra-internationalist (hard core Marxist), the other end of the Leftist political spectrum of the ultra-nationalists (Fascists).

She couldn’t care less about the damage such buffoonery would have on the populace and its economy, nor on future generations yet to be born that will have to manage the mess jackasses like her leave for them. Unbelieveable.

This is why Leftism/statism and neo-statism are to be placed under the label of ideologies. They are not based upon fact, reason, logic and human experience. Classical liberalism, based upon the enlightenment, are all of those things just mentioned, and therefore, is a philosophy of life, not ideology. The former is not utopian influenced, it knows its foundations and where it’s carefully going, the latter is utopian influenced, and cannot articulate what kind of existence they are creating, because its reactionary, with the end goal always in flux.


“Rosenberg believes that Finland could easily take in a million asylum-seekers.”

“Forests and villages are more than enough. Finland is now receiving a fraction of the people who are fleeing war in the world. And it is worth remembering that every sixth resident in Sweden is born abroad.”

HS H/T: Jussi Halla-aho on FB.

NOTE: Cluebat for Rosenberg, the existence of homosexuals within muslim communities are endangered species. One could accurately label her a homophobe for what she’s proposing. Because the Left no longer adhere, nor honor the enlightenment, they treat our modern societies advances like toilet paper.


He’s also advising the current Finnish Prime Minister.

This is the bureaucratic hack who’s working against pro-Israel voices in the (state) Lutheran Church, and now we find out that he’s acceptable to the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation to head one of their funded agencies under the auspices of the UN.

NOTE: He’s anti-Israel, so he must be already sharia compliant enough (read = dhimmi stooge) for the OIC to select him to the post. And as the headline shows, he sticks to failed memes like a fly to wet paint.

The Prime Minister’s special representative: “Isis is recruiting loners, asylum seekers need to get to work at once”

Antti Pentikainen met with representatives of the Government of the Government Palace in Helsinki. He, the EU should make already more than mere declarations on the Mediterranean crisis.
Antti Pentikainen met with representatives of the Government at the Government Palace in Helsinki. According to him, the EU should already be making more than mere declarations on the Mediterranean crisis.

Pentikainen has had an action packed week in the Prime Ministers entourage. He was involved, among other things, in the EU’s Prime Ministers’ meeting in Brussels and at the end of the week, he traveled back to New York, where he lives with his family.

Pentikainen is on leave from his position of Executive Director of Finn Church Aid. He started in the spring, in New York, as director of a three-year job as the leader of a religious and traditional community leaders network.

The network set up by UN and the OIC, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, supports peace work, inter alia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

“Recently, it has been noted that there is no conflict that is able to be solved at the national level. What’s more effective is their settlement at the grassroots level, in religious and tribal communities.”



The mediocrity that we have in government crosses all political lines and borders, it’s everywhere.

On the one hand they admit to a systemic +200 000 unemployed in a country of five million. The same geniuses then gladly import tens of thousands of tribal muslim settlers from Iraq that add to the national debt, and who are now being seen as the “jackpot” in filling open positions in the job market (though none speak either Finnish or even English and will take years and lots of money to complete) but won’t be able to fill any of these positions any time soon.

NOTE: It’s a classic example of ideology trumping human experience, reason and logic in pursuit of utopian goals.

Ensimmäiset turvapaikanhakijat saapuivat Tornion järjestelykeskukseen tiistaina.

Poverty in Finland on rise

Despite the fact that poverty in Finland has been dropping for the past 20 years, a new study from the University of Turku shows that the number of poor in the country is on the rise and the gap between rich and poor is widening.

Nuori odottaa te-palveluita
Young person waiting at an employment office. Finnish text on the floor reads “wait here.” File photo.Image: Antti Kolppo / Yle

A new study says that one in ten Finns are poor and that the gap between the very rich and those living in poverty is on the increase. A social policy professor at the University of Turku, Veli-Matti Ritakallio says that those especially hard hit by poverty are families with children, single parents and people who live on their own.

“Money running out a few days before the next payout day is typical for a poor family,” Riitakallio says. “Bills remain unpaid and the personal economic situation becomes more difficult to handle.”

Also young adults are hit particularly hard, he says.

“In the past young adulthood was seen as an opportunity to get a job, start a family and buy an apartment,” he says. “The future seemed appealing. Now, young adulthood is seen as a societal risk.”

One reason behind the increase in poverty, Riitakallio says, is the cost of housing.



Finland is filled with these jackass profs who think money grows on trees.

Teivainen happens to also be one of these flat earth de-growthers, who wants to turn developed countries into 3rd world backwaters. What piece of filth. Time to debunk the Green movement for what it is, anti-enlightenment, de-growth, wealth distribution marxism.

Professor: Finland being branded “Finno-Ugric hickville”

A professor of world politics at the University of Helsinki has levelled criticism at recent events contributing to what he sees as Finland’s tarnished reputation. He says that both domestic and foreign policy choices have recently upset many and compromised the country’s credibility.

Helsingin yliopiston maailmapolitiikan professori Teivo Teivainen.

Professor of global politics Teivo Teivainen. Image: Yle

Helsinki University world politics professor Teivo Teivainen says that Finland’s decision to cut contributions to the United Nations environmental UNEP programme by six million euros and to halve funding to other UN organisations has smeared Finland’s reputation.

The loss of credibility is also directly related to Finland’s attitude towards immigrants, he says.

“We are slipping away from being perceived as a tolerant, affluent Nordic family due to these recent incidents,” Teivainen said on Yle’s morning TV programme on Monday.

“It seems like we’re branding Finland as some kind of Finno-Ugric hick town.”

Further dents in the country’s image include its scratch vote on the European Commisison’s plan to relocate asylum-seekers across the EU and recent racist protests against refugees.

“We are fast approaching the same black hole with our attitude towards immigrants as Hungary,” says Teivainen. “Finland’s combined domestic and foreign policy is not looking good. Finland’s reputation has been destroyed quite effectively.”

The label of backwardness is more than a cosmetic flaw, he says, adding that how a country reacts to others in crisis is reflected in the support it will later receive if faced with a crisis of its own.

“When we ourselves face distress – whether financial, military or from a natural disaster – then we’ll the consequences of our actions,” Teivainen warned.




And with nothing better to do, and to prove freedom of speech does not have any standing here in Finland, Finnish police “track down” moonbat in US Democrat costume and consider hate speech charges.

Police track down KKK-robed protester, considering whether to press charges

Noin kymmenen ihmistä osoitti mieltään turvapaikanhakijoiden tuloa vastaan Hennalan ex-varuskunnan portilla Lahdessa.

Police say they have determined the identity of a man who donned an outfit resembling the garb of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan organisation. The man participated in a riotous demonstration protesting the arrival of asylum seeker families in Lahti last Thursday night. Police say they are still considering whether to bring charges for public agitation and defiling the Finnish flag against the 19 year-old man.

More here.


Why weren’t these miscreants and malcontents removed and arrested by by the police?

Oh, but there students, one of the protected species by the government. This kind of stupidity has a long tradition here (unfortunately), the former Finnish FM, Erkki Tuomioja cut his political teeth in the same kind of stunt.

erkki tuomioja 60 radical3

NOTE: No mention by YLE of the illegality of a “takeover”, and you can rest assured that the university staff were all apart of it as well.

Record University of Helsinki building takeover ends

Organisers who occupied the Porthania building say the occupation was the longest university takeover in Finnish history at nine days. Occupiers left the building at 6 pm on Saturday.

helsingin yliopisto Porthania.
After more than a week, the student demonstrators left Porthania on Saturday evening. Image: Timo Huovinen / Yle

Students occupied the Porthania building of the University of Helsinki on September 18 and stayed until 6 pm on Saturday night. The building’s superintendent says the occupation went smoothly throughout.

Organisers say their nine-day stretch, which began after the thousands-strong labour demonstration in and around the Railway Square, is the longest academic occupation in the history of Finland. During their stay – in itself a demonstration against the government’s proposed university cuts – the occupiers organised musical performances and panel discussions.

The organisers say they would support an education system-wide strike as well as extending it to a general strike.


Philosopher Ayn Rand:

Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience may be justifiable, in some cases, when and if an individual disobeys a law in order to bring an issue to court, as a test case. Such an action involves respect for legality and a protest directed only at a particular law which the individual seeks an opportunity to prove to be unjust. The same is true of a group of individuals when and if the risks involved are their own.

But there is no justification, in a civilized society, for the kind of mass civil disobedience that involves the violation of the rights of others—regardless of whether the demonstrators’ goal is good or evil. The end does not justify the means. No one’s rights can be secured by the violation of the rights of others. Mass disobedience is an assault on the concept of rights: it is a mob’s defiance of legality as such.

The forcible occupation of another man’s property or the obstruction of a public thoroughfare is so blatant a violation of rights that an attempt to justify it becomes an abrogation of morality. An individual has no right to do a “sit-in” in the home or office of a person he disagrees with—and he does not acquire such a right by joining a gang. Rights are not a matter of numbers—and there can be no such thing, in law or in morality, as actions forbidden to an individual, but permitted to a mob.

The only power of a mob, as against an individual, is greater muscular strength—i.e., plain, brute physical force. The attempt to solve social problems by means of physical force is what a civilized society is established to prevent. The advocates of mass civil disobedience admit that their purpose is intimidation. A society that tolerates intimidation as a means of settling disputes—the physical intimidation of some men or groups by others—loses its moral right to exist as a social system, and its collapse does not take long to follow.

Politically, mass civil disobedience is appropriate only as a prelude to civil war—as the declaration of a total break with a country’s political institutions.


Dirt dumb.

“Kiander bases his assessment on the assumption that the employment rate among immigrants would rise to match that of Finns by the year 2030.”

Everywhere around Europe and in the United States, huge numbers of migrants are living off the dole. Importing people into Finland (and throughout the rest of the West) with a welfare state there to prop them up, is state suicide. Once all the money runs out, chaos ensues and collapse of the society not far off.

20100507 HELSINKI: EDUSKUNTA, LUENTOSALI: kuulemistilaisuus Kreikan kriisistä Asiantuntijapaneelissa ovat mukana: - Suuren valiokunnan puheenjohtaja Erkki TUOMIOJA - Talousasioiden alivaltiosihteeri Jukka PEKKARINEN, valtioneuvoston kanslia - Alivaltiosihteeri Martti HETEMÄKI, valtiovarainministeriö - Osastopäällikkö Tuomas SAARENHEIMO, Suomen Pankki - Johtaja Jaakko KIANDER, Palkansaajien tutkimuslaitos - Pääekonomisti Timo TYRVÄINEN, Aktia - Kauppatieteiden kandidaatti Esko SEPPÄNEN - Professori Vesa KANNIAINEN, Helsingin yliopisto .KUVA PASI LIESIMAA/IL

Pension company boss: Asylum seeker crisis changing Finnish population projections

As a growing flood of asylum seekers enters Finland, the local population continues its inevitable march towards retirement. Head of the employment pension company finance director Ilmarinen Jaakko Kiander says the human tide could help invigorate the country’s aging workforce.

pakolaisia saapuu vastaanottokeskukseen

Asylum seekers arriving at a reception centre. Image: YLE Häme / Sari Törmikoski

The masses fleeing raging conflicts in the Middle East could add an extra 100,000 people to current population estimates in Finland, according to pension company finance chief Jaakko Kiander.

Kiander said that instead of seeing migration as a threat, the additional numbers could prove to be a boon for the country’s aging population.

“If we receive say 100,000 migrants, that would be enough to ensure that our working age population would not shrink at all. If we manage to employ immigrants permanently in the labour market then that would have a very positive impact on the sustainability gap,” Kiander told Yle.

[TT: we have close to 20 % unemployment here in Finland, forget the officials figures, they’re liars. 250 000 people who can’t find work, and many more who’ve given up. This jackass is hyperventilating  growth spurts with people who do not want to integrate into the Finnish system, are frauds, and will seek to islamize the country into the very same hellhole the left.]

The sustainability gap refers to the additional financing required to balance the public sector in the long run. In the case of Finland, that gap widens as the workforce ages and puts greater pressure on public spending on items such as pensions and health care services.

“The sustainability gap could fall by half as the result of the migration of 100,000 people. But that would require successful integration into the labour market,” Kiander pointed out.

Kiander bases his assessment on the assumption that the employment rate among immigrants would rise to match that of Finns by the year 2030.

[TT: This jackass is the kind of self deluded ”genius and mastermind” theat the philosophers of the Enlightenment warned about.]

Investments in integration required

According to Kiander, employing new arrivals to Finland would require above all economic growth. At the same time a greater emphasis would have to be placed on education and developing language skills among refugees, he added.

Vakuutusyhtiö Ilmarisen eläkepolitiikasta vastaava johtaja Jaakko Kiander.

Ilmarinen finance director Jaakko Kiander.Image: Mikko Käkelä / Ilmarinen

“Now that we have many unemployed at home and the economy is depressed, it seems difficult and that a sudden influx of people would create additional costs. But if integration is successful, in return for the short term costs we could benefit from immigration in the long term,” he explained.

[TT: Hey Jackass, it’s not being proven a success, just look around europe, hell, look to Sweden, the welfare state there is expanding all the while it’s imploding, and you want to import into Finland the very same scenario?]

Countries such as Germany have already done the math. This year the country will open its doors to up to 800,000 asylum seekers. Authorities have estimated that they could accommodate as many as 500,000 newcomers annually.

Some of that openness comes from a desire to help, but there are also economic considerations at play.

“The birth rate in Germany is so low that there is a great need for additional members of the workforce. That could be one reason why they are so eager to take in migrants,” Kiander speculated.


NOTE: One thin that these jackasses will never mention is the need for the government to offer subsidies /tax incentives, to the native population to have more kids. No, that would be asking way too much of them now wouldn’t it?


Bone head.

As a good friend of mine once told me, ”expert” a title reserved for those who believe they have the right to violate my common sense.”

H/T: Vasara Hammer: “I sometimes wonder where do they get these bozo experts. There seems to be an endless supply of them:”

Jihadism Researcher: Finland does not need to worry about Isis infiltrators

Jihadism researcher Juha Saarinen.
Jihadism researcher Juha Saarinen. Nadja Kamara / YleX

Jihadist ISIS collects into its ranks fighters from around the world, including from Europe. However, researcher Juha Saarinen points out that this is a marginal phenomenon.

During Syria’s chaotic civil war jihadist ISIS organization has increased its power. Also, radicalized Europeans who left for the ranks of ISIS has received much discussion, but jihadism researcher Juha Saarinen, says, however, that what’s in question is rather a marginalized group.

[Tundra Tabloids: Marginal? Not according to the people that they blow up and behead]

– Although we’ve seen those leaving Finland to fight abroad mainly coming from the Muslim population, still we’re only talking about percentage of the Muslim population, Saarinen says in a YleX front page interview.

The Security Police estimates that more than 60 people have left Finland for ISIS. Although according to Saarinen, one can not speak about a wide phenomenon, it’s the reaction to radicalization.

[Tundra Tabloids: All of them heading abroad to fight the jihad have come from the Muslim community, I haven’t heard of any Jews, Christians or Buddhists being subcontracted by Islamic State. This is nothing more than obfuscation of the reality. Islamo-ass saving]

– Have to carry out some form of de-radicalization, that is, to bring these people back to thinking in a different way, or at least to see that violence is not a legitimate way to influence politically .

[Tundra Tabloids: How in the world can you (not named of course) use Islam 101 to retrain a mind already steeped in Islam 101? And regardless of that enigma wrapped in a riddle, do we really want Islam 101’ers here in Finland and elsewhere in the West pursuing an islam 101 agenda, regardless of how non-violent it is?]

Will refugees involved with Isis come to Finland?

Syria’s civil war at this time is affecting the whole of Europe, when people are fleeing the war. By the end of July, almost 90 000 Syrians have come to Europe. Of these, Finland has received 119 refugees.

Among other things, the ex-Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen (Christian Democrats.) Has publicly warned that among the asylum seekers in Finland there may be persons belonging to extremist organizations. Researcher Juha Saarinen considered this an unrealistic fear.

[Tundra Tabloids: Of that number how many were actually real refugees? ]

-People are escaping either a reign of terror, or exactly these same jihadists.

Saarinen says that the fear of Isis infiltrators feeds the jihadists’ intentions.

[Tundra Tabloids: As for these asylum seekers belonging to Islamic State, jihadis do not come with labels on their heads, except for the noticeable zebiba that many non-IS muslims have. They’re not going to introduce themselves at the border as ”representatives of al-Baghdadi.]

– Isis intends to show, that they are continuously everywhere, and that people should be afraid. If we go along with this game plan, we will give extra points to jihadists for any such activities which they do not have the capacity to run.

[Tundra Tabloids: Not taking their intentions (what they state) and their war doctrine seriously, is both dangerous and unprofessional.]

Examination of jihadism is a grim job

YleX Frontpage visitor, researcher Juha Saarinen, admits that the years of researching these jihadist groups and the Arab Spring has an impact: for example, he is stupefied over the shocking news photos.

– I see it is a survival mechanism. If, for each image, or videotape it would bring about a big emotional response, so you can burn out quickly.

Not everything has hardened the jihadism researcher because of his work.The Isis organization’s media strategy also includes the publishing of brutal torture and killing videos.

– While watching them is sure to fall in my job description, I’ve drawn the line with them, Saarinen says.


NOTE: This is what we in the Counter-Jihad have been doing for years, nothing new in what he’s saying, in fact, it’s the only factual thing that he’s stated in this interview.



”Volunteer Päivi Vettenranta was on hand to assist the centre’s first occupants, wishing the asylum seekers a warm welcome to Satalinna.”

“Make yourselves at home and try to hang in there. Our society is not the easiest one in the world to deal with,” advised Vettenranta.

Päivi Vettenranta vastaanottokeskuksen huoneessa.

I would say that the average Finn has been more than moderate in relating to this onslaught of 3rd world Middle Eastern migrants fleeing their homelands for the comfort of the Finnish taxpayer supported welfare state. In other places around the world, lets say like Mexico, they’d be rounded up and sent packing.

New reception centre scrambles to hire staff as first asylum seeker occupants arrive

Finland is working quickly to find space for a recent influx of asylum seekers entering its borders. The Harjavalta reception centre in southwest Finland was set up in a hurry to address rising need, and is still in the process of hiring workers to staff the facility. A dozen or so Red Cross volunteers were on hand to welcome the first group of migrants arriving at the centre Saturday.

The newly-opened Harjavalta reception centre in southwest Finland received its first residents on Saturday, and a team of Red Cross volunteers – not facility personnel – were on hand to welcome them. Operating out of the refurbished building that used to house the Satalinna Hospital, the centre is a welcome sight to the 50 young men who arrived, as they had been sleeping on the floor in a Turku immigrant services location for the previous two weeks. Next week a new group is scheduled to arrive.

The new reception centre is one of several that have been quickly established of late, to meet what is widely seen as an acute need. Interior Minister Petteri Orpo recently predicted that as many as 15,000 asylum seekers would make their way to Finland by the end of the year and headlines report that reception centres in the capital city region have long been at capacity.

Here at Harjavalta, things have happened so quickly that the facility hasn’t even finished hiring new staff. Fortunately, a team of volunteers has stepped in to fill the gap.



Leftist indoctrination of the youth continues, with state funded anti-American propaganda clap trap.

finnish leftist indoctrination-center

I call upon all free market minded individuals in Finland who reject destructive statism, and equally destructive multiculturalism to show civil disobedience and protest against the Kiasma Finnish Museum of Modern Arts in Helsinki for hosting this commie clap trap disguised as art, as well as outside the space of the ”School for Disobedience”.

What’s interesting is that they still cast themselves as the outsiders looking in, when in reality, they’re part and parcel of the system they say they’re opposing. It’s those who reject the destruction of nation state that are the outsiders, the one who are maligned by the media, political status quo and their black shirts of social activists like ”Paleface” and the rest of the Left’s miscreants and malcontents.

NOTE: Hani Leinonen places Ronald McDonald on a cross, obviously not worried about Christians storming his venue and tearing it off the wall, so they’re ”fair game”. What a coward, no doubt that he’ll keep far away from belittling Islamic symbols. A typical boneheaded leftist and faux social conscious artist.

Also, the Finnish rapper refuses to say ”what kind of disobedience will be taught” to the youth that they manage to entice into their indoctrination center. Let’s face it, this will be one more venue for marxists to send their kids for summer training.

School for Disobedience opens this autumn in Helsinki

How can disobedience change the world? This is the starting point for the Finnish Museum of Modern Art’s upcoming School of Disobedience, an installation and programme of events designed to teach young people how to be social activists. The project is the brainchild of controversial contemporary artist Jani Leinonen and a “staff room” filled with cultural and political activists.

Disobedience is not generally something that’s encouraged at school. Yet despite this, it’s an integral part of ethical social activism, according to contemporary artist Jani Leinonen. He has recruited a team of experts to teach at Kiasma’s  School for Disobedience, including Finnish rapper “Paleface”, Green politician Li Andersson and Lutheran pastor Marjaana Toiviainen. The project includes a sculpture exhibition, film art and a lecture and workshop series aimed at teaching young people how to become social activists.

“The whole idea started from the fact that I was worried that maybe kids in schools are just too happy to take their place in society and fulfill the goals that are fed to them,” says Leinonen. The idea is to teach them to be outspoken in their questioning of everything they see in the media, read and even what they’re taught in school.

Despite this, school teachers are some of the keenest to register their classes to attend, according to Kiasma’s sign-up sheet, and some classes have already been filled to capacity.

A popular time to get rowdy?

The recent spate of neo-Nazi marches, anti-racism rallies and social media debates on race and multiculturalism have put disobedience firmly in the limelight of late. In light of this, is the artists concerned that the tools he’s offering might fall into the wrong hands?

“So, like it is with everything. You can use a hammer or a sickle to kill people or you can use it to build a better nation,” he says. “It’s not that we only have the tools, it’s that we also teach how to use them.”

Both the tools and the ethics of activism will be in the lessons, according to Leinonen. Classes will focus on such things as identifying social wrongs, shaping debate and using social media to rally support for a cause.

Activist rapper Karri “Paleface” Miettinen is also one of the teachers at the School for Disobedience. He says it can be dangerous to follow societal norms.

“War, genocide, slavery and all the worst things in the history of mankind are actually the result of obedience, rather than disobedience,” Miettinen says, quoting US historian and activist Howard Zinn.

Multiculturalism is “not some terrible nightmare that’s about to happen”

Miettinen recently took to the stage at Helsinki’s “We Have a Dream” rally against racism. It drew over 15 thousand demonstrators to the city centre in response to Finns Party MP Olli Immonen’s Facebook post inciting people to fight against multiculturalism.

“This is kind of minority thinking,” says Miettinen. “The majority of Finns are ready to realise that we are actually a very multicultural, multilayered society already. It’s not some terrible nightmare that’s about to happen. We should open our eyes and realise that it’s all around us.”

The wordsmith sees music and lyrics as a way to change society. However, he admits that it’s not always easy to pinpoint a concrete way to enact social change. However, included in the programme is a competition where people are encouraged to submit their own ideas for challenging the status quo, so the responsibility doesn’t all lie with teachers.

Changing society – or at least offending it

For Leinonen, it’s about the power of the masses. He points to the general strike in 1905 that ultimately led to universal suffrage and the abolition of censorship, or the 1960 protests that led to labour reforms and social change.

“It’s not heroic politicians that change the world, even if history writes it that way,” Leinonen says. “It’s actually citizens’ movements that change big things.”

Whether or not the artist’s efforts will change the world, Jani Leinonen’s showcase at Kiasma does little to pander to social acceptability. It includes various anti-capitalist artworks and a series of mock television commercials. The ads feature American cereal box character Tony the Tiger encouraging people to fuel up on a healthy breakfast before engaging in police beatings, prostitution and suicide bombings.

Kidnapping clowns and running for Parliament

Leinonen himself is not known for his penchant for good behaviour.

His kidnapping of a Ronald McDonald statue taken from a Helsinki McDonald’s made international news headlines in 2011 after he posted an Al-Qaeda style ransom video demanding that the multinational fast food chain account for the sourcing of its food and unethical labour practices. When the multinational refused to comply, Ronald was given the chop with the aid of hooded men and a guillotine mimicking the forms of Finnish designer Alvar Aalto.

More recently Leinonen gained the attention of the international press when he ran for parliament in Finland under the slogan “I am Leinonen”. He promised to bypass the failures of representative democracy by letting people vote directly on individual issues online as they arose in Parliament, subsequently casting his vote according to the majority of responses.

Perhaps fortunately for his other projects, Jani Leinonen didn’t get elected to the Finnish Parliament.

The School for Disobedience opens at the Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma in September.

More here.


“It’s not heroic politicians that change the world, even if history writes it that way,” Leinonen says. “It’s actually citizens’ movements that change big things.”

A simple minority has always changed society for either the good or bad, that’s a fact, and this movement is bent on changing it for the bad, in an ”ends justifies the means” kind of way. Traditional Leftist thinking.


Who really cares about what Börje Mattson has to say, especially when he’s a teeter tottering old fool?

Faces festival revived to celebrate immigrant cultures

Spurred by what they see as a wave of xenophobia, organisers of the multicultural Faces Festival decided to stage the event again this year – despite last year’s vow to take a hiatus.

Faces-festivaalit järjestettiin Raaseporin linnan alueella vuonna 2014.

Last year’s Faces was billed as “the Last Waltz”. Image: Yle

Despite calling it quits last year, the multicultural Faces Festival will be staged once again this weekend at Raseborg Castle, some 90 km west of Helsinki. Festival director Börje Mattsson, who also has served as immigration coordinator for the West Uusimaa region and the Finnish UNICEF organisation, says the decision was sparked by a surge in racist and anti-immigrant comments in Finland.

Amid the noise of construction by volunteers, Mattsson tells Yle that there were a variety of reasons for the decision to revive the festival, which began in 1998

Festivaalijohtaja Börje Mattsson Faces-työmaalla.

Mattsson Image: Yle

“Faces was established to show that Finland is multicultural. A year ago, it seemed that this goal had been reached. But we got a lot of feedback from the audiences and performers saying that this event is still needed. Now that racism has increasing visibility in Finland, it was clear that we had to arrange Faces.”

Invites to Immonen, Soini

Mattsson describes Finns Party MP Olli Immonen’s anti-immigration statements as “horrific racism”. Immonen and his party leader, Foreign Minister Timo Soini have been invited to attend the festival – which leaders such as former presidents Tarja Halonen and Martti Ahtisaari have done in the past.

Referring to Immonen, he says: “How have these kinds of extremely negative spirits proliferated and climbed up to the level of the political leadership? Immonen’s statement certainly went too far, crossing over into racism and fascism. Somehow in today’s Finland it’s acceptable to say these kinds of things that one could not have imagined a few years ago. We’ve sent Immonen an invitation so that he can come to see whether this multiculturalism is such a terrible thing that should be feared. It’s not.”


NOTE: A totally ignorant buffoon, just the right kind of guy for the Left to rally behind.


The racist ultra-nationalist wing of the socialist Left.


Security agency: Finnish Resistance Movement well monitored, has little support

Finland’s intelligence agency in charge of national security says it carefully monitors the extremist Finnish Resistance Movement group’s activities. They say the organisation is not widely supported in Finland, but maintains close contact with its sister organisations in the other Nordic countries, where riots like that which occurred Saturday in Jyväskylä are much more common.

Suomen vastarintaliikkeen mielenosoitus Jyväskylässä.
Police keep tabs on the August 1 demonstration in Jyväskylä, which ended in violence and 32 arrests.Image: Yle

Police in Jyväskylä were well prepared for Saturday afternoon’s Finnish Resistance Movement protest, says Jyri Rantala, Communications Chief for the Finnish Security Intelligence Service, known in Finland as Supo.

Supo had assisted local police to prepare for the demonstration and will continue to be an expert participant in the aftermath of the rioting that occurred.

Rantala says monitoring the activities of extremist groups like the Finnish Resistance Movement is one of Supo’s three main tasks in its efforts to safeguard national security. The other two being fighting against terrorism and counter-intelligence.

He says the neo-Nazi party enjoys little support in Finland, with only a few dozen active members. The group normally tends to focus on distributing propaganda: handing out flyers and spreading stickers. Yet the Finnish Resistance Movement works in close cooperation with similar extremist groups in other Nordic countries, including in Sweden, where there are many more incidents of similar riots. He says groups such as these promote the concept of white supremacy and a unified Nordic nation.

Eyewitness report

Eyewitness Anssi Koskinen told the Keskisuomalainen paper that he first saw the Finnish Resistance Movement group in the church park handing out flyers. One hour later, he was in the Sokos department store when he heard a woman crying for help. Once outside, he saw her trying to protect a man on the ground who was being beaten by Resistance members.

Koskinen says two or three men were beating the man while another took pictures with a SLR camera. Several other Resistance members surrounded them and urged bystanders to stay away. He says he also saw a friend of the man being beaten, who was also bleeding. He described both of the victims as representative of alternative cultures, “hippies or punks”.

32 arrests

Chief Inspector Mikko Porvali has been appointed head of the investigation. He says that the demonstration started out peacefully and was actually wrapping up, when suddenly the participants rushed to the department store. He now thinks this move had been planned.

The police are now investigating why the three people were targeted by the demonstrators. Fortunately, the police arrived at the scene very quickly, using force and pepper spray to allay the offenders.

The members who had started the brawl were arrested on the spot, but the remaining crowd of Resistance demonstrators would not obey the police’s orders to disperse and set off as a group towards the city centre. The police then apprehended the remainder of the group under suspicion of riotous conduct and conspiracy to riot. A total of 32 people were arrested.

The police were also tipped that the same group had planned a demonstration Saturday evening in the nearby city of Muurame, ten kilometres away. Inspector Porvali suspects that most of the group’s members that planned to participate in the gathering are now behind bars, and expected no more trouble.

Sources Yle



To promote their regressive anti-enlightenment, post modern utopia, they have to lie, and any means to advance that goal is to be used, even if it means telling bald faced lies. The ends justifies the means.

NOTE: Like I said before, it was a Leftist political event, and not that difficult to get a lot of people organized in a capital teeming with these regressives.

Alex Pahkala, a bald faced liar and a jackass.

A TT translation

“Immonen is a crime” – Public Event incited a confrontation that reached a climax

07.28.2015 19:17 Sebastian Tynkkynen

In the morning, I talked for 20 minutes with an organizer of the multicultural event,  Aleksi Pahkala, before the Good morning Finland broadcast. I gave my concerns on how the event can become one big human sacrifice as an excuse for the lies planted against political opponent’s FB post. Pahkala promised with a straight face that the event will only be against racism, and not to talk about (Olli) Immonen.

Well, the opening words in the event were about Immonen, talked even about the Norwegian massacres and the massacres were being talked about now in several speeches during the event while I was punching numbers on my phone. There was also talk about how Immonen incited violence. Over the loudspeaker there was shouting thaT: “Immonen is a crime!” So, the person himself is a crime?! My spine chilled. This is quite absurd bullying just because of one FB posting, which the bullies disagreed with. I found Alex and I went to him saying, how is it that he had not taken responsibility for the organizing and of the shocking allegations being heard from stage. The whole situation was pretty much being turned on its head. The confrontation was built upon hate. Of the speeches interspersed with Massacre- and racism he only said: “Hey, don’t stress about it” and fled the scene immediately. Radio Helsinki’s Pahkala has created a huge framework for a witch hunt.

The Finns Party magazine editor in chief was taking his turn to speak for The Finns, but nothing come of it when people were shouting out whatever, and did all they could to disrupt (Mattias)Turkkila. A man with an immigrant background came to the stage,  Ali Jahangiri, shouting (cursing in Finnish) to the angry public to honor the speaker and allow the dialogue. That didn’t work either. The situation was completely chaotic, and was far from a respectful and tolerant atmosphere. The presenter tried to interrupt Turkkila, but he insisted on remaining to the end of his speech. Score one for the man of courage. This Helsinki event that strove to drive down the debate on multiculturalism turned into a farce.

Multiculturalism is a destructive political ideology for society, and it is not allowed to say so. We do not need to change our society into the Swedish nightmare. Multiculturalism is not about race. Everyone needs to say no to racism, and every person should be respected. So said Turkkila also in his speech, although no one wanted to listen to him at all. The presenter sent him out with the words: “Now that we have taken care of this lets move on.”

The speech was taken care of, pushed out of the way, in which a Finn party member had clearly said no to racism.




They take to ”diversity” like a pig takes to slop.


Diversity rally gathers 15,000 in Helsinki

Dozens of Finnish political, religious, labour and cultural leaders addressed a crowd gathered to protest hate speech.

Ihmisiä monikulttuurisuutta pulustavassa mielenosoituksessa Helsingin Kansalaistorilla 28. heinäkuuta 2015.
Thousands attended the event on a sunny warm evening in central Helsinki. Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

Police estimate that at least 15,000 people have gathered in central Helsinki on Tuesday evening to support an open, multicultural Finland.

Organized within just a couple of days under the slogan “We Have a Dream”, the demonstration was spurred by a Facebook post on Friday night by MP Olli Immonen, a member of the Finns Party’s far-right anti-immigration wing. He called for his “fellow fighters” to battle against “the nightmare of multiculturalism” in Finland, predicting that their “enemies’…ugly bubble” would be “burst into a million little pieces”.

The event kicked off at Citizens’ Square across from the House of Parliament in downtown Helsinki at 5pm with messages from President Sauli Niinistö and former President Tarja Halonen. Niinistö expressed the hope that the event would “lead the immigration discussion in the right direction.”

Other speakers included Finland’s Chief Rabbi Simon Livson, Helsinki Lutheran Bishop Irja Askola, ex-foreign minister and former SDP chair Erkki Tuomioja, MP and former Minorities Ombudsman Eva Biaudet and Helsinki city councillor Fatbardhe Hetemaj of the conservative National Coalition Party.

Catcalls and angry chants

Timo Laaninen, secretary of PM Juha Sipilä’s Centre Party, rejected racism and hate speech – but declined to answer MC Tino Singh’s pointed question as to whether the Finns Party could remain in the government.

Also speaking was Matias Turkkila, editor of the Finns Party newspaper. He too condemned racism but faced a sea of catcalls and angry chants despite exhortations for silence and respect by Singh and co-host, comedian Ali Jahangiri.

Actor, comedian and author Antti Holma satirically performed a song using Immonen’s text as lyrics. Other performers included rock and pop stars such as J. Karjalainen, Jukka Poika, Maija Vilkkumaa and rap group Atomirotta with Finnish-Moroccan guest vocalist Manna. More are to perform at a follow-up event at the Tavastia rock club after the rally, which is expected to end around 8pm.

Halla-aho, Tuomioja in radio clash

Earlier on Tuesday, Tuomioja argued on Yle Radio 1 that the ideology behind the Nordic region’s most violent act at the hands of mass killer Anders Breivik is similar to the rhetoric practiced by Immonen and fellow Finns Party member, MEP Jussi Halla-aho. Immonen published his statement two days after the anniversary of Breivik’s Utøya attack in Norway.

For his part, Halla-aho described Immonen’s comments as ‘normal political discourse’ and said that internal party differences should be handled in-house, rather than via the media.