The ones hiding their true feelings are the morons who pretend to defend human rights while championing those who would smash those rights. They also hide their true intentions of erasing borders once for all, the ramifications of that should scare any sane individual..

Three counter-demonstrators detained at anti-immigrant rally

Three people were remanded into police custody on Saturday for ignoring police orders to leave the area during an anti-immigrant ‘Close the Borders’ protest march in Helsinki. The arrests took place after the counter-demonstrators returned to heckle the procession.

Video: Kymmenkunta keppihevosilla ratsastanutta vastamielenosoittajaa tuli Rajat kiinni -mielenosoitukseen Helsingin Narinkkatorille.
Watch video footage from the January 30 anti-immigrant demonstration in Helsinki Video: Berislav Jurisic / Yle

Police have detained three counter-demonstrators who disrupted the anti-immigrant ‘Close the Borders’ demonstration in Helsinki Saturday.

According to the Helsinki Police, the persons apprehended were disturbing the otherwise peaceful procession, and so the police held them until the demonstration was over and charged them a fine for insubordination.

Mika Hentunen, a reporter for Yle described the people who were removed from the demonstration as “leftist radicals”.

There is an idiom in Finnish that ‘to use something as a hobby horse’ is to use something as a pretext for your true intentions. The group of counter protesters were all riding hobby horses, likely meant to accuse the demonstrators of hiding their racist motivation behind what they say is their interest in keeping the country safe.

“A few carloads of riot police and mounted police were on hand,” Hentunen reported.

Hentunen estimates that some 150 people took part in the Close the Borders procession, which began at Helsinki’s Kamppi square and proceeded down Mannerheimintie to end at Senate Square. The demonstration culminated in a candlelit vigil on the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral, in honour of a 17-year-old girl killed one year ago in the northwest city of Pori by an Afghan national.

Helsinki Police say about 200 people turned out for the anti-immigrant march, dwindling to 100 by the end. A similar procession took place without incident on Saturday in the western coastal city of Pori.

More here.


The only reason why the police are ”bracing” for anything is due to the habitually and inherently violent, Left-wing. 

I agree with the words from the late, great, Ronald Reagan, there is no ”left or right”, there is only an up or down. Those who cling to statist driven ideologies, whether they hail from the Left or Right-wing of  big government socialism, are the problem.

You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream-the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path. Plutarch warned, “The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.”

The answer, of course, lies within the philosophies of the Enlightenment that liberated man, championing the uniqueness of the individual and his inherent sovereignty endued upon him by the Creator. That  is where the path to the top begins.

Helsinki police brace for anti-immigration and anti-racism demos

The anti-immigration group “Close the Borders” (Rajat kiinni) has planned a march in Helsinki to promote peace for women on Saturday. At the same time the anti-racism movement “No racism in my name” (Ei rasismia minun nimissäni) will take to the streets of the capital to protest racist speech and actions.

Tampereen keskustassa järjestettiin kaksi mielenosoitusta 23. tammikuuta 2016, liikkeellä olivat maahanmuuton vastainen kuvassa oleva Rajat Kiinni! -soihtukulkue ja Loldiers of Odin -klovnit.
Participants at last weekend’s anti-immigration demonstration in Tampere. Image: Kalle Parkkinen / Lehtikuva

Officials in Helsinki are expecting at least two demonstrations on the city streets come Saturday, as the anti-immigration group “Close the Borders” and the anti-racism collective “No racism in my name” converge on the capital for demonstrations.

By Thursday evening roughly 100 supporters of “Close the Borders” had indicated on the group’s Facebook page that they would turn out for the planned march, due to begin at Narinkkatori in the city centre.

Meanwhile a counter-demonstration planned by the “No racism in my name group” had amassed 900 participants on that group’s Facebook site.

Helsinki police said that the required notifications had been made for both demonstrations. Officials would not speculate on how many people they expected to actually turn up for the popular protests.

“As always with these kinds of events, it remains to be seen how many people will actually turn up,” said chief inspector Seppo Kujala.

Police to take the necessary precautions

All the same, Kujala said police would be taking the necessary precautions.

“Of course we will aim to be prepared in the event that everything doesn’t go smoothly. However in most cases people are quite properly expressing support for something that they feel to be right and don’t cause any major problems. There may be some isolated people or groups that the police then take care of,” Kujala added.

The Helsinki officer said that police will conduct resource planning when they have gathered sufficient information about the demonstrations.

“We will be monitoring the situation right down to the very last and will be prepared with the required equipment and resources,” he commented.

Anti-immigration demonstrations have also been planned for this weekend in other cities such as Keuruu and Pori in western Finland.

Last weekend Close the Borders organised an anti-immigration procession in Tampere.


NOTE: I wish these patriots all the best. Thomas Jefferson said it best:

Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem. (TT: “I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.”) Even this evil is productive of good. It prevents the degeneracy of government, and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs. I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” – Jefferson to James Madison, January 30, 1787


Thou shalt not counter the official narrative or risk naming and shaming by the cultural elite

Just this past Dec (2015), the entire country stood up in honor in a retirement ceremony for the favored star hockey player, Teemu Selänne. They retired his national team jersey number.

That was then, and this is now. He’s being attacked by the (self anointed) cultural elite for daring to question charges of “racism” in a tweet on immigration policy surrounding an article that denounced the rape wave happening in Finland by a sport/media expert, Aleksi Valavuori.

Trans: Otherwise, @ AWennstrm @ MiiaNahkuri where in @ Valavuori writing is racism ?!

There has been an avalanche on twitter, How do we stop the raping?

The fuss over Teemu Selänne’s immigration tweet 

Finnish Ice Hockey Association froze Teemu ridge number in the national team on December 30th, in connection with the Junior World Championships.

Finnish Ice Hockey Association retired Teemu Selänne’s number in the national team on December 30th, in connection with the Junior World Championships.

Ex-hockey player Teemu Selanne shared on his Twitter account a position on immigration policy.

Selanne shared on Tuesday evening on his Twitter account the text of sport and multi-media expert Aleksi Valavuori, in which he dealt critically with Finnish immigration policy. Valavuori took a position in the text, on the mass rape, and called the raising of the hands by politicians driving the current refugee and asylum policy as an error

Valavuori’s text started a lively discussion, which the hockey site editor of, Antti Wennström participated in. He described Valavuori posts as populistic and contained racist tones and asked whether Selanne is a critic of the Geneva Convention?

In reply Selanne wondered where in Valavuori’s text was racism.

Former Sports Minister, Paavo Arhinmäki (TT: Hack communist malcontent) participated in the discussion. He noted that he has not met anyone who accepts the crimes made ​​by asylum seekers and deems it disgusting that on the basis of unacceptable crimes to blame all asylum seekers.

Teemu Selänne’s official Twitter account has 101 000 followers. In the past, Selanne has released a Tweet mostly on ice hockey, but also on his restaurant, and also a range of tweets dealing with new a TV-series.

More here in Finnish at H.S.

NOTE: It’s a straw man argument by the commie former ”minister of sports” (yes we actually have one of those, Lol). No one is saying that ALL muslim migrants are to blame, but that without the flood of their numbers, we would not be having these rapes. There is no way to properly screen these asylum applicants (2/3 of which are already officially deemed as frauds), as well as the extreme social differences that are present, which can be attested to by various local government giving these migrants the do’s and don’ts in civil society.

The Geneva Conventions do not allow for fake, fraudulent economic tourists/colonizers free entry to any country of their choosing, and even real refugees are expected to stay in the first country they reach and seek asylum there, not shopping around for the best deal.

If these are the best arguments that they can come up with, we should be carrying the day in the debate.



Nut-job traitors……

After all we know, these ideologically driven activists still insist that supposed refugees (2/3 already officially deemed as frauds) should be given passage through an already determined safe zone, Russia, because they want Finnish benefits more.

NOTE: What’s even more galling is the fact that these NGO’s are receiving taxpayer money, which means that the people are yet again funding their own colonization and societal breakdown.

NGOs: Russia should not prevent asylum seekers from entering Finland

Asylum seekers waiting at the Russian border to enter Finland have a right to be allowed into the country, say Finnish refugee aid organisations. The Refugee Advice Centre and the Finnish Refugee Council are calling on Russian border officials to allow asylum seekers to cross the border even if they have no valid travel documents.

turvapaikanhakijoita yön pimeydessä Kantalahdessa Venäjällä.
An Yle reporter met asylum seekers at Kantalahti in Russia. Image: Yle

Finnish refugee aid NGOs are calling on Russian border officials to allow asylum seekers in the country to cross the border into Finland. They say that a lack of valid travel documents is not sufficient cause to prevent people seeking asylum from entering Finland. Sanna Rummakko of the Refugee Advice Centre pointed out that Russia is party to an international agreement on refugees.

The convention allows people to seek asylum in the country of their choice, she said. She added that this is regardless of whether or not individuals have long held a Russian residence permit or even if they have no identity documents at all.

Rummakko said that preventing asylum seekers from entering Finland means that Russia is violating its own commitments.

The convention calls on states to guarantee refugees legal and safe passage through their countries. The NGOs noted that this clause has by no means always been respected in Europe, and it is one of the reasons that asylum seekers have turned to people smugglers for help, they charged.

It is estimated that there are thousands of asylum seekers in Russia who are trying to head west. In practice Russia has been a popular destination mainly for refugees from Ukraine, but now about 2,000 Syrians have been granted temporary asylum in the country.

Most asylum seekers who have traveled through Russia have gone to Norway. The Nordic state now wants to turn them back to Russia. On Tuesday Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that some of the people who are seeking asylum in Norway and Finland said they had come to Russia to work or visit family. He said they have therefore entered the country on false pretences and that Russia does not need to take them back.

Finland negotiating with Russia

Finnish officials have expressed concern over the asylum seeker situation across the border in Russia. There is also no information about how many people are trying to reach Finland or how they are being cared for.

Finland is looking to answer these questions on many levels. Interior Minister Petteri Orpo met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Kolokoltsev Tuesday afternoon, with immigration cooperation high on the agenda.

However in Russia border protection is the responsibility of the Federal Security Service and not the Interior Ministry.



The Left simply can’t contain themselves, even while dressed in their political national costumes.

Two Loldiers of Odin clowns arrested in Tampere during anti-immigrant parade

A “Close the Borders” demonstration in opposition to Finland’s immigration policy took place on Saturday, January 23 in the south-central city of Tampere. The Loldiers of Odin troupe of clowns turned out to make light of the anti-immigrant march. Police detained two of the clowns for disorderly conduct.

Loldiers of Odin -klovnit juttelevat poliisin kanssa.

Loldiers of Odin clowns with police officials in Tampere. Image: Kalle Parkkinen / Lehtikuva

The tongue-in-cheek Loldiers of Odin clown group made international headlines last weekend with their humorous response to the growing number of nationalist street patrol groups in Finland known as the Soldiers of Odin.

One week ago in Tampere, Loldiers clowns danced and sang alongside the sombre Soldiers as they moved through the city, and the evening passed without incident.

This Saturday, however, the clowns of Loldiers of Odin took on demonstrators marching in a torch lit “Close the Borders” parade. This time the result was not so funny: two of the clowns were detained by the police.

Tampere Police say they detained two people dressed as clowns for disorderly conduct during the parade. They say the Loldiers of Odin members tried to disrupt the otherwise peaceful “Close the Borders” procession that had been cleared with the officials ahead of time and therefore had the right to assemble.

The march travelled a short distance down Tampere’s main street, Hämeenkatu, after which the anti-immigration protesters gathered in the city’s central square.



Already cast as a whore, she fills the role.

Finnish Red Cross worker suspected of having sexual relations with reception center asylum seekers

Published: , Updated:

The Red Cross’ Western Finland District Pekka Annala confirms that the suspicion is being investigated.

The Finnish Red Cross will examine concerns that the organisation’s female employee has had sexual relations with a male resident of the reception center. The matter was first reported by Seiska. According to the newspaper there has occurred relations between workers and asylum seekers’ of the Red Cross organization.

The Red Cross’ Western Finland District director Pekka Annala tells the IS that one case of an employee suspect is being investigated.

– Issues concerning workers are dealt with in-house. The starting point is the fact that this is not permitted for any reception center employee or volunteer. Rules of the game are such that it calls for dismissal, Annala says.

According to Seiska what’s in question is one of the organization’s most experienced worker. Annala did not want to comment in any way on the background of the suspect employee, but notes we’re not talking about multiple employees. The suspect was in relations with an adult male, Executive Director clarified.

– A professional, should keep in mind that he/she are doing work. Work and leisure and outdoor activities are a different matter. This is a clear-cut matter to us, Annala points out.

According to the Executive Director of the matter was revealed through the rumors and tips.

– Sure these are things of interest, and are talked about.


Send in the clowns……..


Halonen has just been named the supervisor for the monitoring of ethical principles of the Reuters news agency by the company’s Board of Directors.

[Tundra Tabloids: Hard core Leftist monitoring the ethics of the fake journos at al-Reuters. Brilliant idea.]

Halonen also commented Channel 1’s morning show (Ykkösaamu) on the recent Cologne harassment case and criticized the authorities there, who “responded really slow to women’s complaints”.

– They (the perpetrators) come from a society in which the free movement of women and with less clothing, is a new thing, but it is something that they themselves should take into consideration and influence from society is extremely important.

[Tundra Tabloids: So importing these people to Finland is some kind of socialist ”hands on training” in getting them to behave like normal people? They really couldn’t care less about the civil society, it’s their own personal sandbox to tinker with. What a loathsome individual.]

– It may also be other local action groups and even criminals who are attracted and exploiting the area, Halonen warned.

Concerning defense of women’s rights

The discussion also touched on the Helsinki station tunnel episodes on the New Year’s Eve.

In Halonen’s view, it is important that the police or security staff quickly comes to the scene. She mentioned also as possible solutions, as safety phones and so-called Safety Spots, where one can go.

– Oh, pull out a cell phone and simply start yelling. I am not a specialist in this field, but this advice was, when I was a girl. This is not quite brought on by immigrants, we also have our own evil tradition, which (thankfully) has been dealt with, she emphasized.

 [Tundra Tabloids: Believe me when I say, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since this radical Leftist was a ”little girl”, there were no cell phones to pull out and shout into. Also, bringing rape into the streets (there never has been anything like this in Finnish history) says little for the human rights groups and feminist movement. Dolts.]

– Women’s rights in the Nordic countries is centuries old and it needs to keep being renewed over and over again. Don’t touch or verbally abuse, Halonen emphasized.


NOTE: Again, this crackpot of a former president belongs to a party that has championed failed multicultural policies, has helped bring people here who have committed atrocities against ethnic Finns. I wouldn’t be surprised that she privately agrees with Japanese citizen movements who want to rid Okinawa of the US military base that’s been there since the end of WWII, due to the occasional criminal behavior of US soldiers. It would make her a hypocrite, but that wouldn’t bother her at all now would it?

From Vlad:

women self defense method


Yeah, that’s right, wait until the police draw a white chalk line around your corpse, then call for help.

Wait a minute, Helsinki police welcomed the Somali sharia enforcers, but we’re to be against Finnish citizen street patrols who notify the cops on suspicious behavior? They have the same mentality for self defense, wait for the police, while someone is ready to beat you to death with a club.

NOTE: If not for the imposition of Muslim settlers upon the civil society, we wouldn’t be having a need for any such group.

Orpo disappointed by police chief’s street patrol comments

Finnish Minister of the Interior Petteri Orpo said he was disappointed by statements made by the head of police about the establishment of citizen street patrols across the country. Orpo said that the police commissioner’s statements should have more heavily emphasised that the police are responsible for law enforcement, not private citizens.

Petteri Orpo

Finnish Minister of the Interior Petteri Orpo in December 2015. File photo. Image: Yle

On Tuesday National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen commented on the growth of street patrols, stating that the volunteer forces are a welcome development.

The patrols are chiefly organised by right-wing groups like the Soldiers of Odin, who have pledged to keep the patrols have grown since the influx of asylum seekers from war-torn areas in the Middle East and Africa began last summer.

Kolehmainen said that while patrols had no right to intervene in other people’s activities, they could for example notify police if they witness a crime in progress.

Kolehmainen made the comments after police in Häme had made earlier statements putting the street patrols in a positive light.

Orpo said that Kolhemainen’s statements could be misunderstood; adding the point of the police statement was to clarify and underscore the police’s role in law enforcement and security on the streets of Finland.

The police commissioner also received criticism on social media for his statements about far-right groups patrolling the streets.

“In Finland it is officials who oversee and take care of order in society,” Orpo said. “It is a simple matter and we will stick to it.”

Soldiers of Odin patrol 19 towns

Right wing group the Soldiers of Odin have received attention in the media over the past few months and the group claims to have organised street patrols in 19 towns across Finland.

At publication time of this article, the Soliders of Odin had just over 4,000 likes on its Facebook page.

On Tuesday Joensuu city council put out a statement objecting to recently-started actions by the Soldiers of Odin in the town, which states that it is an “organisation fighting patriotically for white Finland.”

Joensuu councillors said that the town remains very secure and that there’s no need for anyone other than the police to patrol the streets.


NOTE II: To the official jackassery in government and in law enforcement, self defense is an inalienable right, it’s not something a government grants or can take away with legitimacy.


No time for blowhards.

“Perhaps we Finns are not the most empathetic people, when attitudes like this become so clearly evident? Empathy is the ability to put oneself in another person’s situation and seek to understand their human experience, regardless of all of the differences between us. Can it be so that we are not able feel empathy as well as other people?”

How dare you preach to the people in light of all of what we know about these muslim settlers.

The people of Finland are a good people, a very empathetic people, but what we object to is people coming here under false pretenses, from an area teeming with islamonazi jihadis who have already warned that they will be infiltrating the masses of muslim economic tourists, and already have been caught doing so.

How dare you preach to us about ”not caring”, when we spend millions in foreign aid, as well as going into debt in order to keep the spending going. How dare you preach to us when the forces of islam are marching throughout the West, imposing their anti-enlightenment values and judicial system (sharia law) upon not only those who follow the death cult creed, but also upon the host society. 

How dare you preach to us about empathy for these Jew haters, do you really want Finns to place themselves in their shoes and be as anti-Semitic as they are? Really? You  are a know nothing, a Quisling, talking gas-bag who hasn’t the rudimentary understanding of the ideology these people adhere to, in spite of supposedly fleeing the more ardent followers of their faith. Given time, they’ll be pushing it down your and our throats. How about some empathy for us?

How dare you preach to us at all.

Bishop: Empathy and self-sacrifice are the way forward

This Christmas season, Lutheran bishop Simo Peura appeals to Finland’s residents to tune into their sense of empathy. He says the events of 2015, like failed labour talks and rising xenophobia in response to the refugee crisis, have put Finnish cooperation and humanitarianism to the test – with disappointing results.

Pieni turvapaikanhakijatyttö vastaanottokeskuksessa tyhjän pöydän ääressä.

A little girl at one of Finland’s one hundred-plus asylum seeker reception centres. Image: Yle

Located in the western part of the country, the Diocese of Lapua is one of nine dioceses within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Lapua diocese bishop Simo Peura speaks about peace, sacrifice and empathy as the year winds down.

He says the Finnish society has encountered some major issues in 2015.

“This has been a pretty tough year for Finland. I have a feeling that many people here are confused and perhaps wondering about what kind of future this country will face. There’s a lot of concern in the air,” he said.

A dignified life

His first example is the influx of migrants from war-torn countries in the south, which started in August.

“When it comes to asylum seekers, it’s simply a matter of securing a dignified life for them – and our personal responsibility to the people we live with and the conditions they must live under,” says Peura.



Because he’s a tireless loon.

The two Islamic State terrorist Islamonazis (who helped massacre unarmed Iraqi cadets in Tikrit) caught AFTER entry into Finland, doesn’t seem to phase this maroon. It would be nice for once that a public official would say, unequivocally, that the first priority of the government is the protection of the civil society, not migrants (for whatever their reason) seeking entry to it.

NOTE: Never trust anyone living off the public dole to be frugal with the taxpayer’s money, you’ll be disappointed every time.

Lutheran Archbishop slams govt over stricter asylum seeker policies

Hardening attitudes to asylum seekers in Europe have been reflected in political decisions regarding asylum seekers in Finland, says Archbishop Kari Mäkinen of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church. The religious leader condemned government moves to adopt stricter rules for asylum seekers to receive social benefits, seek family reunification and get residency permits.

Arkkipiispa Kari Mäkisen mietteitä kuluneesta vuodesta.
Kari Mäkinen, Archbishop of the Finnish Evangelical Luthern Church spoke about recent developments on Yle’s Aamu-tv breakfast programme. Image: Yle

Speaking in an interview with Yle Wednesday morning, Lutheran Archbishop Kari Mäkinen said that he’s concerned about the changing attitude toward asylum seekers in Europe this year.

“A strong and cold wind has strengthened in all of Europe, in which people are being looked at with suspicion and are seen as a threat because of their background. Unfortunately it can be seen in the asylum policies of many countries and has also been reflected in Finland’s asylum seeker guidelines,” Mäkinen said.

The religious leader went on to criticise the government’s introduction in December of stricter asylum seeker policies. He described them as problematic because he said they could lead to people having unequal status because of their ethnic backgrounds.

“For example the fact that not everyone will have the same kinds of social protections, but that it would depend on an individual’s background. Or that we are making family reunification more difficult or that residence permits would be temporary, and would absolutely make it harder for people to integrate. That is a frightening current,” Mäkinen remarked.

More here.


Marko Juntunen shills for the OIC.

Yeah, right, “religion, according to the survey, had a surprisingly minor role in radicalization.” This is the kind of non serious ‘research’ churned out by the hacks of the Finnish academy. No serious minded person would ever believe any of the nonsense they come up with.

marko juntunen

Back in 2008, the then sec-gen of the OIC, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, visited Helsinki to participate in a seminar panel arranged by the UPI (The Finnish Institute of Foreign Affairs) titled “Islam in Europe” with researcher Marko Juntunen and Raimo Väyrynen.

During the Q&A period of the event I asked how he could he and his organization claim to be a bridge between the Islamic world and the West, when its own members promote the most wretched antisemitism/Jew hatred since the Nazis?

He answered: “We are not anti-Semitic, (unclear) believing in moderacy and decency as part of my belief, my doctrine, I am a Muslim, and when I pray, I pray for all prophets including Moses, Jesus and Mohamed.”

OIC ishanoglu

His denial of Muslim and Islamic inspired antisemitism went without one syllable in rebuttal, let alone of condemnation from researcher Marko Juntunen, who just sat there next to him like he was completely oblivious as to what just transpired. So it’s highly amusing (and nauseating) for me to see him join in on the bandwagon hyping supposed islamofauxbia as reason why Muslims are joining the jihad against the infidels.

Researchers cite Islamophobia and world politics as radicalisation factors

Academics at Tampere and Helsinki universities say that Islamophobia and global politics are prime factors in the radicalisation of people who have left Finland to fight in Iraq and Syria. Their interim report on polarisation and radicalisation in Finland was published on Tuesday.

Syyrian hallituksen ilmaiskujen jälkiä Doumassa 30. lokakuuta.
War in Syria has grabbed the attention of some Muslims in Finland. Image: Mohammed Badra / EPA

An atmosphere perceived as hostile to Muslims and strong opinions about world politics are the main reasons Finnish fighters have left to join conflicts in Iraq and Syria, according to new research from Helsinki and Tampere universities.

Researchers Karin Creutz, Marko Juntunen and Juha Saarinen interviewed some 20 people with links to people who had left to fight—but not the fighters themselves. They also collected material from Twitter and Facebook.

They found that marginalisation and hostility towards Muslims were the main factors in radicalisation in Finland.

Creutz, a researcher at the University of Helsinki’s Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN), and a PhD candidate in sociology at the Department of Social Research, told Yle that religious background seemed to be nearly irrelevant.

“Nobody in our research database is from a very religious family,” she said. “Some are converts and some are from fairly secular Muslim families. This factor plays a really minor role.”

The lack of a forum for open discussion was also problematic, according to researchers, with a lack of trust in Finnish society making it difficult to discuss issues and pushing young people towards extremist groups.

Researchers found that radicalised youth perceive global politics as unjust, and feel a duty to defend people they see as their oppressed Muslim kin. They feel that only Muslims’ actions in conflict areas are condemned, and that the term ‘terrorist’ is defined by western discourses.

“Atmosphere in Finland changed radically in three years”

Researchers also found that experience of racism also helped people decide to leave to fight in the Middle East.

“The interviewees felt that the atmosphere in Finland has changed radically beginning in the early 2000s and especially in the past three years,” notes Creutz. “They feel that nowadays anyone can say absolutely anything on social media.”

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) estimates that at least 70 people have left Finland to fight in Syria and Iraq between 2012 and 2015.


NOTE: It never occurs to these researchers that one of the job descriptions for these jihadists once they make it back home, is to become bald faced liars for the cause. Hype up marginalization, racism and fraudulent ”islamofauxbia” as the reason for their joining the jihad in the first place.

Cluebat for Juntunen and Creutz, it’s Islam 101 that’s the reason for their ”radicaliztion”, getting to know the full mohamed makes them that way.


Finnish international lawyer Martin Scheinin is a loon.

The file image shows ISIL terrorists executing dozens of captured Iraqi security forces members at an unknown location in the Salaheddin province.

NOTE: This is the same crackpot that wanted to hamper the counter intelligence community in 2009 with trans-gender friendly PC politics, Robert Spencer set him straight. This following story is in connection with the two Iraqi twin brothers arrested for participation in mass murderer of cadets in Tikrit.

Professor Martin Scheinin criticizes the central criminal police officers, “the concept of terrorism is used to gently stirs up fear”

Professor of International Law Martin Scheinin criticizes the central criminal police (NBI) that it uses in connection with the case of imprisoned Iraqi criminals the title of ‘terrorist intent on murder.”

The NBI announced on Wednesday the arrest of Iraqi twin brothers who resided in Finland. They are suspected of murdering 11 police cadets in Iraq in June 2014.

As evidence the NBI has captured video of executions, which jihadist organization Isis has used as propaganda.

According to Scheinin, the NBI criminal term  used is fomenting in Finland and around the world fears that Isis would be sending terrorists in with refugees into the West.

On the basis of scarce information existing on the case Scheinin estimates that murders are not about terrorism but the killing of unarmed prisoners of war, which criminal title of a war crime could be used.

“In order to constitute terrorism, the crime would have had the form, for example, the bombings on civilian targets and the killing of hostages. A prisoner of war is not the same thing as a hostage. Terrorism bystanders are killed to spread terror among the population, “Scheinin says.

He points out that the war criminal and terrorist offenses are both serious crimes, which may lead to severe penalties. Aggravated war crimes can get life imprisonment and it prevents obtaining refugee status.

Scheinin, the NBI’s use of Criminal title is of great importance the rule of law and the social atmosphere of.

“Criminal title is of enormous importance to public opinion, to the international debate, and also to the point of view of Finnish security assessment,” he says.

“The NBI’s speech on terrorism feeds the impression that Isis sent terrorists to Finland, whose aim perhaps is to make suicide bombings or other terrorist acts here. Accused war crimes would apply to the act which might have been made in Iraq, and give at least the opportunity to believe that the perpetrators have fled the crisis area, instead they should be sending terrorists to Finland. “


NOTE: The reason why the murder of these men were broadcast was to sew fear into the general population, a highly political move used time and again by these sub-humans islamonazi cockroaches.

The Islamic State has openly announced that it plans to send jihadis to West, infiltrating them with the general male muslim settler crowd, and this jackass says we shouldn’t give that impression?

Anyone coming from their group into the West HAS TO BE DEEMED AS AN INFILTRATING TERRORIST. Not doing so is criminal negligence, a severe disregard for public safety.

What planet is he living on for crying out loud?


I have my issues with MP Alexander Stubb, everyone who reads this blog regularly knows that’s the case. What happened to him the other day however, at the hands of malcontent and miscreant students at the Great Banquet Hall at the University of Helsinki, was beyond the pale.

No one has the right to impede or shout down the speech of someone with whom you disagree. Here’s an excerpt from philosopher, Ayn Rand, on the subject:

….there is no justification, in a civilized society, for the kind of mass civil disobedience that involves the violation of the rights of others—regardless of whether the demonstrators’ goal is good or evil. The end does not justify the means. No one’s rights can be secured by the violation of the rights of others. Mass disobedience is an assault on the concept of rights: it is a mob’s defiance of legality as such.

They’ve a long tradition in taking over public spaces, even have a plaque honoring it at the university itself.

helsinki university take over

What yesterday’s brouhaha was all about:

“The Ministry of Finance has specifically proposed huge cuts in education, science at the University of Helsinki. Of course it is in drastic conflict, even with common sense, understandably, that the Finance Minister Stubb would hold an anniversary seminar in the closing speech. He is not welcome in the University of Helsinki. “


Protesters tried to shout down Stubb into silence at college – police removed protesters from banquet hall

The demonstration at the University of Helsinki to try to stop Alex Stubb's speech.

Demonstrators at the University of Helsinki tried to stop Alex Stubb from speaking. Jaakko Lyytinen

Protesters loudly opposed the education cuts by the Minister of Finance, Alexander Stubb, (National Coalition Party) today at a conference in the University of Helsinki. The police removed some of the protesters from the hall. The Minister made his speech, although the uproar caused a disturbance.

The situation today, in the early evening at the University of Helsinki:

A group of protesters – students, post-graduate students and staff – to shout and sing in the lobby.

The aim is to “prevent” Finance Minister Alexander Stubb (National Coalition Party) voice in the adjoining held in the University Hall ceremony. Science world’s best seminar decides University of Helsinki, 375-year anniversary.

The noise the demonstration has been taken because of the Government’s education cuts threaten demonstrators believes that the University’s activities and adult education.

The noise is loud all the time.

The lobby is full of people:

Protesters thronged the main building of the University in the lobby outside the hall speech.
Protesters thronged the main building of the University in the lobby outside the hall.

From time to time the University assembly hall door opens, with someone entering and exiting. Then the cry and beating gets even harder, says journalist Jutta Sarhimaa who was there.

More here (in Finnish).


Stop lecturing us, you have absolutely no moral nor rational leg to stand on.

Before opening your mouth, it pays to find out exactly who these people are before you let them into your country. The re-engineering of the civil society is not up to a handful of masterminds and geniuses, it’s up to the people themselves. The prime duty of any Western government is the protection of their civil societies, not the treating of it as a grab bag for socialist utopian experimentation.

How dare you lecture us on the importation of legends of people who have nothing in common with our values and way of life. It’s also well worth mulling over the strength of your logic, are we to be pressured by you and your ilk into accepting an undetermined mass number of Muslims, and what if they just keep coming? What about the tens of millions that will come if you keep the doors open?

What about Christianity in Finland in general, what if allowing a steady stream of Muslims into the country comes at the expense of Christian belief and values of every day Finns (and it will)? This is the problem with Church leaders who are far removed from logic and reason and human history. They’re as radical and detached from reality as the average Leftist radical shouting and banging their drums in the streets.

Archbishop’s powerful statement: “What happened to the Finland, which we are accustomed to?”Image

  • – Integration does not only apply to those coming here. It concerns us all. It is the integration of a new reality, says the Archbishop.

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen has said to the council in his speech that it is misleading to talk of Europe or the Finnish refugee crisis.

– The crisis is there, where people are forced to flee from. Gone is the fear, hopelessness, and stories that are sad and unbelievable. In light of that there’s no crisis. It is unreasonable to talk about a crisis here, and in such a way to make seeking protection as the cause of the crisis, Mäkinen said in his speech.

In the Archbishop’s view, Finland or Europe should not close its borders to safeguard applicants for, as it will only increase the emergence of illegal and inhuman abuses.

 [TT: Apparently he doesn’t know that the vast amount of people coming into the country are men of fighting age, and are not real refugees/asylum seekers, he has access to the internet as much as I do. These are benefit seekers the moment they left the port of entry for elsewhere.]

– It is more important now to create safe and legal routes to Europe, says Mäkinen.

[TT: The Hijra-Jihad is to be given the green light  according to this genius. Nothing it seems will be enough to persuade him otherwise.]

According to the Archbishop,  the arrival of asylum seekers understandably arouse the fears and uncertainty in Finland and in Europe.

– Many understand that there is not a state of emergency here, but a new European and Finnish normal situation. I am not be surprised if it raises threats and uncertainty and fears. What happened to the Finland, which we are accustomed? I recognize the uncertainty in oneself, too. But I am sure that the uncertainty and fear in the reception centers and on European roads, is many times more, Mäkinen said.

[TT: The fact is, our fears are justifiable fears, the ones grounded on personal experience, actual facts, upon verifiable stories even reported in the main stream media. No, it’s the Archbishop’s passive naiviety and tomfoolery, the playing around with people’s lives and their civil society that should be in question here, not us.]

He stressed the importance of hope and encouragement.

– Integration does not only apply to those coming here. It concerns us all. It is the integration of a new reality, in which those seeking security and a place to live, are in many ways the wounded, but also people with a wide range of skills and experience, are part of our everyday life, and a part of us, Mäkinen said.

The archbishop recalled that “there is no separate Finnish and foreigners”.

– It is only the people God created and a redeemed people, he said.

NOTE: He’s totally detached from reality. All this guy has to do is to look at Sweden and see the immense social and economic dislocation these type of utopian re-engineering of society has caused, but no, like all statist minded dopes, he rejects human experience and clings to the vision of how he wants things to be, not what they actually are.

Source UusiSuomi (TT translated) H/T: Kumitonttu


Most likely the reason why the Russians let her go, “leave Russia alone or face long term sentence, screw around with the West only”.

Sini Saarela kalterikopissa

These are the no-growthers, throwbacks to the middle ages who want to dictate to us how we are to live. Being emboldened by current political crackpot, pseudoscience glo-bull warming momentum, they actually board vessels to draw attention to that ”dirty” fossil fuel people badly need for their electricity.

Greenpeace activists divert Helsinki-bound coal ship

Early Sunday morning the environmental activist group Greenpeace managed to board and get a coal-carrying freighter on its way from St. Petersburg to change its course before arriving to Helsinki harbour.


After several hours, the m/s Alppila was able to reach Helsinki at around 2 pm on Sunday. As the massive freighter approached the harbour, Greenpeace activists in kayaks blocked the vessel. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

Early Sunday morning Greenpeace activists approached the Finnish-flagged m/s Alppila freighter in an inflatable boat. One of Greenpeace’s better-known activists, Sini Saarela, managed to climb her way aboard the vessel.

After several hours, the Alppila was able to reach Helsinki at around 2 pm on Sunday. As the massive freighter approached the harbour, Greenpeace activists in kayaks blocked the vessel.

Police detained nine activists who were taken to the Pasila police station for questioning.

After a similar ship-boarding demonstration in Russian waters two years ago, Saarela was charged with hooliganism and sat in a Russian jail cell for months.

Group wants city to stop using coal

Greenpeace said it carried out the action because it wants the city of Helsinki to make a clear decision about how and when the city plans to phase out the use of coal and to shift to renewable energy.

The environmental organisation says it would like to see the city shut down all of its coal plants in order to pave the way for new forms of energy.

Currently coal power provides roughly half of the city’s energy requirments.

Citing a TNS Gallup poll, Greenpeace says that 77 percent of Helsinki residents support a transition to renewable energy.

“The opinion of Helsinki residents is so clear that there is no reason to hesistate,” Greenpeace’s Laura Meller stated in a press release.

“Coal power is not something that belongs in modern cities,” she stated.



How about the bad image that Muslim settlers on the hijra jihad in and around Europe have created all by themselves?

tard battalion

In Finland, the term used to describe people at the forefront of the open borders movement who fling themselves (and by default  the rest of society) into the asylum seeker tar-baby, are called “suvaki” (suvaitsevaisuus/tolerance), Finnish slang for those who sanctimoniously beat their chests in showing their “tolerance”.

In a civil society toleration is a good thing, but when done by radicals as a knee-jerk response to anything and everything that they (the Left) wants to shove at society, then it becomes a detrimental ideology and a de facto threat to the civil society. Here is a case in point.

NOTE: Normally I would take time to debunk this nonsense, but it’s so plain to all, and I trust my readers to read between the lines, and laugh out loud.

We tolerate! – Suvakit regret the unilateral obtained asylum seekers images

The refugee crisis causes unfortunate row between Suvakkis and opponents. Opponents told their thoughts in the last paper, now it’s the Suvakis turn.

 Pekka Häyhä and Leena Nicolaou are professing tolerant people.

I’ve always advocated multiculturalism as a resource. Now is a situation where people are in particular need of assistance, because they are in distress, says Häyhä.

Häyhä has done relief work in Helsinki, Africa and in neighboring countries. He does not admit to being an extremist suvaki. Nicolaou admits with a laugh that had not even heard of before the whole suvakki designation. Flower Hatted Aunties or Daisy Maids are words, which are also used to describe Suvakis.

BOTH recognize Finland’s tight financial situation. The Finns are concerned about the wellbeing of the elderly, the unemployed and education. Why shouldn’t these problems be dealt with first?

– Finland’s problems have been known for a long time, Nicolaou exclaims and adds:

– Why didn’t they take care of them prior to this refugee crisis? Our problems shouldn’t be the refugees’ fault.

Häyhä agrees. He believes that Finns need to help refugees in the best way that they can, at the same time taking care of the vulnerable in society. The man is particularly concerned about youth unemployment, which affects both immigrants and the host society as well.

– We must invest in the training of young immigrants, which would benefit the entire society.

Nicolaou who for over twenty years has done relief work  is convinced of the refugees readiness.

– Doing nothing will be costly. By working they are useful to themselves and to society.

Both say that the refugee crisis has come as a surprise to Finns. Finland did not have any time to prepare for the arrival of refugees, because society is wrestling with internal problems. Both stress that information and assistance should be initiated as early as possible.

– Only now are they looking for a route in solving the refugee crisis, says Nicolaou.

-Yes, aid workers and those needing assistance have been confused by the situation, says Nicolaou who helped the Kivilahti asylum seekers.

Häyhä believes that refugees should be informed about the Finnish society, customs and laws as early as possible. Here’s how to avoid conflicts, to which many people refer to in the refugee debate.

– Foreigners can be foreigners, while Finnish culture is nurtured. We need to respect each other’s cultures.

PART OF FINNS are afraid for their safety, once a a reception center is set up in a small community, and foreigners can be seen more on the town’s streets. They fear that the influx of refugees bring with them crime and other unpleasant side effects. Häyhä says that he understands people’s concerns, the asylum seeker men come from cultures where women dress and movement is limited. Nicolaou believes that worry is unnecessary:

– My three sons have grown up in Greek culture with immense respect for a woman.The mother is not dared to be talked back to. A woman is not touched without her permission.

Foreigners have not harassed them either, even though both have spent long periods abroad, and have done volunteer work with foreigners in Finland.

– The problems may be exacerbated in more rural areas, which are not used to foreign people, says Häyhä.

– In larger cities, foreigners do not stand out so much in the street scene.

Nicolaou believes that extreme negative cases are reported in the news.

– Each basket has a rotten apple. Both foreigners and Finns.

Häyhä is unimpressed when told the news of sad cases in which people create a one-sided picture of foreigners. Positive things should be told more.

– Fortunately, it has been observed that immigrants would correct the sustainability gap resulting from the aging of our population, says Häyhä.

THE SUVAKIS both agree that Finns are a tolerant people.

– There is nobody out there walking around on the street, carrying an “I’m a suvakki” -sign, says Nicolaou.

– Most are tolerant deep down, Häyhä believes..

Volunteers for crisis relief is needed more. Now, the work rests on the shoulders of certain groups. Nicolaou says that the Finns did not dare to ask for and provide assistance, but helpers are found, when they are asked – also people of Äänekoski.

XENOPHOBIA should be gotten rid of according to Nicolaou.

– Oh, you can question, to be concerned about and reflect upon the situation, but you shouldn’t be crude. No one should be allowed to call someone a monkey or to spit on people.

Häyhä and Nicolaou would like to see more everyday meeting places where Finns and foreigners could meet with each other. Prejudice is lessened in this way, where interaction  of Finns and foreigners increase.

– I’ve always believed in the goodness of people. If you treat others well, so they too will treat us well, says Häyhä.





Imbecillus Maximus


NOTE: If only that his claims were the case, but they’re not. Remember also that, anything to do with Islam and “interfaith”, has everything to do with pushing the muslim ideology, using every known gripe and complaint, and Western sense of fair play against the non-Muslims themselves. I’ve run into these dumbbells in one too many an occasion.

H/T: Vasara Hammer: This “information” comes from Heikki Huttunen who is very active in interfaith dialogue. He’s an Orthodox priest known for his interfaith activities. He is also a maroon.”

“Two-thirds of asylum applicants Christians”

Statistically, the religious affiliations of asylum seekers is difficult to determine, because the Finnish Immigration Service does not compile statistics. Information received by Huttunen, as many as two-thirds of the visitors to Finland so far, have been asylum seekers with Christian religious beliefs.



This took place in Kamppi Square on the Western side of Helsinki.

finnish leftist fascist

Is this one of Leftist radical, Jani Leinonen’s students from his “School of Disobedience“?

“Leftist indoctrination of the youth continues, with state funded anti-American propaganda clap trap.”

finnish leftist indoctrination-center

Via: Eero Tillanen

“This is what a “Well Wishers” think are ” LEGITIMATE ” actions against us, “violent racists, fascists and nazis”! We Patriotic Finns condemn any such provocations and political violence.”


A hard core feminist lesbian (now living in Sweden) who spends her time vilifying the male world but wants to dress up like them.

No nation could survive, as a nation, with tens of thousands of migrants from all corners of the Muslim world, let alone a million of them, without balkanizing and and eventually fragmenting into different parts. This woman is clearly an ultra-internationalist (hard core Marxist), the other end of the Leftist political spectrum of the ultra-nationalists (Fascists).

She couldn’t care less about the damage such buffoonery would have on the populace and its economy, nor on future generations yet to be born that will have to manage the mess jackasses like her leave for them. Unbelieveable.

This is why Leftism/statism and neo-statism are to be placed under the label of ideologies. They are not based upon fact, reason, logic and human experience. Classical liberalism, based upon the enlightenment, are all of those things just mentioned, and therefore, is a philosophy of life, not ideology. The former is not utopian influenced, it knows its foundations and where it’s carefully going, the latter is utopian influenced, and cannot articulate what kind of existence they are creating, because its reactionary, with the end goal always in flux.


“Rosenberg believes that Finland could easily take in a million asylum-seekers.”

“Forests and villages are more than enough. Finland is now receiving a fraction of the people who are fleeing war in the world. And it is worth remembering that every sixth resident in Sweden is born abroad.”

HS H/T: Jussi Halla-aho on FB.

NOTE: Cluebat for Rosenberg, the existence of homosexuals within muslim communities are endangered species. One could accurately label her a homophobe for what she’s proposing. Because the Left no longer adhere, nor honor the enlightenment, they treat our modern societies advances like toilet paper.


He’s also advising the current Finnish Prime Minister.

This is the bureaucratic hack who’s working against pro-Israel voices in the (state) Lutheran Church, and now we find out that he’s acceptable to the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation to head one of their funded agencies under the auspices of the UN.

NOTE: He’s anti-Israel, so he must be already sharia compliant enough (read = dhimmi stooge) for the OIC to select him to the post. And as the headline shows, he sticks to failed memes like a fly to wet paint.

The Prime Minister’s special representative: “Isis is recruiting loners, asylum seekers need to get to work at once”

Antti Pentikainen met with representatives of the Government of the Government Palace in Helsinki. He, the EU should make already more than mere declarations on the Mediterranean crisis.
Antti Pentikainen met with representatives of the Government at the Government Palace in Helsinki. According to him, the EU should already be making more than mere declarations on the Mediterranean crisis.

Pentikainen has had an action packed week in the Prime Ministers entourage. He was involved, among other things, in the EU’s Prime Ministers’ meeting in Brussels and at the end of the week, he traveled back to New York, where he lives with his family.

Pentikainen is on leave from his position of Executive Director of Finn Church Aid. He started in the spring, in New York, as director of a three-year job as the leader of a religious and traditional community leaders network.

The network set up by UN and the OIC, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, supports peace work, inter alia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

“Recently, it has been noted that there is no conflict that is able to be solved at the national level. What’s more effective is their settlement at the grassroots level, in religious and tribal communities.”