While both are in the bag Hillary bots (you should see their crap on twitter)…real believers.


After the 3rd debate ace reporter Saska Saarikoski writes:

“Hillary Clinton did a hat trick, crushed Trump blow from blow”


His wife Laura blocked me on Twitter for reminding her about rapist Bill’s past, including impeachment, lying under oath, amassing 1/4 billion dollars from speaking engagements made possible by using her office as Sec-State as a slush fund for personal gain and pervert Bill’s flaky foundation. No such book exploring their and the DNC’s misdeeds, and what it has done to America will be forthcoming….no way.

NOTE: Well, when you’re in the tank…’re in the tank, and these miscreants are indeed in the tank, big time. Shame that Finland gets it news from these hacks.


chucky laugh


Like we need more Jew haters in the country…..

There is no moral imperative for the importation of people who hold extreme anti-Jewish views into the country, especially during a time when islamonazis implicitly declare that they will (and have) infiltrate their numbers. The overwhelming number of these people have proven to be frauds. This is dangerous stupidity on a massive scale.

NGOs push for action on Syria with Helsinki march, concert

Mielenosoittajia Senaatintorilla.

A consortium of Finnish NGOs is staging a demonstration in Helsinki on Monday evening urging the government to raise the refugee quota and to take a more active role in peacemaking efforts to end the Syrian Civil War. It is to be followed by a benefit concert, which Yle is streaming live.

An array of Finnish non-governmental organisations are arranging a demonstration in Helsinki billed as the Save Syria peace march on Monday, United Nations Day. Police advise motorists to avoid driving in central areas of the city between 5 pm and 6.30 pm, when the event is scheduled to take place. Police expect traffic to be disrupted, especially along Mannerheimintie, Kaivokatu, Esplanadi and Unioninkatu.

The march is to begin at Railway Square and end at Senate Square in front of the Lutheran Cathedral, where demonstrators plan to form a large peace sign.

Dozens of organisations are taking part including Lutheran and Muslim groups, trade unions, student and arts groups, as well as rights organisations ranging from UNICEF Finland to the Finnish League for Human Rights and the Feminist Association Unioni.

NGOs call for higher refugee quota

The coalition of NGOs organising the march and benefit concert have issued a statement calling on the centre-right government to take a more active role in the Syrian crisis.

“The Finnish government must do everything it can to help find a peaceful solution to the Syrian war,” it says. “Finland must operate actively within both the UN and the EU to bring the warring sides back to the negotiating table.”

The statement also calls on the state to accept more of “the most vulnerable” quota refugees from Syria.

“Instead of reducing the refugee quota, it should be raised. Refugees in distress must be assured safe routes to Finland and Europe,” it adds.

Yle streams benefit concert

Following the march, there will be a benefit concert at The Circus near Narinkkatori. Yle will stream the concert live beginning at 8 pm. Hosted by Yle’s Rakel Liekki, the show features Finnish pop-rock stars such as Maija Vilkkumaa, Tuure Kilpeläinen, Erin, Vuokko Hovatta, Scandinavian Music Group as well as Somali-Finnish rapper Bizzyiam, Palestinian singer Jowan Safadi, Syrian refugee violinist Refat Zin Eddin and keyboardist Fares Shems. All proceeds go to support aid efforts in Syria through aid groups partnering with the Finnish Foreign Ministry.

The Syrian Civil War has been going on for more than five and a half years. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that more than 300,000 people have been killed, with millions displaced by the conflict.

More here.


Finnish journalist Pertti Rönkkö:

”The US presidency is such an important role, that it should be chosen by the UN General Assembly”



UPDATE: Scroll down for the Finnish police chief’s unintelligent dissembling to Finnish activist Junes Lokka’s black and white question:

Over on Twitter, Finnish bloggers/activists Junes Lokka, Vasarahammer and Kumitonttu are taking the Finnish police to task for their role in allowing a group of anarchists and Muslims to congregate and disrupt the rally in last Saturday’s ”Keep Finland Finnish rally in Vuosaari Helsinki where former Muslim Swedish-Somali Mona Walter spoke.

Junes Lokka is heard speaking in the beginning speaking to the live feed audience about someone, then the sound of the anarchists is heard, shouting ‘racists out”. Not heard in this clip is the sounds of amplified by a bullhorn which has a siren option, both were heard throughout the entire event. Junes begins to ask them why they were there, would someone like to (speak to him)…then cut off by the police who directed him to leave the area….

The regarding right to assemble reads as follows:

4 §

Provisional and allowance obligation

The public authorities shall contribute to the exercise of freedom of assembly by securing the right to meet without outside interference, and creating the conditions for the organization of general meetings.

The text reads: ”Could the Helsinki Police or the Finnish Police explain why this freedom of assembly statute was not implemented?”

NOTE: Politicization of the police force always leads to their ignoring the law when it suits the political elite who gives them their marching orders.

Translation: “In fact, both parties are looking for an advantageous interpretation. The police look at the entirety.”

Junes Lokka: “Stop with the lying”


Check the pick, most of them there were muslims…..

Wow,….migration is a right, deportation is a crime! Who knew!?

Mielenosoitus maahanmuuttoviraston edessä.

So everyone in the world has a right to determine Finnish immigration policy for the Finns, thanks for clearing that up for us. (The loon Left is responsible for this provocation, at least they can spell)

Demonstrators in Helsinki protest tough asylum decisions

At least 200 people gathered in front of the Finnish Immigration Service headquarters in Helsinki on Thursday to protest the authority’s tougher criteria for granting asylum. A smaller group of anti-immigration counter-protestors were also on hand.

Approximately 200 people gathered in front of the Finnish Immigration Service headquarters in Helsinki on Thursday to protest the authority’s tougher criteria for granting asylum. A smaller group of counter-protestors were also on hand.

Approximately 200 people gathered in front of the Finnish Immigration Service headquarters in Helsinki on Thursday to protest the authority’s tougher criteria for granting asylum. Image: Yle

A demonstration protesting Finland’s ‘unfair and arbitrary’ asylum decisions got started at about 11 am Thursday outside the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) office in the Kalasatama district of Helsinki.

Some 400 people had pre-registered on social media to attend. The protest was coordinated by the Free Movement (Vapaa liikkuvuus) network, which argues that the Immigration Service’s decisions are arbitrary. The network states that the Service is simply trying to turn as many asylum seekers away from Finland as possible.

Speakers at the protest included Sanna Vestin of Refugee Groups Privy Council, Stockholm, Rex Osa, a refugee activist from Stuttgart, Germany as well as Iraqi, Afghan and other nationals awaiting a decision on asylum in Finland.

The Free Movement group demands that the negative decisions made since stricter asylum criteria came into force be re-investigated and the Service’s country policy be changed. In May, Migri released an assessment claiming that the security situations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia had improved and that large areas of the countries were safe.

A couple dozen members of the anti-immigration group Finland First (Suomi Ensin) were also on hand in front of Migri headquarters. They were ordered to remain some distance away from the other protesters.

Employees report over-work, rush decisions

Public discussion of Migri’s activities has grown since the country’s leading paper, Helsingin Sanomat, published a scathing report on Sunday. The report quoted several Service employees as saying that there is considerable pressure on them to make negative decisions, and that even the inner workings of the Service aren’t clear about the justifications behind the revised security assessments.

Just before the demonstration began on Thursday, Minister of the Interior Paula Risikko met with Finnish Immigration Service employees, in a meeting that tabloid Iltalehti said was called for the minister to hear the testimonials of the Service’s employees and discuss the pressures of their work firsthand.

After her meeting, the minister said, “My trust in the work of the Finnish Immigration Service is strong. I give the Service my full support.”

Former police chief claims asylum seekers organising, Nerg says no

Meanwhile, retired police commissioner Mikko Paatero has claimed that asylum seekers in Finland are secretly organising. He also accused the authorities of providing a too rosy picture of the real situation at the country’s asylum seeker reception centres. Paatero, who’s just published a book, argues that groups of rejected asylum seekers might drift into crime.

The Chief Superintendent of the National Police Board, Timo Kilpeläinen, and the Ministry of Interior’s highest-ranking official, Permanent Secretary Päivi Nerg, both denied the allegations, saying they had no knowledge of any covert coordination.



And meanwhile the imploding neo-Nazi linked Soldiers Of Odin’s private FB pages are the main target of the police.

Animal rights group claims responsibility for bus arson

A Finnish animal rights group has reportedly claimed responsibility for setting fire to several long distance buses parked at a bus depot in Vantaa, which caused more than one million euros in damage Friday morning. The activist group said the action was a protest against the bus company Pohjolan Matka, saying the firm cooperates with Saga Furs, a fur auction company.

Palossa tuhoutuneita busseja Pohjolan Matkan varikolla

A total of five of Pohjolan Matka’s buses parked at a bus depot in Vantaa were destroyed by an intentionally-set fire early Friday morning.

Due to the spread of the fire, altogether nine buses were damaged in the incident.

According to a post on their website, the Animal Liberation Front said they were behind the arson, in what they described as a protest of the bus company’s dealings with the Vantaa-based fur trade auction company Saga Furs.

Pohjolan Matka said the cost of damages to the buses amounted to more than one million euros.

Pohjolan Matka’s CEO Johanna Lehtonen said that even though the activist group took responsibility for the crime, other evidence would be needed to confirm it.

Lehtonen would not comment about the company’s relationship with Saga Furs, but said she was taken aback by the attack, saying she could not understand why someone would damage other people’s property.

“We are grateful that no one was injured,” Lehtonen said, adding that five staff members were asleep in the depot building when the fire was set.

It was a windy morning, she said, adding that the fire could have spread even further.

The incident is being investigated as a case of aggravated sabotage by the National Bureau of Investigation.

Television channel MTV3 news first reported that the animal activists claimed responsibility.


In full agreement with the verdict. How much time should we give those who participated in the subversion of our society with fraudulent, Jew hating Muslim settlers?

Arsonist gets 3.5 years for attack on reception centre

A man has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for an attack on a reception centre in Petäjävesi in which he threw five petrol bombs. Around 80 people were in the centre at the time, including many children.

Petäjäveden vastaanottokeskukseen tehtiin helmikuussa 2016 polttopulloisku.

Image: Isto Janhunen / Yle

Central Finland District Court has sentenced a Petäjävesi man to three and a half years in prison for attempted arson after he tried to burn down a reception centre while around 80 asylum seekers were inside.

The man, who was born in 1991, threw five petrol bombs at the centre’s windows in an attempt to burn it down. Some of bombs, which consisted of a bottled filled with petrol, went through a window and caused a fire inside the entrance hall of the centre, which produced a lot of smoke.

Investigators said that the fired only burnt itself out through a lack of further fuel once the petrol had burnt, and that if flammable material had been present in the entrance hall the result could have been a lot worse.

According to the charges the man had intended to cause serious danger to the lives of those inside the centre at the time.


Traitorous idiot………

So he plans to use the church to forward his of leftist/socialist agenda. This archbishop holds his own people in contempt, in favor of those who insist on dictating Finnish immigration policy.

Yes, we are to try and establish peaceful relations with peoples, but not at the expense of the civil society. foolishly importing tens of thousands of people (muslims) who have proven to be extremely difficult to assimilate, especially in a welfare state where its leaders lack confidence in their own culture and values, is suicide.

This archbishop says none of us are the sole representatives of culture and religion, but it’s he who insists he is exactly that in telling us how we should be and behave. Suck everything up what the government and other officials tell us like good little Lutherans and post-Lutherans. Big government knows best, just shut the hell up and eat your puro.

MTV Uutisextrassa Archbishop: Church promises to protect rejected asylum seekers 


Where do these morons come from? we seem to have an ample supply of them.

There’s a huge difference in people being murdered in individual circumstances, and wholesale slaughter of people sitting in a restaurant dining on their favorite meals, or riding in a subway. She’s trying to minimize the Islamic threat, pure and simple.

UPDATE: Be sure to scroll down for Vlad’s comment.

Terrorism Researcher: Europe can endure terror – more are killed every year in Finland than in terrorist attacks in Europe in 10 years

Terrorism can try to be controlled, but it can not be completely prevented, says an expert at the University of Helsinki. Terrorist acts differ according to her, for example, from organized crime to acts for attention.

Terrorism researcher Leena Malkki.
Terrorism researcher Leena Malkki. Image: Yle

University of Helsinki terrorism researcher Leena Malkki calls into question the decision-makers reactions to the recent terrorist attacks.

According to Malki, the decision-maker’s sense of proportion is threatened to be blurred as a result of the attacks.

– Europe will already knocking at the limits as to how much this threat you should pay attention to and to allocate resources, Malkki said on Monday Yle Radio 1’s morning show.

Malkki calls for a broad political debate on how you want to develop the fight against terrorism.

– It is very characteristic that the pressure is directed to how to create more stringent legislation. The ratio should be critical, he says.

According to the researcher there has been an over-reaction to the damage caused by one of the most dangerous terrorist attacks.

– Actually, what’s most dangerous in terrorism is that it can begin to export resources oversized in relation to how much it will ultimately threaten the security of citizens, says Malkki.

She pointed out that annually more people in Finland die in homicides,  than in Europe have died in terrorist attacks since 2005 after the attacks in London.


H/T:  Retweeted  5h

Finding a Marxist with a cushy overpaid job teaching university is hardly a surprise. But that doesn’t mean the damage they do doesn’t have to be undone.

This is an example of the kind of intellectual slight of hand the Frankfurt School is famous for.

Technically, it’s called the logical fallacy of false equivalence. Using her reasoning would be to say that there is no need to find a cure for Ebola as more people died of the Black Plague in the middle ages. So its all fine.

The fact is, there is a difference between a crime, which is for personal gain and typically has no effect on policy or liberty within a nation, and a political act of terror which is to create a change in policy that will affect everyone.

A traffic fatality for example might result in a new stop sig, but typically it won’t even do that. But one cannot help noticing how much more sharia compliant the Western world is today at the cost of individual liberty and even appeals to reason, facts and truth are frequenltly not factors in the defense of the non-Muslim. Most notably in England at the moment, but spreading everywhere now.

None of these changes would have happened had it not been for Islamic terror. There is a direct A-B cause and effect relationship.

So this ‘expert’ on terror likely does not even understand the word but looks at it in a Micheal Moore, statistical relativism way. One that is designed to deceive, not to inform.


Great, not knowing who they are, they want more Finns mingling with them regardless many have been found with military and police training.

Oh, and there is plenty of young people who are completely unable to get summer work, but they don’t matter now do they? These fake refugees are deemed more righteous and deserving than those children whose parents pay taxes here.

asylum seeker with head on finnish tv

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen concerned about the closure of the borders

Archbishop Mäkinen believes that asylum seekers in need of legal routes to Europe. Archbishop Kari Mäkinen is also concerned about the fact that the conditions for family reunification are being tightened.

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen
Archbishop Kari Mäkinen Photo: Petra Ristola / Yle

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen is concerned that closing borders and asylum seekers’ access to Europe trying to prevent.


Archbishop is also concerned that the conditions for family reunification are being further tightened.

– It is humanly necessary that family ties may remain. It is also of paramount importance to integration thing.

Archbishop urges congregations to recruit asylum seekers FOR summer jobs

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen invited last autumn, churches throughout Finland to help asylum seekers in need.

– It’s been a great way to see how many churches have gone into this. For example, the churches have developed contacts and helped integration.

The archbishop hopes that the churches in different parts of Finland consider whether giving to providing asylum-seekers jobs for the summer.



One of his other cultural achievements is to be involved in an organization that teaches “street disobedience” measures and tactics to “social conscious” radical Leftist activists.

His name is Kari Miettinen (pictured left below), but his rapper handle is “Paleface”.

kari miettinen school of disobedience

He’s been involved with the BDS movement against Israel, and has no problem with flooding Finland, and the rest of Europe, with hundreds of thousands if not millions of fake Muslim refugees.

NOTE: It really is revolting that the Finnish state (its bureaucracy is loaded with similar minded radical leftists) hands over good taxpayer’s money to low lifes like Miettinen, who instead of teaching young minds about classical liberalism, ordered liberty, patriotism etc., indoctrinates them with classic marxist statist agitprop, breeding new generations of malcontents and miscreants.

finnish leftist indoctrination-center

Finnish Cultural Foundation awards unprecedented 25 million euros

The youngest recipient of the awards was a 9-year-old harpist from Rovaniemi, while rap artist Paleface was one of three Finns who received 30,000 euros each for their significant cultural achievements.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded an unprecedented 25 million euros this year, which was 2 million more than it gave out in 2015.

The Foundation is a private trust dedicated to promoting art, science, and other fields of intellectual and cultural endeavor in Finland.

Three Finns were awarded 30,000 euros each for their significant cultural achievements — professor of theoretical ecology and evolutionary biology Hanna Kokko, rap artist Paleface (Karri Miettinen), and political science professor Jaakko Nieminen.

More  at Yle


Soldiers of Odin group marched in a counter protest in Tampere on the same day.

SOO in tampere 27.2.2016

Safe Passage march in Helsinki to “defend human dignity”

About 300 people gathered in Helsinki on Saturday afternoon to march in support of asylum seeker and refugee rights as part of a global Safe Passage demonstration held in countries throughout Europe, Canada and the USA.

Turvapaikanhakijoita saapumassa Lesboksen saarelle.

Asylum seekers arriving at the Greek island of Lesbos. Image: Yannis Kolesidis / EPA

About 300 people gathered at the Kamppi square in Helsinki’s city centre on Saturday to peacefully demonstrate for asylum seeker rights. Participants also seemed to share a common concern about the rise of racism and inequality in Finland.

“I’m here to try and defend human dignity. There’s a surprising amount of racism rising to the surface lately in Finland, like the kind we saw in the 1930s when people were being separated into groups according to their colour, religion or birthplace,” said one marcher, Carl-Magnus Blomberg.

Riina Solantaus agreed with him.

“We must protect and help people. I’m really worried about how much racism there is in this country. People are escaping dreadful conditions and have been forced to leave their loved ones and their country, and then they come here and are harassed,” she said.

Mira Kelahaara has noticed that people aren’t as eager to participate in demonstrations as they were before.

“I’ve been following the ‘Close the Borders’ demonstrations from the sidelines and it is some pretty ferocious stuff,” she said.

Salla Hagelberg hopes the Helsinki demonstration will give more Finns the courage to support refugees, despite contrary opinions.

“I hope the Finns stand strong. I hope this will show that must defend each and every human, especially those in the greatest need.”

Meanwhile in Tampere…

About 150 people joined a procession of anti-immigrant Soldiers of Odin group members in Tampere, another large city about two hours north of Helsinki. The group marched down the main shopping street of Hämeenkatu to the Tampere Railway Station.

Local police report that they were not informed of the march ahead of time and that it was called in remembrance of a group member who had recently died.

Both events proceeded peacefully.


Here is a video of their marching, looks like a lot more than just a 150 people YLE is claiming, looks closer to being around 300.


They’re digging in their heels, but they don’t realize that Aussie Dave has already dug his in long before they did.

TAILSPIN for Kinnunen


Have Aalto University Given Their Antisemitic Professor Paavo Kinnunen A Free Pass?

Following my expose of antisemitic professor Paavo Kinnunen, many of you and others flooded Aalto University’s Facebook page with demands they take action. In addition, fans of Kinnunen left their own comments, standing by their man while claiming he is not antisemitic, just critical of Israel(!) Some even threatened to sue me.

Let them try. I stand behind my post, comprising of Kinnunen’s own posts which are clearly antisemitic. I am sure any court would find in my favor.

And how did Aalto university respond? It seems as though they asked him to unequivocally state his views are entirely his own – as he did on his Facebook page.

paavo post

They mirrored this distancing from his views, in the comments to my post but also elsewhere.


Other than that, it seems like he may have escaped serious punishment.

More here at Israellycool.


It’s totally embarrassing when they escape……

Aussie Dave @ Israellycool had the unfortunate displeasure of dealing with this Finnish fruit cake of a professor at his website. Aussie Dave has all the details here.

NOTE: Sorry Dave, we try to keep them locked up here in the cold nordic north the best we can, but unfortunately, they occasionally manage to work the bolts loose from their softy padded holding cell doors. At least no physical poo was thrown, just the verbal variant, thanks for cleaning up this mental patient’s mess.

Sincere apologies, The Tundra Tabloids.

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Paavo Kinnunen of Aalto University, Finland

Meet Paavo Kinnunen.

Paavo Kinnunen

As a Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science at Aalto University in Finland, you’d think he’s a smart cookie.

Not so much.

You see, he thought it would be a good idea to leave this comment on the blog.

paavo comment

Naturally, I went to his Facebook page and discovered more of the same, including support of terrorism.

More here.

UPDATE: There was a question over the actual identity of the man, since there are many Paavo Kinnunen’s in Finland. Now we are certain that the FB page in question belongs to the shameful Aalto University professor.
He’s in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science dept. and had this pic (the one on the right) and this one as well, identifying himself.

kinnunen fb page

kinnunen aalto university


Of course in a normal society, the first priority of any government funded agency is the citizens of that country itself, but it’s no longer governed/administered by normal people.

NOTE: When I moved here you couldn’t even do voluntary work, and you know what? I long for a return to it.

refugees in finland


Recommend a Refugee web service for asylum seekers launches

On Monday the Finnish Red Cross launched a new web-based programme, which aims to help asylum seekers find their way into working life. The Recommend a Refugee service aims to introduce employers to potential workers.

Many of the asylum seekers at the Auramo reception centre in Vantaa, just north of Helsinki, say they’d gladly work for free in jobs like snow shovelling or helping out at senior citizens’ homes.

Riyadh Aqashad, a computer programmer from Iraq who speaks English, says he already volunteers by helping fellow Iraqis in Finland with translation and other tasks. He also volunteers to clear snow.

Despite their enthusiasm for the sorts of tasks they’re already doing, asylum seekers like Aqashad also have higher educational and work experiences that they’d like to take advantage of.

Web based service
The Recommend a Refugee programme uses a smartphone and web service and was launched on Monday by the Finnish Red Cross and business partners.

With a few taps of a smartphone screen – the service is also available via computer – and entry of some personal information, the service helps to connect asylum seekers with employers.

At the moment most of the jobs listed include temporary internships, volunteer and communal work.

An engineer from Iraq, Arkan Aal-Ohayef, says the point of participation in the programme is not about being paid, but to get a foot in the door.

“I don’t think about the money I think the first step is the training and how to engage on the job itself, the job market. Even if it was just a volunteer job, I don’t have problem with that,” Aal-Ohayef says.

No work permit required
Because these jobs are unpaid, issues like work permits are not a problem.

In Finland, asylum seekers with valid ID cards can work for pay after having lived in the country for three months. Those without IDs need to wait six months before taking a job.

These rules, however, do not apply to unpaid internships and volunteer work.

Recommend a Refugee was developed in Finland and the Netherlands. In Finland it is run by the Finnish Red Cross in cooperation with Swedish-language newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet and Helsinki-based marketing and public relations firm SEK.

During the programme’s first phase organisers hope to connect some 50 trainees with suitable employers.

The programme is only just starting in the Helsinki region but the goal is to expand it throughout the country.

Sources Yle


The ones hiding their true feelings are the morons who pretend to defend human rights while championing those who would smash those rights. They also hide their true intentions of erasing borders once for all, the ramifications of that should scare any sane individual..

Three counter-demonstrators detained at anti-immigrant rally

Three people were remanded into police custody on Saturday for ignoring police orders to leave the area during an anti-immigrant ‘Close the Borders’ protest march in Helsinki. The arrests took place after the counter-demonstrators returned to heckle the procession.

Video: Kymmenkunta keppihevosilla ratsastanutta vastamielenosoittajaa tuli Rajat kiinni -mielenosoitukseen Helsingin Narinkkatorille.
Watch video footage from the January 30 anti-immigrant demonstration in Helsinki Video: Berislav Jurisic / Yle

Police have detained three counter-demonstrators who disrupted the anti-immigrant ‘Close the Borders’ demonstration in Helsinki Saturday.

According to the Helsinki Police, the persons apprehended were disturbing the otherwise peaceful procession, and so the police held them until the demonstration was over and charged them a fine for insubordination.

Mika Hentunen, a reporter for Yle described the people who were removed from the demonstration as “leftist radicals”.

There is an idiom in Finnish that ‘to use something as a hobby horse’ is to use something as a pretext for your true intentions. The group of counter protesters were all riding hobby horses, likely meant to accuse the demonstrators of hiding their racist motivation behind what they say is their interest in keeping the country safe.

“A few carloads of riot police and mounted police were on hand,” Hentunen reported.

Hentunen estimates that some 150 people took part in the Close the Borders procession, which began at Helsinki’s Kamppi square and proceeded down Mannerheimintie to end at Senate Square. The demonstration culminated in a candlelit vigil on the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral, in honour of a 17-year-old girl killed one year ago in the northwest city of Pori by an Afghan national.

Helsinki Police say about 200 people turned out for the anti-immigrant march, dwindling to 100 by the end. A similar procession took place without incident on Saturday in the western coastal city of Pori.

More here.


The only reason why the police are ”bracing” for anything is due to the habitually and inherently violent, Left-wing. 

I agree with the words from the late, great, Ronald Reagan, there is no ”left or right”, there is only an up or down. Those who cling to statist driven ideologies, whether they hail from the Left or Right-wing of  big government socialism, are the problem.

You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream-the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path. Plutarch warned, “The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.”

The answer, of course, lies within the philosophies of the Enlightenment that liberated man, championing the uniqueness of the individual and his inherent sovereignty endued upon him by the Creator. That  is where the path to the top begins.

Helsinki police brace for anti-immigration and anti-racism demos

The anti-immigration group “Close the Borders” (Rajat kiinni) has planned a march in Helsinki to promote peace for women on Saturday. At the same time the anti-racism movement “No racism in my name” (Ei rasismia minun nimissäni) will take to the streets of the capital to protest racist speech and actions.

Tampereen keskustassa järjestettiin kaksi mielenosoitusta 23. tammikuuta 2016, liikkeellä olivat maahanmuuton vastainen kuvassa oleva Rajat Kiinni! -soihtukulkue ja Loldiers of Odin -klovnit.
Participants at last weekend’s anti-immigration demonstration in Tampere. Image: Kalle Parkkinen / Lehtikuva

Officials in Helsinki are expecting at least two demonstrations on the city streets come Saturday, as the anti-immigration group “Close the Borders” and the anti-racism collective “No racism in my name” converge on the capital for demonstrations.

By Thursday evening roughly 100 supporters of “Close the Borders” had indicated on the group’s Facebook page that they would turn out for the planned march, due to begin at Narinkkatori in the city centre.

Meanwhile a counter-demonstration planned by the “No racism in my name group” had amassed 900 participants on that group’s Facebook site.

Helsinki police said that the required notifications had been made for both demonstrations. Officials would not speculate on how many people they expected to actually turn up for the popular protests.

“As always with these kinds of events, it remains to be seen how many people will actually turn up,” said chief inspector Seppo Kujala.

Police to take the necessary precautions

All the same, Kujala said police would be taking the necessary precautions.

“Of course we will aim to be prepared in the event that everything doesn’t go smoothly. However in most cases people are quite properly expressing support for something that they feel to be right and don’t cause any major problems. There may be some isolated people or groups that the police then take care of,” Kujala added.

The Helsinki officer said that police will conduct resource planning when they have gathered sufficient information about the demonstrations.

“We will be monitoring the situation right down to the very last and will be prepared with the required equipment and resources,” he commented.

Anti-immigration demonstrations have also been planned for this weekend in other cities such as Keuruu and Pori in western Finland.

Last weekend Close the Borders organised an anti-immigration procession in Tampere.


NOTE: I wish these patriots all the best. Thomas Jefferson said it best:

Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem. (TT: “I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.”) Even this evil is productive of good. It prevents the degeneracy of government, and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs. I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” – Jefferson to James Madison, January 30, 1787


Thou shalt not counter the official narrative or risk naming and shaming by the cultural elite

Just this past Dec (2015), the entire country stood up in honor in a retirement ceremony for the favored star hockey player, Teemu Selänne. They retired his national team jersey number.

That was then, and this is now. He’s being attacked by the (self anointed) cultural elite for daring to question charges of “racism” in a tweet on immigration policy surrounding an article that denounced the rape wave happening in Finland by a sport/media expert, Aleksi Valavuori.

Trans: Otherwise, @ AWennstrm @ MiiaNahkuri where in @ Valavuori writing is racism ?!

There has been an avalanche on twitter, How do we stop the raping?

The fuss over Teemu Selänne’s immigration tweet 

Finnish Ice Hockey Association froze Teemu ridge number in the national team on December 30th, in connection with the Junior World Championships.

Finnish Ice Hockey Association retired Teemu Selänne’s number in the national team on December 30th, in connection with the Junior World Championships.

Ex-hockey player Teemu Selanne shared on his Twitter account a position on immigration policy.

Selanne shared on Tuesday evening on his Twitter account the text of sport and multi-media expert Aleksi Valavuori, in which he dealt critically with Finnish immigration policy. Valavuori took a position in the text, on the mass rape, and called the raising of the hands by politicians driving the current refugee and asylum policy as an error

Valavuori’s text started a lively discussion, which the hockey site editor of, Antti Wennström participated in. He described Valavuori posts as populistic and contained racist tones and asked whether Selanne is a critic of the Geneva Convention?

In reply Selanne wondered where in Valavuori’s text was racism.

Former Sports Minister, Paavo Arhinmäki (TT: Hack communist malcontent) participated in the discussion. He noted that he has not met anyone who accepts the crimes made ​​by asylum seekers and deems it disgusting that on the basis of unacceptable crimes to blame all asylum seekers.

Teemu Selänne’s official Twitter account has 101 000 followers. In the past, Selanne has released a Tweet mostly on ice hockey, but also on his restaurant, and also a range of tweets dealing with new a TV-series.

More here in Finnish at H.S.

NOTE: It’s a straw man argument by the commie former ”minister of sports” (yes we actually have one of those, Lol). No one is saying that ALL muslim migrants are to blame, but that without the flood of their numbers, we would not be having these rapes. There is no way to properly screen these asylum applicants (2/3 of which are already officially deemed as frauds), as well as the extreme social differences that are present, which can be attested to by various local government giving these migrants the do’s and don’ts in civil society.

The Geneva Conventions do not allow for fake, fraudulent economic tourists/colonizers free entry to any country of their choosing, and even real refugees are expected to stay in the first country they reach and seek asylum there, not shopping around for the best deal.

If these are the best arguments that they can come up with, we should be carrying the day in the debate.



Nut-job traitors……

After all we know, these ideologically driven activists still insist that supposed refugees (2/3 already officially deemed as frauds) should be given passage through an already determined safe zone, Russia, because they want Finnish benefits more.

NOTE: What’s even more galling is the fact that these NGO’s are receiving taxpayer money, which means that the people are yet again funding their own colonization and societal breakdown.

NGOs: Russia should not prevent asylum seekers from entering Finland

Asylum seekers waiting at the Russian border to enter Finland have a right to be allowed into the country, say Finnish refugee aid organisations. The Refugee Advice Centre and the Finnish Refugee Council are calling on Russian border officials to allow asylum seekers to cross the border even if they have no valid travel documents.

turvapaikanhakijoita yön pimeydessä Kantalahdessa Venäjällä.
An Yle reporter met asylum seekers at Kantalahti in Russia. Image: Yle

Finnish refugee aid NGOs are calling on Russian border officials to allow asylum seekers in the country to cross the border into Finland. They say that a lack of valid travel documents is not sufficient cause to prevent people seeking asylum from entering Finland. Sanna Rummakko of the Refugee Advice Centre pointed out that Russia is party to an international agreement on refugees.

The convention allows people to seek asylum in the country of their choice, she said. She added that this is regardless of whether or not individuals have long held a Russian residence permit or even if they have no identity documents at all.

Rummakko said that preventing asylum seekers from entering Finland means that Russia is violating its own commitments.

The convention calls on states to guarantee refugees legal and safe passage through their countries. The NGOs noted that this clause has by no means always been respected in Europe, and it is one of the reasons that asylum seekers have turned to people smugglers for help, they charged.

It is estimated that there are thousands of asylum seekers in Russia who are trying to head west. In practice Russia has been a popular destination mainly for refugees from Ukraine, but now about 2,000 Syrians have been granted temporary asylum in the country.

Most asylum seekers who have traveled through Russia have gone to Norway. The Nordic state now wants to turn them back to Russia. On Tuesday Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that some of the people who are seeking asylum in Norway and Finland said they had come to Russia to work or visit family. He said they have therefore entered the country on false pretences and that Russia does not need to take them back.

Finland negotiating with Russia

Finnish officials have expressed concern over the asylum seeker situation across the border in Russia. There is also no information about how many people are trying to reach Finland or how they are being cared for.

Finland is looking to answer these questions on many levels. Interior Minister Petteri Orpo met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Kolokoltsev Tuesday afternoon, with immigration cooperation high on the agenda.

However in Russia border protection is the responsibility of the Federal Security Service and not the Interior Ministry.