EU designers of mass societal destruction…….statists and neo-statists alike.



THE European Union’s vast experiment in open borders, free movement and cultural diversity has been tested to destruction.


As the influx The very fabric of European civilisation is disintegrating as the influx continues.

A sense of accelerating chaos now hangs over the continent. As the influx across the Eastern Mediterranean grows to more than 3,000 new arrivals every day, on top of all the other waves of mass immigration, the very fabric of European civilisation is disintegrating. The traditional bonds of solidarity and shared identity are collapsing. In their place there are fully justified fears about terrorism, extremism, alien customs and savage misogyny.

Although Britain is not part of the EU core we are going through the same social revolution as the rest of Europe. The annual rate of immigration to our country officially stands at 630,000 but even that astonishing figure is probably an underestimate given that no fewer than 917,000 National Insurance numbers were dished out to foreigners last year.

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The need to dump the EU now couldn’t be greater than ever before. We just can’t survive their incompetency and scumbaggery any longer.

collapsing EU

This fuel tax idea keeps bubbling to the surface, all around the EU and even in Finland, where neo-statists like Alexander Stubb seem smitten by the idea. Further taxing the people within the EU to help fund the disaster they’ve (EU elites and their lackeys) foisted upon is beyond the pale.

NOTE: Good people of the UK, please vote to leave the EU, may it become the catalyst in dissolving the entire statist (tyrannical) project.

EU official backs German migrant fuel tax idea

EU official backs German migrant fuel tax idea

Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is looking for ways to balance Germany’s budget. Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa

Published: 30 Jan 2016 16:24 GMT+01:00

A German proposal for a continent-wide fuel tax to help finance the absorption of migrants has won backing from the European commissioner for the euro, news magazine Spiegel reported Saturday.

Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble had last week floated the idea of introducing a tax on petrol in Europe to help cover the costs of tackling the continent’s worst migration crisis since World War II.

“A fuel tax, at a national or European level, could be a possible source of financing, especially if you take into account petrol prices are at a historical low,” Valdis Dombrovskis told the magazine.

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EU tyrants never let a self made crisis go to waste, time to steal even more power from the people.

collapsing EU

They’re never done, always scheming and planning to rob you of your liberty and freedom, removing yet even more control away from the electorate and into the hands of the geniuses and masterminds while the public sleeps.

NOTE: This is the same marxist who attempted to tax 75% of the wealthy’s income, only to have it rescinded due to the obvious realities of such a jackass, anti-economic boneheaded move.

Could eurozone get its own parliament? Francois Hollande revives Delors’ plan after Greek crisis

Change: The President of France Francis Hollande called for the creation of a new eurozone government

Change: The President of France Francis Hollande called for the creation of a new eurozone government

  • French leader said European citizens had lost faith in the single currency 
  • New government would have its own parliament and a specific budget 
  • Body would strengthen the eurozone, which faced collapse over Greece
  • Mr Hollande’s bid resurrects proposal first suggested by Jacques Delors

Francois Hollande has called for the revival of plans for a eurozone government in the wake of the Greek crisis.

The French President said the response to the near-disaster that almost saw Greece go bankrupt should be further integration, not less, adding, ‘What threatens us is not too much Europe, but a lack of it.’

Mr Hollande maintained it was time to dust off ideas originally put forward by former European Commission chief Jacques Delors, for a ‘stronger organisation’ behind the euro led by ‘a vanguard of countries’.

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True face of soft tyranny.

collapsing EU

The ironic thing being, the marxist fake EU president, Schultz, is probably right, that the EU has straight jacketed member states to a point where they cannot inflict any change upon the existing EU structure.

NOTE: Do take note at the language coming from this POS, ”hate and lies”. He’s projecting his own modus operandi. Is this really the kind of political structure you want to live under?

PM’s reforms driven by lies and hate, blasts EU chief: President insists it’s ‘not possible’ for Britain to change its relationship

David Cameron's hopes of ending Brussels' push towards 'ever closer union' have been dashed by the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz. The two men today attended a service to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo at St Paul's Cathedral

David Cameron’s hopes of ending Brussels’ push towards ‘ever closer union’ have been dashed by the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz. The two men today

  • Martin Schulz says there is ‘no chance’ of changing central idea of the EU
  • European Parliament President to meet Cameron in Downing Street today
  • Ireland has started making contingency plans for it UK leaves the EU

David Cameron’s hopes of ending Brussels’ push towards ‘ever closer union’ have been dashed by the President of the European Parliament.

Martin Schulz said there was ‘no chance’ of changing one of the central ideas of the EU as he met the Prime Minister in Downing Street.

It came as Ireland revealed that Dublin has already started making contingency plans to deal with a possible British exit from the EU.attended a service to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo at St Paul’s Cathedral

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collapsing EU

‘Hello dictator,’ Juncker says to Hungary’s Orban

22 May 2015, 16:59 CET
'Hello dictator,' Juncker says to Hungary's Orban

Juncker – Renzi – Photo Latvia EU presidency

(RIGA) – European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker teased Hungarian Premier Viktor Orban over his strongman reputation Friday, jokingly greeting him as “dictator” as he arrived at an EU summit in Riga.

The right-wing Orban has angered and infuriated his European Union peers for years, carrying out sweeping constitutional and institutional changes that critics say have curbed press freedom and judicial authority.

“Hello, dictator,” Juncker was overheard to say to Orban in front of the press at the EU-Eastern Partnership summit in Latvia.

Orban replied: “Hello Grand Duke,” a reference to Juncker’s native Luxembourg, known as the Grand Duchy even though it is one of the smallest countries in the world.

Orban’s spokesman Bertalan Havasi told AFP that the two men enjoyed the banter.

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Ok genius, place them in your own neighborhood and ensure that your wealthy pals foot the bill. 

Migrants will not be sent back against will: EU top diplomat

May 11

UNITED NATIONS — Refugees and migrants intercepted at sea will not “be sent back against their will,” the European Union’s top diplomat assured the U.N. Security Council on Monday, citing a proposed EU maritime operation against the growing wave of migrant smuggling from north Africa.

Federica Mogherini addressed the council as the 28-member EU prepares to start making decisions next week on an operation to identify, capture and destroy boats before they are used by migrant smugglers.

Stressing the urgency of the crisis as migrants continue to set off from the north African coast toward Europe and many die, Mogherini later told reporters that the EU is prepared to take certain steps before the council adopts any resolution authorizing the operation — even as a draft was expected to circulate to all 15 council members within hours. She would not say what those steps are.

Concerns remained even among some council members that the migrants themselves will be harmed, sent back or not be allowed to seek better lives. “No one is thinking of bombing,” Mogherini said briskly.

When asked about Russia, which has opposed destroying smugglers’ boats, she said she had not found resistance from any council member. But she said a lot of work remains on the council draft resolution, even though she was “quite confident” about political will in the council for the two main goals: Saving lives and combating the migrant traffickers, some of whom she said are “linked to, and sometimes finance, terrorist activities.”

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The more the statists (neo-aristocracy) push, the more average people (the majority) will push back.

collapsing EU

Nigel FaragePolitical Landslides Shake Europe

by Peter Martino
November 28, 2014 at 4:00 am

All along the Mediterranean and to the north, parties opposing the EU-mandated austerity policies are growing spectacularly.

The rise of tax-and-spend parties (or rather tax-other-countries-and-spend parties) reinforces the rise of parties such as UKIP in the north.

In the Netherlands, the anti-establishment Party for Freedom (PVV), of Geert Wilders, is currently the biggest party in the polls. Wilders has consistently opposed the bailing out of countries such as Greece and Spain with Dutch taxpayers’ money.

Last week, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) won a landmark victory in the Rochester & Strood by-election. With this win, UKIP secured its second Member of Parliament. The UKIP candidate, Mark Reckless, won 42.1% of the votes, thrashing the Conservatives (34.8%), Labour (16.8%) and the Liberal Democrats (0.9%). It was the first time ever that UKIP stood in Rochester & Strood. The party won votes from all the major parties. The Conservatives lost 14.4% of the votes, Labour 11.7% and the Liberal Democrats a whopping 15.5%.

UKIP is expected to do very well in the British general elections next May. Last month, a poll predicted the party could win up to 25% of the vote in these elections. In the 2010 general elections, the party had only 3.1%.

UKIP stands for the preservation of the Britain’s national identity. It opposes the European Union (EU) and wants Britain to remain a sovereign nation rather than become a state of a federal Europe. The party is also critical of mass immigration, in particular from Eastern Europe. Though Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, carefully avoids the issue of Islam, the party has also become the refuge of voters who worry about Islamization. Above all, however, the party embodies the dissatisfaction of the electorate with the traditional political establishment.

Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party [UKIP] (Image source: Euro Realist Newsletter/Wikimedia Commons)
As such, UKIP is part of a broad trend that can currently be perceived all over Western Europe.

In Spain, a poll this week said that Podemos, a brand new party that was established only nine months ago, is currently the largest party in the country with 28.3% of the vote. The governing conservative Partido Popular of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy would finish second with 26.3% and the Socialist Party would get only 20.1%. Three years ago, in the November 2011 general elections, the Partido Popular won 44.6% of the votes.

Unlike UKIP, Podemos is a party that clearly belongs to the left of the political spectrum. Podemos (the Spanish for We can) was founded by “anti-capitalist” academics and trade unionists who want to “oppose the dominating EU politics from the left.” Unlike UKIP, Podemos does not want to abolish the EU. On the contrary, since Spain is receiving billions of euros in EU subsidies, a majority of the Spaniards clearly want their country to remain an EU member state.

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“What we need is not just recognition [of a Palestinian state]. We need  the building of a Palestinian state that can live next to the Israeli one in peace and security,”

They’ve been saying this ever since stinky Arafat was flown from Tunis to Ramallah, no amount of money (already in the tens of billions) and time spent will make them any closer to that realization. Their end game is Israel’s destruction, and milking the international community as much as they can while they try to wear not only Israel down, but the IC as well.

New EU foreign policy chief: Recognizing a Palestinian state is not enough

European foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels Monday morning to discuss the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process amid growing calls by local politicians for the member states to unilaterally recognize Palestine as a state.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini of Italy, told reporters that the topic in front of the EU council of foreign ministers is boosting the EU’s role in a renewed peace process.

“What we need is not just recognition [of a Palestinian state]. We need  the building of a Palestinian state that can live next to the Israeli one in peace and security,” she said before the council meeting.

The meeting is the first one to be chaired by Mogherini who entered her post at the start of November, replacing Catherine Ashton. She immediately made a two-day trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories, including Gaza.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiations broke down in April and have yet to be revived, although the US has been speaking with both Palestinians and Israelis about that possibility.

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These EUcrat hacks are demonstratively insane.

Notice the need to call it ”asylum seekers” as if they’re no longer to be deemed as ”refugees”. It’s a twisting of words and slight of hand verbal gymnastics to circumvent nation state sovereignty. The West simply cannot afford to take in every single person fleeing the Middle East, especially in a political climate where Marxist radicals are embedded in every sphere of these nation state democracies, who push for residency to be followed by citizenship to all who breech its shores. It’s madness.

NOTE: All the more reason for member states to jettison themselves from the tyrannical, despotic EU. As a side note, let any of these new asylum seekers to only reside in the immediate areas where these EU bureaucratic hacks live, and their upkeep funded by immediate local taxes.

collapsing EU

EU embassies should take asylum requests, new commissioner says

30.09.14 @ 19:07

BRUSSELS – Dimitris Avramopoulos , the incoming Greek EU commissioner for migration and home affairs, wants offices set up at the EU’s foreign embassies to allow people to apply for asylum.

“We should have offices in the EU delegations all over the world, in particular in third countries, where we should allow people to apply for asylum or for legal migration status,” Avramopoulou told euro-deputies at his hearing on Tuesday (30 September).

The idea departs from Europe’s existing and more restrictive migration policies, which critics say are forcing people fleeing persecution and wars to embark on perilous journeys on small boats across the Mediterranean Sea.

Some 3,000 people have already died in the attempt this year alone, with a report out by Amnesty International on Tuesday demanding a collective EU response amid reports Italy is set to wind down its Mare Nostrum search and rescue naval operations.

British centre-left MEP Claude Moraes, who heads the civil liberties committee, said Avramopoulos’ plan had taken many deputies by surprise.

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Loser in blue spotted.

eu super commish

All it means is that the average citizen is that much more removed from their sovereign freedom and individual liberty.

NOTE: The Finnish fake media will be delivering kudos and high fives, as the people become more enslaved than ever before.


EU source: Ex-PM Katainen to become “super commissioner”

European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker will name up to seven new commission vice presidents this week. Former Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen has been tipped to become one of them, in effect taking on the role of a “super commissioner”, according to an EU source.

Jyrki Katainen
Jyrki Katainen Image: Olivier Hoslet / EPA

Teija Tiilikainen of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs has pointed out that although they appear to be many, the veeps are the president’s closest right hands. Yle’s Brussels correspondent Maria Stenroos said that ex-PM Katainen may be up for one of the EU’s most important vice presidencies and could assume responsibility for growth and employment matters. He will in effect coordinate different commissioners with economic portfolios.

“His job will be to keep the economy together,” Stenroos said.

Growth and employment have become part of the new mantra in EU circles, as the grouping struggles to restore stable economic growth. FIIA director Teija Tiilikainen also sees Katainen taking on a major EU role.

“Although there are many vice presidents, by definition they are the president’s closest advisors in the commission. Depending on what’s agreed between the vice president and the president, the former could get a highly visible role at the head of the commission,” Tiilikainen said.

“Growth and employment are part of Katainen’s background and in terms of the EU it is an extremely important area. It will be a demanding assignment,” she added.

However the think tank director pointed out that the role of the vice president isn’t clearly defined in the commission’s procedural rules but is agreed on the basis of the whole setup. Different vice presidents may therefore have different levels of influence, power and visibility.

EU commission vice presidents will be announced during the course of this week. Katainen has so far held a temporary position as commissioner since mid-July, replacing Olli Rehn as Economic and Monetary Affairs commissioner.



The next time someone claims EU member states are still sovereign nation states, remember to laugh in their faces.

erdogan mosqueing it

NOTE: I had to take a rudimentary exam for Finnish, and am still solidly behind the measure.

EU Court Bars German Tightening of Visa Requirements for Turks

Germany Had Required Language Tests for Granting Visas to Spouses of Turkish Immigrants

BRUSSELS—Germany can’t require the spouses of Turkish immigrants to show a basic knowledge of the German language before granting them visas, the European Union’s top court ruled on Thursday, overturning a condition aimed at discouraging forced marriages and at promoting integration.

Germany’s government has since 2007 required that the spouses of long-term immigrants from outside the EU take a language test before they are allowed to join their partners in Germany.

That requirement was challenged by Naime Dogan, a Turkish national who wished to join her husband in Germany. Her husband, also a Turkish national, has lived in Germany since 1998, managing a business and holding an unlimited residence permit.

The German Embassy in Ankara refused a visa to Mrs. Dogan in January 2012 because she didn’t have a strong enough grasp of German. She challenged the decision in a Berlin court, which asked the EU’s top court to rule on whether Germany’s language requirement was compatible with EU law.

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End the EU.

collapsing EU

Finland’s health care situation is already big government (socialist) based, long lines forces many to opt for private care, in effect, paying twice (almost) for the same service. This EU legislation, concocted by some faceless bureaucrat hack somewhere in Europe, now stands to burden the system even more.

Catheter Ashton

Could new EU rules trigger a Finnish healthcare crisis?

Turku’s Turun Sanomat carries a warning of how changes to the EU’s working time directive could bring on-call healthcare to a standstill in Finland, by making current employment arrangements with doctors illegal.

So-called ‘free-form’ on-call systems currently rely on doctors being on standby, meaning they are not paid a full salary, but only receive money for the time spent on care duties.

However, the paper reports that in a precedent-setting case, judges in the EU Court of Justice – which interprets EU law to make sure it is applied in the same way across the Union – ruled that even when an employee is on standby this must be counted as full-time work.

“It is very likely that current arrangements cannot continue as they are,” Risto Ihalainen from the Finnish Medical Association tells the paper.

If every health authority offering an on-call service was forced to begin paying staff full time rates, salary costs would increase dramatically and overtime limits would soon be breached. Changes in the directive would also apply to other professions as well as doctors, Turun Sanomat adds.

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Hopefully she stays there, marries an Iranian mullah, and receives the full chattel experience.

Baroness Ashton ‘to wear conservative Iranian dress’ at nuclear talks

To save diplomats’ blushes, an Iranian designer has made a cover-all dress for EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton

From left: one of the original images from three years ago, a doctored photograph and the new design

From left: one of the original images from three years ago, a doctored photograph and the new design  Photo: AFP/ISNA

A top Iranian dress designer has made an outfit for Baroness Ashton that could spare the blushes of Iranian diplomats during crunch nuclear talks.

Three years ago Iranian state media doctored pictures of the EU’s foreign policy chief to show her with a much higher neckline than she actually had during negotiations in Turkey.

Her attire then was modest by Western standards but clearly deemed too racy by Iran’s.

The new Iranian set of clothes, apparently a goodwill gift, will ensure the Baroness does not flash too much flesh during future meetings – if she decides to wear them.

Baroness Ashton, 58, has received the dress and “warmly welcomed its design”, said the costume’s proud maker, Mitra Tamjidi told Iran’s ISNA news agency. She “is scheduled to put on the dress in one of her diplomatic meetings”.

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Because they hate the U.S., and love tyranny as much as the Chi-Coms.

Oh, and they love doing business with Iran, while paying huge amounts into Putin’s coffers for Russian oil.

chi com navy


EU firms help power China’s military rise

30 April 2014, 20:08 CET

(BEIJING) – As China boosts its military spending, rattling neighbours over territorial disputes at sea, an AFP investigation shows that European countries have approved billions in transfers of weapons and military-ready technology to the Asian giant.

China’s air force relies on French-designed helicopters, while submarines and frigates involved in Beijing’s physical assertion of its claim to vast swathes of the South China Sea are powered by German and French engines — part of a separate trade in “dual use” technology to Beijing’s armed forces.

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced stepped-up production of the Airbus EC175 helicopter in China during his visit to France in March — a deal analysts said could result in technology transfers to the military.

“European exports are very important for the Chinese military,” said Andrei Chang, editor of the Hong Kong-based Kanwa Asian Defense Review.

“Without European technology, the Chinese navy would not be able to move.”

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Pure evil hack.

It’s been their plan all along, they simply do not trust the average citizen to run the civil society, they, the masterminds and geniuses, will do it for us, even if we go kicking and screaming.


In a crass and ill-timed intervention, the unelected president of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy has warned Vladimir Putin that the EU intends ultimately to control every country on the western flank of Russia.

In an interview with De Standaard newspaper, Van Rompuy speaks about his “dreams” that all the Balkan states will join the EU. He calls it an “inspiring thought” that in the long term “the whole of European territory outside Russia” will be tied in some way to the EU.

He admits he does not know if there is public support for such a move, “But we do it anyway.”

Van Rompuy’s comments, released in the midst of the tensions which have followed moves by Brussels to put Ukraine on the path to EU membership, give credence to Putin’s fears that ultimately the EU intends to put its tanks on Russia’s lawn.

Building a common EU defence is one of the strategic priorities for the Brussels elite who are trying to build “a country called Europe.”

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Lets hope it ends soon enough. collapsing EU

What the Finnish political elite (consensus driven) and its lap-dog media refuse to publish, let alone investigate. They simply refuse to be EU (and UN) critical. Having ”their guy”, Olli Rehn, (prime candidate for an orange jumpsuit) at the helm of one commission after the other, is a sense of pride, even if the doofus has been responsible for one economic disaster after the other.

Finns: He (Olli Rehn) may be a disaster, but he’s our home boy!


I am occasionally asked for news of my former sparring partner, Amadeu Altafaj Tardio, the European Commission official who is perhaps better known to some viewers of Newsnight as “the idiot in Brussels”.

BBC viewers will be happy to hear that Mr Altafaj Tardio has prospered in the two years since I repeatedly insulted him on the airwaves, leading to him dramatically stripping off his microphone and marching out of the studio (a Newsnight producer frog-marched me out very shortly afterwards).

Mr Altafaj Tardio is no longer a mere Brussels media spokesman. Today he wields real power as deputy chef de cabinet for Olli Rehn, a vice-president of the European Commission and European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs.

I am told that Mr Altafaj Tardio is well regarded and that further promotions may beckon. He is paid a salary of an estimated €140,000 a year, doubtless along with generous allowances. And there is no danger at all that next month’s European elections will cause him to be thrown out of his job. In short, Mr Altafaj Tardio is one of the many people in Brussels who hold power, but are in no meaningful way accountable for the appalling social and economic degradation that has been inflicted across much of southern Europe over the past few years.

In addition, I am occasionally asked a second question about Mr Altafaj Tardio: do I regret calling him an idiot live on air? In retrospect, I think I probably do. To call somebody an idiot is to imply that they are in some way mentally incapable, and therefore not morally responsible for their actions. I have received several assurances from interested parties that Mr Altafaj Tardio is an intelligent and well-educated man. It is therefore reasonable to assume that he understands precisely what he is doing – and the terrible damage he is causing – yet carries on regardless.

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Yeah, like getting out of this liberty crushing entity.

collapsing EU

Not only has the EU, as a political entity, not been responsible for maintaining peace on the continent (individual pluralistic democracies have), it’s one of the key forces creating cracks within the civil societies of individual states with its dangerous policies, thereby leading to a breakout of violence throughout the fake union and across the continent.

In regards to Russia, the EU is highly beholden to the trans-Siberian oil pipeline warned about by the late great Ronald Reagan. I see no serious (EU) move against the neo-Soviet regime of Vladimir Putin, any more than I see them moving against the Iranians.

NOTE: Olli Rehn deserves an orange jumpsuit. In the words of the great wordsmith Bob Dylan:

‘Steal a little and they put you jail, steal a lot and they make you a king”

Rehn: Spring elections to address vital EU issues

Olli Rehn, the EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, visited Finland on Friday to talk about the upcoming spring elections for European Parliament. Rehn says the elections will be exceptionally important, as they will call attention to fundamental EU issues, such as efforts to maintain peace on the continent and economic recovery. For now, the unstable situation in Ukraine poses an immense challenge, requiring all of the EU’s time and effort.

Komissaari Olli Rehn vieraili EU arjessa -kiertueen viimeisessä tilaisuudessa Hämeenlinnassa.

Olli Rehn is a candidate in the European elections on May 25th. Image: Ville Välimäki / Yle

One of Finland’s most distinguished politicians on the world stage, EU Commissioner Olli Rehn toured the city of Hämeenlinna on Friday as part of the “EU in everyday life” tour. He began his day with a talk on Ukraine at a meeting of the city’s Paasikivi Society, continuing after lunch with a visit to the local shopping mall to meet with city residents. In the afternoon, Rehn assured a hundred-strong audience at the town hall that the European economy is assuredly recovering.

More here at the Finnish state propaganda institution YLE, which by the way, laughably calls this hack ”distinguished”.



It’s exactly how the EU/UN treats Israel.

collapsing EU

Ironically it’s the EU that could usher in a new war on the continent, after having exacerbated every economic and social strife. The ”common work” mentioned by Steinmeier that’s being ”hindered”, is the crushing of individual liberty by an all powerful state leviathan.

NOTE: It’s the independent nation states, and their individual pluralist democracies that have kept the peace all these years, (with help from the US) not a highly anti-democratic, tyrannical EU, which this German political hack, who has risen through the ranks parroting the approved party line, clearly represents.

Ukip is a threat to peace in Europe, says Germany

Rise of UK Independence Party hampers cooperation that has kept the continent at peace, Germany’s foreign minister says

Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier speaks during a news conference with Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague

Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier speaks during a news conference with Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague Photo: REUTERS

By James Kirkup

9:38PM GMT 03 Feb 2014

The rise of Eurosceptic groups such as the UK Independence Party hampers the cooperation that has kept the continent at peace for decades, Germany’s foreign minister said.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier also dealt a blow to David Cameron’s attempt to recast the European Union membership deal, suggesting Germany and Britain were not “pulling in exactly the same direction”.

Speaking on a visit to London for talks with William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, Mr Steinmeier said he was concerned about a drift towards scepticism that has aided parties such as Ukip, Germany’s AfD and the French Front National, and led Mr Cameron to offer an in/out referendum.

Instead of moving further apart, European nations should cooperate ever more closely, he said, adding that history has shown that when European countries do not have close relations, military conflict can arise. “History before the First World War was a history of not talking to each other, of nationalisms which could no longer be [tamed] by reason,” Mr Steinmeier said. “These dangers have to be forever banned.”

The trend towards political scepticism hampers that common work, he suggested.

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