Are we insane…..?

The reason that they’re poor is due to statist policies, lack of free market enterprise, terrible school infrastructure and the list goes on.

Think the EU’s bad now? Wait until Albania joins: With piercing logic and passionate eloquence, MICHAEL GOVE warns that EU expansion will open our borders to 88million from Europe’s poorest countries

Desperate: Albanian refugees arrive in Italy in 1991, after the collapse of communism. How many more will come if Albania joins the EU?

Desperate: Albanian refugees arrive in Italy in 1991, after the collapse of communism. How many more will come if Albania joins the EU?

The Albanian Option. It sounds like a John le Carré novel. You imagine a story with political intrigue, huge sums of money going astray, criminality and double-dealing. And you’d be right.

But the Albanian Option isn’t holiday reading fiction — it’s diplomatic fact.

Albania is on course to join the European Union — alongside four other countries, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. The already unwieldy group of 28 is due to become a throng of 33.

And Britain isn’t just backing this move. We’re paying for it.

Every week we send £350 million to the EU. And now millions of your hard-earned taxes are being directed to these five prospective members.

Between now and 2020 the United Kingdom will pay almost £2 billion to help these nations prepare for membership of the EU — that’s more than we will spend on the NHS Cancer Drugs Fund over the same period.

This bounty will be our greatest gift to Albania since the comic talent of the late Sir Norman Wisdom, that country’s improbable national hero, lit up the dark days of Stalinist dictatorship.

Indeed, I wonder if the Albanian people are now convinced that Britain’s Foreign Office is full of Norman Wisdom characters, lovable chumps whose generosity and good-heartedness make them easily gulled into accepting all sorts of bad advice.

How else could they explain their good fortune in being on the receiving end of a £2 billion Balkan bonanza?

Many British people will ask why, if we have billions to spare, it isn’t being spent on UK schools and hospitals rather than Albania and Montenegro.

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EU jackassery on steroids……

The European Commission is set to declare on Wednesday that Turkey has broadly met the criteria for early visa liberalization in a blaze of last-minute legislation and ask EU governments and the European Parliament to approve the decision by the end of June, several EU sources said.

“We have not lowered our standards. Turkey has raised its game,” a senior EU official familiar with the negotiations said.

This is pure bunk, but a docile public is what they’ve achieved so it will fly through without much of a reaction from the majority of the drones.

EU set to drive forward visas for Turks in migrant deal


The EU and their lackeys in member states are lying to the people everywhere…..

muslim surge

It’s not a “silly conspiracy theory” when its happening in front of your face day in and day out.

The 250,000 EU migrants ‘that weren’t counted’: Explosive report says official figures are underestimating number by 50,000 a year meaning migration from inside Europe is now higher than the rest of the world combined

Migrants and refugees cook near a fence at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni

Migrants and refugees cook near a fence at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni

  • Number of EU migrants living in the UK has been undercounted by 250,000
  • Shocking findings were uncovered after analysis of five years of figures 
  • Net migration from inside the EU was around 50,000 a year higher than official statistics admit

The number of EU migrants living in the UK has been undercounted by 250,000 over the past five years, an explosive report claims today.

The study said net migration from inside the EU was around 50,000 a year higher than official statistics admit.

Crucially, it would mean that migration from inside the EU – over which the Government has no control – is now higher than that from the rest of the world combined.

The number of EU migrants living in the UK has been undercounted by 250,000 over the past five years, an explosive report claims today

The number of EU migrants living in the UK has been undercounted by 250,000 over the past five years, an explosive report claims today

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collapsing EU


Even if it leaves, they still have the West’s most dangerous maroons in charge of/influencing the country.

Swexit? Support for EU plummets in Sweden

Swexit? Support for EU plummets in Sweden

The Swedish and EU flags. Photo: Lars Pehrson/SvD/TT

Published: 18 Apr 2016 07:35 GMT+02:00

Only 39 percent of Swedes think it’s a ‘good idea’ that Sweden is in the European Union, pollsters found, compared to 59 percent in autumn 2015.

Meanwhile 21 percent said the thought EU membership was a ‘bad idea’, while the remainder suggested they were unsure.

The huge fall in support for the European project is most likely due to the ongoing refugee crisis, experts told SVT as the findings were released on Monday.

“People are listening to public officials and in Sweden there has been criticism from politicians on what the EU does and does not do when it comes to the refugee crisis,” Göran von Sydow, a political scientist and researcher at the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies said.

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Pertti Salolainen is the politician who stated a few years ago in a discussion on Finnish state TV (YLE) on the pro-Israel lobby that “Jews control money and media in the US“: 

pertti salolainen anti-semitic smear on US Jews 30.11.2012

Now Blovious Ignoramus Maximus weighs in on what the Brits should do concerning leaving the EU, (I’m surprised he hasn’t brought the Joooos into the subject).

Pertti Salolainen: Brexit would jeopardize the future of the EU – the referendum should be moved


MP Pertti Salolainen believes that Britain should consider moving the EU referendum.LKS 20150428 The new parliament began its first session on the premises of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki on Tuesday, April 28, 2015. ikäpresidentti of Parliament Pertti Salolainen served as the first President. Lehtikuva / Martti KainulainenPertti Salolainen. ( Lehtikuva / Martti Kainulainen )

Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Parliament,  Pertti Salolainen, believes that with the approach of the British referendum there have accumulated a lot of new unpredictable burdens which form the basis for moving the referendum.

According to Salolainen, the ruling Conservative Party is a lot more seriously broken than was originally assessed and in addition to party membership’s support of Prime Minister David Cameron’s position having been weakened by the Panama-papers crisis.

– The question really is not just Britain, but that Brexit would jeopardize the future of the entire EU region and could lead to increasing demands from member countries at the expense of co-operation, says Salolainen.

Salolainen feels what is important is the question of the TTIP free trade agreement negotiations with the EU. the the position would be weakened. The United States has already seriously warned about the UK’s departure.

The departure would be in the dimension of foreign and security policy, as the UK is the EU’s strongest military power. Salolainen recalls that the EU has initially established a strong European peace system.

– It is strange that Britain, which has suffered the tragic loss of two world wars, is now forgetting the importance of European unity. Russia, in turn, would be very pleased of the deterioration and fragmentation of the EU.

More here in Finnish

NOTE: EU hacks like Salolainen are feverishly trying to push the meme that “the EU itself has been responsible for securing peace in Europe for the past +60 years, and for the Brits to go their own way, would come at the expense of that peace.”

What sell out maroons (pseudo conservatives) like Salolainen would like you to forget, is that European security has been traditionally secured by NATO (US taxpayers), and that they (EU states) have been given a free ride with their security financial responsibilities to experiment with their socialist welfare states.

All that aside, the UK has no intention of leaving NATO, just the legislative tyranny of the EU (democratic despotism), and hand back to the people some measure of voter accountability. That’s something which a statist like Salolainen finds detestable.


Of course she does, marxists like to please Islamonazis…..

Iran and European Union hold high level talks in Tehran

17 April 2016 Last updated at 02:37 BST

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has held the highest level talks between European and Iranian officials for more than a decade.

Her visit to Tehran comes months after Iran complied with its obligations under last year’s nuclear deal, which paved the way for the lifting of financial sanctions.

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This is called a legislative tyranny, democratic despotism… regard for the voter, complete contempt for the civil society that it’s continually at war with…..

German Chancellor Schmerkel’s acceptance of a law being used to punish a satirist who made fun of the Turkish authoritarian is yet another example of the elites’ lurch to french kissing the Turks.

Horror as Turkish is made an ‘official EU language’ before ANY voters support membership

TURKISH is to become an official language of the European Union, as the Islamic nation draws closer to being admitted as a fully-fledged EU member.

By Marco Giannangeli Whitehall Editor EXCLUSIVE

Turkey EU membership Turkish languageGETTY

Former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis is horrified at the move

Not a single voter from the EU’s 28 member states – which have a total population of 508 million – has yet to vote in favour of Turkish membership.

But MEPs voted 375 – 133 to back the initiative by President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades, who asked the Dutch EU Presidency to add Turkish to the bloc’s 24 official languages in order to boost attempts to reach a reunification agreement on the Mediterranean island.

The move, expected to add £25m to the EU’s annual budget, has infuriated critics who last night said it was further proof that Turkey’s accession to the EU was “all but guaranteed”.

They said that, although the European Commission would have to ratify the decision, earlier indicators were that dual pressures of Cyprus and Turkish accession would ensure it would be approved.

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NOTE: The move to accept the Turks into the union is all but apparent…

collapsing EU


Appeasing Muslims/Islam will never make you safer, any brief respite from violence and intimidation will most certainly be followed by a flood of it.

burning europe

The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels have shown that selling out Israel has not paid off, but in fact has portrayed Europe as a weak bloc willing to sacrifice allies in exchange for an illusory appeasement. Such weakness has made Europe even more vulnerable to terrorism. Without a change of a basic attitude, Europe will not be able to defeat terror.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.13.48 AM

Luis Fleischman

Horrible attacks like those we saw in Belgium last month are likely to multiply, not just in Belgium, but throughout Europe.

ISIS is a determined monstrosity. The more they lose territory in Iraq and Syria, the more likely are they going to try to commit terrorist acts in Europe in order to inflict more pain and recruit more jihadists.

ISIS’ terrorists are not soldiers or conventional fighters in uniform. Nor are they terrorists that need to cross borders illegally in order to target their victims. Terrorists are mainly European citizens or residents moving in open borders, with easy access to their targets.

Furthermore, most terrorists hide among mass Muslim populations concentrated in specific neighborhoods. Muslim mass concentrations serve as shields and as convenient incubators for terrorist activities.

To a certain extent, this situation is similar to the one Israel has been facing for a long time. The Palestinian territories are where the terrorists come from and they find refuge among the population in order to have proximity to their target.

Most importantly in Europe, as in Israel, these are not freedom fighters seeking a specific objective, but nihilistic Islamist ideologues whose ultimate end goal is pain, destruction —and ideally, genocide.


Now, Europe will have to take the bitter step of having to ask the Israelis how to establish a system of surveillance and a network of informers in order to prevent and dismantle the terrorist acts in the early planning stages.

Worse, they will have to admit that they were wrong when they judged Israel’s treatment of terrorism or exaggerated the responsibility of Israeli policies for such terrorism.

Europeans have never been able to understand the fanatic and irrational magnitude of Palestinian or Islamic terrorism.

Even in light of multiple and generous Israeli concessions to the Palestinians, including a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, many European leaders have tried to show some understanding of the terrorist phenomenon.

NOTE: Europe’s rejection of the Enlightenment has led to disastrous policies culminating in the destruction of itself.


If he was serious there would be a call for massive naval and coastguard presence with orders to turn around all boats headed to Europe, and an applauding of fences being built up and strengthened along all borders with Russia and the under belly of Europe.

‘Migrant crisis will be repeated’ EU boss warns ‘ALARMING’ numbers are set to enter Europe

ALARMING numbers of migrants are set to enter Europe from Libya and there will be no way to send them back, the European Council president has warned.


donald tuskGETTY

Donald Tusk says ‘alarming’ numbers of migrants are set to enter Europe

Donald Tusk said the “never-ending story” of the migrant crisis will be repeated unless urgent action is taken.

The continent has hurtled into chaos since the crisis began, with around one million migrants having landed on Greek islands.

And the former Polish president has warned there will be no way to send migrants back to the North African country, describing an easy solution as “virtually impossible”.

libya migrantsGETTY

Large numbers of migrants are set to enter from Libya

Mr Tusk said: “Convenient and easy solutions are hard to find in politics, and in this case, they are virtually impossible.

“What we are faced with is a perpetual, tenuous and multi-dimensional effort. In fact, something like a never-ending story.

“The solutions we are putting into practice are not ideal and will not end our work.”

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The EU should fear them, it throws a huge roadblock to their re-engineering of society.

EU fears Austria may add more border controls

EU fears Austria may add more border controls

European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans (L) and EU Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos give a press briefing.. EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET

Published: 12 Apr 2016 19:49 GMT+02:00

EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos will raise the issue with Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner later Tuesday, the Commission’s spokeswoman told a press conference.

“The Commission is very concerned,” Natasha Bertaud said.

Austrian police said construction work started Tuesday on concrete foundations for a planned control area off the northbound motorway at the Brenner pass in the Alps.

“If these plans should materialise then we will have to look at them very seriously. The Brenner pass is essential for freedom of movement within the European Union,” Bertaud said.

She was referring to the passport-free Schengen zone, a symbol of European freedom and unity which has come under threat of collapse with the reintroduction of border controls to stem the massive influx of refugees and migrants in the last year.

“The reintroduction of border controls at internal Schengen borders has to be exceptional and proportionate,” Bertaud said.

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Yet another reason why your state needs to leave the EU……

collapsing EU

So a court outside of Denmark can dictate the immigration policy of the state. Worse yet, individual people (even state governments) outside the EU can dictate the immigration policy of any EU member state. Tyranny.

Danish family reunification laws illegal, EU rules

Danish family reunification laws illegal, EU rules

The court ruled that Denmark is illegally limiting the rights of Turkish workers to bring their families to Denmark. Photo: Søren Bidstrup/Scanpix

Published: 12 Apr 2016 11:29 GMT+02:00

The ruling was on a 2006 case in which Caner Genc, a young Turkish man who was 13 at the time, was denied family reunification on the grounds that he was not suitable for successful integration. His older brother’s were both successfully granted family reunification in 2003 to join their father Yasar Dogu Genc, who has lived and worked in Denmark since 1997.

The EU court in Luxembourg ruled on Tuesday that the young man’s rejection was a violation of the Ankara Agreement.

Danish immigration law limits Turkish residents’ rights to family reunification with their children if their applications are filed more than two years after the parent has been granted permanent residency. The EU court ruled that there is no reason to believe that integration should become more difficult after a two-year period and said that every individual family reunification case should include a concrete evaluation of the child’s ability to integrate.

The EU’s ruling on Denmark’s two-year rule is expected to have a principle effect on how the nation handles all family reunification applications from Turkish residents.

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‘Leave now’ Dutch urge Britons to back Brexit amid despotic EU plot to IGNORE their voters

THE Netherlands has delivered a crushing blow to Brussels in a referendum widely seen as a barometer of feeling towards the EU in the increasingly Eurosceptic country.


Campaigner Thierry Baudet, left, and David Cameron, rightGETTY

Dutch campaigners have urged Britain to leave the EU

, but have been warned their views may be IGNORED by unelected bureaucrats.

Anti-EU campaigners in the country today urged Britons to take their chance to leave the undemocratic bloc by voting for Brexit in our June referendum.

An overwhelming 61.1% voted against a proposed Brussels deal with Ukraine in what is being interpreted as a widespread rebellion against the whole European project.

The treaty, which is designed to bring Kiev into the EU’s sphere of influence, has been automatically accepted by mandarins in 27 member states including Britain.

A British passport on an EU flagGETTY

The EU and Dutch politicians are apparently plotting to ignore the result of a referendum

A scene from the Ukrainian warGETTY

The row is over a proposed deal between the EU and Ukraine, which has been ravaged by war

Arrogant EU bureaucrats were so confident of railroading the deal through that it is already provisionally in place.

But the Dutch people, furious with their Government’s constant ceding of powers to Brussels, came together to force a vote on it.

The latest opinion poll – published by Maurice De Hond on Monday – showed the Dutch would reject it by an overwhelming 66% to 25% in the latest sign of how the country’s voters are turning against the EU elite.

The referendum has been watched closely in Britain ahead of our own vote on whether to sever ties with Brussels this summer.

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collapsing EU


Truly delusional…….


Published: 08 Apr 2016 16:57 GMT+02:00

The idea came from a group of Europeans living in London, who have launched a group called #PleaseDon’tGoUK. Their idea is simple: forget the debates and show the Brits some love – and then post the evidence online.

“It’s a little bit hippy, but a little bit of hippiness is needed. People are always arguing about cucumbers and shower caps. We wanted to do something positive instead of just talking about rules and regulations,” says Katrin Lock, a German who has lived in London for eleven years.

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collapsing EU


But many of the slavish minded Finns would dredd such thing, big government is always good, even bigger government….better!

Dutch no vote on trade deal ‘shows Europeans are sick of Brussels’: Brexit campaigners say result proves UK is ‘not alone’ in anti-EU sentiment 

Far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, pictured, said the No Vote was 'the start of the end of the EU' 

Far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, pictured, said the No Vote was ‘the start of the end of the EU’

  • Dutch MP Geert Wilders praised the electorate’s rejection of the trade deal
  • Some 61 per cent of those who voted rejected the controversial deal 
  • However, only 32 per cent of those entitled to vote cast their ballots 
  • Brexit campaigners said Brussels was a ‘remote self-serving bureaucracy’  

The rejection by Dutch voters of an EU trade deal with Ukraine is proof anti-Brussels sentiment is spreading across the bloc, Eurosceptics claimed last night.

Brexit campaigners said the result proved the UK was ‘not alone’ and warned people had had enough of a ‘remote self-serving bureaucracy’.

The final outcome of Holland’s ‘advisory’ referendum showed a No vote of 61 per cent against the deal, on a turnout of 32 per cent.

The poll was hailed as a ‘humiliating rejection’ of an expansionist EU and a boost for Eurosceptics across the continent.

David Cameron said he hoped the rejection by Dutch voters would not affect the outcome of Britain’s referendum on EU membership.

But hailing the victory as a nail in the EU’s coffin, far-Right Dutch MP Geert Wilders said the result could help secure a vote for Brexit, and warned it could be ‘the start of the end of the European Union as we know it’.

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collapsing EU


These morons throw open the door before figuring this out. End the EU

collapsing EU

Immigration will destroy EU values says its own report: Border agency says crisis ‘is without equivalent in Europe since the Second World War’

Frontex said the EU’s most sacred rules and beliefs could fall apart under the strain of the migration crisis. Pictured: Migrants at the port of Piraeus, Greece

Frontex said the EU’s most sacred rules and beliefs could fall apart under the strain of the migration crisis. Pictured: Migrants at the port of Piraeus, Greece

  • EU’s rules and beliefs could fall apart under strain of the migration crisis
  • There has been a 70 per cent rise in the number of migrants using fraudulent documents to try to get into Britain, Frontex revealed
  • It also warned that jihadis are taking advantage of mass migration

The EU’s most sacred rules and beliefs could fall apart under the strain of ‘a migration crisis without equivalent in Europe since the Second World War’, according to its border agency.

Frontex also revealed a 70 per cent increase in the number of migrants using fraudulent documents to try to get into Britain.

The same organisation has also warned that jihadis are taking advantage of mass migration to sneak into the EU and plot atrocities.

Frontex, which recorded 1.82 million illegal crossings into the EU last year, mapped out a number of scenarios of what might happen if the crisis is not brought under control.

It said the ‘common European identity’ could lose relevance as countries look after their own interests.

In this situation, it said: ‘The high numbers of economic migrants – mostly with low educational qualifications and with a different cultural background – are not truly integrated into European societies.’

The Frontex report also revealed the number of people aiming to get to the UK with false papers jumped by 70 per cent last year.

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Yet another reason to reject Brussels and resume national sovereignty…..

Brussels says we CAN’T send back Eastern European criminals..because of their HUMAN RIGHTS


MEDDLING European judges have today told Britain we CAN’T automatically send back Eastern European criminals…because it could breach their HUMAN RIGHTS.

Criminals may be able to stay in Britain following the changes

Barmy Brussels bureaucrats have issued a choking diktat warning Western European nations not to send criminals back to their home countries if there is a risk of cruel treatment.

Their decision means that criminals from Eastern European nations including Hungary and Romania could effectively have carte blanche to stay in Britain, where they must either be locked up at the taxpayer’s expense or let free to potentially go on crime sprees.

Critics tonight said the crazy ruling will severely undermine our ability to deport dangerous criminals and cost the taxpayer millions of pounds

More here.

collapsing EU


Not to worry, the marxist fake president of the fake EU parliament is working in our behalf, he’ll handle everything, not to worry…..

In the meantime he works his best to ensure that people within the EU are saddled with every kind of bureaucratic straightjacket, as individual liberty/sovereignty becomes a distant notion, a mere notation in the annals of human history. It’s my honest belief that if Martin Schultz and others like him in the halls of the EU, were able to shut down criticism of himself and of the EU, he’d gladly do it.

The man is utterly detestable…..

‘EU won’t ignore Turkey human rights issues’

'EU won't ignore Turkey human rights issues'

Martin Schulz arrives at the European Union summit on March 17. Photo: Thierry Charlier/AFP

Published: 03 Apr 2016 13:38 GMT+02:00

European Parliament President Martin Schulz said on Sunday that the EU must make no concessions to Turkey over human rights but voiced confidence in a deal with Ankara to manage the refugee crisis.

Under the controversial agreement, Turkey is due to take back illegal migrants from EU member Greece from Monday, when it will also start an orderly resettlement programme of Syrian asylum-seekers to the 28-member bloc.

Turkey has received EU financial aid and other concessions, but Schulz, speaking to Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper, said Europe must give no ground to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan when it comes to fundamental freedoms.

Schulz said Erdogan “went one step too far” when his government called in Germany’s ambassador last month over a satirical TV programme that mocked the leader, demanding it be pulled off the air.
“It is unacceptable that the president of another country demands that we restrict democratic rights in Germany because he feels he was caricatured,” said Schulz, a German citizen.

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