Yet another good reason not to let these jihadis back into Europe, and if captured, sent to GITMO, to be baptized through waterboarding.

Would-be assassin of Lars Hedegaard may have been holy warrior in Syria

Would-be assassin of Lars Hedegaard may have been holy warrior in Syria
“Danska” Jihadister

A 26-year-old Lebanese man accused of an attempt on the life of Danish journalist and Dispatch International editor Lars Hedegaard in February 2013 was arrested in Turkey five days ago. According to press reports, he is connected with extremist Islamic circles in Denmark and Sweden and has probably taken part in the fighting in Syria.

The Copenhagen police were tight-lipped at Sunday’s press conference when they announced that they had succeeded in catching the man believed responsible for the attempt on the life of Dispatch International editor Lars Hedegaard on February 5, 2013. The man, known as the ”postman”, was arrested in Istanbul on Friday, April 25 and incarcerated in a Turkish high-security prison awaiting extradition to Denmark.

The police have been largely unwilling to show their hand – probably because the investigation is still ongoing. Hans Erik Raben, daily leader of the Copenhagen murder squad, tells Dispatch Internationalthat there is still work to be done but that the police are convinced they have their man.

Among the few details revealed by the Danish police is that the suspect is 26 and a Danish citizen of Lebanese – which probably means Palestinian – extraction. At the time of his arrest, he was in possession of a fake passport. It has also come to light that he left Denmark on the very day the assassination attempt took place and that he has since been traveling between Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

On April 28 the Copenhagen daily Politiken reported that the ”postman” – so-called because he was dressed up in a Danish postal jacket when trying to shoot Lars Hedegaard in front of his home – has connections to Islamist extremists in both Denmark and Sweden. That may explain why the police have conducted nine searches at locations in Denmark and two abroad. Politiken believes that they have taken place in Sweden and Turkey.

More here. H/T:; Fjordman



The average Swede who has to run the gauntlet of problems the ruling Swedish elite have created, understand the existential threat Israel faces, better, and find a common ally in Israel.

At one point, I also met a Swede, Evert Jonsson, likewise, a journalist, formerly involved in politics and a pro Israel advocate.”Swedes,” he told me in our conversation, “know what Israel is up against. They know how hard it is to be a new nation. We had had three hundred years of war  before we enjoyed two hundred years of Peace. If one hundred Swedes, randomly selected, were asked: ‘If you had to move with your family to The Middle East, which country would you prefer to live in there?’ Ninety nine percent would choose Israel.


In Sweden, when it comes to Israel, it is mostly, “We the People” rather than the government, or the media that should matter

BAT-ZION SUSSKIND-SACKS January 8, 2014, 9:36 am



The merging of twin tyrannical, antisemitic ideologies.

UPDATE: Andy sends me the following comment:

The whole premise of el-Husseini or ANY true Muslim leader such as him being a “Nazi” is so absurd when you consider statements like this from Hitler made in August 1939 when the monster himself referred to all the peoples of the Middle East as “painted half-apes, who want to feel the whip”

Getting to know you

Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me

Getting to know you
Putting it my way
But nicely
You are precisely
My cup of tea

The Grand mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husseini meets Muslim volunteers in the Nazi army during the Eid al-adha celebration in December 1942.

Berlin, Besuch Amin el Husseini

Notorious Grand Mufti’s ideology was Islam, not Nazism

Posted by: Andrew Bostom 17 October, 2013

CHEPACHET, RHODE ISLAND. It is widely believed that the virulent Jew-hating ideology advanced by the Grand mufti of Jerusalem and other Islamic leaders and institutions after him was a result of Nazi influence. An extensive textual analysis by American scholar Andrew Bostom proves that it not the case. Islamic Jew-hatred is rooted in Islam’s canonical texts.

During his October 6, 2013 speech at Bar Ilan University in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alluded to the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini. Mr. Netanyahu characterized al-Husseini as, “the undisputed leader of the Palestinian national movement in the first half of the 20th century.” The Prime Minister highlighted the ex-Mufti’s role in fomenting pogroms (dating back, in fact, to the so-called “Nabi Musa” riots of 1920) during the decades leading up to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

Netanyahu’s address also focused on al-Husseini’s World War II era collaboration with the Nazis, the clear implication being that the Mufti’s murderous, Jew-hating ideology was simply another manifestation of Nazi evil, transplanted to a local “nationalistic struggle” in the Middle East. I have just published an extensive analysis, which demonstrates that Netanyahu’s rehashing of such conventional, pseudo-academic “wisdom,” does not withstand any serious, objective scrutiny.

 On June 30, 1922, a joint resolution of both Houses of Congress of the United States unanimously endorsed the “Mandate for Palestine,” confirming the irrevocable right of Jews to settle in the area of Palestin – anywhere between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The Congressional record contains a statement of support from New York Rep. Walter Chandler which includes an observation, about “Turkish and Arab agitators . . . preaching a kind of holy war [jihad] against . . . the Jews” of Palestine. During this same era within Palestine, a strong Arab Muslim irredentist current – epitomized by Hajj Amin al-Husseini –promulgated the forcible restoration of sharia-mandated dhimmitude for Jews via jihad.

Indeed, two years before he orchestrated the murderous anti-Jewish riots of 1920, that is, in 1918, Hajj Amin al-Husseini stated plainly to a Jewish coworker (at the Jerusalem Governorate), I. A. Abbady, “This was and will remain an Arab land . . . the Zionists will be massacred to the last man.  . . . Nothing but the sword will decide the future of this country.”

Despite his role in fomenting the1920 pogroms against Palestinian Jews, al-Husseini was pardoned by the British and subsequently appointed mufti [high judge] of Jerusalem by the British high commissioner, in May 1921, a title he retained, following the Ottoman practice, for the remainder of his life. Throughout his public career, the mufti relied upon traditional Koranic anti-Jewish motifs to arouse the Arab street. For example, during the incitement which led to the 1929 Arab revolt in Palestine, he called for combating and slaughtering “the Jews” not merely Zionists. In fact, most of the Jewish victims of the 1929 Arab revolt were Jews from the centuries-old communities (for example, in Hebron), as opposed to recent settlers identified with the Zionist movement.

More here.



There is more to this than meets the eye, after years of constant pressure from the authorities, from agent provocateurs, and infiltration, the leaders more than likely agreed to an offer that they couldn’t refuse. As Lars Hedegaard explains, there wasn’t a racist and bigot under ever bench and behind every door where they congregated, and in my opinion, joining the Quilliam Society was not their idea, but the state’s involvement. You can only be manhandled for so long until you break.

EDITORIAL: The night they drove Tommy down

One can imagine the pressure Tommy Robinson has been under.

EDITORIAL: The night they drove Tommy down

Posted by: Lars Hedegaard 9 October, 2013

Yesterday’s defection of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll from the English Defence League will probably spell the end of the organization as an effective political force.

Though a number of EDL activists have vowed to continue their battle against Britain’s Islamization, it remains to be seen if new leaders can emerge from the rank and file to equal the charisma, courage and strategic vision of Robinson and Carroll.

Ever since the EDL started in 2009, the British government has done everything in its power to crush the organization – in de facto collaboration with so-called ”anti-fascists”, who have turned up to cause havoc and violence every time the EDL has tried to hold peaceful demonstrations. Street demonstrations have been the only avenue open to the EDL because it has never been able to rent a hall for orderly meetings apart from the odd pub.

The strategy of the ”anti-fascists” and the police has been clear from the start: To disrupt EDL demonstrations in the hope that the demonstrators would react with violence so that the entire movement might be portrayed as a bunch of neo-Nazi thugs.

Justifying his defection, Tommy Robinson explained that the movement had been taken over by neo-Nazis. Speaking at a press conference Tuesday night, Robinson said: “We had fought for four and a half years to keep racists out of the EDL. … When I returned [from a stint in prison, ed.] I saw flags and signs that did not represent me and I am not willing to be the public face for them.”

There can be no doubt that Robinson and Carroll have done their utmost to distance themselves and their movement from racism, Nazism and violence.

In October 2010 I had an opportunity to spend a few days with Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll and to travel with them to various EDL arrangements in London, Wolverhampton, Luton and Bolton. I was there on an assignment paid for by people in the United States who wanted an objective assessment of the EDL phenomenon. In particular, they wanted to know if there was any truth to the assertions in the British media and political class that the organization was nothing but a bunch of hate-filled and racist thugs out to ”get” foreigners and people of color.

After spending time with the leadership and rank and file, I could find no trace of racism. I listened attentively to a number of EDL supporters with a few drinks under their belt. Here was the chance of these working class blokes to divulge their true racist, fascist and xenophobic intentions – if they had any.

They didn’t.

”Quite the contrary”, as I wrote in my report. ”The leaders and rank and file that I met in London, Wolverhampton, Luton and Bolton (a fair cross-section of the national membership, one should think) are multi-ethnic. They are black and white, English, Irish (interestingly, both Catholic and Protestant), Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jewish and probably a few other denominations and nationalities. Homosexuals are welcome and have even formed their own “division” in London — as have the Jews.

I further noticed:

”The EDL is entirely working-class in outlook and demeanour and proudly so. Their sole political objective appears to be the defence of English — sometimes referred to as Christian — culture against Islamic encroachment. They despise the current British left but mainly because it is being subservient to Islamic interests. They have no trust in the official political leaders, who they consider to be sell-outs.

One is reminded of George Orwell’s observation: ’If there is any hope at all, it has to come from the proles.’

Nobody this reporter spoke to — leaders as well as rank and file — had any sympathy with English Nazis or with The British National Party, which they consider racist in the traditional sense of the term. Adherents of totalitarian or racialist ideologies are unceremoniously evicted.”

No wonder the EDL had to be crushed. Here was a genuine working class movement that simply stood up for English culture, democracy and the ancient rights of English freemen. To the multicultural elite they must have been as welcome as the bubonic plague.

Have EDL demonstrations contained elements eager to flaunt their know-nothing and far-right sympathies and violent inclinations? Undoubtedly. But who were these people?

If you cannot function as a normal organization but must hold your meetings in the street, how can you prevent idiots or infiltrators from giving you a bad image?

I was a friend of a by now forgotten American by the name of Fred Halstead. Fred was a Trotskyist and the real organizer of the anti-war demonstrations that eventually forced the US out of Vietnam.

In spite of the organizers’ best efforts to keep their massive street protests clean, they were joined by a group of youngish men bearing sticks with the heads of pigs – obviously a reference to the police that were roundly denounced as ”the pigs”. It later turned out that the pig-bearing activists were police officers trying to put the entire anti-war movement in a bad light.

So the question is: Who were the people trying undermine the EDL and who sent them?

One can only speculate.

Read the rest here.




The Left never rests.

silence free speech

You want to know if you’re being successful at getting under their skin? count the ways they try to shut you up.

Help Disptach-International out:

As in all other totalitarian systems, Swedes are free to applaud the government and its minions. It has never been Dispatch International’s purpose. Our goal is to break a hole in the ice so that free people can breathe freely.

Help us to keep the hole open. We need your financial support to survive. Please send your contribution to our Danish bank account:

Account owner: Dispatch ApS 
Account number: 0011147755 
IBAN: DK3030000011147755 
Bank code: 4310 
Banking Department: Danske Bank 
Branch office: Holmen’s Canal

d-international under attack by far left site 5.9.2013

More here in Swedish



Yes folks, we are engaged in a world wide war with Islam, whether you want to admit it or not.

muslims promising to kill prominent danes 27.8.2013

Av:Ingrid Carlqvist 27 August, 2013

Legal affairs spokesman for the Social Democratic Party, Ole Hækkerup, wants to ”look into all possibilities” of denying entry to Denmark for people who have participated in holy war in Syria.

He said this a couple of days before August 26, when a propaganda video showing Muslims firing their weapons at pictures of prominent Danes was posted on YouTube. The video, which appears to have been filmed in Syria, was later removed from YouTube because it was deemed to advocate hate crimes but is available here.

The video features one Abu Khattab, who used to live in the Copenhagen district of Brønshøj and is known as belonging to extremist Muslim circles. He is a prominent member of the Salafi movement ”Call to Islam”.

In a mixture of broken Danish and Arabic, Abu Khattab encourages his ”dear brothers” to take aim at ”Muslim apostates and infidels who have attacked Islam”.

Following his announcement, he and three other holy warriors fire their automatic weapon at pictures of six Danes.

The ”apostates and infidels” are:

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Secretary General of NATO and Danish Prime Minister during the Muhammed crisis in 2005-2006. He refused to bend to Muslim demands that he apologize for the 12 famous cartoons of the prophet published by the daily Jyllands-Posten.

Naser Khader, former MP and a target of Muslim hatred because he has criticized extremist Muslims and given his daughter a Danish name.

Lars Hedegaard, editor of Dispatch International and chairman of the Danish Free Press Society.

Kurt Westergaard, the man who drew the world-famous picture of the prophet with a bomb in his turban.

Morten Storm, former radical Muslim, later apostate and agent for Denmark’s intelligence and security service PET.

Ahmed Akkari, former imam and leader of the group of imams that went to the Middle East in order to stir up hatred against Denmark. He has subsequently apologized for his behavior.

More here.



Al-Capone(s) with a scimitar.

mo tunic 29.12.2011

Editorial:Sweden rewards its gangsters

Posted by: Ingrid Carlqvist June 12, 2013

Ingrid CarlqvistI had hardly spoken these words on the Russian television channel Russia Today before they became a reality. To the reporter’s surprise, I explained that the rioters in Husby would end up with more money being handed to their “zones of social exclusion.” I explained to her that our government periodically decides to allocate some additional hundred millions to the areas where the immigrants live – as if their exclusion is not self-chosen but happens because the “racist” Swedes refuse to give them work, and probably make sure that they fail in school, too.

And the other day, the Minister of Integration Erik Ullenhag made new promises to the criminals who burned cars and schools in Husby and other suburbs. In an essay in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter (June 10), Ullenhag wrote: “For the next two years, 200 million kroner in performance-based aid has been allocated to the most vulnerable urban districts. The government has also announced that we would like to try out new-business zones in the most vulnerable districts so that it becomes cheaper to employ people in these neighborhoods.”

He also wrote: “On the part of the government, we have taken a number of initiatives that can contribute to a positive development in these neighborhoods. State money is being spent on schools in the most vulnerable areas, and the government wants to change the Education Act so that the municipalities will be required to give more to those schools that have the greatest needs.”

Reflect for a moment on what this means. I cannot interpret it any other way than that the young immigrants who turned Husby upside down have now secured more benefits to the residents there. From now on, even more money is to be taken from schools where the students study hard and behave well, to be given to schools where the students beat up or threaten teachers and ignore their studies.

More here. H/T: Fjordman



dispatch International

Ingrid at dispatch, stop lying about us 8.2.2013

None of us are stupid. We know quite well that what we are doing is dangerous – the worst thing one can do in Sweden of 2013 is to criticize Islam and the reckless immigration policy conducted by the current Reinfeldt cabinet. But we are fighting to remain able to live in an open and democratic society with 100 percent free expression.

If we were to capitulate to the forces of darkness that seek to draw the Western world down into the midnight of totalitarianism, it would be the end. NOW is the time when we must do things to defend our way of life.

We at Dispatch International will be forced to be even more careful and worried for our security. But we will never, never, never give up and concede victory to the forces of totalitarianism. They would have to kill us, one by one.

More here.



dispatch International

joe mcarthy

Joe McCarthy was right all along

Published 01/24/2013
Diana West

WASHINGTON, D.C. Most Europeans are unlikely to be familiar with the facts behind the American term “McCarthyism.” They probably know it describes something very bad in American politics – the “Communist witch hunts” of more than half a century ago. They may also know that simply uttering the term, like casting a spell, stops all debate cold by associating someone with the eponymous Joseph McCarthy. As the story goes, he was himself very bad. After all, he conducted those long ago “Communist witch hunts,“ ruining his name in perpetuity. This probably exhausts general knowledge.

But here’s a secret: Most Americans know little more than this same familiar but completely false narrative. In recent years, stunning revelations from archives in Washington and Moscow have confirmed that McCarthy’s investigations – and those conducted by other officials before and after – netted not innocent and imaginary “witches,” but secret cadres of hardened Communist agents determined to bring down the American republic. Surely, this makes Joe McCarthy a great patriot and deserving “the plaudits of a grateful nation.”

So wrote M. Stanton Evans, the consensus-smashing, revisionist biographer of McCarthy in Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies (2007). Evans was attempting to convey the significance of just one particular Soviet intelligence operation, circa 1945, that McCarthy was instrumental in bringing to light, circa 1950.

Even a few details about this operation, named initially as the Amerasia affair after a pro-Communist journal of the day, will add a little needed context to modern-day perspective on the so-called McCarthy era.

Amerasia’s editor, Phillip Jaffe, came under FBI surveillance in 1944 after the contents of a confidential OSS memo appeared in his magazine. (The OSS was the precursor to the CIA.) The FBI soon learned Jaffe was in possession of hundreds of stolen, secret US government documents, plus a photographic set-up. The magazine ran no photographs, so the FBI plausibly believed it had come across an active espionage operation. Further surveillance, including wire-taps, determined that Jaffe was in frequent contact with US Communist Party leader Earl Browder, Soviet “diplomats” in New York, a top Chinese Communist envoy of Mao and US diplomat John Stewart Service (home from Chiang Kai-Shek’s China, where, it later emerged, Service roomed with two leading Communist agents, Solomon Adler and Chi Chao-ting).

On June 6, 1945, FBI agents arrested six people, including Jaffe and Service, and seized hundreds of top secret documents, many concerning military matters. An open-and-shut espionage case, it would seem.


More here.




Dared to leave the plantation.

If you stray from the collective fold, you risk public vilification, especially when they can’t deflate your argumentation. Now the man recants his decision, says he was ‘mistaken’. Sounds like 14th century Europe to me.

NOTE: A cordon sanitaire has been effectively put into place around Dispatch-International by the media elite, which is all the more reason to support it.

dispatch international twitter character assassination 16.1.2013

“The reactions were divided. Many were happy and wrote in appreciation of Ulf Nilson, that he was showing himself to be fearless and not would let himself be intimidated by the establishment. But his journalist colleagues acted as hungry predators against him. They attacked Ulf Nilson and tore him to pieces,” says Carlqvist.

And then something happened that really shocked Ingrid Carlqvist. A couple of hours after the campaign began, Ulf Nilson announced via the Swedish news agency TT Spektra that his op-ed was a mistake – he had not understood what kind of newspaper Dispatch International was. Anyway, the op-ed was to be a one-off, according to Nilson. Both of these claims are open lies, according to Ingrid Carlqvist.

“I have emails from last fall showing our agreement that he, at his own request, was to write two opinion pieces each month. The emails also show that he had read the newspaper on the internet and found it ‘exiting’,” she says.

More here.




Totalitarians come in all shapes and sizes.

You normally come across such a thing as a DDOS attack from thuggish individuals or governments trying to stifle dissent and/or opinions that they are not in agreement with. The ”Far Side” called Sweden takes it to a whole new level, where the media who are the supposed vanguards of the free press, try to suppress the free speech of a new competitor, Dispatch International.

When smearing them as ”racist” and ”anti-Muslim” doesn’t seem to work, they then try to sabotage their network by overloading the system through a coordinated DDOS attack that came from multiple sources within the Swedish media community. It was a conspiracy to commit a crime against private property and individual rights.

It didn’t work.

More here.



Talking Turkey

Back in her home country, Dispatch International’s correspondent finds that the glow of Obama has worn off leaving disenchantment verging on cynicism

SOMEWHERE IN THE USA.« I did not know that death exile had undone so many… » Our old friend T.S. Eliot didn’t have in mind the stream of Americans of all sizes, shapes, and origins winding through the left to right, right to left, left to right & so on queue waiting to go through passport control at Dulles airport last Thursday afternoon, arriving just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Joined in the baggage claim area by the other stream of non-Americans that had passed through their checkpoint, we got stuck in a bottleneck at customs before finally reaching the arrival hall where greeters held up signs and families came forward to embrace the wayward sons and daughters. A tiny vaguely Oriental looking woman wearing a black sleeveless cocktail dress and a red flower in her hair asked me where I had flown in from. When I said Paris we switched to French and she was reassured… the lines are long… he’ll be getting through soon…

Less than an hour later I am “home” and unpacking the delicacies. Exquisite chocolates, foie gras, elegant little tinned terrines, exotically flavored mustards and, for the fourth generation, a notebook with a period drawing of the top of the Tour Eiffel. He loves it! His grandfather had just given him the other kind of notebook, one of those neither here nor there portable computers that can’t meet our needs but is a high tech delight to an 8 year-old. And he loves both notebooks and the Hanukah gelt from the same French chocolatier that delights his great grandmother. I wish I could have brought them a farm fresh turkey from the open market on boulevard Richard Lenoir. J. says, “If you dressed in a burqa you could bring a turkey and a goat.”

Four generations, stretching from 8 to 102 going on 103. Where did we come from, how did we get here, how did we fare and what’s in store?  Europe, USA, some to Israel and back to the USA and a branch back to Europe and exogamy bringing in new shapes and angles and the spirit of adventure sending out tendrils. Here’s a picture of M.’s son, he’s studying in Osaka this year.

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Editors’ note:

This article is mirrored from Dispatch International, which is currently suffering an extraordinarily heavy denial of service attack. This criminal behaviour has been reported to the police for investigation, and the log files indicate that the Swedish mainstream media is directly implicated. In case you run a blog or other web site which could also mirror this article, please do so.

Best regards
Tundra Tabloids

Editorial: “The Infallibles” in panic over Dispatch International

Some people in the Swedish mainstream media are emulating North Korean methods and have been reported to the police for illegal hacking

Dispatch International has struck fear in Swedish mainstream media, to the extent that people linked to several media organizations, among them the daily Sydsvenskan and Swedish Television, are trying to take down our website. Last week we noticed that it was under heavy attack – of a magnitude that is normally used if you want to shut down a small country or a major organization.

We withstood the attack and our setup is such that we plan to survive any attack in the future.

The most interesting aspect concerning the onslaught was that people associated with several Swedish media organizations took part in it. Our analysis of the hackers shows that among the culprits were people connected to the dailies Sydsvenskan, Norrköpings Tidningar, Värnamo Nyheter, Swedish Television and a production company associated with Radio Sweden, Tredje Statsmakten Media AB.

The latter produces the program “Medierna i P1” (Media in P1) for Radio Sweden – a weekly show intended to scrutinize Swedish media.

Ever since Dispatch International got started, Sydsvenskan has been heaping abuse on our newspaper. On 23 November Sydsvenskan’s cultural editor Rakel Chukri claimed that Dispatch International is spreading hatred against people of color. She was of course unable to point to a single instance of Dispatch International doing such a thing.

It now turns out that people with access to computers at Sydsvenskan are not satisfied with merely vilifying us, but are engaged in an attempt to wreck us by illegal means.

There is no way the recent attack can be due to an honest mistake or construed as a bungled attempt to access our content. The hackers have carefully entered a complex code that can have no other purpose than demolishing our operating system. The attack must have been carefully planned and coordinated.

Regardless of how the attack was organized, the media organizations that have been hosting this unprecedented attempt to wreck a fellow media are legally responsible and they have all been reported to the police.

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This case highlights why the SFPS is desperately needed.

The Tundra Tabloids contacted the president of the SFPS, Ingrid Carlqvist, and learned that the organization’s Israel friendly approach was being targeted and attacked by anti-Israel activists, and that they alone were responsible for antisemitic comments to the post(s) in question.

The SFPS decided to remove the FB pages because they simply hadn’t the time to properly monitor the comments. The deluge of antisemitic comments coming from anti-Israel activists where just far too many.

The Local disingenuously fails to provide a proper context to the incident in question which seriously undermines their own credibility as a proper news organization. If I, as an independent blogger can take the time to inquire from the president of the FSPS about what was commented on her organization’s FB pages, why couldn’t The Local?

I’ll tell you why they failed to contact Ingrid Carlqvist, it’s because they weren’t interested in the truth, instead, they wanted to score points against both the SFPS and Dispatch-International, a new vibrant online paper that is challenging the existing hack journalism in the region.


Sweden Democrats send members anti-Islam mag

Published: 22 Nov 12 09:01 CET |

Some 6,000 members of the Sweden Democrats will be receiving an anti-Islam newspaper at the end of the month, courtesy of the party.

“Dispatch International is a paper that plays an important role in the societal debate,” MP and editor in chief for the Sweden Democrat paper SD–Kuriren, Richard Jomshof, told local paper Sydsvenskan.

The publication, which is connected to the Swedish anti-Islam group “Freedom of the Press Society” (Tryckfrihetssällskapet), recently featured an article where a professor argues that the Muslim call to prayer should not only be seen as that but also as a threat.

The Freedom of the Press Society has previously also posted anti-Semitic comments on its Facebook page.



The Immigration-Industrial Complex strikes again

Published 11/15/2012

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt reveals his strategy: Mass immigration is a weapon in a political power struggle intended to ensure the ruling elite eternal control

Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt from the right-of center partyModeraterna (The Moderates) has never concealed his loathing of the immigration-critical party Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats, SD), which managed to gain access to Parliament after the last election – much to the regret of the country’s power elite. At a November 6 meeting at Stockholm University he clarified his criticism of Sweden’s third-largest party.

Provoked by the question why he had not confronted the SD, he answered that this is one of the hardest problems to solve. “Once they have entered Parliament, they are difficult to evict,” he said.

As reported by the daily Metro, he continued:

“Let us not imagine that we can overcome the Sweden Democrat phenomenon in an open debate. Fundamentally, we have to realize that there are social problems associated with integration and immigration, criminality, globalization and the reorientation of Sweden, which we must solve. We must give people hope that these are problems that can be solved. That is what we are trying to do.”

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