Not mentioning however that those who are against classical liberalism (the leftist-muslim nexus) will be the ones causing tension, division and violence.

French Interior Minister Confirms PEGIDA Ban, Says Group Will Create Tension, Division, Violence

The French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has confirmed that the grassroots movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) has been banned from marching in Calais this Saturday, accusing the group of raising tensions and promoting division and violence. The movement’s leaders in the region have declared that they will march regardless.

Following a meeting with Calais mayor Natascha Bouchard, President of the Regional Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, Xavier Bertrand, and councillor Yann Capet, Mr Cazeneuve declared: “I have asked the Pas-de-Calais prefect to proceed with the banning of all protests that have the potential of disrupting public order, no matter who the organizers are,” Le Monde has reported.

He said he was specifically referring to groups which seek “to create tension, division and violence,” and that the ban would stay in place “for as long as the current climate remains”.

Some of the French media, including national paper Le Figaro, have taken to calling the PEGIDA movement “Islamophobic”.

More here. H/T: Diana West


These townspeople are worried about what will happen to their daughters once warmer weather begins and they have to walk past muslim men on their way to school. Like I said earlier:

 ” the next time a Left-wing moron (is there any other type?) tells you to cover yourself in a ‘more moderate way’ to keep from being raped by these jackals, remember this:”

muslim groper

Published on Jan 31, 2016

Last Thursday a worried grandfather voiced his concerns about the increasing incidents of sexual harassment of young girls on their way to school by migrants in a meeting in the German town of Bad Schlema. His own granddaughter has been victim of sexual harassment and he fears it will be much worse when girls will wear less clothing in the summer or dress for physical education. The mayor’s reply angered the over 100 citizens who were present: “It’s simple, don’t provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.”

The crowd went furious, some mocked the absurdity of not being able to walk to school in your own town, some demanded he step down immediately. Later the situation escalated and the Mayor threatened to call the police and clear the room because of incitement of hatred (sources below).

He said it’s “technically not necessary to walk near the refugee shelters, there are alternative routes.”

H/T: Tommy Robinson


The question remains, why in the world would you show respect to, let alone invite, someone who advocates the genocide of the Jewish people?

The feckless dhimmis.

rome jackassery

Rome spares Iranian president’s blushes by covering nude statues

Sculptures in Capitoline Museum obscured by large white panels for Hassan Rouhani’s meeting with Italian PM

Italian officials keen to spare the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, any possible offence on his visit to Rome covered up nude statues at the city’s Capitoline Museum, where Rouhani met Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister.

Photographs of Monday’s visit show both men standing near a grand equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor. Nude statues in the vicinity were covered by large white panels.

A spokesman for Renzi did not immediately return a request for comment. A spokesman for the city of Rome, which manages the museum, said any decision regarding the ceremony with Rouhani and display of artwork had been made by the prime minister’s office.

The decision to cover the artwork was seen as a sign of respect for the Iranian president, according to the Italian news agency Ansa.

In another placatory gesture by Italian officials, alcohol was not served at an official dinner held in Rouhani’s honour, abiding by a standard diplomatic gesture for visiting Muslim dignitaries.

More here.


Barbados named, Saudis…..nope.

beheading saudi arabia

I’m for capital punishment in slam dunk cases, that said, leaving Saudi Arabia off the list goes to show just how deep the pockets go for this member of the pajamas and slippers club.

UK left oil-rich Saudi out of drive to halt death penalty: Country was only one with capital punishment missing from list as Britain targeted Barbados and Jordan

Followers of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr burn an effigy of King Salman of Saudi Arabia as they hold posters of Sheik Nimr al-Nimr and Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr during a demonstration in Baghdad, Iraq

Followers of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr burn an effigy of King Salman of Saudi Arabia as they hold posters of Sheik Nimr al-Nimr and Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr during a demonstration in Baghdad, Iraq

  • Saudi Arabia was omitted from a UK campaign against the death penalty 
  • It was the only major country with the death penalty left off a Whitehall list 
  • Those given a greater priority than Saudi Arabia, which carried out 158 executions last year, included Barbados, Singapore and Jordan 

Saudi Arabia was omitted from an official UK campaign against the death penalty despite the number of executions it carries out.

The oil-rich state was the only major country with the death penalty left off a Whitehall list to be challenged by diplomats, it emerged last night.

Those given a greater priority than Saudi Arabia, which carried out 158 executions last year, included Barbados, Singapore and Jordan which passed fewer than ten death sentences between them in 2014.

The revelation comes as a dangerous rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran deepened last night over the execution of a prominent Muslim cleric.

Nimr al-Nimr, a Shia imam, was one of 47 convicts executed by beheading or firing squad at 12 separate Saudi prisons last weekend.

The fallout threatens to destabilise the entire Middle East after Iran, which mainly adheres to the Shia branch of Islam, said Sunni-run Saudi would face ‘divine vengeance’. Saudi Arabia cut its diplomatic and trade ties with Tehran yesterday and suspended all commercial flights.

Its allies Bahrain and Sudan also severed diplomatic ties with Iran, and the United Arab Emirates recalled its ambassador.

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Post-enlightenment social media regressives.

twitter 1984

Gaffney: Shariah-Compliant Twitter

Twitter seems to think 2016 is 1984. It has welcomed in the New Year with a change in the rules governing all of its accounts that is reminiscent of Orwellian thought-control. Or at least that practiced by another, non-fictional totalitarian system: the Islamic supremacist program known as shariah.

Shariah’s adherents demand that no offense be given to them, their religion, deity or prophet. Now, all other things being equal, they are close to ensuring that none will be forthcoming in 140 characters.

If successful, contemporary Islamists will have achieved a major step towards a goal they have been pursuing through other means for nearly two decades: the worldwide prohibition of “defamation of religions” – read, Islam. In particular, since 2005, their proto-Caliphate – the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – has been working through the United Nations on a ten-year plan to impose this restraint concerning freedom of expression on the rest of us.

In 2011, with the active support of the Obama administration, this gambit produced UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18. It basically gives the imprimatur of international law to Shariah’s demand that speech, books, videos and now Tweets that “defame” Muslims or their faith be prohibited.


No freedom of indigenous religion in Germany, just Islam. 

A Possible Charge of “Incitement” Against Heidi Mund for her Public Prayers

For a long time Heidi Mund was known outside of Germany only as the “brave German woman” for her protest against a prayer being chanted by an imam inside a Lutheran church. Ms. Mund was thrown out of the church for her efforts, and the video of her ejection went viral on the Internet.

A faithful Christian, Heidi Mund has been involved in other anti-Islamization activities since then. The most recent was a “prayer at the borders” action in early October, which has now drawn the attention of the judicial authorities. According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, the public prosecutor in Frankfurt is considering an action against Ms. Mund, viewing her publicly organized prayers as incitement.

Many thanks to SimonXML for translating this article. A slightly different version was published earlier at Vlad Tepes:

State Prosecutor determined to act against Heidi Mund

The State prosecutor has become active against Heidi Mund — the accusation is incitement

The State prosecutor has decided to take action for incitement against Heidi Mund, who became famous as a radical Christian. She was reported to have committed these acts with her “Prayer proposals” on the Day of German Unity.

Since Heidi Mund shifted her political agitation from the street to the Internet, barely a day goes by without a message to her followers. The former front woman of the “Freien Bürger” (Free Citizens) and “Pegida Rhein Main” has set up another mailing list — “Save Europe” — which has explicitly set itself the goal of saving Germany from Islam.

On the Day of German Unity, Mund called for a human chain around Germany “as a spiritual wall”, … and with the “authority of God” to resist the “forces of darkness”.

The radical Christian called her appeal for an act of resistance “Praying hand in hand for our country”, which took place on 3 and 4 October with moderate involvement — and on 4 October a private complaint followed against Heidi Mund. Her “suggestions for prayer” met the requirements for incitement, states the complaint.

In it she calls to prayer and calls amongst other things for:

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This is why Western leaders should take with a grain of salt anything that these Christian leaders say publically, especially while on a mission for their Muslim masters while abroad.

Palestinian Christians feel they have to speak out against Israeli “occupation,” because if they don’t, Muslims would perceive their silence as tacit support for Israel.

Christmas in Jerusalem

Santa distributes free Christmas trees in the Old City.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Christmas in Bethlehem this year will be more somber than joyful, reflecting the same tense security situation that also dimmed the bright lights of Hanukka recently.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal will leave the capital at the head of the traditional festive motorcade for Bethlehem, where he will lead Christmas Eve Mass in the Church of the Nativity.

But the spirit of Yasser Arafat is due to play the Ghost of Christmas Past once again at Midnight Mass in Bethlehem, his empty chair in the Church of the Nativity symbolizing the legacy of terrorism he has bequeathed the region.

Three Christmases are celebrated in Bethlehem: December 25 is the traditional date observed by Roman Catholics and the Protestant denominations, but Greek, Coptic and Syrian Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 6, and Armenian Orthodox Christians on January 19.

Lots of celebrations – but fewer and fewer Christians.

More here.

H/T: ChanahS.


And of course a useful stooge (dhimmii christian leader) is there to decorate the setting.

We can’t allow this to be seen as a “normal occurrence”, something “to be expected”, each and every time they exhibit outrageous behavior it needs to be called out and condemned. The orthodox priest (Archbishop Atallah Hanna) should be relegated to the margins, never to be interviewed as ‘just a priest’, but with a ton of qualifiers that explain to the viewers/readers just who exactly he is and what he has done.

Have a Jihadi Christmas: Palestinian University Decorates Tree with Photos of Terrorists

TEL AVIV – A Palestinian university got into the Christmas spirit by decorating a tree with photos of terrorists, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported.

The Fatah student’s movement at Birzeit University near Ramallah erected a Christmas tree adorned with pictures of “martyrs” – among them the terrorist Muhammad Halabi who recently stabbed and killed two Israelis in Jerusalem.

The image of Halabi hangs alongside other pictures of terrorist leaders that the students seem to believe are conducive to the seasonal sentiment of goodwill and benevolence. Included are the founder of Hamas, Ahmed Yassin; the founder of Islamic Jihad, Fathi Shaqaqi; and Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Abu Ali Mustafa.

Between them they are responsible for the deaths of scores of Israelis in more than 1,000 terror attacks.

At the top of the tree is a picture of former PA president and Fatah chairman Yasser Arafat, who encouraged hundreds of Palestinian men and women to inflict terror attacks against Israelis.

More here.

NOTE: There are plenty of dhimmi christian religious leaders to go around, like Finnish speaking Lutheran bishop of Jerusalem, Munib Younan, a habitual liar and propagandist for the islamonazi cause against the Jews.

BishopYounan (1)


First of all, concerning the label the Daily Mail uses to describe both the man and the organization he represents as ”far-right”. Here he’s just a man in a dog suit trying to prove a point.

Filming the staff's reaction with a concealed camera, he received a similar response in this dog outfit

Filming the staff’s reaction with a concealed camera, he received a similar response in this dog outfit

They give absolutely no reason as to why he’s deemed as “far-right”, nor any clue to what they mean by the term itself, other than being anti-Islam. This kind of ad hominem attack is standard fare for most of the international and local media, it’s lazy, disingenuous and highly politically motivated.

They give far more care in using the word, terrorism and terrorist (claiming it to be a highly political term), than they do with the term “far-right”, which they throw around willy nilly at those they do not like.

NOTE: Is the guy ”far-right” (a term bogus to begin with, it actually means an ultra-nationalist socialist, with socialism being a left ideology), we will never know, since this style of below par journalism never changes.

Far-right group member ‘tests bank security protocols’ by filming reactions of customers and staff when he wears a helmet, a furry dog suit and a BURQA into branches

  • A controversial video has been uploaded to an anti-Islam Facebook page
  • Perth man Dennis Huts films himself wearing three outfits into a bank
  • It was pitched as a ‘social experiment’ to ‘test bank security protocols’ 
  • He was asked to leave immediately in a motorbike helmet and dog outfit
  • Wearing a burqa he was allowed to roam around freely – despite stares 

A member of a far-right anti-Islam group has filmed himself walking into a bank wearing a motorbike helmet, furry dog suit, and a burqa as part of what he claims is a social experiment to ‘test bank security protocols.’

In the footage, Perth man Dennis Huts sets about disproving what he believes is a ‘politically correct allowance’. He thinks burqas should not be worn inside Australian banks for the safety of customers.

The video was uploaded to the United Patriots Front Facebook page with the caption: ‘This shows how our society cowers before Islam in fear of offending it.’

‘This is the clear and present danger and people need to wake up.’

A far-right anti-Islam group member wore a burqa into a Westpac bank branch as part of a 'social experiment'

A far-right anti-Islam group member wore a burqa into a Westpac bank branch as part of a ‘social experiment’

Perth man Dennis Huts was asked to leave immediately while wearing a motorbike helmet

Perth man Dennis Huts was asked to leave immediately while wearing a motorbike helmet

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Dumber than dirt also sports islamonazi scarves as well.


Clue-bat for the “expert”. It’s supposed to work the other way around, otherwise we should expect/deman muslims in the Middle East to drink alcohol in order to help integrate non-islamic peoples.

mo and ali

‘Alcohol-free Christmas’ aids integration: expert

'Alcohol-free Christmas' aids integration: expert

Removing snaps and beer from the Christmas party table could help integration, an Islam expert said. Photo: Colourbox

Published: 01 Dec 2015 12:13 GMT+01:00

An expert on Islam has suggested that Norwegians could improve integration by removing beer, wine and spirits from the Christmas party table.

Lars Gule, a researcher on extremism and Islam, told broadcaster NRK that one way Norwegians could contribute to the integration of people from foreign countries would be to pay more attention to the fact that many Muslims don’t drink alcohol.

“Food habits and customs surrounding alcohol can create barriers. Many [Muslims] would never even set foot in a bar because it is a place that serves alcohol,” Gule said.

As Norwegians enter Christmas party season, Gule suggested that workplaces that have foreign employees should consider making the events void of schnapps, wine and beer.

 More here. H/T: Fjordman
RamadanBier (1)


This is akin to the imam at the Vatican in front of the Pope chanting prayer verses 284-286 of Sura 2 in the Koran, the last part of which calls for Allah to grant the Muslims victory over the infidels.

Islam expert Stephen Coughlin explains:

Little did these people know that he was chanting verses expressing disgust and disdain for nonbelievers, such as themselves. They appeared to be in a trancelike stupor as if undergoing a spiritual awakening — despite not understanding one word of Arabic prayer that calls for their rejection and eradication due to their misguided behavior. If they only knew what Islamic prayers meant in English, they would not be shedding tears of ignorance, and certainly thinking twice before allowing Muslims to pray in their places of worship. Love thy neighbor should not be a one-way street.

The Danger in Islamic Prayer

By Sonia Bailley

It is crucial that Westerners discover what Muslims are saying when they recite the Islamic mandatory prayers before sharing their places of worship. A few days ago, an Ontario synagogue invited Muslim worshippers to lead the Friday prayer. This article explains what the Islamic daily prayers mean, with focus on the Friday prayer within the context of Islamic law or sharia. Being better informed will make Westerners think twice before opening the doors to Muslim for prayer.

Canadian Muslims in southern Ontario were invited to preach the supremacy of Islam at a local synagogue and church. In a goodwill gesture, Peterborough’s Mark Street United Church and Beth Israel Synagogue opened their doors to Muslims for prayer following the recent fire damage of the Masjid al-Salaam mosque. President of the Beth Israel Synagogue and his board of directors hosted two Islamic prayer sessions this past Friday with not even a suspicion that the underlying theme in Islamic prayer is to curse and do away with nonbelievers like them.

A deep hatred and rejection of Judaism and Christianity are hardwired into Islamic doctrine, including the Koran. Many of its chapters are incorporated into mandatory daily Islamic prayer. The very first Koranic chapter, considered the most exalted of all chapters, is a prayer directed to Allah asking him to keep Muslims away from the misguided path of Jews and Christians. This chapter is a necessary part of the five mandatory daily prayers, and is recited not once, but anywhere from 17 to 100 times a day by devout Muslims (or in a broader sense, 6200 to 36,500 times a year).

Repetition priming inculcates the notion of superiority over non-Muslims into the minds of all Muslims, instilling a deep mistrust of non-Muslims: “Guide us along the right path, the path of those whom you favored (referring to Muslims), and not along the path of those who earn your anger (referring to Jews), or those who go astray (referring to Christians). The references to Jews and Christians are in accord with Al-Tirmidhi’s authentic hadiths (or Islamic narrations attributed to Mohammed) and other venerated Islamic interpretations, as reflected in some English translations of the Koran.

Friday prayers also include recitation of Koranic chapters 62 and 63 where Jews who reject Allah’s commandments in the Torah are loathed and compared to “the likeness of a donkey carrying books but understands them not.” Jews are told to “long for death” if they pretend to be Allah’s favorite.  Nonbelievers are condemned to a state of error until Mohammed is sent by Allah to purify them “from the filth of disbelief and polytheism” with his verses or revelations from Allah.  “Hypocrites” or apostates from Islam are considered enemies, “so beware of them, may Allah destroy them!”. Is it any wonder why many Muslims are prohibited from being friends with Jews and Christians? The Koran condemns them to hell (which melts their skin and bellies) in nearly 500 verses for not believing in Mohammed and for not converting to Islam.

Such are the prayers that are recited over and over again in mosques, and now in some churches and synagogue across the world as more Muslim communities continue to grow and expand. Oblivious to the ignorant Jewish and Christian hosts — whom the Koran portrays as sons of apes and pigs and as the worst of creatures — those very same prayers were recently recited by the Peterborough mosque’s muezzin (one who recites the Islamic call to prayer) in the local church and synagogue. His sonorous and somber voice evoked emotion and tears expressing compassion and admiration of Islam during the Islamic prayer session at the Mark Street United Church a couple of Fridays ago.

Little did these people know that he was chanting verses expressing disgust and disdain for nonbelievers, such as themselves. They appeared to be in a trancelike stupor as if undergoing a spiritual awakening — despite not understanding one word of Arabic prayer that calls for their rejection and eradication due to their misguided behavior. If they only knew what Islamic prayers meant in English, they would not be shedding tears of ignorance, and certainly thinking twice before allowing Muslims to pray in their places of worship. Love thy neighbor should not be a one-way street.

The Peterborough mosque’s imam Shazin Khan, along with other imams and Islamic spokespeople, uses a common deceptive tactic to show the Church audience that Islam cares about people of all religious faiths. He repeats only part of a well-known Koranic verse taken from the Jerusalem Talmud, asserting that saving one human being is like saving all of humanity. However, unlike the original Talmudic verse that applies equally to all humans, the Koranic verse was modified and prohibits only the murder of Muslims. This verse in its entirety is in accord with Islamic law or sharia, which applies the death penalty for killing Muslims, not non-Muslims.

Referring to Judaism and Islam, Kenzu Abdella, president of the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association (in the Peterborough area near Toronto) who formed an alliance with Larry Gillman, President of the Beth Israel Synagogue, informed the Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation that “we have more similarities than differences. We have so much common”.

More here.



He’d make a perfect dhimmi, why doesn’t he just go along quietly instead on intending on dragging us all along, and down with him.

Lebanese bishop

Roman Catholic bishop Robert Barron advocates strategy of submission to the Islamic State

Bishop Robert Barron

“The Incredible Shrinking Bishop Barron,” by Maureen Mullarkey, OnePeterFive, November 23, 2015 (thanks to Tom):

This brilliant article sums up not only the myopia of Bishop Robert Barron’s approach to the Islamic State (and to the global jihad in general), but the weakness and wrongheadedness of the entire contemporary Catholic Church when confronted with jihadist savagery. There is today a wholesale confusion of weakness and submission with compassion and mercy, such that many Church leaders, including but by no means limited to Bishop Barron, believe that Christian charity mandates acquiescence to evil and submission to it.

They think it is a matter of “respect” for Muslims as human beings for Christians to bow to violent intimidation from Islamic jihadists, and to assent to restrictions on their behavior that are demanded by way of jihadi threats. Those who think, on the contrary, that it is more respectful and charitable to Muslims to refuse to enable and reward bullying and bloodlust have no place in today’s Catholic Church.

Read it all here. H/T TROP


Richard Landes from Augean Stables Tweets:

Angela Merkel


Here’s the top quote…..

“I have directed all staff to permanently suspend the practice of drawing or depiction of any religious leader,” Woodard told the Los Angeles newspaper on Wednesday. “I am certain this teacher did not intend to offend anyone and in fact was simply teaching respect and tolerance for all cultures.”

Putting all belief systems on the same playing field is an act of “islamofauxbia”, islam is here not to coexist, but to eventually supplant the rest.

Do take note: that it’s not only mohamed that an’t be drawn, but Jesus, Moses and Buddha as well!

mohamed lighter

School District Outlaws Depiction Of ‘ANY RELIGIOUS LEADER’ After Mom Protests Muhammad Drawing

A school district superintendent in semi-rural Southern California has completely outlawed all drawings of all religious leaders on campus because a history teacher assigned a vocabulary worksheet that asked students to draw images of Muhammad.

Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District superintendent Brent Woodard implemented the far-reaching ban after a single parent complained, reports the Los Angeles Daily News.

The seventh-grade history assignment at High Desert School in Acton, Calif. was a worksheet called “Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam.” It featured several words including Quran, Mecca, Bedouins and Muhammad. There was space for students to sketch their own images representing the various words.

The parent who found the assignment offensive is Melinda Van Stone, a chiropractor in nearby Palmdale.

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Classic mohammedan experience

Lebanese bishop


The Syrian Catholic priest who escaped IS captivity

  • 28 October 2015

syrian priest isis captive

A Syrian priest who was held by Islamic State (IS) militants for nearly three months and threatened with execution has for the first time spoken about his ordeal. Fr Jack Murad was abducted from the central Syrian town of al-Qaryatain in May along with Botros Hanna, a volunteer at the ancient Mar [Saint] Elian Monastery.

Fr Jack told BBC Arabic what happened.

Fr Jack remembers how he and Botros Hanna were blindfolded and had their hands tied, before the car they were forced into sped away to an unknown destination “in the mountains around al-Qaryatain”.

After four days, the two men were blindfolded and handcuffed again, before being forced on a much longer journey.

They ended up in a cell somewhere in Raqqa, IS’ stronghold, where they were kept for 84 days.

The captives were well-fed, given medical treatment and never tortured, Fr Jack explained.

More here.

Here is the speech by Bat Ye’or or on dhimmitude Andrew Bostom was referring to:

The Middle Eastern Unit
 The Faculty of Humanities
 Chair: Dr. David Satran
 (Department of Comparative Religion)
 LECTURE: November 11, 1996
 (5:00 pm, Room 104 of the Truman Institute)
The Decline of Eastern Christian Communities
in the Modern Middle East

Ladies and gentlemen:

   I have been asked to address you today on the decline of Eastern Christian communities in the modern Middle East. This process of Christian demographical declined has, however, been a permanent trend in Islamized lands, sometimes accelerated by specific events, sometimes stabilized. But the process of withering away has always been there from the beginning and, with the passing centuries, Christian populations that formerly constituted majorities dwindled to minorities – even disappearing from certain regions.

  Here I wish to stress a point: When, in 1983, I coined a new term, “dhimmitude,” all those processes by which a society – an ethnic collective group – either managed to survive, defending itself, or was ultimately destroyed. The study of dhimmitude is not the same as the study of the dhimmi condition itself, because dhimmitude concerns the inner politics and inter-relations of a collectivity, which coexists encapsulated within its Islamic environment.

A delicate equilibrium evolved during the centuries of resignation to spoliations and humiliations. But, in the Ottoman Empire, during the 19th century Tanzimat period, that equilibrium was suddenly broken by the immense challenges represented by the total modification of the relationship between the umma (the Muslim community) and the dhimmi populations. Because the Islamic state had granted Jews and Christians a protection in the context ofjihad, a holy war, their whole legal status was thereby integrated into a warlike ideology linked with religion. We thus find three inter-related and inseparable elements: a legal status; a war; and a theology.

Read it all here.


Thou shalt not challenge mohammedan ideology

Greer ban at university ‘is to seem fair to Muslims’: Vince Cable warns feminists and right-wingers will be censored to prove institutions are not ‘anti-Islamic’

  • Government’s Prevent strategy will make universities feel compelled to censor ‘extreme’ views to prove they are not ‘anti-Islamic’, Cable warns
  • He said that some speakers were already being given hostile receptions
  • Nigel Farage cancelled an appearance at Cambridge following protests
  • Petition was set up to stop feminist Germaine Greer speaking at Cardiff
  • Ex-business secretary said suppressing extreme views was ‘dangerous’
Warning: Universities will ban feminists, Right-wing politicians and other controversial speakers to appear fair on Muslims, Vince Cable has warned

Warning: Universities will ban feminists, Right-wing politicians and other controversial speakers to appear fair on Muslims, Vince Cable has warned

Universities will ban feminists, Right-wing politicians and other controversial speakers to appear fair on Muslims, Vince Cable has warned.

The ex-business secretary said the Prevent strategy would make institutions feel compelled to censor all ‘extreme’ views to prove that they are not ‘anti-Islamic’.

Under the Government’s counter-terror drive, universities have a duty to monitor students for signs of ‘non-violent extremism’ and block hate preachers.

But yesterday Sir Vince said institutions would feel obliged to ‘demonstrate impartiality’ and ban ‘non-Muslim speakers whose reputation is also controversial for different reasons’.

He said some speakers were already being given hostile receptions on campuses, including Ukip leader Nigel Farage who cancelled an appearance at Cambridge after protests.

A petition was also set up to stop feminist Germaine Greer speaking at Cardiff because her views could allegedly offend ‘trans’ people.

Sir Vince said: ‘Once we get into the way of thinking that the best way to deal with extreme views is to suppress them, we get into very dangerous territory indeed.

‘And unfortunately I think that is the way the government is trying to lead.

‘If the government is successful in getting through legislation which in turn leads to guidance to universities, I suspect what will happen is this.

‘The legislation and the guidance will be vague, and universities being naturally risk adverse institutions will err on the side of caution and try to stop controversial speakers.

‘They will then be accused of being anti-Islamic and so they will try to stop other speakers of other persuasions.’

Read more: 


The mere fact of being a non-muslim, and rejecting ever becoming one, is in fact an act of islamofauxbia itself, doesn’t dawn on these political hacks who preside over the downfall of the West.

The very essence of free speech is the right (which is not granted by king or parliament, but are inalienable) to challenge and criticize both religious and political power. Right now the the fruits of the Enlightenment which has resulted in the greatest achievements in recorded human history (modern day society), are being traded away for supposed security.

NOTE: Hate speech laws are built to suppress that which the government deems as a threat to its own hegemony. When the state can’t hope to win an argument, they take their opponent to court (a political show trial) in order to smear and label him for life, thereby removing the nuisance to their rule in the most cruelest of ways..

Ben Franklin: “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.”

big ben

Change In Recording Of Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes

Offences will be recorded as a separate category by police, bringing Islamophobia in line with anti-Semitic attacks.

06:04, UK,Tuesday 13 October 2015


New figures are expected to show an increase in the number of hate crimes

Anti-Muslim hate crimes will be recorded as a separate category for the first time by police, David Cameron has announced.

The move brings Islamophobia in line with anti-Semitic attacks, which have been recorded separately for some time.

It comes as the Home Office prepares to unveil new figures which are expected to show an increase in the number of hate crimes over the last year, continuing a trend seen in 2013/14.

In that period, offences involving religious hatred rose by 45% and race hate crime by 4% in the aftermath of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in London in May 2013.

Campaigners say there has also been an increase in reports of hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender victims in recent months.

The PM has revealed he will provide new funding to improve security at religious buildings, as he hosted the first meeting of a new Community Engagement Forum at Downing Street.

More here. H/T: Ingrid Carlqvist via Tommy Robinson