They mean the very last one to fortunate enough survive prison finally let go…

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China will release the last known prisoner of the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising, a human rights organization says.

NOTE: Meanwhile, the West, including Finland act like China is ”just another state” and love to do business with it.


To steal their high tech research no doubt…..

China’s largest private equity investor eyes Finnish tech companies

Chinese state-owned Beijing Capital Investment (BCI) is starting up a 400-million-euro Nordic fund. BCI announced on Monday in Helsinki that it’s looking for Nordic companies with growth potential in the Chinese marketplace.

Beijing Capital Groupin henkilökuntaa vierailulla Suomessa.

Beijing Capital Investment Director Shaojun Wang is optimistic about raising €400mn for the Nordic-China Growth Fund. Image: Yle

As Chinese money looks for investment opportunities around the world, Finland is high on their list.

Kaidi, one of China’s largest bio-energy companies, announced earlier this year that it plans to build a bio-refinery in the Finnish city of Kemi to the tune of one billion euros.

The newest player on the block is one of China’s largest private equity investors, state-owned Beijing Capital Investment. BCI announced on Monday in Helsinki that it will start up a 400-million-euro fund in October in search of Nordic companies with growth potential in the Chinese marketplace.

The firm’s president, Shaojun Wang, told Yle the Nordic-China Growth Fund will focus on specific areas that Finland excels in ranging from cleantech to production technology.

“In the Chinese marketplace there’s demand for cleantech, renewable sources of energy, health care, and advanced production technology. Finland has a very good reputation in these areas,” says Wang.

Wang says Finland is one of the top candidates for the fund’s headquarters, but much depends on the enthusiasm of Finnish investors.

BCI’s goal is to raise 300 million euros in China, with the remaining 100 million euros to come from investors in the Nordic countries.

Wang says that he’s optimistic. The potential in Chinese markets is very big for Nordic innovations, he notes, adding that this fund should be of great interest to Finnish companies and investors.


I wish I was there greet them with a ”go home commie bastards” sign.jw

The lunacy of having the Chi-com navy on a good will tour in the West, while its government systematically tries to undermine the West and plunder its wealth.

Chinese Navy vessels on maiden visit to Finland

Three Chinese vessels docked in Helsinki Friday morning as part of the navy’s first visit to Finland. The contingent is in a six-month tour of seven different countries. Members of the public will have a chance to tour the vessels on Sunday.

Video: Kiinalainen ohjushävittäjä Jinan
The vessels and crew received a warm welcome in Helsinki. Video: Juha Kivioja / Yle

The navy vessels were greeted at Helsinki’s West Harbour by a small group of Chinese well wishers waving small flags. They were later joined by another group carrying larger flags in honour of the visit.

The three-ship detachment from the Chinese navy includes the missile destroyer Jinan, the missile frigate Yiyang and a Qiandaohu-class carrier. The ships are on a six-month official tour that is taking them to the ports of seven countries.

The navy vessels arrived in Helsinki from Copenhagen in Denmark and will continue to Stockholm afterwards. Before the friendly tour the ships were in the service of the United Nations, providing escort services for merchant vessels plying the waters of the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea.

Completed at the end of 2014, the 132-metre-long Jinan and the 134-metre Yiyang are the Chinese Navy’s newest acquisitions. The 178-metre Qiandaohu carrier is a much older vessel, having been commissioned in 2004.

Members of the public curious to see the vessels will be allowed on board at the West Harbour’s Melkki Quay on Sunday between 10am and 4pm.



Yet another blow to the myth that free trade develops democracy.

One the home front, this is an example (and reason) why we can’t afford to allow any ideology, held to be religiously or secularly sacred (to others), to be above any kind of criticism,  be it disparaging or even outright mockery. How soon we forget about the Soviet dissidents who were sentenced to years of slave labor in the gulag archipelago for offending the communist regime.

NOTE: This is exactly what Islam demands, and our weak-in-the-knees political immoral leadership caves to it time and again.



For him, “slander[ing] the leadership of the Communist Party of China, smear[ing] socialism or violat[ing] the country’s constitution and laws must never appear or be promoted in college classrooms”.

Chinese government attacks textbooks that promote Western values

Beijing (AsiaNews) – Chinese universities should shun textbooks that promote Western values, maintain political integrity and keep criticism of China’s leaders or political system out of the classroom, said Chinese Education Minister Yuan Guiren in a recent statement widely covered in local media.

Yuan’s comments came at an educational forum, Xinhua reported. According to the news agency, the Education minister said that tertiary education institutions should “never let textbooks promoting Western values appear in our classes”.

For him, “slander[ing] the leadership of the Communist Party of China, smear[ing] socialism or violat[ing] the country’s constitution and laws must never appear or be promoted in college classrooms”.

Late last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping himself called for greater ideological supervision in universities, urging the Communist Party to step up its “leadership and guidance”, and “improve the ideological and political work” that it must perform in society.

Clearly, Xi means what he says. Under his rule, ideological repression has intensified compared to Hu Jintao’s ten years of power. Educators have especially borne the brunt.

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The bastard Chi-Com regime then, is still the same one now.

My buddy Cecilie Gamst Berg flies the British Commonwealth Flag of Hong Kong in remembrance.

Cecilie's british commonwealth flag for Hong Kong

FM: Australia’s Party For Freedom:


The 4th June 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Many years have passed since the massacre however the Chinese government or Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still controls the nation with an iron fist denying Chinese nationals basic human rights. The government remains a dictatorial one-party state that places curbs on freedom of expression, political association, religion, labour unions, and human rights organisations and also commands tight control over all judicial institutions and the Internet.

Despite the Chinese Communist Party still sprouting bankrupt Marxist slogans and the admiration for Mao and his teachings, the nation has made strides towards a Western market economy. China has seen tremendous economic growth since the late 1970s when reformists led by Deng Xiaoping crushed the Maoist factions in the CCP and pushed ahead with market oriented reforms to salvage the failing economy.

Deng’s reforms revitalised the agricultural sector by ending the inefficient farm collectives. His reforms meant that peasants were now able to own private plots and farm for profit. This initiative saw production; wages and living standards in rural areas greatly increase. The urbanisation of China in these years of economic reform brought industrialisation and an unprecedented construction boom. For the first time for many, China was making economic progress but little progress on human rights.

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And Obama couldn’t care less.


A TT colleague adds:

Qatar is also main backer of the MB and investor in European banks esp Deutsch Bank.  And now also in Russia and Putin is taking their money. But somehow we are supposed to see Putin as the great hope. To oppose Islam. And any criticism is dismissed as Manichean – which is simply projection by the pro-putinists.

China and Qatar seek more Russia investment as U.S. interest fades


By Megan Davies

ST PETERSBURG, Russia (Reuters) – Sovereign wealth funds in China and Qatar on Friday signaled their increased commitment to Russia, boosting Moscow’s hopes of strengthening ties with Asia and the Middle East as relations with the West deteriorate.

Major sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East and Asia have invested in Russian businesses and backed its state-funded private equity fund, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). By contrast, U.S. financial investors in the country remain few.

“CIC has invested several billions of dollars in Russia,” said Ding Xuedong, chairman of the $575 billion CIC, on the sidelines of the country’s main annual investment conference in St Petersburg.

“We will continue to increase our investment in Russia, not only in the public markets, but in direct investments,” he said.

Russia’s RDIF separately announced that Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, is allocating $2 billion to investments with the fund.

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Because they hate the U.S., and love tyranny as much as the Chi-Coms.

Oh, and they love doing business with Iran, while paying huge amounts into Putin’s coffers for Russian oil.

chi com navy


EU firms help power China’s military rise

30 April 2014, 20:08 CET

(BEIJING) – As China boosts its military spending, rattling neighbours over territorial disputes at sea, an AFP investigation shows that European countries have approved billions in transfers of weapons and military-ready technology to the Asian giant.

China’s air force relies on French-designed helicopters, while submarines and frigates involved in Beijing’s physical assertion of its claim to vast swathes of the South China Sea are powered by German and French engines — part of a separate trade in “dual use” technology to Beijing’s armed forces.

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced stepped-up production of the Airbus EC175 helicopter in China during his visit to France in March — a deal analysts said could result in technology transfers to the military.

“European exports are very important for the Chinese military,” said Andrei Chang, editor of the Hong Kong-based Kanwa Asian Defense Review.

“Without European technology, the Chinese navy would not be able to move.”

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And the US Left would like nothing better than to do the same with Obama.


In China, Chairman Mao still bigger than Jesus

Hundreds of thousands expected at Chairman Mao’s home village for the 120th anniversary of his birth

Hundreds of thousands expected at Chairman Mao's home village for the 120th anniversary of his birth

A woman pays her respects to a gold statue of Mao Zedong in Shaoshan, the home of Mao Zedong  Photo: Adam Dean for The Telegraph

By Malcolm Moore, Shaoshan

3:03PM GMT 25 Dec 2013

In this small, perfectly manicured village in the heart of the Chinese countryside, Christmas Day meant nothing. The real celebration is tomorrow, Boxing Day.

For Thursday is the 120th anniversary of the birth, in the spacious home of a prosperous landowner, of the village’s most famous son: Chairman Mao.

Officially, the celebrations are supposed to be simple and low-key; the Communist party is trying to shed a reputation for ostentatious spectacles and reconnect with its roots as a workers’ movement.

“Xi Jinping (the president) himself told the leaders here in Shaoshan there should be no gala, no singing, no dancing and no big events,” said one employee at a tourist concession.

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Among the dead involved in the attack are Muslims.

Car with 3 Uighur Muslims hits pole and explodes in Tiananmen Square 

H/T: Always Watching

At 12:05 on October 28, 2013 Xu , a light-colored jeep Xinjiang license by the nanchizi south , turn right into rapidly moving from east to west Chang’an Avenue sidewalk . Driver side continued whistle warning passers- side pedal to the metal to break through isolation belt speed ahead .

In successively hit by dozens of less than escape after the car lost control and eventually crashed into the south side of the Golden Water Bridge guardrail Tiananmen East , SUVs then fire and explosion .

Jeep drivers and occupants of three people have been confirmed dead . Incident has caused a total of five people were killed and 38 people were injured, including three people inside the car accident killed two tourists were killed, including a Filipino female tourists , a Guangdong Province male tourists .

Reporters learned from the Beijing Public Security Bureau , the Xinjiang the vehicle license plate number for the “New A45559”, in addition this car off-road vehicles has also been used three different licenses , namely the “new A82Q53″, ” new C96063″ and “New BM7831”.

Police have mastered the sport utility vehicle three dead identity of the two , are the Uighurs in Xinjiang , male, one aged 43 and another aged 25 . They are:

· I buy jade Sup Tierney Ya Zi , male , peasants, Muslim , ID number : 652 122,197,011,160,531 , registration address: Xinjiang Shanshan Lukeqin Town Village a group of three .

Ai Yu Sup co Puti , male , peasants, Muslim , ID number : 653 223 1988 06 27 391X, household registration address: Hill County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region leather skins Hill Farm 2 with 3 rows of 27 1 .




What’s also shocking is to read people’s comments advocating the worst from of hard tyranny imaginable. And they deem themselves to be ‘compassionate’ no doubt. Stunning.

To all those Finns out there that love Finnish MTV3’s morning show where a certain hack journalist has a reocurring segment showing him roaming the Chinese country side (state approved of course) lauding the China’s great advancements, think on this.

H/T: Cecilie Gamst Berg: “You do know how they’ve been implementing this policy, right? They’ve even killed babies after they were born. “Too many people struggling”? How about “government policy allowing the basest aspects of human nature free rein”?

china aborted-baby2

They subjected her to this physical and mental torture because of the country’s one baby policy. They already had a son, so the government killed their unborn child.




Chinese sniffing vacuum of power created by Obama

Nothing to negotiate about, the Arabs want Israel destroyed, Jews refuse state suicide.

chiComs enter me peace conflict 20.6.2013

Beijing’s efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict may enhance its reputation in the Arab world and provide the Chinese with new business opportunities, said Josef Janning, a China expert with the Berlin-based think tank German Council on Foreign Relations, in a DW interview.

Beijing has traditionally remained distant from Mideast affairs. Why is China holding peace talks now?

The Chinese are sending out the message to the international community that they are willing to become increasingly involved in problems affecting the Arab world. Beijing wants to assume responsibility and deal with issues Arabs believe are not being tackled with the necessary zeal.

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Utter nonsense.

The mind of a socialist is a terrible waste of space.

In what’s meant to horrify the reader, I however take a different approach. First ask yourself, why is it that the journalist writing this story for the Daily Mail, fails to report what are the overall wages of other Chinese workers:

Shenzhen’s overall high, median and low monthly wages are RMB25,830, RMB3,087 and RMB1,600, respectively, with an average of RMB3,892. According to the Salary Guide, the high and median wage figures have increased a respective 1.7 percent and 3.9 percent compared to last year, while the average and low wage figures increased by a respective 17 percent and 12.4 percent. The relatively large increase in the latter two can be attributed to the increase in minimum wages over the past few years.

For an example, 2011’s wage average in the Shenzhen area, low wage earners across the board earned roughly the same amount a month as the workers in the factory in this Daily Mail article (EUR185), EUR200, middle wage earners EUR370, and high income earners around EUR3000. 

Lets go to Europe for a comparison.

The average monthly salary for Serbians in the processing industry for 2011 was EUR353, in Croatia EUR385. In Bulgaria, the average wage in 2011 was EUR354, which is basically the same average in Serbia and Croatia. The point here is, while differences do exist in wage scales around the globe, it’s not ”evil capitalism” taking advantage of the poor, on the contrary, the poorer of the world are gaining employment and opportunity, in spite of wage disparity, to build themselves a living and a future.

Back to China

What’s also not discussed is the cost of living, which differs greatly with the developed world. Are we to moan and complain that food and clothing is less expensive to purchase elsewhere, and demand that they increase their pricing to make us feel more at ease, or is it better to realize that all nations go through similar phases on their way to a modern society, and that the free market and the individual knows better than the masterminds and geniuses who want to implement a cookie cutter one size fits all approach to the economy?

Watch Milton Friedman’s ”Free to Choose” series.

The REAL Toy Story: Chinese factory workers forced to sleep among piles of doll parts as they churn out Christmas presents

  • Human rights campaigners have raised concerns over the conditions of Chinese factory workers who make an estimated £150 a month
  • Chinese factories produce 75 per cent of the world’s toys
  • In China there are an estimated 8,000 factories employing 3.5m people


PUBLISHED: 16:56 GMT, 8 December 2012 | UPDATED: 07:56 GMT, 10 December 2012

With the demand to produce toys in time for Christmas, Chinese factory workers are being forced to work long hours and sleep on factory floors, among piles of doll parts.

In recent years, human rights campaigners have frequently raised concerns over the conditions of Chinese factory workers who make an estimated £150 a month.

These images give a stark insight into the monotonous life endured by thousands of Chinese factory workers in the country which makes 75 per cent of the world’s toys, including well-known characters such as Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob SquarePants.

With the pressure to produce toys in time for Christmas, factory workers in China are forced to work long hours and sleep in the factoryAbuses: With the pressure to produce toys in time for Christmas, factory workers in China are forced to work long hours and sleep in the factory

report in 2010 reported that the average monthly salary, including overtime, for a migrant worker was estimated to be just £150.

Across China there are an estimated 8,000 toy-making factories employing 3.5 million people.

According to New York-based China Labour Watch Chinese factory workers often work an extra 36.5 hours a week but are paid only 59 per cent of the minimum wage.

The non-profit organisation that assesses production factories say that while conditions have improved for workers after factories implemented a code of conduct, the abuses still continue.

A report in 2009 revealed that one million Chinese factory workers suffered industrial accidents in that year alone.

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No, it’s not ending ”re-education through labor”, just ‘reforming’ it.

Gee, has anyone ever heard of Left-wingers riding the S.China sea waves in ”flotillas” to violate their borders in protest over their brutal treatment of its own people? Naaaah, that’s reserved for the pluralist democracy of the Jewish state, concerning its legal weapons blockade of the Hamastan Nazis. The Jews are much safer, easier targets then the trigger happy Chinese.

Public criticism over the system has been rising, most recently in August after a woman in Hunan province was sentenced to 18 months in a camp because she demanded tougher penalties for the seven men convicted of abducting, raping and prostituting her 11-year-old daughter.

NOTE: The bigger and more brutal the state or entity, the less willing the utopians are in confronting it, especially when they’re sympathetic with the totalitarianism of the people in question.

H/T: Fjordman

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I have my beef with the Mao/Marxists that run China, but in this instance, I have to give them a polite golf clap.

China Steps Up Curbs on Muslims

Authorities in Xinjiang ban public religious activities during the holy month of Ramadan.

Chinese authorities in the troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang have imposed curbs on the public observance of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan among the region’s Uyghur ethnic minority, an exile group said on Monday.

The government, which earlier this month stepped up security around the sensitive anniversary of the 2009 ethnic violence between the Uyghurs and the Han Chinese that killed nearly 200 people, has banned any public religious activities by the region’s Muslims, according to a spokesman for the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress.

“They have set up Ramadan stability groups in every official department and organization, and they have to select people to serve on them,” spokesman Dilxat Raxit said. “Officials from these departments have to go and stay in mosques, so as to carry out personal surveillance work in all localities.”

The Muslim holy month devoted to dawn-to-dusk fasting, prayers and good deeds culminates with the three-day holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

Meanwhile, teachers and professors, members of the ruling Chinese Communist Party and other civil servants in Xinjiang are barred from fasting during this year’s Ramadan, which began Thursday and ends on Aug. 18, according to Raxit.

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I’m sure that the passengers and crewmen wanted to ensure that the jihadis were rendered ”unable” to complete their mission.

Two men suspected of trying to hijack a flight in China were beaten to death by passengers


PUBLISHED: 15:01 GMT, 2 July 2012 | UPDATED: 16:19 GMT, 2 July 2012

Two men who allegedly tried to hijack a plane in China were beaten to death by passengers and crew, state media said today.

The men were part of a six-strong gang, aged 20 to 36, who attempted to hijack a Tianjin Airlines flight bound for Urumqi last Friday.

Minutes after the flight carrying 101 people took off from Hetian, southwest Xinjiang, three men in the front and three in the back stood up and announced their plans to terrified passengers, according to reports.

The group, all from the city of Kashgar in the west of Xinjiang, then broke a pair of aluminum crutches and used the pieces to attack passengers while trying to break into the cockpit, a regional government spokesman said.

They were tackled by police and passengers who tied them up with belts before the plane returned to the airport safely just 22 minutes later.

Several passengers and crew members were injured in the tussle. The alleged hijackers were taken to hospital where two of them later died, the state-run Global Times reported.
The newspaper said two others were hospitalised after mutilating themselves, but gave no others details.

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The article also mentions the fact that:

” Xinjiang province has seen its fair share of ethnic violence in the recent years fueled by the growing resentment between the local ethnic majority of Muslim Uyghurs and the relatively more affluent Han Chinese residents.”

NOTE:  You’ve got to admire the ‘hands on approach’ by both crew and passengers.

Chinese Passengers, Crew Thwart Attempted Plane Hijacking

An attempted hijacking of a Chinese passenger plane was thwarted today by crew members and passengers in the skies above the restive western Chinese province of Xinjiang.

Tianjin Airlines Flight 7554 was carrying 100 passengers from Hotan Airport to the regional capital of Urumqi when, 10 minutes into the flight, six men allegedly attempted to hijack the aircraft, according China’s Xinhua News Agency.

Crew members and passengers were ultimately able to subdue the men and the flight was rerouted back to the desert town of Hotan, where the hijackers were immediately taken into police custody.  Two in-flight policemen were seriously injured in the altercation while a flight attendant and seven of the passengers sustained slight injuries,  according to authorities.

The police did not reveal the identities of the six men and made no mention whether they were armed.

A spokeswoman for the Xinjiang regional government told the BBC that the hijackers were from the Uyghur minority group and tried to break into the cockpit using a broken crutch as a weapon.

Pictures and accounts of the incident soon appeared on China’s microblogging site Sina Weibo.

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I argued this point a few years ago, but in the context of the Obama administration’s overt attack on U.S. relations with the Jewish state. Israel, like any other state, has to safeguard its own self interests.

In A Few Years China Will LIkely Be the Second-Most Important Country for Israel’

By Barry Rubin                           

There is a remarkable amount of interest in China about Israel and Jews, as I discovered during a trip to China sponsored by SIGNAL, the Sino-Israel Global Network and Academic Leadership.

The most obvious reason is that the Chinese–one important official called it the “little superpower–perceive that Israel in particular and the Jewish people in general have been success stories. Ten or twenty years ago this would have been less unique in the world.  But now, sad to say, it stands out more because the United States and Europe, perhaps only temporarily, are not working very well.

Of course, on a strategic level, Israel and China have some differing interests but these are less important than they may appear to be. China wants to have commerce with everyone, including Iran, and is protecting Syria in the international framework.

Yet China has significantly reduced energy imports from Iran in order to show support for the international efforts against Iran’s nuclear drive and clear signals have been sent to Tehran. Clearly, Chinese interests don’t benefit from Tehran having a nuclear arsenal and being a destabilizing force in the region. As for Syria, Israel’s position on whether the current regime should be overthrown has not been unambiguous. The Chinese argue that a radical Islamist government worse than the current one in Damascus may well come to power. That is not clear but the concern is a reasonable one, especially because U.S. policy is supporting the Islamists in Syria.

Israel and China also have many parallel interests, among them the desire for stability in the Middle East and the hope that revolutionary Islamism doesn’t spread. And China’s policy of dealing with all other countries has another side, since it will not let its relationships with Israel be interfered with by any possible Arab or Iranian demands. Indeed, if China decides to become the main customer for Israeli natural gas and oil exports, the Jerusalem-Beijing relationship may be Israel’s most important link, second only to the one with the United States.

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