You can place this in the category of “completion of the Islamization project”, it’s what the Egyptian government did with the senseless slaughter of all of Cairo’s pigs that the Christian community made a living from. The Turkish AKP has been responsible in closing down almost all of Turkey’s slaughter houses for pork, in an attempt to make the whole country halal compliant, and the minorities be damned.

NOTE: The Finnish government is notorious for using “alcohol politics” to feather its own nest, (increase in taxes), but since the same politicians drink booze, they don’t want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. In Turkey, that goose is increasingly being seen as soon going halal.


Turkey’s Islamist-rooted conservative government introduced another 30% tax hike on alcohol in late October, drawing protests from drinkers, cafe owners and beverage producers.

The price of alcoholic beverages has shot up 129% since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power eight years ago. By contrast, the Consumer Price Index rose 79% during the same period.

A one-litre bottle of raki now costs about $35. That’s a lot to pay in a country where the minimum annual wage is around $400 and the average monthly income is around $1000. More and more Turks are opting for beer and wine, which are cheaper than the traditional raki.

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This goes beyond parody, the Tundra Tabloids really feels sorry for this man who’s possessed by Jinn, the worst kind…..  KGS

NOTE: He would have been better off if it were true.

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EP clinic offers to treat man ‘possessed’ by jinn

MAKKAH: A clinic in the Eastern Province that provides treatment to people possessed by jinns has volunteered to help Turki, a 29-year-old Saudi from Makkah who according to his father is possessed by a female jinn and has, as a result, been chained to a bed for more than six years.
“I’ve spoken to the center and they’ve offered to help my son. They will provide accommodation, food and air tickets for him, his wife, me and his mother who is my ex-wife,” said Turki’s father.
He, however, added that traveling to the Eastern Province is going to be difficult. “If we try to unchain him, he will become violent. Every limb in his body will undergo a radical change and we won’t be able to put him on the plane,” he said.
The father said he has taken Turki to see medical doctors and psychiatrists who have all been unable to diagnose his illness or treat him. “We’ve visited many doctors and none have been able to do anything. They simply gave him sedatives which aren’t useful and that’s why I started taking him to see religious sheikhs, who’ve also been unable to do much,” he said.
He added that all of the sheikhs who have seen Turki are unanimous that he is possessed by a female jinn who refuses to leave him. “She’s supposedly very powerful and said she is of royal stock and will not leave Turki until he dies,” he said.
Muhammad Al-Suhaili, professor of Shariah at Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, confirmed that Turki has been possessed by a female jinn who talked to him and refused to leave him.
The father appealed to the authorities to treat his son in Makkah and to provide financial assistance to his family which is extremely poor.


Mo: I do all my drinking abroad

Ah, to live life without sharia law breathing down your neck. If the cult of Islam no longer enforced its membership through intimidation, people would leave it in droves. KGS

Businessman faces Saudi court for transporting whiskey

Saudi authorities will take a Turkish businessman to Shariah court after he was apprehended with a bottle of whisky at Medina airport, the businessman’s son said.
The businessman, named as Nurettin Öztürk, is reportedly from the Central Anatolian city of Kayseri. He was traveling to Mecca in early March on a religious pilgrimage, his son Ersin said.
The man bought the bottle in a shop at Istanbul Atatürk Airport to take to a friend in Turkey, the son said adding that he will soon appear in a Medina court.
Öztürk could face whipping and a short jail term for the offense.
Alcoholic beverages are forbidden in Saudi Arabia, which is ruled according to Islamic Shariah law.

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