Breitbart does an excellent job on reporting about it, as well as including the TT’s video of Tommy in the piece as well.

What’s hilarious is that the Brit interviewer, in an answer to Robinson’s question as to whether he can criticize Islam, he answers yes, then goes on to censor his response that included criticisms of Mohamed, as well as a mention about Israel, a double no no.

NOTE: Special kudos to Brian of London @ Israellycool for first catching the censorship, as well as splicing the vids to show how they did it.

New headline: WATCH: Al Jazeera ADMITS Editing Tommy Robinson Interview To EXCLUDE Criticism of Muhammed, Claims ‘Not Acceptable Broadcasting Standard’

An Al Jazeera spokesman told Breitbart London: “Inside Story is a pre-recorded programme, and on many occasions our editorial staff make decisions on what to include or omit based on what is editorially relevant and acceptable to broadcasting standards to the particular debate being aired in the episode in question.”

WATCH: Al Jazeera Edits Tommy Robinson Interview To EXCLUDE Criticism of Muhammed

Arabic news channel Al Jazeera stands accused of selectively editing an interview with Tommy Robinson, one of the organisers behind PEGIDA UK, to remove critical references to Muhammed, the prophet of Islam, as well as to Israel and the death penalty in Qatar.

The host, former BBC presenter Peter Dobbie initially attempted to trick Mr. Robinson, stating: “I just want to put one fulsome point to you if I may. We are in Doha… in the heart of Islam… let me just read something to you from ‘the holy book’ and I want  you to react to that. You can’t see me but I’ve got a copy of the Quran in front of me.

“There are part of a holy book about people being persecuted and killed,” Dobbie said, before going on to quote the Old Testament from a piece of paper to the left of him. Dobbie then asked Mr. Robinson: “When you hear those quotes, what do you think that speaks to?”

But the ruse failed, leaving Dobbie audibly embarrassed. Mr. Robinson replied instantly: “I’d ask you why you’re reading the Old Testament to me. I’m not stupid. You’re sitting quoting verses from the Old Testament thinking I’m a moron that would think that’s from the Quran. I know the Old Testament and I know the Quran.”

Mr. Robinson’s panel debate was unavailable to view on the Al Jazeera website, and it was not shown again on television as previously scheduled.

But perhaps the most revealing part of the interview was the 50 seconds that were cut from the interview, during which Mr. Robinson reeled off a series of statements about the life of Muhammed, about the treatment of Israelis by the Qatari government, and about the policy of apostasy or freedom from Islam in Qatar.

Mr. Robinson asked the presenter if he was “free to criticise the prophet Muhammad”, to which the answer was “Yes” before the clip cut to 50 seconds later. But Mr. Robinson was recording the interview himself, from his desk, which reveals the cut made by Al Jazeera producers.

During the lost 50 seconds, Mr Robinson says: “So you know of the life of Muhammed, yes? You know that he murdered 600 people. You know that he raped…[inaudible interruption] people in the Bible are different to the messenger of god, who is the most moral compass for every Muslim in the world. And when he is the moral compass for every Muslim in the world and he married a six year old child called Aisha and he raped her when she was nine, I have a problem with that. And when people wish to live as Muhammed did in my country [inaudible interruption].

“The country you’re sitting in now… people from Israel are not even allowed to enter. If we want to talk about fascism? The country you’re in now… people with Israeli passports… [inaudible interruption]”.

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This is how to handle the lying, miserable and very tard orientated media.

Brian of London @ Israellycool caught the entire thing in a YT vid, here’s the story:

Can you criticise Islam or Mohammad in Qatar? No.

Tommy Robinson, one of the organisers of Pegida UK, appeared on Al Jazeera this evening in a panel discussion. But this 3 minute clip includes the part Al Jazeera cut out. You’ll see why when you hear it. And all that follows a pretty pathetic trick the presenter tries to pull by switching the Koran for the Hebrew bible!

Here’s more, from the same debate broadcast I captured and YT’d


This just ended less than an hr ago via periscope

tommy on al-jiz

“How many people (refugees) have you taken it? Our message is we don’t want your money in London, we don’t want you funding madrassas, we don’t want you blood or petrol money in our country, the people of Europe are waking up, they’re growing in confidence, they’re organizing and they will resist every attempt of yours to Islamify and take over our continent.

Because we know that your country is behind this, the top of your country is behind this, if you care about your worldwide ummah, let the muslims in, give them refuge in your country. They’re culturally the same as you, ideologically the same as you, you give refugee, don’t leave the burden upon the people of Europe. What they are doing now in our country is raping their way through it and that is happening across Europe.”


An “al-jizz in America” that no one can take seriously.

Nor should they. The Qatar based news org. can’t be taken seriously as a news reporting agency in the traditional sense, it’s like Russia TV (RT). That said, most of the mainstream media can’t be taken seriously as an unbiased source of news either.

Al Jazeera under fire after source backs off Peyton Manning doping claim

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning before an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Don Wright)

By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Sunday, December 27, 2015
DENVER | An Al Jazeera America investigation saying that Peyton Manning used illegal performance-enhancing drugs came under attack Sunday after the report’s source recanted his allegations.

Charlie Sly, the source behind the Manning allegation cited in the investigative report, “The Dark Side,” posted a video late Saturday saying that he had been videotaped without his knowledge or consent by Al Jazeera’s Liam Collins, a former British hurdler.

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And of course the Turks don’t waste any time!

Turkish ministers notes ‘Islamophobia’ while condemning Paris newspaper attack

Two Turkish government ministers have condemned the deadly shooting attack on a French satirical newspaper, while also calling on Europe to tackle the rise of Islamophobia.

“Whatever is its reason or target, we are against all kinds of terror,” Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told journalists Jan. 7, hours after hooded gunmen stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo in the worst militant attack on French soil in recent decades.

Çavuşoğlu added terrorism is the first of two elements that Europe must fight. The second problem, he said, “is racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia, which is on the rise in many regions of Europe.”

The Turkish FM asserted that terrorism and Islamophobia “affect and trigger each other.”

“People’s freedom of belief should also be respected. It shouldn’t be ridiculed or scorned,” Çavuşoğlu said. “Islam is a religion of peace and it is not right to associate it with terrorism.”

More here. H/T: Fjordman



The Left in mourning.

If today’s ‘geniuses (in a West that’s been subverted by decades of socialist propaganda) had been around during a period in pre-Hitler Germany, and got wind of President Hindenburg (Wiemar Republic) closing down Der Stürmer (Nazi propaganda rag) and had their journalists arrested, there would be howls for ‘freedom of the press’.

al-jizz banned in egypt 30.8.2013

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Now if the same would happen in Mecca…..

Meccan disaster

H/T: Weasel Zippers

Flooding at Al Jazeera America headquarters

Politico: Al Jazeera America’s New York City headquarters was temporarily evacuated and staffers were blocked from entering this afternoon due to flooding in the building. The incident comes just four days before AJAM is scheduled to launch across the country.

The flooding also began less than an hour after a throng of reporters toured the space to check out AJAM’s New York City newsroom and studio.



It’s classic text-book media activism 101.

Israel has had to endure the most blatant, over the top cheat-reporting by the fake media for decades, here’s a prime example of their being outed (CNN) and look how uncomfortable it gets when the spotlight is turned against them by David Horowitz:

Al-Jazeera Under Fire For Its Coverage Of Egypt


The past two weeks in Egypt have been a real test for the TV network Al-Jazeera. Accusations that the network is biased toward the Muslim Brotherhood and ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi have resulted in arrests, threats and resignations.

On the last day of June and the first days of July, as millions of Egyptians took to the streets to call for Morsi’s downfall, Al-Jazeera was there.

The network’s Live Egypt channel went to a split screen. The pro-Morsi areas of Cairo were almost always shown as full. The anti-Morsi areas were shown as empty.

Posters in Cairo show Al-Jazeera’s logo in red with a bloody hand scratching at it. A bullet can kill a man, the poster says, but a lying camera can kill a nation.Enlarge image
Posters in Cairo show Al-Jazeera’s logo in red with a bloody hand scratching at it. A bullet can kill a man, the poster says, but a lying camera can kill a nation.

It was later revealed that the anti-Morsi areas were usually packed — Al-Jazeera just showed them at the times of day that they were empty.

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The hypocrisy of the Left is predictable as it is gut wrenching.

Naomi Wolf's USA

Naomi Wolf in early talks with Al Jazeera


2/14/13 8:31 PM EST

Naomi Wolf, the author and activist, is in early-stage talks with the global news network Al Jazeera, POLITICO has learned.

Wolf, who currently writes a column for The Guardian, confirmed the news late Thursday night but stressed that the talks were in the earliest stages and that no job offer was on the table.

“It’s extremely informal and very, very preliminary,” she told POLITICO.

Wolf is in a non-exclusive employment with the Guardian and has written columns for Al Jazeera and other news outlets in the past. She and The Guardian recently agreed that she would scale back her column duties — from weekly to monthly — due to her thesis obligations at Oxford, where she is a graduate student. (The Huffington Post reported earlier today that she would be ending her weekly column duties, but did not specify the terms of the new arrangement.)

“Naomi will be a contributor to the Guardian, and write as her other commitments allow,” a Guardian spokesperson told POLITICO.

A spokesman with Al Jazeera did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding the talks, which is understandable given the late hour.

More here. Via Weasel Zippers.




Come on folks. In spite of the highly touted ideals that supposedly went into the making of al-Jazeera, the die was set long before the ‘news station’ ever got going. It was meant to be a propaganda spitting machine from the git go, and feignt of impartiality was a means to the end goal. Become established in order to compete with the big boys then let the spin begin.

NOTE: It’s with great irony that Der Spiegel, the German news outlet that publishes the anti-Semitic swill by one of its owners, Jakob Augstein, is running this story.

al-jizz loses its fizz 15.2.2013

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Assploding hypocrisy? No, not in Islam

Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim Al Thani collected the Roosevelt Foundation’s Freedom of Speech and Expression Award on behalf of Al Jazeera, the news channel that Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani set up in 1996.

Slander according to the sharia has nothing to do with the truth, and everything to do with perceived insult. One just has to feel slighted, regardless of the measure of truth in words said for action to be taken. Lets go once more to the video tape.

Related: ETFO workshop on Islamophobia raises eyebrows

Daniel Greenfield at FPM: Remember this the next time Tom Friedman or some other media talking head praises Al Jazeera and its tyrannical owner, the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, for their commitment to openness or freedom of speech.

This is what openness looks like in the Qatari tyranny.(Religion of Peace)

Qatar has sentenced poet Mohammad Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami, who was arrested for allegedly inciting to overthrow the government and insulting the emir, to life in prison, Doha News reported Thursday.

Ajami has a week to appeal the sentence, which was handed down unmotivated after a trial that Amnesty International, which is calling for his immediate release, said was held in secret, and in which the defendant was not allowed legal counsel.

What did Mohammad Ibn al-Dheeb al-Ajami do to offend the Emir of Qatar, who controls Al Jazeera?

While we understand that the poem recited by Ibn al-Dheeb included passages which could be construed as insulting to the Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, there is no evidence to indicate that he has gone beyond the legitimate exercise of his right to free expression. In addition, while these passages may constitute a violation of Article 134 of the Qatari Penal Code, which provides for five years’ imprisonment for criticism of the Emir, this provision of the law violates freedom of speech standards under international law.

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Is anyone really shocked? Nope. KGS

Breitbart: A journalist for Al-Jazeera has been arrested on suspicion of being an agent of the Palestinian terror group Hamas. The journalist, Samer Allawi, Al-Jazeera’s bureau chief in Afghanistan, is a Palestinian. He was apprehended by Israeli authorities as he attempted to leave the West Bank.

The detention of Allawi, a major development in the media wars over the future of the Middle East, is not the first time that Israel has detained journalists from the channel. During the 2006 war in Lebanon, several Al-Jazeera journalists working in Israel were apprehended and warned about providing military information to Hezbollah, another terrorist organization. The accusation was that Al-Jazeera journalists were reporting the specific location of Hezbollah rocket strikes on Israel, enabling the terrorists to more accurately aim their weapons. In total, Hezbollah rained an estimated 3,970 Katyusha rockets and longer range missiles on military and civilian targets in Israel. The rockets have no internal guidance system and needed to rely on spotters or media coverage of their strikes to increase their accuracy.

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Check out the entry to an Al-Jazeera ‘live blog’ post.

The Tundra Tabloids can only spot 8 females in this picture of at least 200 discernible views of males marching in the street. This does not look like a representative cross section view of Egyptian society, not even close. Al-Jazeera is so busted. KGS


The NYT is a hack paper. KGS

Today in the New York Times: A New Low and A New Role Model

By Barry Rubin

Here’s one day of the New York Times on the Middle East. Be sure to read the surprise ending!

1. Al-Jazira is great! (Wow, just as it runs the Palestine Papers to transform totally our view of the region. Might this be a coincidence?)

The New York Times has run a largely adulatory article about al-Jazira without mentioning its Islamist politics (some accuse it of… is how they put it). On reading this article, I get the impression that the writer has never actually watched the station. For example, its debate shows regularly feature a moderate and a radical. The host attacks the moderate and supports the radical and literally every caller taken on the air is hardline. One friend of mine who was on one of them said that he expected it to be 99 percent hostile but it was 100 percent hostile. Nor do we hear about the great scoops of al-Jazira, like claiming the US had used a neutron bomb in Iraq.

So here is a story about a radical force in the region presenting it as a force for democracy.

2. An op-ed piece by Nicholas Noe, a noted (pun) supporter of Hizballah. Once again, here is a story about a radical force in the region presenting it as a force for democracy. How should U.S. policy deal with having a revolutionary Islamist group that has Syria and Iran as its patrons which now controls Lebanon? According to Noe: “pressuring Israel into a full withdrawal from the Golan.”

3. A column on the Middle East by Roger Cohen, a man so ignorant that informed people laugh at his nonsense. Remember he began his career on this topic as an apologist for Iran and never misses a chance to attack Israel.

4. Robert Mackey, another full-time basher of Israel, runs another piece attacking that country in which he distorts Hebrew–a language he doesn’t know–to attack Israel.

And now for the surprise conclusion. Ladies and gentlemen, while there are honorable exceptions, the New York Timeshas now reached the level of…the Guardian.

Naturally, there are many who would classify this as extreme right-wing nuts paranoid about alleged bias that doesn’t really exist. Well, if that’s so why is there a ridiculous amount of evidence proving this assertion on a daily basis?



Not only did Simri Diab not want to cooperate with the female Shin Bet security guard at the annual foreign correspondents event in Jerusalem, where Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was to speak, she then fabricated a story to cast the Israelis as ‘racist’ bigots as well:

“She noticed that the guards had created separate queues for Arabs and other journalists.”

But unbeknownst to the Al-Jizz reporter, Israeli blogger, Yisrael Medad, from My Right Word happened to be there, and says that was not the case, everyone was queued together. It’s an entirely a different issue altogether if she was directed into a different line to await a more thorough inspection. The following picture was taken by Yisrael Medad at the event. KGS

Read Medad’s take on it here.

Al-Jazeera reporter asked to remove bra at Netanyahu event

A pregnant reporter with al-Jazeera TV channel was barred from an annual event for foreign journalists addressed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for refusing to remove her bra during security check.

Najwan Simri Diab told news portal Ynetnews that she was asked to stand in the queue with colleagues and journalists on her arrival to the event venue. She noticed that the guards had created separate queues for Arabs and other journalists.

Simri Diab, who is based in Israel, said she had complained to the guards that she could not stand up longer because of her pregnancy. They told her to sit down and wait. They later took her downstairs and asked her to remove her clothes and she complied. “I was left with just my undershirt and trousers, without my shoes and the rest of my equipment,” she said. The security check did not end there and she was later asked to remove her bra.

“I asked why, but the female officer insisted. Her supervisor came over later and insisted as well. I refused and she said, ‘So you won’t go in,'” Simri Diab said.

Read more:

Zvi Mazel: The Qatari Juggling Act…….

Qatar is the gas rich peninsula home to
Al-Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood and US military bases.

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa of Qatar:
I found a way to keep the US from invading,
lease them bases instead.

It’s the perfect cover! Promote your medieval state as moderate and modern by hosting international events and by starting a satellite news channel, Al-Jazeera. Also make absolutely sure that 50% of the satellite network’s staff belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, and to hedge your bets, offer the world’s only super power a few choice pieces of real estate in order to keep the scam going.

That’s what the Qatar government has been doing over the last 14 years, when Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa deposed his father in a bloodless coup. Creating the Al-Jizz news network was a stroke of genious which can’t be denied, the “news” network (under the guise of serious reporting) is more than willing to funnel al-Qaida press releases to the world and to champion the Palestinians’ terrorist war against Israel. KGS

Al Jazeera and Qatar: The Muslim Brothers’ Dark Empire?

Zvi Mazel

–There has been a significant presence of the Muslim Brothers (also known as the Muslim Brotherhood) in Qatar since the second half of the twentieth century. The first wave came from Egypt in 1954 after Nasser had smashed their organization. The next wave came from Syria in 1982 after Hafez el-Assad bombed their stronghold in Hama. The last group arrived after September 11, 2001 – from Saudi Arabia.

–In 1995, the present Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, deposed his father in a bloodless palace coup. One of his first steps was to establish the Al Jazeera satellite channel in 1996, which is the most viewed station in the Arab world with an estimated audience of some 60 million.

–There was never any doubt about the network’s political orientation. Al Jazeera immediately launched scathing attacks on Israel during the Second Intifada and went on to incendiary broadcasts against the United States at the time of the Afghanistan conflict and over Iraq. It was later revealed to be in contact with bin Laden, and was the medium of choice for the video and audio cassettes of bin Laden and his men.

–During the U.S. war in Iraq, the Americans accused the station of being pro-Saddam, and after the war, of presenting the terrorist groups active in the country in a positive light. One of its reporters stationed in Baghdad always seemed to arrive suspiciously quickly, with his camera, at the site of terror attacks. During the Second Lebanon War in 2006, Al Jazeera behaved as a Hizbullah spokesman. During the Gaza war, a senior Al Jazeera reporter stationed himself at Shifa Hospital, from where he broadcast a stream of carefully selected horror pictures.

–The Egyptian Maamun Fendi wrote in Asharq Alawsat that some 50 percent of the network’s personnel belong to the Muslim Brothers. He believes that Qatar, by embracing the Brothers while hosting American bases, has found the perfect formula against retaliation by Arab leaders and attacks by Islamic extremists. Al Jazeera has become a weapon in the hands of an ambitious emir who may be driven by the Muslim Brothers and who is threatening the stability of the Middle East.

–With the Muslim Brothers increasingly aligned in recent years with Iran, by repeatedly attacking the Sunni Arab regimes and inciting against them, Al Jazeera is serving as an important instrument for Tehran and its effort to undermine their internal stability.

Could Qatar and Al Jazeera’s satellite channel located there be secretly manipulated by the Muslim Brothers? This is a question frequently asked by Arab media trying to puzzle out the high profile adopted by the ruler of the tiny desert country and the nationalistic and radical Islamic content of the channel he owns.

More here.

NOTE: TINSC comments: “Leasing bases to U.S. Armed forces is a violation of Al-Qaida’s edict that forbids “crusaders” on Muslim soil. Just thought I’d mention it. For some strange reason, Qatar has this on-going feud with the Saudi Royal Family. It’s a personality clash. Moreover, there have been some anomalies in Qatar’s behavior. For many years after the “magic handshake”, there was an Israeli trade office in Qatar. I wouldn’t ascribe too much to that fact; nor the fact that Al-Jazeera boasts of having an Orthodox Jew as one of their reporters. When a country is ruled by a dictator, there are no “rules” that can’t be broken.”