So Leftist students are the new (sole) arbitrators for what’s to be deemed as proper in society?

I think not, it’s the rest of us who never went to college, I’d choose the first thousand names in a phone book from a non-muslim populated portion of society where people actually earn a living, to deem what’s best for society.

NOTE: The man is one riveting speaker. He knows how to tell a story.

Cambridge University axes historian David Starkey from its funding video after students branded him ‘sexist and racist’ 

Historian David Starkey was due to lead a £2bn fundraising drive by Cambridge University in a video featuring alumni but an open letter signed by both student union officials and lecturers called for him to be edited out

Historian David Starkey was due to lead a £2bn fundraising drive by Cambridge University in a video featuring alumni but an open letter signed by both student union officials and lecturers called for him to be edited out

  • Cambridge University dropped David Starkey from its funding campaign
  • Students branded the historian and broadcaster as ‘sexist and racist’ 
  • He was going to lead a £2billion fundraising drive in a three-minute video
  • But open letter signed by student union officials and lecturers called for him to be edited out, adding they were ‘deeply offended’ by his inclusion 

Cambridge University has dropped historian David Starkey from its funding campaign – because students branded him sexist and racist.

The historian and broadcaster was due to lead a £2bn fundraising drive by the University in a three-minute video featuring alumni including Stephen Hawking and Sir Ian McKellen.

But an open letter signed by both student union officials and lecturers called for him to be edited out, saying they had been ‘deeply offended’ by his inclusion.

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These people are totally detached from reality, and want to force you into their fantasy land.

UNREAL: Mass Media Professor Demands “Some Muscle” To Remove Reporter From Mizzou Protest Camp

Katie Pavlich | Nov 10, 2015


Now, protestors on campus and campus faculty are taking the situation to a whole new extreme. When a reporter went into a protest “safe space” camp yesterday to ask some questions about their goals and motives, a Mizzou assistant media professor demanded that he leave. Her name is Melissa Click and according to her bio, she’s currently researching 50 Shades of Gray and the relationship Lady Gaga has with her fans on social media. When the reporter refused, she went around the camp asking for “some muscle” to remove him. Ironically, the reporter is a student reporter for the Mizzou student newspaper.

“You need to get out! You need to get out!” Click is seen yelling. “Hey! Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?! I need some muscle over here!”

“You need to back up if you’re the media! You need to back up! Respect the students! Back up! You need to go!”

More here.

NOTE: This is exactly what Flemming Rose was talking about in his response to my question in Helsinki in October 2015


The fact that professors are actually intimidated by these half brained low lives dressed up as students is a testament to their own mediocrity.

US academia models the Swedish state. After decades of radical leftistism, extremist stupidity is the desired norm, common sense, reason and rational thinking has gone out the window, what’s remains is muddled mush tempered with hypersensitivity. Safe spaces for tyrants.

Students of history will notice an alarming similarity in the video above to the “struggle sessions” of Maoist China, a form of public shaming in which perceived enemies of the Party would be surrounded in a public place by Red Guards, Mao’s most zealous supporters. The Red Guards would hurl abuse at their target until they confessed to their crimes.

Uninformed critics might argue that the Red Guards were a weapon of the Communist state, and not a genuine grassroots movement, but they’d be wrong: the Red Guards started out as a student movement, on Chinese campuses. Afraid yet?


What does it take to generate a rabid, Maoist-style mob demanding political purges, on an Ivy League campus, in 2015? An email defending “offensive” Halloween costumes, apparently.

That’s what kicked off the latest nadir in campus zealotry, this time at no less a university than Yale. Typically the fall is a time when Yale students are obsessed with defeating arch-rival Harvard at football, a war on the gridiron that occasionally turn ugly. This year the sport of choice seems to be the public castigation of professors by students, a battle on the quadrangle destined to become just as menacing.

Outrage began at Yale a few days ago, after an email sent by Associate Master Erika Christakis became public knowledge. Christakis complained that universities were no longer safe for “regressive, or even transgressive, experience,” arguing that they had instead become places of “censure and prohibition.”

Since then, both Erika Christakis and her husband Nicholas Christakis, the Master of Silliman College at Yale, have been the targets of a rabid crusade by student witch-hunters to pressure the pair into resignation. This culminated last week in shocking footage of students surrounding Nicholas Christakis, screaming expletives at him and calling for his resignation.

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Fruitloop academia……

Before anyone launches into a “they’re just trying to address the mental state of a student”, take a step back and ponder this. They actually agree with the idea that it’s a damaging document.

Hid Cam: Officials at Cornell & Yale Shredding/Ripping the Constitution as it “Triggers” Students

Obama agrees



Remember folks, it’s all forms of jihad to instill the sharia and Islamic norms in the non-Muslim West.

OCTOBER 2015  Yale follies (cont’d)

The ivy league school recently announced a new Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization at Yale Law School.

Last month, we introduced our readers to the inadvertently comic spectacle of Stephen Davis, hapless Master of Pierson College at Yale University. Professor Davis, to the delight of connoisseurs of cant, donned the mantle of ostentatious, politically correct self-congratulation by announcing to the world that he was too egalitarian to bear the title “Master” or even, reading between the lines, “man” (“gender equity,” you know).

Professor Davis doubtless approves of Pope Francis’s attacks on capitalism and fossil fuels (though we are uncertain where he stands on the great moral issue of air-conditioning: it can get hot in New Haven). We suspect that he is oozing sympathy, too, for the recent announcement that Yale, the beneficiary of a $10 million gift, would be creating a Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization at Yale Law School.

The Center will be named for its donor, the Saudi businessman Abdallah S. Kamel, the same chap whose earlier gift to Yale brought the Tunisian Sheikh Rachid al-Ghannouchi to campus. Some reports described the Sheikh as “controversial.” Ah, yes, “controversial,” an anodyne euphemism that, in the Sheikh’s case, compasses longtime support of radical Islamic terror groups. He has repeatedly called for Muslims to wage “unceasing war against the Americans.” He signed on to a fatwa in 2004 calling for the murder of U.S. troops in Iraq, has publicly endorsed Palestinian terrorism as “wonderful,” and has encouraged the terror group Hamas to “get rid of the Zionist cancer,” i.e. Israel.

More here. H/T: Diana West


Academia is loaded with these far-leftist cranks, so no, it’s not really a shock to us who follow these things.

Think twice America before sending your kids off to university on your hard earned cash, they might come back loathing the land you love.

Nutty professor: Rutgers teacher who said US worse than ISIS has history of bizarre statements

A Rutgers University professor who is under fire for saying that the U.S. is “more brutal” than ISIS has used racial slurs against white men, attacked a leading advocate against female genital mutilation and even led a successful protest last year to stop former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice from speaking to students.

Deepa Kumar, associate professor of journalism and media studies at New Jersey’s main public university, made news recently by tweeting: “Yes ISIS is brutal, but US is more so, 1.3 million killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.” But that tweet, sent in March but only brought to prominent attention after it was noticed by the site, is not Kumar’s first brush with digital bigotry.

“Okay, I’m sold on using the term ‘douchebag’ to describe rich, white entitled males and their misogynistic, racist behavior!” Kumar wrote in a Facebook endorsement of an online article last fall.

More here.


I just couldn’t let this pass.


I came across this earlier today, a four point boiler plate ‘academic’ vaporing (originally in Spanish) on ”islamofauxbia”. It constitutes purified simplistic drivel supporting a radical leftist (Muslim Brotherhood) narrative, but unfortunately, simplistic drivel is what the ruling mediocrity are feeding upon these days.

NOTE: I parsed (Fisked) the paper in order to provide an example on how the left promotes a bowdlerized view of a dangerous ideology, in order to protect a pet project by demonizing those with legitimate concerns. In fact, it’s flat out lies laced with ambiguities and disingenuous blatherings. Feel free to leave your own observations in the comment section.

Islamophobia: Some Commonplaces

çngeles Ram’rez, anthropologist, activist and co-author of

La alteridad imaginada. El p‡nicomoral y la construcci—n de lo musulm‡n en Espa–a y Francia 

ANGELES  RAMIREZ Originally published in Spanish in Diagonal ( by Pamela J. Lalonde

Just as male chauvinism does not only consist of women being killed by their partners and contemporary racism is not solely defined by attacks on minorities, Islamophobia cannot be reduced to violence against mosques or Muslims.

[TT: I wonder if the Spanish leftist anthropologist (and islamo-apologist) would condemn attacks on neo-nazi/fascist headquarters as examples of ”xenophobia”, or just the criminal activity of upset people taking the law into their own hands?]

To invoke an old analogy: only the Nazis implemented the extermination of the Jewish population in Europe as a state policy, but the idea that the Jewish race was a foreign and corrupt one that was exploiting the Germans and deserved to be excluded was widely shared by the German population of the time. The idea determined the action. In the case of Islam, while only a few right-wingers may be out on the streets spearheading the violent opposition to a mosque opening, for example, that action is premised by stereotypes about Islam, assumptions that are shared by most people, regardless of political affiliation: the religion is linked to violence; Muslims are potential fanatics; Islam deprives women of rights. This is Islamophobia, understood as racism against Muslims.

[TT: A classic example of the mixing of apples and oranges. Jews in Germany (and elsewhere in Europe during WW II) were deemed negatively, ostracized, then hunted down and eventually murdered, regardless of their political, social status and religious affiliation. Muslim apostates, Muslim secularists or those who just do not follow their belief system in its entirety (Islam 101) are not deemed a threat.

Their numbers however, and the ability of a small cadre of Islam 101’ers to turn huge portions of relatively secularized Muslims into public sharia abiding Muslims, is indeed a worry, with serious historical ramifications. Jews/Judaism is not a proselytizing faith, Islam however, is, and with a manifest destiny attached to it. This is something that Angelis Rameriz is completely ignorant about, or just being a hardened ideologue.

Islam is in fact highly anti-female, very fanatical when taken to its most basic level and is highly dangerous to the non-Muslim. One only needs to take a look around the M.E., Maghreb and elsewhere in the world to see that is the case.]

The right and extreme right, the usual leaders of Islamophobic public discourse, drag the left into it. The left, in turn, fears the resulting loss of votes if the electorate perceives a half-hearted response to an issue that media propaganda is increasingly representing as the true spectre haunting Europe:Islam. Islamophobia is based on four commonplaces. This text counters each one of them.  

[TT: ”The Left” that she is referring to, are those who take a traditional dim view on all religions, and view (correctly) that Islam is being much more of a significant problem than the Baptists, Mormons, Hindus and Buddhists. They have rejected the meme that Islam is a religion of piece, and want to secure their hard won freedoms and rights from an ever increasing threat from the followers of that ideology.]

1. “Muslims are…”

There are around 1,570 million Muslims in the world (Pew Research, 2009),distributed among 200 countries and, like the Christian population, extremely heterogeneous from a national and ethnic point of view (only 20% are Arab).Internally, there is significant diversity, not only the major split between Sunnis and Shiites, but also other divisions that correspond to various cultural, jurisprudential, doctrinal and religious traditions, such as those that differentiate Tunisian (10 million adherents) from Chinese Islam (20 million). The heterogeneity of real Muslims clashes with and overrides Islamophobic reductionisms, which claim that the entire Muslim population shares a set of negative characteristics. In short, the object of Islamophobia is quite poorly defined, given the heterogeneity of Muslims. This is the argument to invalidate the first of the bases of Islamophobia.

[TT: German national socialism, Italian fascism, Spanish fascism, Japanese imperial shintosim (which had strong fascistic properties) Islamic canonical Jew hatred (Mufti of J’lem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini) were very diverse, but all contained shared destructive elements. The moment these groups dropped those elements which were very central to their way of being, (Islam never has dropped it) the danger ceased. Jack asses like spuedo scientists in the anthropology departments throughout the West, like Rameriz, are just unable to conceptualize these simple truths.]

2. “Islam leads to violence. Muslims blindly follow religious precepts.”

After the attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, only the mayor of the mid-sized city of Badalona (Spain) openly referred to Islam’s purported predisposition to kill, but many people share the opinion that Islam is bellicose. This idea is unsubstantiated. The Quran and the other sacred texts are loose ethical codes that can either advocate brotherhood or the exact opposite according to how they are interpreted. By analogy, the Bible contains a number of incitements to violence, but it is not commonly claimed that Christianity is intrinsically violent.

[TT:  There are plenty of scholars of Islamic history and of Islamic texts that prove Islam is intrinsically anti-non-Muslim, especially anti-Jew and at times when opportunity presents itself, (like today) very very violent towards the non-Muslim. The koran is an open ended book (prescriptive) of incitement and murder of the Jew and the non-Muslim and towards anyone who falls astray from core Islamic beliefs. Hence the 1400 year Sunni-Shiite feud.

The Jewish Torah on the other hand, stories dealing with certain peoples, is descriptive, a historical record telling of Children of Israel. In no way does it command future generations of Jews to seek out the unbeliever and slay them wherever they’re found.]

Furthermore, the idea that the Quran is essential to the lives of Muslim men and women has its origin in colonialism and the Orientalist industry. The concept of the Muslim fanatic clinging to his atavistic customs fed colonial fantasies and domination: the colonialists were fighting a monster that had to be domesticated. This is racism. The relationships between Muslims and their religion are diverse, precisely because of the heterogeneity of interpretations and traditions. Moreover, many people counted among Muslims do not even practice the religion.

[TT: Here Rameriz sets up strawmen in order to strike them down. No one I know of insists that all Muslims follow the koran and other islamic texts to the letter, as Islam expert Robert Spencer tells us repeatedly, all faiths have followers with different levels of religiosity and fervor. Here her (Rameriz) leftist credentials come out like the unfurling of a flag.

Most European forays abroad during the medieval period and in the early 1500’s (and from that time forward)  were due to Islamic expansionism (imperialism). If Muslims needed to be domesticated, it was due to their clinging to a violent, supremacist ideology. The Turkish empire was forged upon the proper reading of Islamic texts, conquering new lands for Islam and submitting the unbelievers to the sharia. Being a Spaniard, Rameriz has a stark historical deficit to remedy, Andalus is still a rallying cry for every Islamic supremacist (jihadi) alive today.]

3: “Islam violates the rights of women”.

Muslim doctrinal sources contain statements that can be interpreted and used to oppress women. This is not specific to Islam, however; the same holds true for the Bible and the dominant tradition of the Church Fathers, which is strongly misogynistic and patriarchal.

[TT: More mixing of apples with oranges. Islamic misogyny is codified into Islamic law with clear koranic references as to how women (wives, concubines and slaves) are to be treated. That is what we point to, as well to living examples from around the world, wherever Islam is the dominant force.]

In many Muslim countries, Islam is wielded and instrumentalized to legislate against the rights of people, especially women(e.g., polygamy, repudiation, dress codes). It is no coincidence that these countries have significant democratic and civil rights deficits, which is part of the problem.

[TT: That’s a fact, but what law undergirds (highly influences) the system of jurisprudence of these Muslim countries? The Sharia. The very reason why these countries fail to have a true working, pluralistic, democratic society is that they’re Islam corrupted. Being a student of history is a wonderful thing. George W Bush’s ”democracy project for the M.E. was not the first attempt, the San Remo conference after WW I, was, with all the mandates doled out to the victorious powers to midwife democratic rule to the region in the once Turkish Empire controlled Levant and Maghreb. Only Israel could achieve a real democracy, the Islam corrupted Muslims could not.]

Other non-Muslim dictatorships, like the fascist dictatorship of Franco, also used religion as a basis for political legitimacy and the source for a model of womanhood with legal consequences. In Ireland and Nicaragua, the power of the Church has resulted in the prohibition of abortion. And countries like Thailand and Mexico do not even need religion to maintain a climate of violence and harassment of women. Islam does not, then, create patriarchal systems; rather, it provides a specific language and form of legitimacy, as do other religions and/or gender ideologies in non-Muslim states and societies.

[TT: Islam codifies patriarchal systems into law, as well as other highly detrimental traits, traditions and customs, therein lies the major difference.

4. “Muslim women are forced to wear headscarves; therefore this must be banned in Europe in order to free them from this oppression”.

Leftist militants and feminists often advocate a ban on Islamic attire in Europe reproducing in reverse the prohibitions that they criticize as oppressive claiming that this frees Muslim women. Oddly, it is from a progressive position that they accept the state’s right to ordain how women should dress, purporting to “emancipate” them by taking away their civil rights. Even if a society does not share the religious or social background that leads a woman to adopt the headscarf, this does not empower the state to ban them. Wearing a headscarf or niqab is not a crime and does not increase the likelihood that a woman will commit a crime or belong to a terrorist network.

[TT: There is a good reason as to why totalitarian (nominally secular Muslim regimes in the M.E. banned the wearing of the scarves in public spaces outside the mosque an private homes. They knew, as well as those of us who have become educated on the subject, that Islam is in fact a political ideology. The introduction of the headscarf into the public square is in fact a political act, as much as the sight of groups of Muslim men praying (commandeering) the streets of Europe.

This anthropologist (most likely a leftist feminist) couldn’t care less that many women and girls are in fact forced into wearing these garments, even to the point of being beaten. That some or even many choose to freely wear them, doesn’t take away from the fact that many do not choose to freely wear them, nor from the fact that it’s a political act of intimidation of those who are still clinging to their secular ways.]

When clothing is criminalized,the women who wear it (almost always working class immigrants) are stigmatized and on more than one occasion, this stigmatization manifests itself in serious legal problems. Ultimately, Islamophobia is no more than contemporary racism with a strong classist and sexist component, legitimized socially because it is whitewashed by the discourse about the fight for women’s rights, secularism and anti-terrorism. Let’s prove these arguments wrong and do away with the ”I am an Islamophobeso what?” position that Brigitte Vasallo wrote about in a previous issue of this journal. Let’s put an end to this impunity once and for all.

[TT: As someone more interested in maintaining our civil classical liberal society and hard won freedoms, I am more interested in those who are pressured and stigmatized by their communities because of their failure to conform to Islamic norms, with many of these cases ending in violence.

The claim of ”islamofauxbia” being a race based, is as nonsensical as claiming anti-Christian rhetoric being ”race based”. Real, justified, fear of Islam, based upon the historical record and present day empirical evidence, is a healthy response to the basic self survival impulse everyone of us have. Only hardcore ideologues like Rameriz fail to understand that.]
Islamophobia gif


 Can they bring their decapitated heads with them as props?

This is level to which academia has slunk to. At no time in Western history has more people attended ”higher levels of education”, and have become so dumbed down by the mediocrity that passes for staff at prestigious universities. This idiot should be tossed out on his ass.

NOTE: There was a time when people actually learned useful stuff at colleges and Universities. I wonder what this deans POV would be if the student asked about whether pro-Zionist groups would be welcome on campus?

Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video

By Carl Campanile March 24, 2015 | 10:33pm

Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video

This guy is either the dumbest Ivy League bigwig ever or politically correct to a fault — for welcoming offers to bring ISIS and Hamas to Cornell University.

A video sting operation shows Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido, agreeing to everything suggested by an undercover muckraker posing as a Moroccan student.

Scaffido casually endorses inviting an ISIS “freedom fighter’’ to conduct a “training camp” for students at the upstate Ithaca campus — bizarrely likening the activity to a sports camp.

Is it OK to bring a humanitarian pro-“Islamic State Iraq and Syria” group on campus, the undercover for conservative activist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas asks.

Sure, Scaffido says in the recorded March 16 meeting.

Scaffido doesn’t even blink an eye when the undercover asks about providing material support for terrorists — “care packages, whether it be food, water, electronics.”

How about supporting Hamas?

No problem at all, Scaffido said.

More here.


The usual vaporings from the academic (hack) spinmeister.

Any such ”seclusion” from society, resulted from too much Islam.

Hämeen-Anttila doofus 8.1.2015


– I see this primarily as an attack by a few deranged man, which they are quite happy to see themselves as part of the large world-wide struggle between good and evil. And apparently their opinion they are on the good side.


– When you consider that in the background, these are disturbed people, so there is a lot of pent-up aggression, experiencing society and the environment in some way hostile, looking for a target, which insulted and annoyed them.


Häme-Anttila, the background to the attack is not from the cause of religion, but of societal segregation.

– People do not make violent acts purely for ideological reasons, in the background there is the whole human psychological situation, he could explain things to himself that the white race is the best, so lets go beat up some immigrants. Yes, it comes from the internal situation of the individual, ideology is glued on top.

More here in Finnish.

NOTE: I prefer looking at these Islam 101’ers as jihadi bounty hunters with an al-Qaida hit list.

al-qaida HITLIST-630x286



UPDATE: The Finnish version of the article includes this line not reprinted in the English version of the same article (h/t: Vasara Hammer)

Artikkelin kuvaNow, if it’s generalized a bit, this has been a breeding ground for the anti-jihad movement for a long time. It is not very surprising that the number of immigrants in Finland, in this situation, has come to carry out Jihad. Their integration into Finnish society may not be in their opinion, possible, in such a racist atmosphere, says Suutarinen.

So this idiot of a professor is blaming those of us in the Counter-jihad, who highlight the actions of their (Finnish Muslims) co-religionists, what they think, say and do in accordance to Islamic dictates, as being responsible for the jihadis ”not integrating” into Finnish society. It’s kind of like the media, police and armchair pundits being blamed for the failure of criminals to successively integrate themselves into society, due to insistence of others reporting on crime statistics.


NOTE: It’s interesting that they left out the mention of ”the Counter-Jihad” in the English version of the article.

Why cite facts when (baseless) claims are enough?

Of course, the Yle article fails to give concrete examples of this supposed ”racial intolerance”, yet deliver the following as sign of trouble with Finnish youth:

In studies of school attainment, Suutarinen said around 10 percent of young people have described themselves as being “ready to take part in illegal activity”. Over two percent said they are critical towards immigrants and towards their rights. This represents a sharp increase since the year 2000, Suutarinen said.

Excuse me? You mean 90% of Finnish youth achieving higher education would not be willing to partake in any ”illegal activity” (something of which is left undefined) nor would 98% be critical of immigrants and their rights? That’s a sign of a growing problem? How does that compare to the national average?

NOTE: Please do take note of the professor’s assertion that it’s a great idea to teach Islam in schools, period, let alone making everyone sit through it.

Racial intolerance spreading among Finnish youth, professor warns

Studies show Finnish boys to hold the most negative attitudes towards immigrants out of 38 countries, says academic, who criticises schools for not doing more to get youngsters involved in democracy and openly discuss social and religious issues.

Image: Yle

An associate professor from the University of Jyväskylä has warned that levels of racial intolerance among Finnish boys have been rising since the turn of the millennium.

Speaking on youth attitudes at the Central Finland Future Forum conference, Sakari Suutarinen said that an international comparison found that Finnish boys held the most intolerant views towards immigrants out of 38 countries studied.

”School attainment tests show that over recent decades critical attitudes towards immigrants are growing in Finland among young boys, and that the same group has negative attitudes towards all other ethnic groups,” Suutarinen said.

He added that anti-immigrant feeling among young people has hardened since the turn of the millennium.

Divisive schools

Suutarinen went on to call on both immigrant communities as well as the majority population to act against growing divisions within society.

”It’s entirely right to demand from our Muslim population that they sit up and take notice of possible youth radicalisation, for instance. Muslim society must take steps to stop people leaving for war, and must take responsibility for spreading peace. The same also applies of course to the majority population,” he said.

Suutarinen criticised schools for not doing more to encourage understanding between different sections of the population. “I believe it is a real shame that for instance Muslims and Christians are divided into separate religious studies classes at school. It’s extremely rare to find this in a western country,” he said.

Encourage democracy

He called on schools to do more to encourage understanding, and give young people an outlet to discuss and explore their views on difficult social issues.

”One solution is to go back to speaking about these issues in school. When we don’t have a school democracy where on earth can young people go to talk and form common ideas and take part in a democratic process?”

He added: “There’s a vast difference with other Nordic countries, where they have school councils. In Finland they are being driven down. Fortunately we are still obliged by law to have student bodies, but their remits are significantly more limited.”

Antisocial behaviour

Suutarinen also pointed to research which claims that increasing young people in Finland say they are disposed to take part in antisocial behaviour.

In studies of school attainment, Suutarinen said around 10 percent of young people have described themselves as being “ready to take part in illegal activity”. Over two percent said they are critical towards immigrants and towards their rights. This represents a sharp increase since the year 2000, Suutarinen said.

He said that youth attitudes do not necessarily lead to illegal behaviour, but that they risk being inflamed should the right social or economic circumstances emerge.

”For example if the situation in one area deteriorates then a large group of young people could very quickly find themselves turning to antisocial behaviour,” he warned.

Sources Yle



And the university staff stick their fingers in their ears.

Lets see here: A Muslim, check, wielding a sharp object, check, threatening dangerous bodily harm to those with whom he disagrees, check, and within a multiculti learning establishment where being a Muslim and a Palestinian Arab (a twofer) grants them an automatic elevated status, check.

california student wants to behead IDF soldiers and all their supporters 12.12.2013

Several weeks ago The Jewish Press brought you the story of the California student leader, Muhammad G. Hammad, who posted on a social media platform a picture of himself holding a sharp blade, and describing how he wanted to stab Israeli soldiers with it.

A new posting on Tumblr from Mohammad G. Hammad, president of San Francisco State University’s General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS), has been discovered by the AMCHA Initiative.

It’s even more graphic than the earlier one.

In this post, Hammad discusses the death of an Arab 17 year old in Hebron last year. The 17 year old was shot by a female Israel Defence Forces soldier after the youth attacked her and pulled a realistic-looking toy gun on her.  The post includes an entirely fabricated version of the actual events, one which portrays the Arab as a deaf teenager innocently out to get some birthday cake when he was shot to death by the IDF soldier, following an “altercation.”

In his “CUPCAKESANDKITTENS4EVER” Tumblr account, Hammad writes:

I’m sitting here looking through pictures of that f[EXPLETIVE DELETED] s[EXPLETIVE DELETED] [NAME REMOVED TO PROTECT THE SOLDIER] ….Anyone who thinks there can be peace with animals like this is absolutely delusional, and the only “peace” I’m interested in is the head of this f[EXPLETIVE DELETED s[EXPLETIVE DELETED on a plate, as well as the heads of all others like her, and all others who support the IDF


The Liberation of Palestine can only come through the destruction and decimation of this Israeli plague and it can’t possibly come soon enough.

More here.



Yes, the Left is stuck to the glue of radical stupidity and egalitarianism like a frog to a tire tread of a 16 wheeler.


Yeah, right, lets not name the name that needs to be named (Islam, Islamofascism) and instead lets focus on the rest of sane society (which foots the bill for many of these miscreants) to ward off any signs of ”stigmatization”. Also, forget about concerned for their (the host society’s) safety, the racist bigots, how dare they be fearful of Islam, no matter how many people are brutally butchered by its adherents and in its name. Close your eyes, and throw more money at them. Yeah, I think I got this moron’s number.

NOTE: Just another example of why universities would be better off closing down the social science departments once and for all, and focus on real science.

Marja Tiilikainen

In every society there are individuals who are angry, who feel that either themselves or the community face injustices, are intolerant, blurred by extremist ideology, or mentally ill. We also have these unfortunate examples of our own.
Instead, it is a concern if all the Finnish Somalis or Muslims are stigmatized, and the immigration debate becomes a discussion of national security.

Inequality is a greater threat than al- Shabaab

1.10.2013 2:00 0

Marja Tiilikainen

HS: Al -Shabaab attack at the Westgaten shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya , and the Central Bureau of Investigation that just completed a preliminary investigation relating to the potential for terrorist financing and al- Shabaab recruitment have led to a debate on the extent to which this radical group has support from the West , and in particular by residents of the Somali people.

It is not in itself surprising if at some point it is confirmed that a Finnish Somali would have supported or participated in the activities of the group to organize its armed attacks in the Horn of Africa. There are similar examples from other countries – why should Finland be an exception?

In every society there are individuals who are angry, who feel that either themselves or the community face injustices, are intolerant, blurred by extremist ideology, or mentally ill. We also have these unfortunate examples of our own.

Instead, it is a concern if all the Finnish Somalis or Muslims are stigmatized, and the immigration debate becomes a discussion of national security.

In an ongoing research project in the Academy of Finland I have interviewed representatives of two generations of immigrant families from Somalia in Toronto, Canada.

Their main concern related to the future of the second generation in Canada, the number of families living in poverty, unsafe and poor conditions of residential areas and the violence that resulted in Toronto with at least six Canadian Somali young men being killed in last year alone.

Toronto School Department statistics show that about a quarter of high school young immigrants from Somalia suspend studies, and also of those who graduate from universities, it is difficult to find employment. Somali youth face institutional racism even in a multicultural Canada.

The Toronto area is home to an estimated one hundred thousand people from Somali backgrounds. Among them, six young men have said to have joined up with al- Shabaab, when movement was at its strongest just a few years ago.

Al- Shabaab ism from the family point of view, a marginal concern compared to structural inequalities and human insecurity that they face in their everyday lives in Toronto. On the other hand parents have learned a new way to be vigilant in relation to their children , and the mosques are being actively monitored, who are attending there. Schoolwork is more difficult to control.

Finland should take care now, the fact that resources are directed primarily at families’ well-being and the promotion of human security. The funds should be allocated for social inequality and exclusion.

Networking and mutual trust between the religious communities, migrant organizations and authorities should continue to be strengthened.

Al- Shabaab and other extremist groups are a threat to the Finnish Somalis and other Muslims.

Marja Tiilikainen
Academy Research Fellow , Associate Professor of
Social Sciences
University of Helsinki

NOTE: Try and tell this woman she hasn’t been stigmatized…. by Islam.

kenya_westgate_shootings - woman screaming for help



A cadre of hardened Leftist ideologues, an uninterested media….. and lots and lots of money.

indoctrination 101

The problem with today’s class of leaders in politics, in academia and in the media, is that the radicals of the 60’s and 70’s have heavily infiltrated these once valued institutions, and funded by big money.

Whether the funding is by leftist billionaires or Gulf state sharia/jihad supporting sheiks, the end result is the same, the subversion of traditional US institutions of higher learning with highly concentrated propaganda, with the aim of turning the republic against itself.

NOTE: It’s the main reason why people in the U.S. are seeing Leftists abashedly marching in the streets with signs calling for Communism/socialism, many of whom maintain personal contact with government officials in high public, and the media failing to report on it.

How to Turn a Campus Into an Indoctrination Center

September 27th, 2013 – 11:22 am

If you want to understand how the far left controls campuses, consider this story.

barry-rubin2There is no university more supportive of the Arab nationalist (historically), Islamist, and anti-Israel line in the United States than Georgetown’s programs on Middle East studies. Every conference it holds on the Middle East is ridiculously one-sided. The university has received millions of dollars in funds from Arab states, and it houses the most important center in the United States that has advocated support for a pro-Islamist policy.

One day in 1975, not long before he died, the great Professor Carroll Quigley walked up to me when I was sitting in the Georgetown University library. Everyone was in awe of this brilliant lecturer (remind me to write him a tribute explaining why he was so great). I thought he might have remembered me from my extended explanation of why I was late for class one day because I had rescued a sparrow and taken it to a veterinarian (true).  I vividly recall that detail, because I couldn’t think otherwise why he would want to talk to such a lowly person.

“May I sit down?” he asked.

“Of course!” I said, stopping myself from adding that it was an honor. Without any small talk, he launched into a subject that clearly weighed on his conscience. “There are many who don’t like your people.”

What was he talking about? I thought, is he talking about Jews?

He explained that he had just come from a meeting where it was made clear that the university had a problem. They were getting Arab money, but on the secret condition that it was for teaching about the Middle East but none of it could be used to teach about Israel. How was this problem to be solved?

Simple. They would call the institution to be created the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies. It was explicitly expressed that this was how the problem would be dealt with.  Quigley was disgusted. Ever since then, I have referred to that institution as the Center for Contemporary Arab Money.

More here.



It’s only when her fake I.D. became known to the wider public that her position within the think tank became untenable.

This is the woman the WSJ and others were busily quoting to promote the idea that the Syrian FSA rebel army is made up of primarily ‘moderates’, that al-Qaida and other affiliates are not greatly represented in their ranks. I knew that to be BS even though I didn’t know about her fake Ph.D.

H/T: Barry Rubin

obagy and her fake phd isw knew about it long before firing her. 12.9.2013

The Institute for the Study of War knew that controversial Syria analyst Elizabeth O’Bagy lacked a Ph.D. long before it fired her, according to the group’s own website.

The Institute announced Wednesday that it had fired O’Bagy, ostensibly for faking her PhD credentials. The termination came after a series of articles in The Daily Caller revealed O’Bagy’s connection with a pro-rebel lobbying group that was not disclosed in a Wall Street Journal op-ed by O’Bagy. (Related: Woman informing Kerry, McCain’s opinions on Syria also an advocate for Syrian rebels)

In fact, the neoconservative think tank knew she was in a joint Ph.D. program all along. The author bio from her March 2013 study of the Free Syrian Army says O’Bagy is “in a joint Master’s/PhD program in Arab Studies and Political Science at Georgetown University and is working on a dissertation on women’s militancy.”

More here.



Anything to do with the so called ”peace process” in academia, has little to do with actual peace, but with the scape-goating of the Jewish state of Israel.

They would never label the debate: Has Palestinian Arab intransigence and terrorism screwed their chances for a state of their own? The Palestine Committee and the international committee of the LO to arrange discussion on Israeli policies in “Palestine”.


Organizer: Palestine Committee and Los international selection

This is the theme of Hilde Henriksen Waage’s introduction to the debate on 6 the of June. On the recently launched track work conflict and power politics in the Middle East   Henriksen Waage:

“In May 1996, the Peres’ arch rival Benyamin Netanyahu and his Likud party the Israeli elections. With this the Oslo process was over. ” Today, 17 years after, is the Oslo Accords  still the basis for the Norwegian Middle East policy.

There is no doubt that the recent Israeli governments have intensified occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem. It is becoming increasingly clear that the prospects for a Palestinian state on what is left of the West Bank is impossible. But have the Palestinians thus lost the game? Is the old Palestinian goal of a democratic Palestinian state for Muslims, Jews and Christians an impossibility?

Hilde Henriksen Waage is Professor of History at the University of Oslo. She has been especially known for his critical research on the Oslo Accords. Hilde Henriksen Waage is currently the leading Middle East scholar. 

Welcome to the exciting talks and debates.



The hard-Left and the hard-right Left.

As one would expect from propagandist Jew-hating ideologues who disseminate their bile freely in the lecture halls of the Ivy League. Academia has been thoroughly subverted by the worst types imaginable. It’s going to take everything we’ve got to divest them from their ivory perches.

stormfront and columbia úniversity professor massad 4.5.2013

Some two years ago, Massad penned a bitter complaint about the contrast between a supposed western indifference to any suffering by Arab/Palestinian children and an eagerness to sympathize when Jewish children are in danger. Reflecting his obsessive hatred of Zionism, Massad devoted one section of his article to “Zionism and Jewish children,” where he claimed that “Zionism did not always show similar love towards Jewish children, whom it never flinched from sacrificing for its colonial goals.”

The “evidence” Massad produced to support his vicious claim is a quote of David Ben-Gurion, who, according to Massad, rejected a generous British offer to take a few thousand Jewish children from Germany to Britain in the wake of the so-called “Kristallnacht”-pogroms in November 1938. The quote reads:

“If I knew it would be possible to save all the children in Germany by bringing them to England, and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel), then I would opt for the second alternative, for we must weigh not only the life of these children but also the history of the people of Israel.”

More here.



Proof that higher education doesn’t necessarily have all its marbles in place.

If the faculty law school would look deeper than the line quoted, and into the actual ideology of Islam, they would soon find out that the Islamic understanding of ‘justice’ has nothing to do with the Western understanding whatsoever. Like Bill Warner has often pointed out, lacking the Golden Rule in ethics, Islam is an intolerant, oppressive and anti-human ideology. It’s sharia, which is being touted by the totally ignorant Harvard faculty of law, cannot even be compared to our Western law of jurisprudence for it fails all the tests of being humane, impartial……and just.

harvard follies  koran quote 14.1.2013

More here. Via TROP



I’d say she was thoroughly humiliated in the medium of her so called ”expertise”, by someone who knows what he’s talking about.

Also read: A New Academic Discipline: Fjordmanology

Jill Walker Rettberg

On Echo Chambers and Media Polarization

NPR mike #2As we mentioned a couple of days ago, a Norwegian university professor named Jill Walker Rettberg has helped to establish a new academic fellowship whose purpose will be to investigate extremism on the Internet. The professor pointed out that web extremists are able to inhabit their own “echo chamber” or “filter bubble”. As far as I could determine, the only extremists mentioned by name in the interview with her were Anders Behring Breivik and Fjordman.

Nevertheless, Prof. Rettberg insists that the new position will look at all types of extremism, and not just “right-wing extremism”. She left the following comment on the post earlier today:

Hey, thanks for linking to the article — we hope to have applications from people interested in examining any kind of extremism, we’re not simply interested in right-wing extremism. If you look at the actual job advertisement you’ll see that we’re trying to be open.

The whole idea of an echo chamber or the filter bubble is that we’re ALL in echo chambers and we have to make an effort if we want to see and hear view points from outside of it. The internet appears to exacerbate that. You can use it to find anything, but studies have also shown that political debate, for instance, is more polarised in blogs than on television. So yes, of course I recognise that I’m also in an echo chamber.

In response to Prof. Rettberg, our longtime reader, commenter, and contributor Egghead left the following comment on the same post. It’s worth reproducing in its entirety:

Jill Walker Rettberg:

Your basic assumption that anti-jihad blogs are right-wing extremist blogs is insulting and incorrect.

Who are you to label an anti-jihad point of view — which is backed up by over 1,400 years of evidence of Muslim violence and jihad war — as right-wing extremism?

Anyone with a grasp of both past history and current events would understand that the real extremism is exhibited by well-documented actions of Muslims who have always used — and still use — torture, rape, kidnap, mass murder, poll tax, and dhimmi slave status to clear Muslim countries of all non-Muslims — and also to conquer non-Muslim countries for the ummah.

Your reference to the article that claims that…

Read the rest at the Gates of Vienna



I was forwarded the British/Swedish report filed at, that focuses on ”right-wing” extremist groups and websites, in which the TT featured prominently. Academic researcher Ann-Catherine Jungar, is typical of the mindset found in the modern day academy, comprised mainly of Leftists, they refuse to recognize the tinted rose colored glasses through which they evaluate their ”findings” and come to their ”conclusions”.

Proof of this, is their total allegiance to the classic ”Left-Right” political spectrum when   identifying and classifying political groups and individuals, which has been proven to be bunk. For this kind of ‘researcher’, the honoring of patriotism, any call for sensible immigration policies and promotion of measures that help lead immigrants from integration into assimilation, as well as being against destructive group based politics, are signs of ”right-wing extremism”.

In short, if you adhere to a classical liberal philosophy, you’re automatically suspect of darker designs, you’re a closet neo-fascist, a bigot, yes…..a racist. Many of the groups mentioned in the ”research paper” look as if they they were copy and pasted straight from Wikipedia, at least, that’s how Jungar came across my blog no doubt, which is mentioned in the links on Jussi Halla-aho’s page.

Many of the groups mentioned in the report, like the entirely fascistic Hungarian organization, the Jobbik, the bigoted and racist BNP, Le Penn etc., in fact have their political moorings within the Left, their political platforms embody much of the classical socialist world view. Since the political spectrum is so complicated, as well as their need to distance classical fascism from the Left, these ”researchers” like to simplify things, but they do it at the expense of the truth.


These academic research papers devoted to charting and analyzing the anti-Islamization movement, never contain any analysis of the element (political Islam/sharia) driving everyday people to be concerned about their futures, as well as the futures of their children and their children’s children. Their concerns are never evaluated as ”real concerns”, they’re characterized instead as gross, misplaced and unsubstantiated fears (phobia) in spite of all the evidence available.

In the view of the cultural Marxist researcher:

Jews feeling the pressure in Malmö, they’re ”just exaggerating”, gays being hunted down the Netherlands, they’re just being ”Islamophobic”, Christian churches being stoned in France, they just haven’t been ”committed enough to interfaith dialogue”. If you’re against gender apartheid in public swimming halls, you’re an anti-multicultural bigot, if you’re against your children being forced to eat meat dedicated to a foreign god, and the proceeds going to fund the jihad,…”you’re a racist”.

NOTE: It’s very hard to take any ”research” coming out of the Leftist Academic Complex  (LAC) seriously.