The bastards ramping up the violence again……

3 Israelis Wounded in Ramming Attack Near Dolev, Terrorist Shot

Three Israelis were injured in a ramming terror attack Tuesday evening at HaParsa Junction, 3 kilometers west of Ramallah, 14 kilometers north of Jerusalem.
Scene of terror ramming attack at Tzomet HaParsa.
Scene of terror ramming attack at Tzomet HaParsa.
Photo Credit: Ichud Hatzolah Binyamin chapter

Three Israelis were injured Tuesday evening in a terrorist ramming attack at HaParsa Junction, near the Jewish community of Dolev in the Binyamin region, 14 kilometers north of Jerusalem and three kilometers west of Ramallah.

Map of Beitunia, Ein Erik and surrounding area, Binyamin region.

Map of Beitunia, Ein Erik and surrounding area, Binyamin region.

One victim in serious condition has been evacuated by helicopter to a hospital for emergency treatment, said a spokesperson for Magen David Adom (MDA).

Two other victims are in fair condition, and have been evacuated to a nearby clinic for treatment, medics said.

Security forces have shot the terrorist who carried out the attack. His condition is unknown. An IDF spokesperson has confirmed the attack and announced security personnel are investigating, according to TPS.

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We need to dig deep and take a chapter from the Greatest Generation’s play book.


Islam was always expansionist and confrontational. What has changed is us. In the past, the West didn’t hesitate to employ its vast military superiority when confronting a less-capable adversary. This was understood by everyone. The forces of jihad were deterred from attacking us.

But now, like Israel, the West finds itself concerned that using our power would abrogate the essential human rights of its adversaries – defined as People of Color –  while ‘white’ nations have no rights. We are allowed to protect individuals, but not nations or cultures. Defined as the ‘racist oppressor’, we have no right to object to their racism, while they are permitted to ‘resist oppression’ with violence.

How Western ideology empowers the jihad

The US military made news recently when it adopted the Israeli tactic of ‘roof knocking’ – detonating a small explosion above a building that is about to be bombed in order to give civilians that may be present a warning to evacuate – in its operations against the Islamic State.

Israel used the roof-knock technique to reduce civilian casualties in several recent wars, beginning with Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in 2008-9.

One of the tactics that the radical Islamist enemies of the West have adopted as part of the paradigm of asymmetric warfare that they are waging is to use their own civilian populations as human shields. Hamas launches its rockets from school courtyards, and Hezbollah has constructed a massive, dispersed rocket-launching facility embedded in the Shiite villages of southern Lebanon. If Israel has to neutralize this, it’s likely that many Lebanese will be killed.

The human shield tactic is effective because Western military and political leaders are highly sensitive to the charge of unnecessarily hurting civilians in warfare.

There are both practical and ideological reasons for this. In Israel’s case there are possible economic and diplomatic consequences when it is accused of disproportionate response, including cutoff of essential supplies in wartime. But that isn’t true of the US. Nobody will boycott the US or force it to give Texas back to Mexico, and it manufactures its own munitions.

Western populations empathize strongly with “innocent victims.” The effect is even stronger when those who empathize are not threatened; so Europeans (or American presidents) who don’t have to face Hamas and Hezbollah rockets can be highly critical of Israel’s attempts to defend herself.

There are two important things to note: 1) this is a relatively recent development, historically speaking; and 2) this practical/moral/political pressure in the West to behave in a particular way actually enables its enemies to effectively wage asymmetric war against it.

The change in Western sensibility occurred sometime after WWII. Not only were both sides relatively insensitive to collateral damage, the Allies even pursued a policy ofstrategic bombing of non-military targets both to reduce the enemy’s economic capability but also to sap his “will to resist.” Dresden, Hamburg and other German cities were targets of firebombing that killed tens of thousands.

But one raid on Tokyo stands out, even compared to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On March 9-10, 1945, 1,665 tons of napalm-loaded bombs were dropped on the city, creating a massive conflagration that reduced about 16 square miles and 100,000 people to ashes.

It is hard to imagine any Western nation in almost any circumstance today even contemplating such an operation.

What changed?

The answer is “a lot of things,” some of them obvious and others more subtle.

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Why isn’t this news being blasted across the pages of the international media?

VIDEOS: FOUR Orthodox churches around the world BURNED on Orthodox Easter


A little too much for coincidence: one NYC, two Australian and one Russian Orthodox church all experience major fires on Orthodox Easter. And on the anniversary of the Serbian Orthodox revolution against Islamic Ottoman rule!

Manhattan Serbian Orthodox Cathedral mostly destroyed by fire last night.

In the original news story (updated since), there was no mention of any possible cause. Not even a “Local authorities do not have any idea yet as to the cause or point of origin of the fire that swept the Serbian Cathedral”. Nothing.

However today, the fire was deemed “suspicious”.

In two Australian cities, Sidney and Melbourne, Orthodox Churches also burned on their day of Easter.

Australia’s second oldest Greek Orthodox church has been saved after a fire broke out in Melbourne, a day after Orthodox Easter celebrations. The cause of the fire at the 115-year-old Holy Church of Annunciation of Our Lady in East Melbourne on Monday afternoon is still under investigation.

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It’s all about tearing down existing structures and replacing with….whatever they can cobble together in an utopian driven frenzy.

If Black Lives Matter really cared about Black lives, they’d be marching against Planned Parenthood’s centering its baby chop shops mainly in their areas, or about Black on Black violence. But, it’s never really about what their name describes, is it?

“Why would gay activists support Islam?” HERE’S the answer

battering ram


Last week, The Rebel posted an excellent rant by Stephen Crowder against a group of “social justice warrior” students at an American university.

Now here is the entire presentation the activists tried to disrupt. It features Milo Yiannopollos, as well as Christina Hoff Sommers, who wrote the excellent book, “Who Stole Feminism”:

But there is one topic they touched on that demands more attention.

Last week on BlogTalk radio, a Canadian blogger observed that identity-politics factions, which seem to be separate, are in fact all one group.

His segment starts at around 26 minutes.

One could summarize that whole discussion in one graphic however.

These groups, which include Muslim Brotherhood sponsored groups such as CAIR, and far left extremists like Black Lives Matter, are all battering rams against classical civilization.

What they have in common is the inspiration they’ve all taken from the Frankfurt School and the tactics they’ve learned from Saul Alinsky, the communist author of “Rules for Radicals”.

Once this is understood, statements that often mystify us make perfect sense.

Statements like: “Why would gay groups support Islam when Islam murders homosexuals?”

The answer is that gay advocacy groups are less interested in gay rights than in serving as a battering ram against classical civilization.

J Street and Not in Our Name claim to reflect Jewish interests but actually seek the destruction of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. These groups also support Hamas, whose public charter endorses genocidal antisemitism.

Black Lives Matter never speaks about the two largest killers of black people: the left’s prohibition on DDT, which could save a million black people a year from malaria; and the staggering number of African-Americans who die at the hands of other African-Americans.

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Professor Gad Saad interviews psychologist Nicolai Sennels on Islamic mentality

Professor Gad Saad interviews psychologist Nicolai Sennels on Islamic mentality

Watch the video interview here (there’s no embed).

“We explore the unique mindsets of Muslim criminals in Denmark, an exploration of the violence prescribed in Islamic texts, immigration policies, and Islamic reform, among other topics.

Correction:At the 46 minute, 44 seconds mark, I misspoke.Mushriqun refers to idolaters and polytheists whereasMunafiqun refers to hypocrites.

Note: Apologies for some technical difficulties that arose during the taping and for some echo (in terms of the audio quality).  I have edited a few seconds out that were dead air time; otherwise the clip is whole.

Nicolai’s Twitter account: @NicolaiSennels”


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The glass is half full…….

corbyn commie

The sheer number of British politicians using anti-Semitic imagery, therefore, must concern Israel, because it indicates there are many, many constituents out there receptive to such rhetoric.

Analysis: The upside of the British Labor Party’s anti-Semitism furor

Another day, another revelation of anti-Semitism inside Britain’s Labor Party.

Not one, but two, party functionaries were suspended Monday for anti-Semitic rants.

One, Ilyas Aziz, a Labor councilor in Nottingham, was suspended for 2014 Facebook posts saying, similar to a suspended MP, that Israel should be relocated to the US. He added an illustration implying that Israel drank the blood of Gazans.

What the brouhaha over anti-Semitism in the Labor Party has effectively done is thrust Israel, Zionism and the Jews into the center of London’s upcoming municipal elections, where Labor’s candidate, Sadiq Khan, has said these revelations could very well cost him the vote. And the questions must be raised: Is all the attention over the issue good for Israel? Is it good for Israel that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism have turned into a central election issue in Britain? On the one hand, the glass here is half empty. If these anti-Semitic comments, tweets and Facebook posts were just the sentiments of a maverick Labor party functionary, one could perhaps turn a blind eye and say it is all sound and fury signifying nothing.

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What should scare you to death is the government dictating to you what is, and isn’t, ”correct speech”.

And increasingly, the government uses the word racism incoherently, like: Ikä rasisimi (age discrimination). Age is no more a race than Islam is, yet they’ll use the word racism in conjunction with anti-Islam criticism.

Education and Culture Ministry launches campaign to combat racism, hate speech

Education and Culture Minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen is to lead her ministry in a 10-point programme designed to combat racism and hate speech. The campaign will target areas such as training for education officials, youth outreach and inter-faith dialogue.

Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeri Sanni Grahn-Laasonen (kok.).

Minister of Education and Culture, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen. Image: Petteri Paalasmaa / AOP

Education and Culture Minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen will take the lead in a programme aimed at combating and preventing hate speech and racism.

The 10-point programme will involve measures such as training for teaching professionals, youth outreach and inter-faith dialogue.

“Hate speech and racism are absolutely things we should condemn. No one should have to live in an environment in which people openly deny others an equal place as a member of society. The mood in Finland has changed and that demands work,” Grahn-Laasonen said in a ministry release.

The programme will also involve emphasising media criticism as part of education and teaching. Municipal youth outreach programmes will also receive specialised assistance for the project, in a bid to prevent hate speech and promote equality.

The Ministry of Education and Culture will also fund education programmes to help young people learn to recognise and prevent racism and hate speech and to intervene in related incidents.

“Teaching professionals will especially be trained to engage in difficult discussions on issues such as hate speech, racist behaviour and signs of radicalisation,” the statement said.



Are we insane…..?

The reason that they’re poor is due to statist policies, lack of free market enterprise, terrible school infrastructure and the list goes on.

Think the EU’s bad now? Wait until Albania joins: With piercing logic and passionate eloquence, MICHAEL GOVE warns that EU expansion will open our borders to 88million from Europe’s poorest countries

Desperate: Albanian refugees arrive in Italy in 1991, after the collapse of communism. How many more will come if Albania joins the EU?

Desperate: Albanian refugees arrive in Italy in 1991, after the collapse of communism. How many more will come if Albania joins the EU?

The Albanian Option. It sounds like a John le Carré novel. You imagine a story with political intrigue, huge sums of money going astray, criminality and double-dealing. And you’d be right.

But the Albanian Option isn’t holiday reading fiction — it’s diplomatic fact.

Albania is on course to join the European Union — alongside four other countries, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. The already unwieldy group of 28 is due to become a throng of 33.

And Britain isn’t just backing this move. We’re paying for it.

Every week we send £350 million to the EU. And now millions of your hard-earned taxes are being directed to these five prospective members.

Between now and 2020 the United Kingdom will pay almost £2 billion to help these nations prepare for membership of the EU — that’s more than we will spend on the NHS Cancer Drugs Fund over the same period.

This bounty will be our greatest gift to Albania since the comic talent of the late Sir Norman Wisdom, that country’s improbable national hero, lit up the dark days of Stalinist dictatorship.

Indeed, I wonder if the Albanian people are now convinced that Britain’s Foreign Office is full of Norman Wisdom characters, lovable chumps whose generosity and good-heartedness make them easily gulled into accepting all sorts of bad advice.

How else could they explain their good fortune in being on the receiving end of a £2 billion Balkan bonanza?

Many British people will ask why, if we have billions to spare, it isn’t being spent on UK schools and hospitals rather than Albania and Montenegro.

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I’ve dropped off from reading Bret Stephens awhile ago, it was just a personal choice. I’ve always liked and admired his writing style, especially when he was writing about Arab Muslims’ conflict with the Jewish state of Israel, and other ME issues, but ever since he’s been at the ivory towers of the Wall Street Journal, he’s become a very distant voice for me.

His latest piece in the WSJ is symptomatic of why most conservatives refuse to get their news from the WSJ, let alone its editorial pages. He still doesn’t get it. The GOP is to blame for the rise of Trump, the complete fecklessness of GOP elected officials who caved to Obama’s agenda time and time again gave rise to the anger of its base support.

The only ones who became respected by the base were the one who took up their cause, the people’s cause as their own (Trump was noticeably absent during all of the Tea Party functions/rallies, he was still too busy with insider, cozy relationships with establishment figures), Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, (now) Governor Pence, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Allen West and on down the line.

Bret Stephens in his WSJ piece The GOP Gets What it Deserves:

In 2014, the “Republican establishment,” as it is now derisively known, succeeded in securing its largest ever majority in the House since 1928. It won nine seats in the Senate and regained the majority for the first time in eight years. The GOP also took control of 31 governorships, with historic gains in state legislatures.

These were significant political achievements, which only awaited a reasonably serious presidential candidate to lead to a sweeping Republican restoration.

Instead, Mr. Cruz used the moment to attempt a party coup by treating every tactical or parliamentary difference of opinion as a test of ideological purity. The party turned on its own leaders, like the much-vilified Mr. Boehner. Then it turned on its (classically) liberal ideas, like free trade and sensible immigration policy.

And now it’s America First time again—the inevitable outcome of the GOP’s descent into populism.

There is fact an establishment, that class of elitists who holds the reigns of power and refuse to allow the people to have a voice in determining how their government is to rule. Bret obviously mingles very well within their clique.

Contrary to Stephen’s implication, the only reason why the GOP won was due to promises made that his clique reneged on, time and again. Mind you, this is the same clique establishment that waved the white flag early on after Obama’s initial win in 2008, declaring themselves now to be a ”regional party”, and now forced to live within that reality.

The Tea Party, which rose to life during the latter Bush years was in direct response to his bailout of corporate America (I have to “abandon the free market in order to “save” it”) conservatives were rightly repulsed by the move and his sentiments. It’s telling that Stephens takes Tea Party successes and makes it the GOP’s, when the establishment had next to nothing to do with it. Within a few months they were busy corralling new reps in the house into doing ”business as usual”.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee along with sporadic help from Rand Paul and Jeff Sessions helped to place the establishment’s feet to the fire, something that Stephens considers ”as a test for ideological purity”.

Wrong Mr.Stephens, it wasn’t out of ideological purity that these men bucked the system, but out of philosophical principles, something that you can’t even differentiate, the former being based upon an utopian mindset, the latter upon the US constitution, a document crafted with human experience and enlightenment philosophy as a backdrop. That the government and its elected officials serve the people, not the other way around.

The Trump phenomenon consists of people much like in the conservative Cruz movement who want a return of the rule of law, a representational republic, secure borders, reversing the trend in accumulated debt, the welfare state etc.etc., the difference being the vehicle that brings that into the White House. I have big problems with Trump supporters who look between their fingers at everything Donald Trump has said and done during his business and political career, but I have even more problems with those who look down their noses from their ivory towers (of the establishment) and dare lecture us.

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Reince Preibus and the entire rotting lot of the establishment, has sold this country down the drain for self aggrandizement. The party hat counters and their acolytes have no room to wag a finger, they are the sole reason why the Left has been so successful in ruining the country, not us who rise up in protest and in political action to reverse their disasters.


I can only imagine what will be considered as ”normal” once Islam becomes the dominant political force in the land.

Yes, the text actually reads ”Zionist Jews”, but my headline reflects what he really meant…..


Guido has just got off the phone with Salim Mulla, the former mayor of Blackburn who currently sits as a Labour councillor there. Last year Cllr Mulla posted on his Facebook page that it is “bloody obvious” who is behind ISIS: “Those who are not sure. ISRAEL.”

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The case for complete separation builds every day……..

UPDATE: Stabbing in Jerusalem, Jewish Man Seriously Wounded, Terrorist Captured

By: David Israel

Am Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, 60, was stabbed by an Arab terrorist Monday night, around 10:30 PM, on Haldia Street in the Muslim quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist, dressed in jeans and a black coat fled the scene and police have begun a manhunt.

The victim made his way over to the Lion’s Gate after the attack, where he reached security forces.

The knife used by the terrorist has been located.

Israel Weingarten, an MDA paramedic, told reporters: “A man of 60 was sitting near the Lions’ Gate, after having been stabbed in his upper body. He was fully conscious and told us he had been stabbed over in the alleys and ran towards the Lions’ Gate to seek help from the security force there. We gave him first aid, dressed the wound and stopped the bleeding and evacuated him to the hospital in moderate and stable condition.”

Update: Tuesday, 12:51 AM: Police believe they have caught the suspect.

Update: Tuesday, 1:01 AM: Police have confirmed they have caught the terrorist – an 18-year-old Arab from the territories. The terrorist was hiding in a basement and had changed his clothing. Police used security cameras in the Old City to track him down. He confessed during the interrogation.

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Always Cruz……..

Oh yeah, that guy turned out to be from Ohio, no doubt in a group travelling from there following his campaign. The more he does this, the more I believe that he’s the real deal…….only a person who’s grounded in his philosophical views would dare to do that, Donald would never do that………….


Leftists need to be reminded about simple truths all of the time……


Daniel Greenfield

Left-wing rallies are at the epicenter of a unique and amazing phenomenon. They’re peaceful rallies that “suddenly” turn violence. The media reports that 1,000 people march for civil rights in Ferguson or Seattle… and then suddenly it ends with half the local businesses being looted and molotov cocktails being thrown at cops.

I’ve been at plenty of protest rallies myself. None of them “suddenly” turned violent.

Rallies do not magically turn violent. They become violent because their intentions were always hostile and aggressive.

The turn happens when a sizable contingent of your rally gets bored with chanting and turns to overt violence. Or because your rally all along intended to engage in confrontations with police officers or people of opposing views. And then suddenly your angry hipsters or community organizers are struggling with police officers or smashing windows because that was the real goal all along.

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Don’t believe your lying eyes, Islam has nothing to do with ISIS, and “War is peace. Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength”!


What’s laughable is the journalist freely admits that Mohamed’s ”brothel in the sky” message was one of the recruiting tools used to entice these sex-starved males to blow themselves up for allah. Hitler plied the young minds of German with all kinds of utopian candy, and no reason minded individual will conclude that national socialism had nothing to do with it.

French journalist infiltrated jihadisti group – “No trace of Islam”

Ruutukaappaus Allahin sotilaat -dokumentin trailerista.

French journalist infiltrated a terrorist attack brooding jihadisti cell for half a year and described them with the hidden camera.


FRENCH journalist infiltrated a terrorist attack brooding jihadisti cell for half a year and described its members with the hidden camera.

The result was the “soldiers of Allah”, as a documentary, which will be aired in France on Monday night.

Under the pseudonym of Saïd Ramzi the reporter told of their experiences to the news agency AFP .

He is a Muslim who says he belongs to the same generation as the terrorists in last year’s devastating Paris attack.

“MY GOAL was to understand what was motivating their thoughts,” he says.

“One of the main conclusions is that throughout the activity I have not seen any trace of Islam. I do not see any kind want of changing the world for the better. Only lost, frustrated, self-destructive young people, who are easy to manipulate. “

“Their misfortune was born in the era of the Islamic State. It is very sad. They are young people who are looking for something, and they found this.”

REPORTER managed to contact the group through Facebook. After that, he met with the “emir”, the person called. This lead group consisted of about a dozen young people, some of them born in Muslim families, some converts.

The meeting took place in the outskirts of a town called Châteauroux, which was unoccupied during the winter season.

The “Emir” was a French-Turkish young man named Oussama . The first meeting, he tried to convince the journalist that he could expected paradise if he would do a suicide attack.

“This is the road to paradise”, Oussama says in the video.

“Come, brother, let’s go to paradise. Our women are waiting for us there, and the angels are servants. For the palace, as well as gold and rubies on the winged horse, “he says.

The journalist appeared in the group as Abu Hamza.

THE SECOND meeting in front of the mosque in the suburbs of Paris, one member of the group points to an airplane in the sky approaching the runway.

“With a small rocket launcher you could get that kind of easy … You do something like that in the name of Dawlan [terrorist organization Isis] , and France would be traumatized for a century,” he says.

Oussama is getting in contact with Isis in Syria. He was, however, arrested in Turkey and handed over to France, where he has been five months in prison.

He speaks to attack on the military base, as well as to the media, “as was done to  Charlie.”

In January 2015 the two brothers attacked the satirical journal Charlie Hebdon, killing 12 people in the premises.

THINGS are given new twists, when a person called  Abu Suleiman, returns from Raqqa, the Isis center in Syria. He tells the journalist to come to see him at the train station.

There he is greeted by completely covering niqab dressed woman, holding out a letter to the journalist.

The letter describes the plan of terrorist attacks. To a nightclub, and a command is to shoot “until dead”, waiting for the security forces and will then trigger an explosive belt.

At this point, the authorities close the loop around the group. Several members of the group are arrested, AFP says.

One of the escaped members sends a message to the journalist: “You are lost, dude.”

“At the time the infiltration ended”, Mr Ramzi said.

HS h/t: Johhny Too Bad


EU jackassery on steroids……

The European Commission is set to declare on Wednesday that Turkey has broadly met the criteria for early visa liberalization in a blaze of last-minute legislation and ask EU governments and the European Parliament to approve the decision by the end of June, several EU sources said.

“We have not lowered our standards. Turkey has raised its game,” a senior EU official familiar with the negotiations said.

This is pure bunk, but a docile public is what they’ve achieved so it will fly through without much of a reaction from the majority of the drones.

EU set to drive forward visas for Turks in migrant deal