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Finland: Christian Democrat MP Päivi Räsänen Waiting Yet For Another Police Investigation Over Bible Study That Mentioned Homosexuality…….


Identity politics, victimhood mentality, and state tyranny…


Regardless of your views on homosexuality, Christianity etc., there has to be a line drawn on the state’s vindictiveness on an individual’s expression of her views. No one in Finland is demanding prosecution and conviction of individuals or groups that smear Christians, nor should they be. Most Christians are grown up enough to understand what a free society means and just consider the source. They end up praying for those who demean them.


In stark comparison, particular groups that enjoy an elevated, protected status granted by the ruling elite, don’t even have to complain about a slight or a “mean comment” in order to get the police to act on their behalf. State prosecutors are more than willing to jump into action and be offended for them. We’ve seen this concerning Islam and Muslims, and now for homosexuals.


Päivi Räsänen waiting again for police interrogation due to her pamphlet: “Confusing, unreal experience”


The Christian Democrat parliamentarian Päivi Räsänen says in her statement that she expects to be called by the police to be interviewed again.


“At the moment, there are two separate police investigations in relation to my bible study writings,” Räsänen states.


The second investigation relates to the tweet by Räsäsen. Last November, Räsänen was questioned on the question of inciting against a group of people. At the time, she told MTV3 that the interrogation lasted nearly four hours.


The second police investigation, in turn, relates to Räsänen’s pamphlet, “A Man and a Woman He Made Them”, published in the Luther Foundation’s series of publications in 2004, which challenges the Christian concept of man.


According to Räsänen, last October the investigator-in-chief made a thorough 11-page decision that there was no need for a criminal investigation into the pamphlet and there was no reason to suspect that the crime had occurred. Räsänen was greatly surprised when the Prosecutor General ordered the preliminary investigation to be conducted.


– According to the Prosecutor General, there is reason to suspect that there has been incitement against a group of people by denigrating homosexuals in a way that violates their dignity. At the moment, I look forward to calling you again for a police interview.


Räsänen vehemently denies having offended anyone’s dignity in her writing.


“It is a confusing, unrealistic experience to be questioned by the police because of a Bible study in a country with long roots in freedom of expression and religion,” Räsänen writes.



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