Majority of Amsterdam Women Suffer From Intimidation…….


While misogyny is a universally shared phenomenon, Islam incorporates that negative attribute into sharia law…

Majority of Amsterdam Women Suffer From Intimidation

A study has found that 51% of women in Amsterdam have suffered from intimidation in the streets. Between the ages of 15-34 years, the percentage is 81%.  There is also a major increase of sexual intimidation and violence online. Mayor Femke Halsema (Green Left) says that for a small group of women the situation in Amsterdam is “really alarming and almost without perspective due to a negative spiral of abuse and violence spread over several



“Social workers and parents often have little control”

Causes of sexual harassment and violence, just like the situations in which the victims are, are diverse, Halsema writes. In addition to ‘classical patterns of power inequality, based on tradition or physical power’, Amsterdam also revives ‘reactionary views on the equality of men and women.’


She refers to a study that describes how “upcoming religious fundamentalist and secular right-wing extremist movements nourish and justify women’s hatred and intimidation.” “Under the guise of a restoration of traditional role patterns, whereby women must be subordinate to the demands and wishes of men, a woman’s” no “is openly doubted or ignored. With the presence of religious fundamentalists in our (local) society, there is even talk of the return of age-old and forbidden phenomena such as forced marriages and female circumcision. ”

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