Finland Hate Speech laws

Finland: Oulu City Councilman Junes Lokka Convicted For Subtitling Video Of Former French Diplomat Deemed “Hate-Speech” Against Muslims……


The video has been scrubbed from the internet…

Oulu city councilman convicted of hate speech – court refused to pay for bus ticket

Xenophobic Youtube videos led to a harsh fine.
Junes Lokka has been fined for hate speech.


Oulu City Councilor Junes Lokka has been sentenced to a hefty fine for two incitement to ethnic groups.



The District Court sentenced Lokka to 70 daily fines, which, with his small income, amount to € 630Mentioned crimes indictment took place during the years 2016-2017 the convicted Youtube – channel.


Convicted shared, published and texts Youtube – videos, which insulted the Muslim population and called for them to be removed from the countryThe condemned Muslims were cruel and stupid and called them with other, more slanderous expressionsAccording to the District Court, Muslims were insulted by their presence because of their religion.


In some places, the allegations grossly violated the dignity of their sitesThe videos were likely to provoke contempt and even hatred for both Muslims and immigrants.


Lokka denied the charges in courtAccording to the convicted, Youtube, Google, and YLE should have been convicted with himThe convict asked the district court to reimburse the 6 euros in travel expenses, but the claim failed.



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