Asylum policies Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Fraud Iraqi asylum hucksters to set up ‘demo’ camp in Helsinki modeled after dismantled 2017 camp …….


You can bet that the politicized law enforcement authorities will allow them to do so once again…


Asylum seekers to set up a demonstration camp in Helsinki, modeled after 2017 events

The demonstrators are planning a demonstration lasting several days.

ASYLUM SEEKERS intend to begin a demonstration in front of the Finnish Immigration Service in Pasila on Thursday. The demonstration camp is scheduled to be set up at three in the afternoon and should be in place for several days.

Demonstrators demand that the Immigration Service recognize that Iraq is not a safe country. They say that the security situation in Iraq has deteriorated further. In November, Finland was condemned by the European Court of Human Rights of a human rights violation in a case where a man had been returned to Iraq and killed there three weeks after his return. Setting up a camp also requires a quicker processing process for asylum decisions and work permits, correction of erroneous decisions, and better living conditions at reception centers.

IN 2017, asylum seekers in the center of Helsinki were protesting for several months.



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