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Turkey: Seeking to Relive the Glory/Gory Days of Jihad……


Regardless of his secularization programs, Kemal Ataturk was in part responsible for the mass murder of Armenian/Christians in classic jihad fashion…


Turkey: Seeking to Relive the Glory/Gory Days of Jihad

What transforming church-museums into mosques is really all about.

Turkey’s little remarked on but ongoing mistreatment of historic churches is reflective of that nation’s growing sense of Islamic supremacism.


Before the Turks invaded it, Anatolia (present day Turkey) was an ancient Christian region; a large chunk of St. Paul’s epistles were sent to or dealt with its churches, including the seven of the Apocalypse.  With the Turks’ conquest, colonization, and subsequent Turkification of Anatolia—hence why it’s now simply called “Turkey”—tens of thousands of churches were systematically desecrated and turned into victory mosques.


Under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s (d. 1938) secularization program, some of the most historic and significant of these churches-turned-mosques were transformed into neutral museums.  Today, however, they are again under assault, again being transformed into Islamic victory mosques.


Most recently, on November 5, the government announced that a fifteen-hundred-year-old church, dedicated to the Holy Savior, is to be transformed into a mosque again, though it had been a museum since 1945.  This means that, although it is considered “one of the most splendid examples of Byzantine art, and still preserves mosaics and frescoes,” these will all be destroyed in the cleansing process to make it a mosque.

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