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GOV: Knife Jihad at Cologne Central Station…….


Courtesy of Gates of Vienna:

Knife Jihad at Cologne Central Station

Shocking Incident in Cologne Central Train Station: A 16-year-old Stabs Travellers with a Dagger

by Philipp J. Meckert
November 19, 2019

Knife attack at the central station! It was Sunday evening, at 9:30 P.M., in front of McDonald’s near Breslauer Platz. Suddenly, a young woman pulled out a long dagger and began to scream something very loudly. As a traveller came toward her, she waved around with her blade and cut his hand. The shocked man immediately loses a lot of blood and collapses.


Cologne Central Station: German railway security in action


The drama near Breslauer Platz continued: when the woman, according to witnesses, wanted to attack other passers-by with her knife, she was tackled to the ground, disarmed and overwhelmed by the security forces of German Rail. Following that, a patrol from the federal police took over.


According to witnesses, the young woman wanted to attack other passers-by with her knife.


Cologne Central Station: Federal police alerted


“We can confirm that a 16-year-old woman with a mental disorder was arrested by the federal police officers,” said federal police spokeswoman Martina Dressler on the EXPRESS. “According to our facts in this case, she wanted to injure herself with the knife. When the 39-year-old man tried to prevent this, he was injured.”


Cologne Central Station: Alleged perpetrator is a 16-year-old


The man was brought to a hospital by ambulance. EXPRESS learned that the woman, who had never behaved suspiciously at the main station before, also threatened the DB security men with the knife. A colleague is said to have been injured in the wrangling. The 16-year-old was transferred to a psychiatric ward after she had been identified.

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