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Dr.Andrew Bostom: ADL’s negation of Muslim Jew-hatred pandemic – sorry, it won’t wash…….


It doesn’t wash, the ADL, taken over by Obama supporters are trying to negate their own honest assessment on Islamic Jew-hatred…


ADL’s negation of Muslim Jew-hatred pandemic – sorry, it won’t wash

The ADL has adopted an Orwellian, negationist gloss on its very own data which capture the global pandemic of extreme Muslim Antisemitism.

Absent significant cognitive dissonance, anyone keeping abreast of the ongoing global jihad carnage—from Afghanistan to India to Yemen—even Germany—would not be surprised that “white supremacist” killings remain a marginal epiphenomenon. Just in the past 30 calendar days through November 2, 2019, there were (at least) 72 Islamic jihadist attacks (tabulated here)  in 19 countries, during which 352 persons were killed, and 304 injured.


Perusing, or drilling down on the most recent U.S. Department of State (USDOS) “Country Reports on Terrorism 2018” (just published November 1, 2019), confirms, again, this irrefragable truth, as summarized by City Journal’s Seth Barron, when he reviewed the 2017 report:


…[A]lmost all the world’s extremist violence is concentrated in a handful of regions, where very few white people live


Methodical key word searches of the (11/1/19-released) 2018 USDOS 332pp. report reveal, tellingly, the following references:


83 for “jihad-jihadist”; 14 for “Communist”, with another 8 for “Marxist”, including the Basque ETA, often dubbed “Nationalist”; 4 for “Nationalist” itself, but this includes only the

(1) Marxist Palestinian PFLP,

(2) the Kurdish Marxist-Maoist PKK, and Marxist Turkey-based Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front,


(3) the jihadist spearheaded “ethno-nationalist insurgency” in southern Thailand, and


(4) so-called “regional nationalist groups” in Bosnia Herzegovina—which also includes jihadists who attempted to “travel to foreign battlefields”;


5) a solitary—one—”white supremacist” reference to Sweden, in this full context—”Sweden faces ‘a new normal,’ with an estimated 2,000 ‘Islamist extremists’ and 1,000 ‘white supremacist and leftist violent extremists’ present in the country.”


Consistent findings from a report entitled the “black and white book of terrorism in Europe” were reported during the spring of 2019. The initiative of a Spanish woman member of the European Union’s (EU) Parliament, Maité Pagazaurtundua, these EU data demonstrated that between 2000-2018, there were 633 deaths due to jihadist attacks, but only 14 deaths attributed to the “extreme right,” and these were matched by 12 deaths attributed to the “extreme left.”


Moreover, a University of Oslo Center for Research on Extremism study issued June 2017, found that when Jewish victims were queried about the perpetrators of Antisemitic violence, or violent threats against them in Western Europe, between 2005-2015, they reported a grossly disproportionate number of the victimizers were Muslims (Antisemitic Violence in Europe, 2005-2015 Exposure and Perpetrators, p. 17).


The excess rate of such Antisemitic violence or threatened violence by Muslims, compared for example, to those with “extremist right wing views”, ranged anywhere from 3.1- to 13.2-fold! Indeed other than in Germany, where the percentages of left wing vs. right wing attacks were essentially equal, left wing Antisemitic violence or threatened violence also exceeded right wing Antisemitic violence, or threatened violence:



France: 53% Muslim v. 4% right wing = 13.2-fold; (left wing=18%)

Sweden: 51% Muslim/ v. 5% right wing= 10.2-fold; (left wing= 25%)

UK: 36% Muslim v. 7% right wing= 5.1-fold; (left wing= 14%)

Germany: 34% Muslim v.11% right wing= 3.1-fold; (left wing= 9%)


Blithely ignoring the worldwide context, which includes the intimate connection between jihadism, and Islamic Jew-hatred, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing this past April entitled, “Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism.” Much to the chagrin of both the majority Democrats who organized the hearing, and one of their prime witnesses, Eileen Hershenov of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), another witness, Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein, refused to abide the proceeding’s willful blindness.


Mr. Klein emphasized the excess occurrence of hate crimes against Jews in America—a consistent phenomenon for over two decades based upon hard FBI data (19962017). Despite the Committee’s, and Ms. Hershenov’s, hand-wringing about “Islamophobia”—notwithstanding 53 jihadist attacks which have caused 158 deaths in the U.S., since the cataclysmic 9/11/2001 jihad carnage, and zero, remotely comparable depredations by Jews—hate crime rates targeting Jews, between 2015 and 2017, remained 2.2 to 3.1-fold higher, relative to the rates of hate crimes against Muslims.


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