Finland Hate Speech laws

Finland: MP Sebastian Tynkkynen to appeal his conviction of ‘hate speech’/ defamtion of an ethnic group (Islam/Muslims)…….


It’s a bogus conviction, Sebation correctly observed in his Facebook post that what all the terrorists he was referring to had one thing in common, they all worshipped Allah…

Sebastian Tynkkynen, MP, will appeal his ruling

Tynkkynen’s letter of dissatisfaction arrived at the District Court on Monday this week.

MP Sebastian Tynkkynen (PS) is going to appeal his recent verdict. He was sentenced last week to 50 days in fines for inciting incitement against an ethnic group.

A statement of stubborn dissatisfaction arrived at the district court on Monday this week. In practice, a dissatisfaction notice provides for the possibility of an actual appeal against the judgment. The Facebook update that led to the ruling dealt with Islam and terrorism. The Facebook update contained pictures of the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks. The caption written by Tynkkynen says, among other things, “they have one thing in common: they all serve Allah.” Stubby denied having committed any crime.

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