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President Trump in Minnesota: “Ilhan Omar Is Helping Us Win in Minnesota”…….


***Live Updates*** Magasota: Trump Holds Minneapolis Rally


President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Thursday evening. This will be Trump’s first rally since the House started its impeachment inquiry.

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10:30 PM: Trump predicts the best is yet to come for Minnesota as he concludes another raucous rally. He’ll head to Louisiana tomorrow evening for another.


10:25 PM: Trump: “The Iron Range is back in business.” He spoke about mineral restoration in the Superior National Forest.


10:21 PM: Trump calls on Pelosi to pass legislation instead of being preoccupied with “nonsense.” Trump says China’s supply chain that was once “unbreakable” is not “breaking wide open” since he got into office.


10:05 PM: After ripping Democrats on border security, Trump says Democrats who have long wanted the wall don’t want the wall just because he wants the wall. He says he should have said he didn’t want the wall to get funding for it. Trump now talking about ending “endless wars.” He talks about how the toughest thing he has to do is write unique letters to the families of the fallen and he says “it’s time to bring them home.” Trump says the Kurds and Turks have been fighting for centuries and Obama “artificially” got America in the conflict. He says going into the “quicksand” of the Middle East was the greatest mistake the country has ever made.


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