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Daniel Greenfield: Gun Control, Knife Control, and Glass Control……..


If we were reduced to only having butter knives, they too would be fashioned into lethal weapons. Critical minds know that it’s true, the utopian mindset rejects truth…


Gun Control, Knife Control, and Glass Control

Only when guns, knives and glass bottles are banned, we’ll be safe.


Nobody needs an AR-15. Or a handgun. Or a kitchen knife.


“Historically, we needed a point on the end of our knife to pick up food because forks weren’t invented,” a letter from the Church of England in the Diocese of Rochester reads.


Knives with points on them it explains are no longer needed in this modern fork-filled era.


“Research demonstrates kitchen knives are used in a large percentage of homicides due to their availability and lethal nature,” it warns.


A University of London researcher explained that pointed knives are obsolete and we don’t need them. Like straws, plastic bags and cars. Not to mention single family homes, trains, cows and freedom.


Once knives with points on them are banned, then the United Kingdom will finally be safe. Unless someone figures out how to somehow put a point on the new round-ended stab-proof knives.


Kitchen knives with rounded edges are being described as “stab-proof”. Rayware, the manufacturer, has touted its kitchen knives as being so impotent and useless that they won’t even puncture a balloon.


But give your average convict 5 minutes with them and they’ll soon be nice and stabby.


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