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Finns Party: Going lax spreads threat of terrorism in Finland – “Iraqis can return home”…….


Send them home now, we can’t afford another attack, nor the spread of Islam 101…


Finns Party: Going lax spreads threat of terrorism in Finland – “Iraqis can return home”


Finns party has already been in favor of supporting the anti-coalition Isis for moral reasons. “Stabilizing Iraq is in the interests of Finland and, of course, of the whole world, because the conditions in Iraq are created so that one can  safely livethere. This action will combat terrorism and other problems brought about by mass migration, such as in 2015, which are unfortunately still being solved in Finland, says Jari Ronkainen, a Finns MP.

The results of the anti-Isis coalition to which Finland belongs have been very good. All areas under Isis control have been liberated in Iraq and Syria.


– However, it is important that countries are not left to their own devices, as there is still support for Isis’ ideology in these countries. The fight against this kind of ideology should, therefore, be continued, MP Jari Ronkainen said when Parliament discussed the continued involvement of Finland in security education cooperation in Iraq.


The report concludes that the central role of the anti-Isis coalition is to prevent the cross-border movement of foreign fighters who have left Isis’ ranks. The Finns, therefore, want the government to take strict measures to prevent the return of foreign fighters who left Finland by all possible means – changing the laws if necessary.


Guest foreign fighters are a major security threat nationally.


The training also serves the trainer


Finnish soldiers take part in training and advisory tasks in Iraq – not directly in military activities.


– This is a good starting point, especially now that the direct armed conflict is over with the liberalization of Isis territories. Although efforts are being made to transfer responsibility for security to Iraq’s own troops over time, the area is not yet ready and needs support, says Ronkainen.


– The professional training provided by the Finns is of high quality, and we can thank the Defense Forces for their excellent quality. As stated in previous years, Finnish education has reduced, among other things, the mortality rate of the wounded and losses occurred by explosives.


The training also serves the trainer. Finnish troops gain invaluable experience in Iraq for a variety of situations.


– Hopefully, similar crises will never be experienced in Finland, but we must always be prepared for them. Preparedness is wisdom because, for example, the threat of terrorism has worsened in Finland due to lax asylum policy.


Voluntary repatriation works badly


In the fight against Isis, the coalition has entered its final fourth phase. In Isis, regional governance has been eliminated and the armed situation stabilized. The purpose of the final step is to normalize the security situation.


– It is an indisputable fact that the security situation in Iraq has improved significantly in the last few years, now being the best for years. This means, for example, that Iraqi asylum seekers who arrived in Finland in 2015 and beyond can return to their homes. Naturally, we have to start from the assumption that everyone wants to live in their own country, says Ronkainen.


– However, voluntary repatriation is bad. The repatriation agreement is still pending. There are still thousands of Iraqis in Finland who are still in the process of asylum, on an endless round of re-applying or have been illegally staying on the ground. Finland may not be able to even return criminals who are posing the most serious security threat or people who convey violent radical messages, because everything is based on voluntary return.  This is not suitable for citizens, let alone the Finns party. Laxness, in this case, this issue spreads the threat of terrorism to Finland.


End financial support


According to the Finns party, Finland should use all possible means to negotiate a repatriation agreement with Iraq.


“Finland will provide Iraq with various forms of financial and operational support, and it must be made conditional: if Iraq refuses to receive its citizens, support will be stopped,” Ronkainen says.


– According to the Finns, people should be helped in their homeland to achieve conditions that do not have to flee. It is the most sustainable way of helping everyone. We, therefore, support the continuation of Finland’s involvement in anti-Isis activities.


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