Swedish gov. squanders millions to house Afghanis…….


The stupid double down on their stupidity…

Swedish government invests millions of euros to house Afghan migrants


The national government in Sweden is spending millions of euros to arrange housing accommodations for homeless, welfare-dependent Afghans who have been allowed to stay in the country due to the so-called ‘high school law’.


Part of the plan involves finding housing accommodations for Afghan ‘young adults’ who first came to Sweden during the 2015-2016 migrant crisis as ‘unaccompanied minors’, but are now in secondary education.


A new organization called the ‘City Mission’s rental agency’ has been created by the Stockholm City Mission and the Uppsala City Mission for the sole purpose of arranging housing for homeless, welfare-dependent Afghans.

According to a report from Fria Tider, the Stockholm City Mission has received 30 million Swedish Krona or 2.8 million euros from the national government to place these migrants into housing units.


More here.

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