Turke: Erdogan blackmails Europe for more cash or he’ll open up the migrant floodgates…….


Typical jizya swindler…

Erdogan Threatens to ‘Open the Gates’ to Migrants Unless Turkey Receives Aid


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has demanded international aid to help with the Syrian migrants in his country, threatening to “open the gates” to Europe.


The Turkish leader said that he wants to create a “security zone” on the Syrian border with Turkey and settle around one million asylum seekers and has demanded aid from the international community to carry out the proposed project, Bild reports.


“Our goal is for at least one million of our Syrian brothers to return to the security zone we will build along our 450-kilometre border,” Erdoğan said and continued: “Give us logistical support, and we can build houses up to 30 kilometres into the north of Syria.”


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