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Finnish women in Syria’s al-Hol jihad packed camp strongly back idea of caliphate……..



Disconcerting information about Isis women at al-Hol camp surprised Finnish researcher – “The idea of ​​a caliphate lives strong”

Interviews with Finnish Isis women show that some of them have not given up their extreme ideology, says researcher Antti Paronen.
THE situation of Finnish women and children stuck in the SYRIAN al-Hol camp has long been talked about. Women who traveled to the ranks of the Islamist Isis terrorist organization have ended up in camp with a number of other Westerners following the collapse of a well-known “caliphate” in the area.
The conditions at the al-Hol camp are bad and the very hot summer has made the situation even worse. In addition, harassment, violence and even murder have been reported in the camp.


The Washington Post reported Thursday that a 14-year-old girl who wanted to get rid of her full-body niqab mask had been killed by other campers. Another woman is said to have been killed because she had spoken to foreign media. According to the magazine, aid workers have also been stabbed in the camp.


Violence among the women in the camp will not come as a surprise to Antti Paronen, an assistant professor at the National Defense College . What is surprising, however, is that the religious purity and daily routine of Isis’ “coffee shop” seems to have found its way to the camp.

“Based on these stories, it has become systematic, and some of these women have organized themselves as religious police,” says Paronen.


– Isis’ ideology and the idea of ​​such a caliphate are still very strong among these women. It is estimated that the


CAMP has about a dozen Finnish women and about thirty children, some of whom have been orphaned after their parents died in fighting. Their possible return to Finland has been a cause for concern, as some are believed to continue to support Isis’ ill ideology and fear that they may endanger Finns.


These fears were reinforced at the end of August when Yle met Finnish women in the camp. In the interview,one of the women said she considered Isis’ atrocities justified if they were based on a judgment under Islamic Sharia law.


– If convicted under Sharia law, it is justified. If it goes against sharia law, it is not justified, says a woman named Minna in an interview.


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