Caroline Glick Jewish Americans

Caroline Glick on Twitter: “We are watching the Corbynization of the Democrat party”…….


I agree with Caroline 100%


I find it stunning that the left taking over the Democratic party can libel the Jewish state, slander Israel’s Jewish supporters in the US, use BDS to push American Jews out of public spaces and then attack @realDonaldTrump for calling them out…
We are watching the Corbynization of the Dem party. Rather than protest and take the party back, American Jews are laying down and letting it happen and then deliberately misinterpreting Trump’s words to accuse him of the very Jew hatred they refuse to fight on the left…
Trump wasn’t calling American Jews disloyal to America but to their interests as Jews. And he’s right. American Jews have the right to the same freedoms as everyone else. BDS, that Tlaib, Omar, AOC, etc., are promoting aims to take those rights away…
Trump speaks uncarefully but you have to really want to misunderstand him to believe he was calling Democratic Jews disloyal. Which brings us back to the Jewish Dems who don’t want to see BDS, Tlaib, Omar, JVP, IfNotNow, etc. for what they are…
By all means, stay in the Democrat party, but for heaven’s sake, stop being doormats. Stop accepting the libels. Stand up for yourselves. BDS isn’t about Israel. It’s about you. Fight back.






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