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Geert Wilders on Salafists controlling community center: ‘Arrest all the scum. Put them in detention or expel them from the country.’


BNFTN: Extreme Political Reactions against Salafists in The Hague

Politicians in The Hague were shocked by the disclosures about Salafist youth workers taking control of a youth center in The Hague. The leader of the Christian Democrat faction, Danielle Koster, said ‘We achieve with our community money and the knowledge of the intelligence services the opposite of what we want to achieve.’  Geert Wilders, parliamentary leader of the populist party, tweeted: ‘Arrest all the scum. Put them in detention or expel them from the country.’


Politicians deeply shocked by IS influence on youth work in The Hague: ‘If necessary, set in the army’


Politics in The Hague were shocked by the revelation  in today ‘s AD about salafist youth workers  in Transvaal and the Schilderswijk. The employees of welfare organization Xtra showed IS propaganda and warned young people in The Hague about the way in which the intelligence services   recognize radicalization . PVV leader Geert Wilders calls for drastic measures.


“This is sad, worrying and unacceptable,” says Pieter Grinwis of ChristenUnie. And cynically: ,, The Hague is the city where the deradicalisation industry turns out to be radical. Where political and jihadist salafism is contested by salafists. Where knowledge about Salafism is not used to expose it, but to mask it. ”


The CDA takes the matter seriously. ,, We achieve the opposite of what we want to achieve with all the community money and with the knowledge of the AIVD. And that is shocking, ‘says party leader Danielle Koster.




If necessary, go with the army to all doors. Pick up all the gear and put them out of our country

Geert Wilders, PVV


Moroccan salafists with IS propaganda have free rein in The Hague. Finally, clean the Schilderswijk and Transvaal. If necessary, all doors along with the army. Pick up and secure all the gear or put them out of our country. #stopislam#minder


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