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Germany: Cologne Police Thwart ‘Imminent’ Islamic Terror Attack……


Cologne Police Thwart ‘Imminent’ Islamic Terror Attack


Police in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia say they thwarted a terror attack this week, arresting six radical Islamic extremists in their homes.


The raids occurred on Thursday and saw officers from the city of Cologne and the city of Düren arrest the six men, one of who –, a 30-year-old Lebanese-German — is said to have been a part of Berlin’s radical extremist Salafist scene, Deutsche Welle reports.


“We had up-to-date covert knowledge that an attack could be imminent,” said Klaus-Stephan Becker, who heads the Criminal Division in Cologne.


According to police, the 30-year-old suspect had previously attempted to make contact with members of the Islamic State terror group by travelling to land that had formerly been occupied by the organisation. He is said to have attempted the journey on several occasions.


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