Sweden: Imam held by intelligence service SÄPO worked for educational company…….


That’s the problem I keep drumming on about, Islamonazis are embedded in every sector of society, and the feckless morons in government proved them protection, while they drone on about the “far-right” which has no political power and relegated (correctly) to the margins of society.


Imam held by intelligence service SÄPO worked for educational company



One of the imams that intelligence service SÄPO want to extradite worked for educational company Yrkesakademin.


He attracted people on his private Facebook page with jobs, which he claimed were tailored to Muslims’ “values and characteristics”, as he put it.


The Västerås imam, who has been in intelligence service custody for two months, has, since 2008, been featured in several newspaper articles for his radical interpretation of Islam. He is mentioned in the Swedish Defence University’s research report about salafism in Sweden, where he was described as being “one of the most hardline salafists in the country.”


Jan Larsson, Yrkeakademin’s director and former top Social Democrat official, says there are lessons to be learnt after the recruitment. He says:


We must be clearer in our investigations, must be more questioning and maybe suspicious even in the way we review and do background checks on people.”



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