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Finland: New poll shows public acceptence of “climate change” policies pure garbage, only 1 in 5 ready to curb lifestyle if others do…….


I promise to do my best in eating more meat than in times past and to drive more often as well. Lighting up the wood-burning sauna and fireplaces is already a done deal…


Poll: Few willing to make personal sacrifices for climate


Only one in five in Finland are prepared to cut their standard of living unless others do the same, a poll suggests.


The willingness of people in Finland to compromise their living standards in order to protect the environment is lower than it was ten years ago, according to a report by the Finnish business and policy think tank Eva.


“During the spring parliamentary elections, climate policy in particular received great attention. In this respect, it is therefore surprising that there has been no increase in people’s willingness to compromise on their own living standards,” said Sami Metelinen, Managing Director of Eva.


According to Metelinen, the areas where people are least likely to make changes to their standard of living are in the use of cars and the eating of meat.


Not willing to do it alone


The survey garnered people’s attitudes to the statement “I am ready to lower my standard of living in order to reduce pollution and environmental problems,” with 55 percent of those surveyed agreeing with the statement. This figure remains unchanged compared to the previous measurement, carried out in 2014.


The peak of the readiness to compromise on living standards was in 1992, when three out of four Finns agreed with the statement that they would be willing to make personal sacrifices in order to reduce the impact of climate change.


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