Blasphemy Islam Offended Pakistan

Blasphemy laws in the ME leave minorities holding their tongues…….


I’ve been saying the very exact same thing for years…


Islamic supremacy demands subjugation, no deviation from accepted thought (in the very same way as Leftist orthodoxy i.e. Marxism). Minorities, by their mere existence, run risk of persecution, just like dissidents in the old Soviet Union and satellite states.


Also worth noting is that the West’s own blasphemy laws (yes, that includes incitement of ethnic groups and religious sensibilities) only serve to embolden Muslim fundamentalists (Islam 101’ers, sharia-supremacists). That reason alone is enough to do away with these anti-free speech laws.



Pakistan emblematic of using blasphemy laws to repress religious minorities.

 JUNE 8, 2019 01:55


Ramesh Kumar Malhi, a Pakistani Hindu man, was charged last week with blasphemy after a Islamic cleric accused him of delivering medicine wrapped in verses from the Koran.

His case follows the recent arrival of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman, in Canada following her imprisonment for eight years in Pakistan on charges of blasphemy. Bibi’s case brought the issue of blasphemy laws in the Middle East back to forefront of discussion, especially as they relate to religious minorities.

Bibi, a Roman Catholic, gained international recognition when Muslim villagers accused her of insulting the Prophet Mohammad in 2009. Days later, she was dragged out of her home and beaten by a mob, after which she was taken into custody and sentenced to death.

Two of Bibi’s strongest supporters and open critics of fundamentalist Islam, Salman Taseer, the Governor of Punjab, and Shabaz Bhatti, Pakistan’s first federal minister of minority affairs, paid for their support with their lives. They were shot and killed within two months of each other in 2011.

In January, Pakistan’s Supreme Court upheld its October 2018 decision to acquit Bibi on the grounds of lack of evidence, and she was granted asylum by Ottawa in early May, reuniting with her family which had already been in hiding there due to threats from religious extremists.


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