Finland: Fourth Muslim convicted in Oulu rape (grooming) gang case of 13 y/o girl…….


Horrific headlines, ever since the beginning of 2016..


Fourth Judgment in Oulu Grooming Coat: Man Over Three Years in Prison for 13-year-old Abuse

The man denied knowing the girl’s age and being in contact with him.


THE DISTRICT COURT has condemned the fourth man to jail in Oulu’s large sexual offense gang. The 29-year-old sentenced to three years and four months of imprisonment for aggravated child sexual abuse.


According to law officials, the man was in contact with a 13-year-old victim last August. According to the court, there were several perpetrators. The law considered the acts aggravated because of the age difference between the victim and the perpetrator. In addition, the actions caused the child pain. The court found that the man knew the victim was under 16 years old. In addition, the man had to find the girl in a vulnerable position.




Javad Mirzad , 29, denied the charges. He only admitted to kissing and touching the child. In addition, he said that he thought she was 16 years old.


IT is a sexual offense, where the same 13-year-old girl is suspected of being a victim of several men. The first and second judgments were given in May. The third was given earlier this week. Like today, all three other men sexually victimized her. The men exploited the girl during the summer and autumn in apartments in Oulu.



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