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Jordan Peterson: “The compatibility of Islam and democracy is doubtful…….”


I would say not only doubtful but a historical fact as well…


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In an interview with the Hungarian Nation, Jordan B. Peterson spoke about the importance of personal responsibility, family and moral aspirations. According to the world-renowned psychologist professor, who came to Hungary at the Brain Bar festival, Islam could be a threat to democracy. He also said that Viktor Orbán would confirm the metaphysical foundation of Hungarian culture, and the word of our conscience could help us adjust to misleading press news.




– He met Viktor Orbán, who is also shown in some negative colors by some media. What do you think corresponds to the reality you had previously read about it? 

– Possible, but I don’t know for sure. I know that one of the things that their prime minister is trying to do is to restore the metaphysical foundation of Hungarian culture. You may be lucky and will succeed. It cannot be said now when everything is changing. Some Eastern European countries would organize their lives differently than Westerners, and it will be clear in the future what will be the end of everything.


– The main difference is in the issues of immigration, multiculturalism and the inclusion of Muslim minorities. What do you think of this?

– It is not clear to me that Islam would be compatible with democracy. We have no evidence that it would be. In general, Muslim countries are at the end of the rankings of independent international organizations on issues of freedom and corruption. The rights of women in these states are also daunting. I could not give a positive example of a successful, independent Muslim democracy. So there is a fundamental problem that is unfortunately not allowed to be discussed. It’s not that I want to generate Muslim enemies. I wish all the good for Muslim culture, but they have very serious and diverse problems that they should overcome and not the right approach to not talking about it.


More here in Hungarian.

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