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Algeria: Islamic scholar calls for ‘separation of mosque and state’, gets death threats…….


This is why Islam can never be reformed, death fatwas for blasphemy…


Islamic scholar calls for ‘separation of mosque and state’, gets death threats

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The Islamic scholar Saïd Djabelkhir who made the headlines recently after stating that fasting during ramadan was not compulsory, pleaded this time for the application of secularism in Algeria. The founder of the Circle of Lights for Free Thought (CLPL) sees the separation of religion from politics as a necessity in Muslim societies, in order to preserve Islam from instrumentalization.


Saïd Djabelkhir asserted that debating the religion is taboo in a society that “makes religion a consumable rather than making it a matter for reflection with critical tools and modern questioning that reflect today’s needs of societies“.


The scholar bases his reasoning on examples of the evolution of religious practice in islam’s history to denounce the regressive nature of today’s scholars, particularly in regards to the interpretation of religious texts.


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