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Alan Dershowitz: Netanyahu Should Talk to European Nationalists……


The Prime Minister should be speaking with all heads of state, and the leaders of all major parties in Europe… 


When it comes to Jew-hatred, the Left cannot point any fingers, but yet they do. It’s called projection, they call out others for things that they’re doing themselves and for some time they’ve been getting away with it, but not any longer. In the Counter-jihad/defenders of classical liberalism movement, understanding antisemitism to be the insanity that it is was a prerequisite for being taken seriously, that you can be trusted. Many of whom the radical Left disses as ”fascists” are people who hold true, enlightenment values, it’s they who level the charges that are suspect, not us.


Ironically (or perhaps hypocritically) many of these same critics urged Israeli prime ministers to speak to Yasser Arafat and other terrorist leaders who have advocated and practiced the murder of Jews.

I’ve used the exact same argument for years concerning multiple Swedish governments consistently blocking any joint cooperation/talks with the Swedish Democrats. These same government officials openly slap Palestinian leaders on the backs, swap jokes and demand Israel to sit down with Hamas.



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