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Finland: Lunatic Greens legal-sec fined 670 euros for stopping plane deportation antic…….


Self-righteous boob…


Greens legal secretary fined €720 for attempting to block deportation flight

The Itä-Uusimaa district court found the Green Party legal secretary guilty of aviation offences and obstructing officials.


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Green Party legal secretary Aino Pennanen was convicted and fined in a southern Finland court on Friday for a deportation protest on a departing flight in Helsinki last July. Her intention was to prevent a passenger on the same flight from being deported from Finland.


The Itä-Uusimaa district court found Pennanen guilty of aviation offences and obstruction of officials. According to the ruling, she also urged other passengers to stand so that the aircraft would not be able to leave with a deportee on board. Pennanen’s protest caused the flight to be delayed nine minutes altogether.


The party official was eventually removed from the plane. She had live-streamed her cabin protest on Facebook, however the video was used as evidence in court.


Pennanen admitted that they had acted in the manner described in the charges against her. In a written ruling, the court ordered Pennanen to pay a 40-day fine, which based on her income, amounts to 720 euros.


The court said that Pennanen’s actions were reprehensible and demonstrably deliberate. However court found that the protest was short-lived, nor did it involve any violence.


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