J.E.Dyer: Iran claims to hack, seize control of U.S. drones in Iraq and Syria…….


Never trust anything that the Islamonazi regime in Tehran says concerning its military prowess…


Iran claims to hack, seize control of U.S. drones in Iraq and Syria

Iran’s Fars News reported Thursday that Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Aerospace Force, claimed Iran had been able to hack into a “U.S. Army command center” and seize control of drones being operated in Iraq and Syria.  Adam Kredo followed up on this with a report at the Washington Free Beacon.


You can read the claims of Gen. Hajizadeh at the original (English version) Fars News article.  Russia Today’s RT America broadcast with Rick Sanchez has a dramatically narrated sequence showing the drone camera videos supplied by the Iranians as evidence.

I’m dubious that Iran can actually do what is being claimed here, assuming the U.S. forces are using encrypted command links for the drones.  There will be a lot of discussion, I’m sure, but the value-added I will provide in this post is a snapshot of the scope of activity we’re really talking about.




I’m skeptical that this actually happened as Iran has depicted the event.  The Iranians have been splicing video footage together for quite a while to create often-hilarious effects.


If it did happen, however, it probably happened before mid-2017, when ISIS was still a major presence in the area (i.e., around Haditha Dam Lake, over which ISIS sought to maintain control because of its infrastructure significance).  By late August of 2017, ISIS had been largely pushed west up the Euphrates toward the Syrian border and the crossing at Al Qaim-Al Bukamal.  Over the next couple of months, the battle that raged was between the border crossing and Deir-ez-Zor in eastern Syria.  (It may be possible to find old CENTCOM daily updates that give an idea when the air support was focused most intently on the area north of Haditha, but I don’t have time to do that tonight.)


In any case, happy sleuthing.  We’ll see if the Pentagon comes out and makes any comment on this.


More here.

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