Finland: Two more cases of suspected rape by foreigner in Oulu…….


Seeing that they’ve all been Muslims and/or Muslim asylum seekers thus far, the perp in question is more than likely a member of the pajamas and slippers club as well…


Two new suspected cases of child sexual abuse in Oulu


Poliisiauto Oulussa.


Oulu police have held one individual in connection with the new allegations.


Police in Oulu said on Monday that they are investigating two cases of alleged child sexual abuse suspected to have occurred last weekend.


The suspected cases were first reported by the Oulu regional paper Kaleva and lead investigator Detective Chief Inspector Eveliina Karjalainen confirmed to Yle that an investigation had been launched into the alleged offences.


On Monday afternoon, police issued a statement saying that they suspect that two underage girls were sexually assaulted at a private home. One of the victims is under 16 and the other under 18.


The cases are being investigated as aggravated rape and in the case of the younger victim, additionally as aggravated child sexual abuse. Other potential offences under consideration include assault and intimidation.


Police have held one individual in connection with the alleged offences. The suspect has a foreign background and has a Finnish residence permit.


Police said that the individual has lived in Finland for several years. They declined to comment on whether other suspects are involved.


Oulu police have been investigating several reported cases of child sex abuse since last November.



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