Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson is coming to Finland to speak on Muslim ‘Grooming Gangs’ at preview of asylum seeker/refugee documentary film…….


I just hosted Katie Hopkins in Finland, now Tommy Robinson will be here to follow up where Katie left off…


Seinäjoki Arab Spring documentary shines on the refugee crisis through three perspectives

The fresh documentary film “Seinäjoki Arab Spring” tells about the refugee crisis through three different perspectives. In the film’s first viewing, on March 1, 2019, international guest, British citizen-journalist Tommy Robinson, who has been reporting on rape gangs. The film will be presented in YLE’s Documentary Project this spring.


Elokuvaosuuskunta Siberia (Film co-operative Siberia) is mostly organizing the March 1st press release of the film “Seinäjoki Arab Spring.


The Seinäjoki Arab Spring tells of the autumn of 2015 asylum seeker crisis through three different perspectives. The stories of an Iraqi asylum seeker, the head of the reception center and the local immigration critical activist are interviewed through a three-year follow-up.


– I had a unique opportunity to follow the refugee crisis in Finland as of September 2015, when hundreds of people arrived across Tornio in a day, mainly young Iraqi men. I wanted to describe the tension caused by the phenomenon from the grassroots level and get to know the subject more deeply. Little by little, it began to reveal that not everyone had come to Finland in need of asylum. With the so-called responsible media and the political elite focusing on the fight against hate speech, I listened with concern to the asylum seekers’ assessments of how jihadists, government soldiers and rapists came across the border with those seeking asylum. The situation is still very unclear, says film director Matti Reinikka.


British citizen journalist Tommy Robinson arrives to tell about the English rape gang phenomenon


The premiere also features a visitor from England, political activist Tommy Robinson , telling about the Grooming Gang phenomenon in England.


At the beginning of the year, the gang rape news of Oulu shocked everyone. The Grooming Gang phenomenon is familiar, especially in the UK, where thousands of young English girls have been victims of immigrant gangs. The authorities in Britain have been ignoring information for many years for fear of racism allegations.


– I also think that the events in Oulu would not have come to the public without a local citizen journalist and alternative media. It was only after that that the big media houses reported on the topic and only then did the police warn the parents of a new dangerous phenomenon, director Matti Reinikka points out and continues: – Immediately after the events in Oulu, I sent an invitation to Tommy Robinson to tell him how England’s gang-racing phenomenon came to life.


Robinson has also heavily criticized radical Islam that became a phenomenon in his hometown of Luton.


The documentary film “Seinäjoki Arab Spring” will be presented in YLE’s Documentary Project this spring.

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