France: ‘Yellow Vests’ rail at police violence and rightfully so…….


Where’s the media in highlighting the state’s over-the-top response to these protestors..?


France’s ‘yellow vests’ rail at police violence


France’s “yellow vest” movement demonstrated against alleged police violence in rallies across the country Saturday, as nearly 60 lawyers denounced the treatment of protesters in the courts.

The latest marches came a day after France’s top court threw out a bid to ban weapons that shoot 40-millimeter rubber projectiles blamed for a number of serious injuries.


Thousands of protesters took part in a “march of the injured” in Paris calling for a ban on the weapons.


One of the movement’s leading figures Jerome Rodriguez, who was hit in the eye at last Saturday’s demonstration, was greeted warmly by fellow demonstrators.


The marchers gathered for a rally at Place de la Republique in the city centre, where police used tear gas and water cannons to force demonstrators to keep their distance and clashes broke out with some protesters, some hooded or masked.


A police estimate put the turn-out at 10,500 in Paris, but an independent count carried out for the media, including, AFP, put the figure at 13,800.


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