Finland: Oulu police rep says in a security seminar city is safe for native Finns, but dangerous for foreigners…….


The police are off their collective rockers…


From Tiina Wiik’s Facebook page: 


A representative of the Oulu police said in a security seminar that Oulu is safe for native Finns, but dangerous for foreigners. It’s because he has heard stories that foreigners have been mocked and pushed and that foreign taxi drivers have been ignored, with rides taken from Finnish drivers instead. So, forget about the rapes when any immigrant claims to have been shouted at.


The taxi bit was the most amusing detail of all. First of all, foreign drivers have already been ignored before the rape wave because their skills are very varied. Secondly, is the police waiting for people to make bad choices in terms of their own security in order to avoid committing racism?


Let’s say for example that I was alone in town and had the choice between a Finnish or African driver, and I knew about the statistics concerning Africans, being guilty of rape 17 times more often per cap than Finnish men. The recent sex crime by a foreign taxi driver in Turku would also be on my mind. But the Oulu police are waiting for me to deliberately choose that (The Finnish driver) for myself than the more dangerous option, because of racism.

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