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Finland: Yet another Finns Party politician Teemu Lahtinen, in the dock for ”hate speech”……..


Remember folks, it doesn’t matter how factual a statement it is (at this point we haven’t a clue what he wrote since the media isn’t listing what the tweet contained) if the state deems it ‘offensive’ enough, they’ll charge you…


Chairman of Finns Party city council group in Espoo charged with incitement of an ethnic group


Teemu Lahtinen is nominated in the Uusimaa constituency for the next spring parliamentary elections.


The Chairman of the Finns Espoo city council group, Teemu Lahtinen, has been charged. The criminal title of the indictment is incitement against a an ethnic group, says prosecutor Heikki Kohijoki from Länsi-Uusimaa public prosecutor.


“I am unable to speak on the content more accurately he says. It will only be public when the District Court convenes, “says prosecutor Kohijoki.


The criminal penalty can be a prison sentence of up to two years.


The matter was originally to be dealt with by the District Court of West Uusimaa in January, but the prosecution was transferred by the prosecutor because “the person has not been summoned”. The new processing date has not yet been decided.


HS has not reached out to Lahtinen for comment on the issue. Lahtinen said that it would be from a tweet in the summer of 2017, which was related to the blog post and subsequent social writing by the current president of the Finns, Jussi Halla-aho.


“In connection to this, I tweeted one baited comment, in this case, apparently, about a  Somali. I copied it from the pages of the Supreme Court and sent it forward, “Lahtinen said to the Länsiväylä (paper).


Teemu Lahtinen is nominated in the Uusimaa constituency for the next spring parliamentary elections.


According to the chairman of the Finnish Uusimaa District Court, Merja Nevanen, the issue has no effect on Lahtinen’s candidacy.


“We can’t be quick to say, right now there is no effect whatsoever. That is an indictment. A conviction has not been handed down. ”

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